The Elegance of Cotton Sarees is Evergreen: 10 Different Types Of Cotton Saree You Must Have in Your Wardrobe (2020)

The Elegance of Cotton Sarees is Evergreen: 10 Different Types Of Cotton Saree You Must Have in Your Wardrobe (2020)

Whenever it comes to sarees, cotton is the fabric that remains popular across seasons. Cotton sarees keep you comfortable, absorb sweat effortlessly, provide you breathability and freedom of movement. Find here top choices across different Indian traditional handicraft styles that look gorgeous on any one!

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What to Keep in Mind While Wearing a Cotton Saree?

Looking Fabulous in Sarees Is an Art

Saree is one of the most elegant pieces of clothing that a woman can wear. It can be moulded in equal amounts into traditional attire as it can be flaunted as a modern piece of apparel. Saree is a kind of ensemble that looks breathtaking on each and every woman, whatever might be her complexion or body type. It has the natural capability of carving out the best in you through its appearance. While all of us mostly learn the art of draping a saree from our mother, aunts or friends, we still fall into a few invisible pits of mistakes while draping it ourselves.

Tips to look fabulous in a Saree

  • The first and the most common error that women make is not paying attention to the two important parts of a traditional saree look; the blouse and the petticoat. Make sure that both of them fit you perfectly and do not have any abnormal looseness or tightness to them.
  • If you have a saree that has been starched, get yourself a petticoat with a fishtail cut so as to prevent the saree from looking extra fluffy.
  • If you wish to look slimmer, create pleats in the front which are broader but fewer in number.
  • Always choose the material of the petticoat with respect to what kind of saree you’ll be picking. Mostly, cotton petticoats work well with a number of sarees.

Which Style of Saree Blouse Suits Your Body Type?

If you thought that choosing the perfect saree was the biggest hurdle to create this look of a goddess then, think again. The blouse of a saree can really make or break the look completely. It can turn a boring, bland saree into a sensual piece if apparel if stitched in the right shape and size. Therefore, understanding which kind of blouses go best with what body type is of utmost importance.

Which blouse fits your body type?

  • If you have a large upper body then go for a blouse with deep back and plain design in the front.
  • If you have a small bust, choosing a blouse with Chinese collar or halter neck will accentuate your beauty.
  • If you have broad shoulders, go for boat neck blouse with preferably long sleeves.
  • If you face issues of flabby arms, try getting a blouse with deep back and ¾ sleeves

Wearing Accessories That Accentuate Your Look, Not Overburden It

Accessories should accentuate your look and beauty and not sink them down. If you have chosen a saree with bling and shine, accessorize less for the interest of balance. If you’ve picked up a really plain and elegant looking saree, try putting on a statement neckpiece or large statement earrings. So remember to choose the accessories in accordance with the neckline and sleeves of your blouse. If you are wearing a blouse with long sleeves, ditch the bracelet or bangles that you had picked. If you are wearing an embellished neckline blouse, do not overburden the look by putting on a gaudy necklace.

Take a Cue: 10 Amazing Picks of Cotton Sarees That Will Surely Make You Want to Own One

Handblock Kalamkari Printed Cotton Saree


Authentic saree prints, especially on cotton fabric stand out like nothing else. The coveted kalamkari print is a traditional art of hand block painting done and practised in the regions in and around Machhilipatnam of Andhra Pradesh. It is made on 100% cotton and adds an unmatched richness to your appearance. This saree is available on the website of for the price of Rs. 1,000. It can be hand washed in cold water. It comes with a blouse piece of the length of 0.8 m.

Maroon Cotton Mull Bagh Printed Dot N Stripes Saree

Bagh print is a combination of prints containing dots and stripes making is a unique saree like the skin of a bagh. To ensure the level of comfort while adorning this saree, the material is thoughtfully chosen to be a cotton mull that gives you a soft yet breathy texture. This saree has dimensions of 5.5x1.16 m. It can be hand washed or gently washed in the machine in cold water with a detergent that has mild formulas. Liquid detergents are recommended. It is advised to not bleach or wrong this saree. It can be ironed while taking care of not ironing the embellishments. This saree is available on the website of and retails for a price of Rs. 1,490 only.

Designer Cotton Saree with Double Embroidered Border

This dark green wonder is made on the material of poly cotton and is a craft fully embroidered the saree has a dimension of 5.5 m length and is perfect to be worn on occasions pertaining to marriages festivals party is or even work. The most appealing part of this saree is its double border of golden colour, which brings out the pop in the green colour of the saree.

It comes along with a blouse piece of length 0.8 m and the pattern on the saree is of self-design. The wash care instructions allow you to dry clean it and even hand wash. this saree is available on the website of and retails for a very reasonable price of Rs. 725 only.

The Ethnically Rich And Handpainted Kerala Kasavu Cotton Saree


Kasavu is an authentic kind of cotton saree worn specifically in Kerala. The base colour of this saree is usually white and the elegance of this attire comes from its broad golden borders. In literal terms, kasavu refers to this golden border which makes the saree shine brighter than the stars. The border of this saree along with its pallu contains hand painted floral design which further enhances its beauty. It is one of the best sarees to wear on fresh, bright, sunlit days. This regal saree retails for a price Rs. 1,250 and is readily available on the website of

Semi Sheer And Elegant Cotton Silk Saree

This semi-sheer pink coloured saree in the fabric of silk cotton is perfect for any occasion or event. It has an unmatched kind of lustre with a narrow golden border pattern in large dimensions. The golden border brings out the beauty and the brightness of the pink saree to another level. The semi-sheer fabric of the saree is lightweight but elegant, and can be shown off by adorning an embellished blouse which can show through the pallu creating a statement. Considering the fluffiness and volume of the fabric, it is one of the best saree for women with a small body type. It comes with a blouse of 0.8 m length and can easily be hand washed or machine washed. It needs shade to dry and need no ironing afterwards!

