Navratri Kanya Puja Gifts: 10 Ideas Perfect For The Small Devi You Have Invited(2019)

Navratri Kanya Puja Gifts: 10 Ideas Perfect For The Small Devi You Have Invited(2019)

Looking for gifts to give out the little girls you invite for navratri kanya puja? We have some great suggestions that will charm them while being within your budget! From fancy hair accessories that will thrill them to educations gifts that will be useful in daily life, we have it all. Take a look and find out what will be an useful option!

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Why is Kanya Puja Celebrated?

Kanya Puja is celebrated during Navratri. It is especially carried out to celebrate the feminine power within a girl child. Thus, they are honored on this day. The eighth and ninth day is celebrated as Kanya Puja.

Nine different girls are worshiped as they are considered nine different forms of Goddess Durga. Their feet are washed with water as a respect to the Goddess. After that, they are given new clothes by the devotees. The girl child symbolizes pure and creative force.

The girls are made to sit on a pedestal and then the mantras are chanted. Incense sticks are lit and the puja begins. The girls are offered rice grains as well.

It is said that if you want to acquire knowledge, then a Brahmin girl should be called for the puja. The same way if you are looking for power, then worship a kshatriya girl. If a devotee is seeking wealth and prosperity, then a vaishya girl must be called for the Kanya Puja. The rituals are great and one must practise them properly.

Significance of Kanya Puja


Devotees can invite from one to as many girls for this puja as they want. However, as per ancient tradition and beliefs, it is preferable to have 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 girls invited for the ritual. There is a reason behind inviting girls in this number, which is:

Worshiping one girl provides Aishwarya
Two girls, provides bhog and Moksha
Three girls provides Dharma, Artha and Kaam
Four girls, provides Rajyapad i.e. authority
Five girls increases Vidya i.e. Knowledge
Six girls provides 6 types of Siddhi,
Seven girls helps in achieving Rajya i.e. power and kingdom
Eight girls enhances Sampada i.e. wealth
Nine girls gives the Prabhutva of Prithvi. Ownership.

Mantra to be chanted while performing Kanya Puja rituals:

मंत्राक्षरमयीं लक्ष्मीं मातृणां रूपधारिणीम्।
नवदुर्गात्मिकां साक्षात् कन्यामावाहयाम्यहम्।।
जगत्पूज्ये जगद्वन्द्ये सर्वशक्तिस्वरुपिणि।
पूजां गृहाण कौमारि जगन्मातर्नमोस्तु ते।।

Navratri Kanya Puja Gifts to Give

When it's about giving gifts to a mature person, one does not need to think about much since because they will be matured and you can give them a gift of their like but when it comes to children, It has to be according to their need and liking.

If your gifts are very much useful as well as beautiful too, you don't need to look for the girls for the next Durga Puja. The girls will be as much as excited as you to come to your place for puja. We worship them as the goddess, so the happiness of the goddess should be our first priority and moreover the small kids. After receiving a gift, the big smile on their faces is definitely gonna make your day.

If you are still thinking about what to give, we have something nice for you which every kid is going to like. You can just blindly believe us and choose the perfect gift for them.

Beautiful Small Pouch For girls Return gifts | Single piece

Small girls are called for Kanya Puja. They are fed food and are given gifts. Thus, the gifts should be attractive and nice, so that the small girls enjoy receiving them. One such good option for Kanya puja is this Beautiful Small Pouch For girls Return gifts from

These are small-sized design wallets for girls. They can keep their jewellery or rubber bands in this pouch. The pouches have an attractive design of Anna and Elsa from Frozen. The print is really attractive and the kids will surely love it.

It is made out of soft and high-quality PU fabric. The amazing part is that these pouches are completely washable. It comes with one compartment and a single zipper closure. The size of the pouch is 4.3 x 4 inches. You can get this from and It is priced at Rs.45.

Soulful 1 Choco / Vanilla Fills


If everything else fails, then gift a snack item to kids. They surely love it and they will be happy to receive such a gift. Soulful 1 Choco/Vanilla Fills from Amazon is a wonderful gift option. It comes in a pack of 6.

This is an easy and convenient option for the kids. You can add cereal and milk in a bowl and you are done. It comes in flavours like chocolate and vanilla which the kids will surely enjoy. It is a completely vegetarian product.

