Sport a Light-Weight, Breezy Saree! Pick from the 10 Latest Chiffon Sarees to Flatter Your Figure Like Nothing Else Can (2020)

Sport a Light-Weight, Breezy Saree! Pick from the 10 Latest Chiffon Sarees to Flatter Your Figure Like Nothing Else Can (2020)

Soft and flowy, chiffon sarees are the epitome of femininity. Find here a curated selection of chiffon sarees across different styles and budget, and showcasing this material's class, sophistication and magical charm. Read on to see the collection!

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Why Pick Chiffon Sarees?

They Are Pretty

When we think of chiffon sarees the image that comes to mind is of beautiful movie stars draped in the fabric, singing and dancing away with a handsome hero trying to woo her. Yes, Chiffon sarees have made their appearance in numerous Bollywood movies over the years and due to the influence of cinema on fashion have become extremely popular amongst generations of women. The number one reason for the popularity of the chiffon sari is that they are pretty and makes the wearer look equally feminine and beautiful.

The chiffon fabric is lightweight, translucent and highly lustrous. It clings to a woman’s curves and accentuates the figure. Dyes, mirror work, sequins and various forms of embroideries are used on the chiffon fabric to make the sarees look pretty and appealing. Chiffon sarees have this light airy look and feel that makes the wearer feel like a princess or a fairy. When draped in a beautiful chiffon sari, its hard for even the most practical of women do not feel feminine and beautiful.

They Weigh Next to Nothing

Chiffon sarees were earlier made from pure silk fabric. Later in 1938, a nylon version of chiffon was invented. The chiffon that we use today is made from polyester and was invented in around 1958. Polyester chiffon became popular due to its resilience and low cost. Chiffon sarees are kind of like a mesh which makes them lightweight. Women who find it difficult to manage heavy sarees are therefore easily drawn towards this lightweight fabric. People who are slender therefore find the chiffon sari easy to manoeuvre.

Unlike other heavy sarees, chiffon does not overlap the body but highlights the key features. They are not as overpowering as handloom sarees or heavy silks. Because of its lightness chiffon sarees can be draped in interesting ways. The pliable, slightly elastic quality of the sari lets the wearer play around with pleating and draping styles.

They are Always Trendy

Due to their popularity on the silver screen, chiffon sarees have always been a fashionable choice for women in India. Chiffon sarees have also been made popular by television personalities, soap opera stars and fashion models. Trends have come and gone, but the chiffon sari has maintained its place in the world of fashion and in people’s hearts. There are celebrity fashion designers whose entire collection pays homage to this popular fabric. Chiffon sarees have undergone many makeovers. Nowadays we have chiffon sarees with everything from mirror work, various kinds of embroideries, appliqués, and sequin work to tie and dye and prints. The chiffon fabric is being extensively used to bring to life the imaginations of fashion designers and stylists every year.

10 Must Own Chiffon Sarees

Solid Coloured Chiffon Saree

One of the most fundamental rules of fashion is when in doubt, go for the classics. If you are in search of the perfect sari to wear on that special date or you want to dazzle everyone at the next dinner party, then go for the simple and classic…solid coloured chiffon. A solid coloured chiffon sari paired with a strand of pearls speaks elegance and class, like this Solid Blue poly Chiffon Saree from Mirchi Fashions. This dark blue Sari has tiny embellishments on the body which makes it look even more gorgeous. It comes with a matching art silk blouse piece. This sari is also available in orange, pink, magenta, red, and yellow and green. Quite a rainbow of colours for you to choose from! Apart from the beauty, the next best attractive thing about this sari is its price, which is around Rs. 672 for the blue one and Rs. 598 for all the other colours. Buy the whole collection on Myntra.