This mesmerising beauty is available on the website of Unnati Silks and retails for a steal-worthy price of Rs. 3,499 only.

The Multi Coloured Border Poly Cotton Saree


This saree in the fabric of poly cotton can easily catch everyone’s eyes you walk into a room with its double coloured pallu with horizontal panels in the colours violet and orange. Because of the vibrant outlook of this saree, it fits amazingly in the bill of a festival worthy or a party wear kind of saree. Moving downwards, the saree has simple floral border against the body maroon colour. The rest of the saree is embellished with floral patterns in contrasting colours and looks gorgeous. . It comes with a blouse of 0.8 m length and can easily be hand washed or machine washed. It needs shade to dry after washing. Dry cleaning is recommended once in a while. This gorgeous saree can be purchased from the website of and it retails for a price of Rs. 1,499 only.

Handloom Sambalpuri Ikat Cotton Saree


Sambalpuri Ikat sarees are extremely popular and are known for their intricate and fine tie-dye art done on yarns, before following the due process of weaving. This results in unique and characteristic patterns in the finally obtained woven fabrics. The process of weaving the fabrics on the handloom is done completely without any electric power, and by hand. This procedure requires a focused harmony creation between the motion and rhythm on the part of the assigned weaver, in order to create a unique saree. It is therefore, completely hand woven and made on cotton. This saree comes along with a blouse piece and both are recommended to be dry cleaned when needed. This wonderful creation of art in the form of a saree can be purchased from the website of where it retails for a price of Rs. 3,567.

Handloom Bengal Tant Tangail Dhakai Cotton Saree


In literal terms, that stands for handloom in Bangla. Fabric made under such procedure gives the feeling of crisp muslin and have heavily worked upon and elaborate pallus. Tant sarees are authentic and traditional Bengali sarees made by weavers found in the regions of West Bengal, and areas like Dhaka, Tangail, and Narayanganj of Bangladesh. These sarees are woven from pure cotton threads and are popular for their semi-sheer transparency and light weightiness. It is one of the most comfortable fabrics to be worn in the South Asian climate which is full of sticky humidity. This saree even after being extremely light weight pulls off a rich, well put together traditional attire. The bright red colour of the fabric helps bring out the complexion and features of the person wearing it, while the narrow borders at its tapering ends create a slimming appearance. This exquisite saree retails for a price of Rs. 1,000 and can be purchased from the website of

Chanderi Cotton Saree with Contrast Zari Border


Chanderi sarees are a traditional art form from central India. The weaving technique involved in making a chanderi saree dates back to the 2nd century. These sarees are designed only on three kinds of fabrics: pure silk, pure cotton or chanderi cotton. Traditional coins, peacocks, floral art, and geometrical designs are often a part of this saree. The zari border on the edges of this saree, provide a much-needed contrast and enhance the person’s appearance. This pink and purple contrast chanderi saree comes with a blouse piece of length 0.8 m. This beautiful saree is available for purchase on the website of and it retails for a steal-worthy price of Rs. 810 only.

Cotton Silk Chikankari Mukaish Tepchi Saree

Chikan is a traditional style of embroidery originating from Lucknow, India. It is believed that it was introduced by Nur Jahan, who was the able wife of Mughal emperor Jahangir. It is a very delicate and artful embroidery, done manually, on a variety of fabrics like chiffon, organza, muslin, cotton etc. in recent times additional embellishments like Kamdani, Badla, Mukaish, sequin, bead and mirror work have also come in practice. This elegantly embroidered chikankari saree in the fresh as dew hue of pink retails for a price of Rs. 2,690 and can be bought from

Bonus Tip: How to Store Your Cotton Sarees So That They Last a Lifetime?

We all want our clothes to look like they’re new for a long time. There are some fundamentals that we all need to learn in order to make our cotton sarees last long. The money we spend on clothes is a one-time investment, but we can enhance their durability by taking care of them in a certain fashion. Follow these steps repeatedly to make sure your cotton saree stays like new forever!

  • When you set out to wash a cotton saree, first go on to soak in a bucket of warm water with some rock salt for about 10 to 15 minutes. This will ensure safety against improper washing technique or storage in the future. This will also prevent the colours of the saree from ‘bleeding’.
  • When washing, always use a mild detergent. Take note of not wringing it very vigorously. Instead, let it dry on its own by hanging it over the tap after washing it.
  • One rule to use always is to starch the cotton saree after washing it, so as let them stay stain free and maintain its crispness for long durations.
  • When putting the saree to dry, choose to hang them in dry and shaded areas. Sun rays directly falling on it might lead its colour to bleed and fade.
  • For storage choose the areas in the cupboard which are airy and lack humidity or direct hitting sunlight.
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Accessories for Sarees Can Improve Your Style Quotient

Choosing the right set of accessories for sarees can shape the perception about the wearer! The way you drape your saree and the accessories you choose can make you either a paragon of virtue or a whore! The key to choosing accessories for sarees is not only to coordinate with the colours, but also with the pattern, your body type, complexion, and occasion.

For example, when you are wearing sarees with lots of patterns, simple accessories are the best. Too many accessories and too much jewellery can make the prints look tacky! Clutch bags are really in these days. You can carry smart pocketbook bags or clutches with your cotton sarees to look suave. Jute sandals, jute shoes and flats with straps look good with cotton sarees.