The cereal is made out of ragi which contains a power of calcium for growing kids. Apart from that, the cereals have daal which contains protein. It is super healthy yet tasty so that the kids will eat it. It has no maids, preservatives or even gluten. You can get this from Amazon. It is priced for Rs.99 and each pack contains 35 grams of cereals.

Unicorn Theme Adjustable Skipping Rope with Unicorn Print

Give some useful gifts or toys to the kids. they will either learn something or enjoy playing with such gifts. One such gift is this Unicorn Theme Adjustable Skipping Rope with unicorn Print from

This particular gift will encourage the kids to dump the TV and video games to go out and play. It will also help them to get some physical activity. The skipping ropes are very attractive as they have a unicorn print. Apart from that, they are made in pretty colours.

It is made out of high quality and durable plastic material. It also comes in a blister card packing and thus, you can gift it directly to the kids. The dimensions of the product are 6 x 3.25 inches. It is priced for Rs.70 at

Cadbury Dark Milk Chocolate Bar


If you are confused about gifting something to the kids on Kanya Puja, then opt for chocolates. All the kids simply love chocolates and receiving a complete box of one will surely make them super happy. Cadbury Dark Milk Chocolate Bar from Amazon is the best gift option for Kanya Puja.

It is famous chocolate which is a perfect blend of rich cocoa and milk chocolate. It is a dark milk chocolate which is made from the finest ingredients accompanied with the finest beans of chocolate. It comes packed in a fancy gift box and thus, it will look nice when you give it to the girls.

The total weight is 154 grams and the product is completely vegetarian. If you want you can actually gift some token with the chocolate. A pack of head band or pencils will surely work. The chocolate bar is priced for Rs.199 at Amazon

Color Changing Random Designs LED Lamp for Return Gifts

Kids almost love anything with attractive cartoon prints on them. So, gifting this Color Changing Random Designs LED Lamp from is a wonderful and unique gift option. If you are planning to call girls from 10 to 12 years of age, then this option will surely work for them.

There are various design and prints available for this LED lamp. It is made out of a semi-soft plastic sheet. It also has a complete glittered decoration which makes it look very attractive. The lamp is operated by batteries.

The LED light inside the lamp keeps on changing the colour. This feature will surely fascinate all the kids. Also, the battery is replaceable once it is discharged. It comes packed in a pretty box. The size of the lamp is 6 inches. It is priced for Rs.150 at

The Magic Wand Set of Hair Accessories


Girls love dressing up. Thus, it is a good idea to give them some hair accessories. You can plan on gifting them this The Magic Wand Set of Hair Accessories from The set comes with two hair pins and one rubber band.

The set is very stylish as the pins have floral accents. The pins are yellow in color while the flowers are pink in color. The band is also very decorative with fabric tassels. The band is made out of soft fabric and is reddish maroon in color.

You can wipe the pins with a dry cloth if you want to cleant them. The hair tie is great and will not cause any breakage to the hair. The pins will actually go with almost any outfit. The set is priced for Rs.89 at

Funskool The Enchanted Slippers Board Game

Kids enjoy playing games a lot. Although, these days kids usually play games on mobile phones and computers. However, if you want to encourage them to play without those, then gift them this Funskool The Enchanted Slippers Board Game from Flipkart.

The theme of the games is that of Disney Princesses. It is made out of durable plastic and is for kids from 4 years of age. 2 to 4 players are required to play this interesting board game. You need to actually help your favourite Disney Princess break the spell of the evil queen by helping them reach the enchanted slippers in time.

It is surely a fun board game which the kids will enjoy playing. The dimensions of the box are 16.14 x 8.27 x 1.57 cm. This is a great gift as the kids will be encouraged to use their minds and participate actively. You can get this beautiful and pretty much useful gift for Rs. 174 at Flipkart.

Angry Birds Photo Frame with Acrylic Sheet

If you want to gift something different to the girls, then opt for this Angry Birds Photo Frame with Acrylic Sheet from It is made out of metal and sheet. The cartoon character is adorable and thus, the kids will love it.

The photo frame will look good in the child's bedroom or even on the study table. Its dimensions are 5 x 3 inches. The frame is very attractive and can be kept as it is. It comes in colors like yellow, blue and red.

Apart from that, the child can actually add their own picture and also keep it in their bedroom. Children usually get super excited about such things and thus, they will surely love this gift. You can get this from at Rs.50.

