Match Your Lehenga with the Perfect Jewellery, for a Party or Your Big Day! 10 Gorgeous Lehenga Jewels Worthy of Your Outfit (2020)

Match Your Lehenga with the Perfect Jewellery, for a Party or Your Big Day! 10 Gorgeous Lehenga Jewels Worthy of Your Outfit (2020)

The perfect dress and makeup do not a bride, or even bridesmaid, make! A woman is considered fully dressed only when she also has the right jewellery in place, and like every kind of clothing, lehengas too demand a certain kind of accessories. Here we explain not only how to choose and care for your jewellery but also present some handpicked sets that can work wonders with the right lehenga. Pick the dress and match the jewels, or vice versa!

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Matching Jewellery is Essential to Complete Your Lehenga!

Are you still fretting over what to wear with your gorgeous lehenga? Yes, it is indeed a difficult task as quite a lot of effort is required in deciding over the multitude of combinations available online now! Matching jewellery will definitely enhance the ultimate look of your lehenga! So, whether you are searching for bridal jewellery or simple jewels to go with your lehenga, then, worry not. We have some ideas for you!

Tips to Select the Right Lehenga Jewels

Here are a few trending tips to keep in mind, while selecting jewels for your lehenga.

Try the contrast look

This look is quite famous these days, with many celebrities seen flaunting it. The formula is simple. Choose lehenga jewels that are contrast in color with your lehenga! While conventional design ideas insist on jewels that blend in with the outfit, this bold look is quite literally the opposite. So, if you are an adventurist, and looking to experiment with your party demeanor, then this is a go-to option!

Consider the neckline of your lehenga choli

Not every neckpiece goes with every neckline and vice versa! As a rule of thumb, always make sure that the jewellery mimics the shape of the neckline. For instance, a deep v- neck, can look good with long necklaces. A curved scooped neckline would complement chokers!


Think beyond gold
Gold is divine and a popular choice for coveted dresses like lehengas since time immemorial. But, if you plan to keep it stylish, then try out from many other lucrative options available today!

Mutli color lehenga jewels
If you are thinking minimal, but want to make a style statement, then we suggest you go for multi colored jewels for your lehenga.

Try the modern look in lehenga jewels
Want to up your game with your dressing strategies? Then, try pairing up your traditional lehenga with a contemporary and modern jewellery piece.


Match the jewels with the dupatta
Probably, the easiest and the sure shot way to get it right, is by matching your jewels with the color of your dupatta.

Coordinate the jewels with the work on the lehenga
Match your lehenga jewels with style, as there more ways than one! Coordinate the hues of your lehenga with the jewels, or simply match the work of the lehenga with the color of the jewels!

10 Trending Lehenga Jewellery Designs for 2020

Indian ladies these days are totally smitten by the much-coveted ethnic wear, the lehenga. They are happily replacing sarees and anarkhalis with dreamy lehengas, for the enticing look it offers! The challenge however, lies in deciding on the right accessories to go with this dress. The grandness of the lehenga must be righteously complimented with apt lehenga jewels. Here are a few affordable lehenga jewel ideas for you to try!

Red and Gold-Toned Kundan-Studded Jewellery Set

Here is a stunning red jewellery set that is sure to tun some heads! This bold jewellery set comes with a necklace, earrings and maang tikka. The red and gold kundan beaded lehenga jewel will snugly draw in all the attention to your lehenga quite effortlessly! This artificial lehenga jewel set is a perfect pick if you are going to experiment with the contrast look. Pair this up with contrasting shaded lehengas, and let the stylish jewellery speak for itself! Wear this with your pastel shaded lehengas or any contrasting colors to bring the best out of the outfit. Available on for Rs.4,154.

Gold and Navy Blue Choker Set

Bring out the fashionista in you while wearing this classy and exquisite jewellery set. The golden and navy copper choker is right on trend and will perfectly go with a beautiful lehenga. This lehenga jewel set adds to the attractiveness of your lehenga, by adding a bling to your look. The intricate detailing on the choker and the matching earrings is explicitly neat and elegant. The necklace set is made from copper and hence, is very durable and skin friendly. The studded earrings give a classy appeal to the combination. So, if you are looking to wear jewellery of a statement piece, yet don’t want to go over the top, then this is it! Lay your hands on this beautiful lehenga jewel set while its on a 55 per cent discounted price of Rs.1,797 on

Exotic Gold Plated AD Necklace Set

The best piece of jewellery to go with the deep scooped neckline of your lehenga is a large statement neckpiece of course. You can find one of the most incredibly affordable choker pieces on This gold-plated necklace set is for the women who wants to stand out in the crowd! The embellishments on the neckpiece is marvelously crafted with artificial Austrian diamond and embedded green crystals.

The visual appeal of the lehenga jewel is further enhanced with the dangling tear drop shaped pearls. The set comes with matching earrings that are no less than statement jewel pieces themselves. The antic finish on the jewel set gives a wonderous backdrop to the unique embellishment design. Check out this lehenga jewel set on for only Rs.799!

