What is Saree Kuchu and How to Find the Perfect Saree Kuchu. 10 Must-Have Designs and Why You Should Use Them (2020)

What is Saree Kuchu and How to Find the Perfect Saree Kuchu. 10 Must-Have Designs and Why You Should Use Them (2020)

Get ideas to make your saree look even better with Saree kuchu or saree tassels. A traditional way of adorning sarees, these used to be present only in silk sarees, but now are being used for all sarees. We also have here 10 awesome tassels for your inspiration. Who knows! The saree kuchu you have been searching for might be one in our list.

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What is Saree Kuchu or Saree Tassels?

The name saree kuchu must have sparked the curiosity amongst you about what kind of a saree embellishment is it? But you would be surprised to know that saree kuchu and saree tassels are just the same thing and only the names are different. Saree Tassels are around for quite a while now but it is only in the recent time that this design has started to gain more attention than ever.

Saree kuchus are basically beautiful tassels like little embellishment made up of a fabric which is used to elaborate the look of a saree. They are mainly used on the hemline of a saree pallu but you can find the more unique placement of them on a saree. These little additions to a saree can actually make it look 10 times prettier than ever.

Why Must You Add Kuchu to a Saree?

Saree Kuchu Improves the Overall Look

You must have come across tons of such sarees which have no prints and no attractive designs at all. But they have saree kuchu on the hem of the pallu and this works like a total game changer. Suddenly, the overall look of a saree changes and it looks super stylish. In fact, your saree does not even need any additional element if it has saree kuchus on it. These little tassels of fabric can actually make or break the look of a saree.

They Are Not at All Expensive

If you are thinking that this additional accessory of a saree is going to cost you more then it is just your misconception and nothing else. In fact, it has nothing to do with the cost of a saree in any way. Mostly these saree kuchus are used with cotton and very simple sarees and instead of costing you more, it is going to cost you much lesser than other sarees. And when you wear such simple cotton sarees with embellished kuchu, it looks so good without having to spend more on them.

It Creates a Balance between Modern and Traditional Look

Tassels are more of a modern kind of addition to a saree which is basically something traditional. So, it creates a great balance between modern and traditional outfit elements and that too in a saree. A saree with kuchu on it is probably the best example of fusion dressing.

How to Make Saree Kuchu at Home?

You have come to know so much about saree kuchu and now you should learn about the process of saree kuchu making too. There can be various ways to make a saree kuchu but to start with, learn by taking only a single coloured thread only. Simply wrap the thread on a piece of cardboard of the desired length. Take off the wrapped thread from the cardboard and secure it with a knot from the upper side. Finally, cut the threads from the bottom side to make openings and your tassel is ready to use now. Simple, isn’t it?

10 Saree Kuchu Designs You Can Try to Give Your Saree a New Look

Mini Kuchu on Silk Saree

Minimalism is often considered as the key to some really beautiful designs. If you believe in the same then you are going to love the minimalistic design of mini kuchu on a silk saree. The design looks breathtakingly gorgeous and there is no scope of going over the top with it. Such kind of saree kuchu design suits occasions like formal meetings, small functions, office parties etc. And guess what, you get something additional with it too.

This saree kuchu design uses the beads work but these beads are placed between two kuchu to add the versatility. Instead of using just a simple knot, a pretty embellishment is used to secure the kuchu from the upper side. The length of the kuchu is smaller than usual and hence it has been named mini-kuchu.

The Interlocked Saree Kuchu Design

If you are done with the minimalistic design then it is the time to get yourself a notch higher with this intricate and complex interlocked kuchu design. The idea is to create something unique out of a single coloured thread which is quite pretty. In the process, multiple beads are used and two kuchu are interlocked together from the upper sides. However, the tassel goes separately at the end and looks really amazing.

This elaborated design of saree kuchu is especially recommended to those people who want these kuchu on their saree to be visible from even a distance. A soft shiny thread is suggested to make the tassels to increase their appearance factor. The design is definitely quite longer than usual tassels but looks really pretty especially the beadwork used in it.

Simple Saree Kuchu with Heavy Beads Lace

Nothing else works like a charm other than the power of two different elements coming together in a single saree. Such kind of saree kuchu designs is a great combination of beads as well as kuchu or tassels. Also, such heavy designs are preferred for important functions such as a wedding or housewarming party. In this one, you will get to see a wonderful and thick layer of beads on the hem of the saree and tassels/kuchu dropping through these beads.

The combination of golden beads with pink tassels look really enchanting and you just cannot help but admire this beautiful creation. You can find more such bead embellished laces in the market while the saree kuchu can be made at home easily. This beautiful creation is going to make you stand out from the crowd for sure.

Saree Kuchu Design with Double Beads

You acknowledge the fact that every design recommended here are completely different from one another. So, you can choose the right one from these very beautiful yet unique saree kuchu designs. The next one is a beautiful double beaded saree kuchu design but there are some little details about it that make it really unique.