Apsara Complete School Art Kit

Stationery is the most practical gift to give to the kids. They obviously attend school and thus, stationery supplies will be useful to them there. You can gift this Apsara Complete School Art Kit from

It is suitable for kids who are above 3 years of age. The kit includes wax colours, oil pastels, poster colours and even drawing pencils. This kit gives various options to the kids to choose their colour for drawing.

The kit includes all the necessary primary colours. It also encourages the cognitive development of the children. The package includes; 3 drawing pencils, 12 wax crayons, 12 oil pastels, 6 water colours and 3 poster colours. This Apsara complete school kit is available on at Rs.135.

Dimpy Stuff Water Melon Shape Cushion - Red

Dimpy Stuff Water Melon Shape Cushion from is a great gift option. It is a red coloured pillow which looks very attractive. It will make a great addition in your child's room. The cushion is made from soft materials.

Girls will love playing with it and also sleeping with it at night. It has a cute watermelon shape. The pillow is used in various ways like a plush toy for kids, pillow for babies or like a room decor in general.

It is ideal for kids from 3 years to 8 years of age. The dimensions of the pillow are 34 x 16 x 13 cm. You can choose to give some chocolates with this pillow to the kids for Kanya Puja. The pillow is available at for Rs.149.25.

Things To Do Before Kanya Puja

People have faith in puja. Their belief is they are calling nine Devi in the form of nine girls. This ritual is believed to be very sacrosanct. It is said that whoever performs it, gets blessed with desired boons. During the ceremony, young girls are propitiated as per Vedic rituals. They are given eatables, fruits, toys, and Dakshina.

The puja is very important in Hindu rituals so we can not afford any mistakes. But it's natural that when there is an occasion we generally miss something if we don't keep things in mind. Here we are giving some pro tips which everyone should remember for this puja.

Ninth day of Navratri is known as Maha Navami Durga Puja. The last day of Navratri concludes with Saraswati Visarjan or Saraswati Udyapan.

Have a Proper Menu Set for That Day

Kanya Puja has various rituals and thus, you need to be prepared for all of them, if you are hosting a puja at your place. Have a proper menu for that day for all the girls. Usually, the set menu for Kanya Puja is black chana, puri and halwa.

Apart from that, you can add some snacks like samosas for the kids. You can even arrange for some drink like lemonade or iced tea. It is a good idea to focus on things that the kids will like. After the food, you can serve them with ice cream as well.

Make sure to arrange everything in advance to avoid confusion on the Puja day. If you are inviting girls below 7 years of age, then mostly you will have to invite their parents as well. Thus, arrange for food for the parents as well.

Invite All The 9 Girls Before Hand for Kanya Puja

It is a good idea to invite all the 9 girls before 15 days of Kanya Puja. It is quite possible that they might have other plans or are travelling. You do not want to go searching for girls right before the Kanya Puja day. The puja strictly needs 9 girls and thus, you will need the complete number for the Puja.

You can always ask your friends and your neighbours if you are short of little girls. Invite them personally instead of sending a message. It is a good idea to speak to their parents and ask them to send the girls.

Also, keep the function in the morning as many girls prefer to go to play the Garba and dandiya during Navratri. It is quite possible that their parents also have plans and thus, they might not be able to make it to the Puja in the evening. Plan everything's based on your budget in advance.

Decorate Your House Properly

Navratri calls for a celebration. So, if you are inviting the girls for Kanya Puja, then make sure to decorate your house properly. Clean the whole house before the Puja day. Change the sofa covers and the centre table cloth.

Apart from that, make rangoli on the entrance of your house. You can use flowers and powder colours for that. You can also light up some diyas. Even adding torans in your house is a good idea.

Arrange for proper pedestals as well. The girls will be sitting on that during the puja. You can also decorate them properly. Apart from that, you will have to arrange for a priest who can perform all the ritual of the Puja and chant the mantras. Make sure to arrange the Puja supplies in advance as well.

A Kumari or Kanya is a symbol of unmanifested energy and by worshipping her, this energy gets activated

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Worship The Devi and Kill The Demon

The worship of girls should not be limited to 9 days only. In Hindu religions, the girls are always the form of the goddess. Still, we see that there are lots of bad activities happening with the girls. We should avoid them. We should keep in mind them girles are also one of the creations of God and we should respect them. It is evil inside a person who does badly with girls. This Navaratri we all pledge to kill that Demon. The pooja is a symbol that girls are always respectful in Hindu culture and They always will be. Doing bad something with them is disrespectful to the goddess too.