Revive Your Wardrobe This Summer with These Saree Essentials. Here are 10 Gorgeous Sarees with Images to Inspire Your 2019 Makeover

Revive Your Wardrobe This Summer with These Saree Essentials. Here are 10 Gorgeous Sarees with Images to Inspire Your 2019 Makeover

You can trace the origins of saree back to thousands of years ago. Nothing much has changed except maybe the draping style. It has evolved with the changing times and hasn't lost its originality. If you are someone who is looking to enliven her wardrobe with sarees, this is the one for you. We have 10 different styles that you simply must own. We also added a few extra tips to help you flaunt your saree with aplomb.

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Why You Must Own At Least One Saree in Your Wardrobe?

A Saree Never Goes Out of Fashion

Saree is a garment which never goes out of fashion. Hence, you can find millions of saree image on the internet and on other styling websites. In fact, the style behind this clothing always evolves and you always have a new type of saree to wear every year.

Ever since you can remember, you must have always seen women around you wearing saree whose trend and designs changed over the years. It is because saree is seen as an essential wardrobe staple, especially for Indian women.

You Can Style a Saree in Multiple Ways

You can style a saree in countless ways and it is quite revolutionizing and experimenting too. There are hundreds of draping styles popular in India and you can easily learn these through YouTube videos. The bottom line is that all you need is a single saree and you can wear it in different ways for different occasions without letting people know that you are repeating your outfit.

Perfect for Every Occasion


Whether it is a wedding or even a Satyanarayan Pooja, you can wear a saree anywhere you want. In fact, a saree can be as formal as you want and as designer as you need. It just depends on the kind of colour and fabric you are picking out for different types of occasions. You just need to pick the right design and you are always good to go in a saree (even for work).

The 10 Most Trending Saree Designs with Images

The Belted Saree

The latest trend in the designer party wear sarees is the belted sarees. These are regular sarees which are available with a belt and trust us, it is a total game changer for a traditional attire like saree. If you want to bring a modern vibe into an ethnic outfit then you won’t find a better accessory then a belt. Interestingly, these belts aren’t the regular ones but they match the theme of saree and blouse perfectly and looks quite amazing and are embellished too.

For example, just look at this belted saree image here. The belt here matches well with the blouse and looks an inseparable part of the saree. In fact, it is complementing the figure of the woman really well too, making her look super stylish and edgy. You can also try wearing a belt on a free pallu saree drape too.

Ruffled Saree

Ruffled or frilled sarees are the talk of the town right now. You can spot many women opting for this trend in every other wedding and function you attend. This look adds a bit of sensuousness and flirty vibe to the whole outfit and is eye-catching. You just need to team it up with the right blouse and you will be looking like a million bucks in such kind of sarees. Make sure to keep the blouse simple when you are wearing a ruffled saree in order to keep everything balanced.

Take a look at this pastel green ruffled saree here which has beautiful frill detailing on the entire border of the saree. Despite being monochromatic, it looks quite stylish and adds a playful aesthetic to the whole look. If you are going for a night time function then you should go for darker colours in these ruffled sarees.

Beautiful Floral Print Saree

Thanks to the trend started by Ace Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee, floral print sarees became popular overnight. Just go through the saree image on the Instagram account of this designer and you will get to know that what we are talking about. Not only sarees but even floral print lehengas are in trend right now and you can spot many actresses wearing the same every other day. The reason being, floral print gives a very summery and vibrant appeal which looks really gorgeous when worn in a day time function.

This saree image here portrays the same where you can see the gorgeous floral print on a pastel green coloured saree. The hues of reds and pinks look really solid and appealing on the backdrop of this light colour. You can also accessorize such sarees with a belt.

Gorgeous Satin Saree

No matter how slippery the satin fabric is, it is famous and sought after by young girls these days. Whether it is college farewell party or a family function, you can easily spot many wearing this fuss-free saree.

The thing about satin saree trend is that it is kept minimal with a nice readymade blouse. There are no embellishments and even border detailing on the saree but it is the blouse which takes everyone’s breath away.

Like this orange satin saree here which is looking quite sensuous and appealing with the right kind of blouse paired with it. You can try the same with more colours like red, chocolate brown, bottle green etc. An off shoulder blouse or even a crop top would look great with such kind of saree to give it a millennial vibe.

Pre-Draped Saree

While googling the latest saree images, you will surely come across pre-draped sarees which are also known as saree gowns. These are one of the most popular saree design in recent times. The fact that you need not make any efforts for wearing these sarees makes them even more popular amongst brides and women.

These are the sarees where bottom pleats, as well as drapes, come pre-stitched and you just need to wear it like a dress. This definitely saves a lot of time for you.

This saree image here shows a really stunning and classic brown saree gown. It comes with this gorgeous bodysuit type blouse which simply enhances the curves of a woman. You can simply choose a saree gown according to your comfort and it will be perfect attire for cocktail parties.