You must have noticed that the two large beads used in the making are covered by the thread to give a soothing effect. Also, the length of the tassel left at the end is really small but that does not make this design minimalistic at all. Another thing to notice is the use of little silver coloured beads used to separate large thread covered beads. And the over-all saree kuchu complements well with the colours of the saree too.

Double Saree Kuchu Design

Tired of the same type of saree kuchu? Why don’t you take a look at this saree kuchu design where two different coloured saree kuchu are used together. Instead of using two different coloured threads in the same kuchu, they have made two completely separate kuchu but used them in the same saree. To bring out the best effect, they have used two kuchu of pink colour followed by two of the white colour. Not to be forgotten the fact that they are going well with the colours of the saree too. The length of the tassel has been kept not too short and not too long. Also, no beads are used as well in order to balance out the overall effect really well. Totally, in love with this unique design here.

Elaborated Double Coloured Saree Kuchu

It is the time to go heavily over the top with this super elaborated double coloured saree kuchu design. Also known as the “jal” design which looks quite like the net, it takes a lot of time to create such masterpieces. What they have done here is that they have prepared two coloured mini saree kuchu with a single bead common between them. This saree kuchu are placed distantly on the hemline and between them, a beautiful net of two coloured threads is created.

The overall complete look is really beyond words and seems like a masterpiece on its own. If you are into OTT things then you are going to love this saree kuchu design which by the way is perfect for weddings.

Double Beaded Multi-Coloured Saree Kuchu

Nothing works best for a multicoloured saree other than some multicoloured saree kuchu hanging from the hemline of its pallu. The idea is to bring out the best of the colours of that saree and the multiple coloured kuchu do full justice to it. So, in this design, you can find various coloured saree kuchu used in the saree. But one thing you should notice that it does not really go too much for the final look of the saree. In fact, the solid coloured shiny threaded kuchu really brings out the best of the saree.

They have used double beads for them and left very little length for the tassels. So, basically, it is a combination of beauty and minimalism in the best way possible. You can also create the same design on your own easily.

Mini Saree Kuchu with Beautiful Heavy Beads

Did you know that you can use the saree kuchu designs in even the wedding sarees too? In fact, in Southern India, the combination of saree kuchu and silk sarees is really popular and considered quite beautiful and perfect for a bride too. Keeping up with this idea, you can use mini saree kuchu with heavy beads along with a silk saree for the bride.

The idea is to focus on the beads instead of the end tassels and hence this look is going to be quite different than other ones. The beautiful and very large beads garner a lot of attention here and complement the kuchu too. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful picks in this entire list of kuchu designs too.

Grand Saree Kuchu Design

Tired with the similar flowing tassel designs? Why not give this saree kuchu design a try which is a far cry from the other designs here. Interestingly, the design does not even contain any scope of tassels too.
However, this elaborated design which is also called grand saree kuchu design is one complex deal to create and uses “jal” design which has been mentioned earlier.

This time the jal design goes horizontally instead of vertically and also uses beads and stone chain with it too. This one is another example of minimalism and preferred by those ones who are not so interested in the flowing tassel design. A saree kuchu design like this is going to look perfect on the moms and grandmoms for sure.

Triple Beaded Saree Kuchu Design

We have already seen an example of a kuchu design where the interlocking was done. However, in the earlier design the interlocking was done between the threads of the kuchu but this time two beaded lines are interlocked together and the tassels are placed right below on it. It looks quite as if these two beaded lines are joining together to create the end kuchu. And interestingly, the design is quite unique too.
A triple beaded layer is used in the making of this saree kuchu while the colour of the thread also plays an important role as well. Single coloured tassels are created but in various colours like sky blue, orange, purple etc. In such kind of designs, the kuchu are created by keeping up with the colour of the saree.

Tips and Tricks for Using Saree Kuchu

There are certain tips and tricks related to the use of saree kuchu which you must know. It will not only help you to revamp the look of a saree but will also help you to save some bucks too.

Make A Seperate Saree Kuchu Lace

We don’t know if somebody really thought about it before but why not make a multi-purpose separate saree kuchu lace? This lace then can be used on multiple sarees as an additional element on it.
The idea is pretty simple. Just make a separate lace according to the hemline of a saree pallu and attach it to any saree you want. In this way, you can totally change the appearance of a saree and can also save some bucks too.

Create Unique Designs of Your Own

So, you have gone through the section of how to make simple saree kuchu and it must have cleared your doubts regarding the process as well. So, why not to create a design on your own too? You can mix and match the beads and colours to create something completely different all by yourself. And making this saree kuchu is really simple too.

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Choose Your Saree Kuchu Well!

Saree is a gorgeous dress which adds beauty to any woman, be it a teen or an adult. However, not many adornments elevate the look of a saree without going over the top. Saree kuchu is one which does the work subtly. When chosen properly saree kuchu adds another dimension to the saree. It need not be anything so grand; it can be something that you can do with a few silk threads and a bead or two. Or if you know how to crochet, then you can crochet a saree kuchu in a contrast colour or something that matches your saree. Potli style adornments also work well for silk and designer sarees.