Embellished Chiffon Saree

Embellished chiffon sarees not only look great but are extremely versatile. They can be worn to parties, weddings, ethnic festivals and formal events. The great thing about embellishes chiffon sarees are that they are very much in vogue and wearing one can make you look effortlessly stylish. This Yellow Embellished Poly Chiffon Sari from Saree Mall is understated and stylish. This bright canary yellow embellished sari is adorned with artificial stones or beads. This sari doesn’t have a broad border. The thin gold edging it has perfectly complemented the simple design of the sari. This poly chiffon sari comes with a matching art silk blouse piece. With this sari, all you need to complete the look is a great pair of chandelier earrings or jhumkas. You can also pair it with a heavy oxidized metal neckpiece. Buy this beautiful sari for Rs. 983 on Myntra.

Floral Print Chiffon Saree

There is something immensely romantic about floral prints. Floral prints may have been designated for the spring-summer collection, but they can work all year round. If you are a person who loves wearing sarees everywhere then a floral print chiffon sari is a must have a piece in your wardrobe. This pack of two Floral Printed Chiffon Sarees from Vaamsi, is a must buy for a sari lover. Although both the sarees in the set has floral prints, each one has very different designs. One is white with red and black flowers near the border and a polka dotted body. The other one has a pink border and an all over print of white and grey flowers. Each sari comes with its own blouse piece. These saris are perfect for a lunch or brunch date, ladies night parties and casual get-togethers. Get both of these sarees for an attractive price of Rs. 2,212 on Myntra.

Budget not a problem? Then consider this handpainted pure silk chiffon saree that will surely make you look sophisticated. Perfect for an afternoon outing or a coktail evening, this saree oozes class. A matching handpainted Tussar Silk blouse in pink comes along with it. Buy it for Rs. 5.999 from

Zari Border Chiffon Saree

A plain chiffon sari with a zari border may not sound like much but can create quite an impact if paired with the right blouse and accessories. This solid Navy Blue Saree from Geroo Jaipur is made from pure chiffon fabric. It has a thin gold border and no embellishments anywhere on the body or the border. This sari comes with a printed art silk blouse piece. This simple but stunning sari can make you the talk of the town. So for your next party, pair this gorgeous sari with a heavy neckpiece, a pair of statement earrings or some beautiful bangles to create a glamourous look. We would suggest that you wear oxidized gold, silver or costume jewellery with this sari. Buy this sari for Rs. 2,749 from Myntra.

Geometric Print Chiffon Saree


Geometric Print Chiffon Saris look great. They are modern, sophisticated and paired with the right accessories, works great as day or evening wear. This orange, yellow and red chiffon sari from Vaamsi would be the perfect addition to your collection of chiffon sarees. This sari has a length of 5.5 metres and is made from pure chiffon. It comes with a matching pink blouse piece, measuring 0.8 meters. Buy this sarees from Ajio at Rs. 999.


If orange is not your colour then go for this multicoloured sari from Florence with polka dots and stripes in black red and green on a white body. This saree is also 5.5 metres long and comes with a 0.8 m blouse piece in faded red. This one is also available on at a cost of Rs.583.

Embroidered Chiffon Saree

If you are someone who has distinctive taste then we have just the thing for you. Chiffon sares with embroidery work look amazing and can help you create a subtle statement. This beautiful Sky Blue Chiffon Saree with All Over Hand Embroidered Gota Patti Work and Contrasting Pink Border is a must have piece for your closet. This sari has been made from high-quality silk chiffon. The fabric is extremely lightweight with a soft drape. It has traditional Gota Patti Work which is a form of embroidery using zari thread. It comes with a pink blouse piece. Wear this sari to wedding functions, parties, and formal events. Air it with minimal accessories like maybe a pair of gold jhumka earrings with pearl detailing, a gold handbag or potli and gold sandals. Buy this beautiful sari for Rs. 12,999 from

Bandhej Print Chiffon Saree

Bandhej or Bandhni is a form of tie and dye technique popular in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The name Bandhej is derived from the word Bandhan which literally means tied. Bandhej sarees are characterized by their asymmetrical spiral designs which are created by tying up the fabric and dipping them in various coloured dyes. This Maroon Traditional Bandej Print Sheer Saree with Gold Zari Border from Viaeast is an artistic piece which deserves pride of place in your wardrobe. This sari is made from high-quality chiffon fabric which is lightweight and sheer with a soft drape. It has an all over traditional bandhej print with gold zari border. This deep blue saree with muted tones of white and gold comes with its own blouse piece. This sari is traditional but lightweight enough for a modern woman who does not like heavy fabrics. Buy this sari for Rs.4,999.