Pink Kanchipuram Silk Saree

You just can’t find the grace and elegance that a Kanchipuram/Kanjeevaram saree has anywhere else. You will mostly find a Kanchipuram silk saree in solid and bright colours like red, pink, orange etc. with zari work on the border and pallu.

A pink Kanchipuram saree is a perfect choice for attending a wedding reception. You can simply wear it with your pallu falling free and team it up with temple jewellery for that perfect South Indian look and aesthetic.

We are pretty sure that you are loving this pink Kanchipuram silk saree here with gorgeous golden zari detailing on the border as well as on the pallu. The mix of red colour in it makes it look more vibrant. If you are a bride then you should always go for the combination of red and golden as it looks really regal.

Minimal Pastel Pink Saree

Minimalism is popular no matter what trend it is. You can spot various saree image on the internet with minimal detailing and low key colour. You will surely love this pastel pink saree here which is so sober yet so graceful that you can wear it to any function you want.

Pastels are quite in these days and it would be best if you are wearing these colours to a summer wedding/function. Pastel colours are the epitome of grace and surely grabs the attention of all.

We would highly recommend you to go for a minimal pastel pink saree with a nice sequins border just like the one given in the image. Match it up with a simple quarter length sleeves blouse for that perfect look.

Simple Saree with Stylish Blouse

If you are someone who believes in the fact that less is more then you should totally rock the trend of a simple saree paired with an ultra-stylish blouse. This saree can be anything from chiffon to georgette or even crepe. You just need the right kind of blouse to pull it off.

The key is to drape your saree in nice and clean Nivi drapes and let your blouse do all the talking. Apart from the full sleeves net blouse shown in this image here, you can go for other designs too.

Other options to go for are, boat neck with quarter length blouse, an off shoulder or cold shoulder blouse, a strapless or backless blouse and more. These types of blouse options are perfect if you are attending a cocktail party as you are keeping things simple with your saree but standing out with your blouse at the same time.

Sheer Tulle Saree

Talking about the designer sarees these days, most of them feature the tulle detailing. In fact, this fabric is widely used in gowns too which makes you look no less than a princess. The same goes for this saree too which is absolutely princessy.

The thing about tulle fabric is that they are very light and super sheer so you should have the right confidence and attitude to carry them with absolute grace.

Talking about this pastel blue tulle saree here, it looks absolutely stunning with the subtle embellishments all over it. If you look carefully then you can find minimal frill detailing on the border of the saree leaving the pallu simple. When wearing a tulle saree, you should always go for a heavy blouse to balance out everything.

Rich Velvet Saree

Who says that velvet sarees are a thing of past now? Ever since people saw pictures of Anushka Sharma at her engagement wearing a Gulkand Burgandi Velvet saree from Sabyasachi collection, the trend for velvet revitalized again and now it is popular again.

As the fabric is too heavy and too thick, they are perfect for looking stylish in winters and making you look like a million bucks at a family function.

Take a look at this picture which is from the Fashion Week feature Sabyasachi collection. You can see the signature Gulkand Burgandi colour here which is quite regal. This is a half-half saree where the pallu features the velvet fabric while the other half has polka dot zari work on it. This is a really nice look but you can go for a complete velvet saree too.

Looking at Saree Images Alone Not Enough: Some Extra Tips for Flaunting the Right Look

These were the latest sarees that are in trend right now. We have here a few styling tips and hacks which to help you in choosing and styling that perfect saree.

Pick The Saree According to The Season

You really need to keep the season in mind before picking a saree. For example, the velvet ones are perfect for winters because of the thick fabric but for summers, you should definitely go for chiffon or cotton. Even the print and colors must be picked according to the season as you would not want to rock a pastel saree with floral print on a chilly winter night.

Wear Minimal Jewellery with Heavy Saree and Vice Versa

The math of picking the right kind of jewellery for a saree is not rocket science at all; Still, you can spot many women doing this wrong. If you are wearing a heavy saree then you should wear large earrings and that would be all. But in case of a simple saree, you should definitely go for a completely necklace and earring set along with other jewels too.

Own At Least One Red Saree

No matter how many new saree images pop-up on the internet every single day, you just can’t beat the charm of a red saree. A red saree has the power to make you look hot and stunning at the same time. In fact, you have the maximum scope for experimenting with the red color by teaming it up with different kind of fabrics.

Experiment With the Drapes When Repeating a Saree

When you are repeating a saree (you can’t always buy a new one) you should keep in mind that the drapes must be changed. For example, wearing a saree in Nivi drapes and Seedha pallu are two totally different things and it can totally change the look of a saree hence making it look brand new for sure. You can also try other types of drapes too or invent something of your own.

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Not Just the Saree but the Accessories and Drapes Do Matter

Choosing to wear a saree is not as easy as it is portrayed. There are a few pointers that you need to keep in mind when choosing one. Like, the accessories and the fabric. Both should be chosen based on the occasion you are planning to wear it to. If you want to add a bit of flair, drape your saree differently. YouTube has hundreds of different drapes to wear your saree. Choose your drape according to your body shape. The perfect drape can make or break the look.