Lehariya Print Chiffon Saree


Lehariya is another tie and dye technique practised in Rajasthan and results in brightly coloured cloth with distinctive zigzag stripe patterns. The effect produced by Lehariya is therefore very different from Bandhni. Lehariya saris are brightly coloured and can brighten up your look in no time at all. That’s the reason for their rising popularity these days. A Lehariya print sari is, therefore, a must-have for your wardrobe. This gorgeous red Chiffon Saree with Leheriya Print from can be your go-to sari for a casual occasion. Made from semi chiffon fabric, this sari has a soft drape, that will envelop your body and hug your curves. The stripes on the sari are in two black and red. This sari comes with a blouse fabric in a contrasting colour. Buy this glamorous sari for Rs. 799.

Colour-Blocked Chiffon Saree


Colour blocking is a huge trend all over the world. We can see this trend on models in the magazine pages, on celebrities, movie stars and socialites. Colour blocking is a simple enough concept, but a tad tricky to carry out successfully. It involves pairing solid contrasting colours with each other in a way that it seems chic rather than clownish. If you want to hop onto the colour blocking bandwagon without racking your brains, then we have the perfect solution for you. This beautiful Colourblock Chiffon Saree from Florence will help you sport the colour blocking trend without looking like a clown. This multicoloured sari has blocks of various different colours like purple, pink, green, white and black, which are perfectly balanced to create an interesting and stylish effect. This sari has a length of 5.5 metres and is made from poly chiffon. It comes with a 0.8m blouse piece. Buy this sari for Rs. 583.

Chiffon Banarasi Festive Saree

If you are tired of wearing the same old heavy Benarasis and Kanjeevarams at weddings then you don’t have to! We have the perfect alternative to heavy silk sarees which weighs a few kilos at least and can make you sweaty and uncomfortable. This Chiffon Banarasi Festive Saree is the perfect wedding wear for people who like to keep it light and breezy. This sari is made from pure silk chiffon and is easy to drape. It has a woven border with floral patterns and tiny silver motifs all over the body. It comes with a blouse piece. Walk around freely in this light as air sari and look great as well. Buy this beautiful Chiffon sari from Viaeast for Rs. 9,999.

Why Are Chiffon Sarees Perfect for Indian Women

Indian women are traditionally required to wear sarees for a variety of occasions and events. A sari is elegant and feminine, but a lot of modern women are not adept at managing the garment. Chiffon saris are perfect for the modern Indian woman. They are lightweight, easy to drape and requires minimal effort. The chiffon fabric nicely hugs a woman’s curves and makes her look beautiful and attractive. Then there is the diversity. There are a wide variety of chiffon sarees available in the market. Whatever one’s taste may be, there is a chiffon sari for it. We have simple chiffon sarees with little or no design, we have heavily embellished ones, sarees with geometric patterns, polka dots, flower prints and they fit into all budgets.

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Chiffon Sarees are Suitable for Any Kind of Occasion to Get a Best One of You

If you are looking for best sarees then choose something from chiffon sarees as it will give you an astonishing look beside making you distinct from others. These items are not at all fluffy thus makes you look much slim which surely makes all eyes turn on you. With its vibrant colours, it makes a perfect choice for any occasion. If you want something in simple and sophisticated then it is also available so it is suitable for all needs. It does not need much care but off course a bit of care is required like you need to carry it properly else a small pin can tear the complete saree.