Traditional Kundan Black Rhodium Plated Necklace Set

Here is a fashionable version of the traditional kundan jewellery that is typical of lehenga jewels. The black rhodium plated necklace set is fashioned out f zinc alloy. Faux kundan gemstones embellished on to the neckpiece will definitely add charm to your lehenga outfit.

The black and green color combination is a tad different from the usual colors seen on lehenga jewels. If it’s a modern and conventional twist that you desire, then we suggest you try out this combo. The neckpiece is not only light to wear, but also very durable and of exceptionally good quality as assured by the manufacturer. Find this lehenga jewel set on for Rs.3,599.

Gold Plated Alloy Metal Designer Kundan Necklace Set

Ever wondered that complexly designed lehenga jewels are beyond the reach of your budget and only for the fortunate few? Then here is a lehenga jewel set that will prove you wrong! This marvelously crafted kundan necklace set can quite easily pass for a designer jewellery wear. Such is the intricate detailing and the finish. The gold-plated necklace set is embellished with beautiful non-precious kundan jewels. The maroon pearls are a major highlight on the lehenga jewel set. The whole jewel set comprises of a breathtaking choker piece, one pair of earrings and a beautiful maang tikka, all at an affordable price of Rs.889. Available on

Brass Golden Choker Traditional Gold Plated Necklaces Set

Want your friends to watch you with envy while you carry off the lehenga look on a special day? Then, check out this lehenga jewel set that will surely do the trick! This traditional stone jewel set is ideal as a party or wedding wear. The gold-plated set is studded with cute pearls and kundan jewels. The set is said to be made from high-quality hand-picked stones and pearls, and hence, is very durable and long lasting.

The gold and off-white color combo is a winner when it comes to completing the elegant and classy look. The whole lehenga jewel consists of a choker, a long necklace, a pair of earrings and a simple maang tikka. The set is available on for a 70 per cent discounted price of Rs. 599!

Pink Pearl Necklace Set

Here is a bold handcrafted necklace set that is a perfect addition to your lehenga look. This trendy neckpiece is gold plated with good quality pearls and kundan embellished onto it. The pink enameled jewel can beautifully team up with your favorite pink lehenga or any other matching outfit. This necklace and earring set is ideal to be worn on parties or events, yet doesn’t go over the top as it is quite minimal in design. The large pink beads alternatively placed on the neckpiece ornate is one of the highlights of the jewellery set. Pink is any girl’s favorite and so will be this beautiful and cute lehenga jewel set! Check out this artificial jewellery set on for Rs.1,500.

Green Brass Choker Necklace

Looking for a green lehenga jewel set to go with your contrasting pink lehenga? This green brass choker set from could be the one that you were desiring for! This fashionable kundan set is ideal to be worn with matching or contrasting hues. The charismatic charm of the genuine quality stones and pearls is undoubtedly one that you shouldn’t miss! Add a touch of style to your traditional lehenga with this exquisitely designed kundan choker and earrings set of accessories. Pair these up with your favorite lehenga effortlessly make your way into any party looking charmingly beautiful! Available on for a whopping 81% discounted price of Rs.846!

Artificial Kundan with Orange Beads Necklace Set

Whoever said that orange isn’t a good choice for a lehenga jewel set is definitely wrong! Take a look at this beautiful eye-catching orange necklace set and get to know why. If you are adventurous enough to take a bold approach on bringing about a fashion twist to your ethnic lehenga attire, then this is a jewel set that you must try!

The large orange beads perfectly combine with the kundan stones to make for a visually appealing accessory set for any outfit, especially the lehenga! Pair the necklace with the matching earrings to bring oomph to your conventional lehenga look. This extraordinarily beautiful lehenga jewel set is available on for Rs.1,999.

Dazzling Gold Plated Necklace Set

Here is a gold-plated necklace set for women who want to play it safe. Afterall, you cannot go wrong in pairing up gold with a lehenga of any color or style! The golden beads and intricate detailing on the stone embellishments are crafted to peer perfection. The round hoops on the necklace is matched with the pair of earrings. Wearing gold is an evergreen choice and is one of the easiest and safest way to make up for accessories.

You can flaunt this jewel set as even bridal jewellery, such is the finish and quality! The unique design of the necklace is strikingly attractive and a perfect match for any lehenga. You can find this lehenga jewel set on for Rs.469.

Padmavati Style Choker Necklace Set

Anybody who has seen the Padmavati movie is unlikely to miss the jewellery worn by the heroine. In fact, the major takeaway from the movie could be the inspiration of lehenga jewels itself! Here is one such choker piece that is inspirationally similar to one them. The artificial copper layered necklace set adds bling to your style and is sure to turn many heads.

The jewellery set is made from skin friendly material and hence, is very safe to use. Work your way with styling your lehenga by pairing this multicolored traditional jewellery. The green, red and color combination is good to go with any choice of lehenga. This classic piece of jewellery is available on for Rs.599.

How to Take Care of Your Lehenga Jewels

While using lehenga jewels, always make sure to keep these things in mind.

  • Never clean your lehenga jewels with water. This could lead to oxidation of the metals.

  • Protect your lehenga jewels from moisture and direct light. Always wrap the jewellery in a muslin cloth and store it away in a cool dry place.

  • Wear your lehenga jewels only after using your perfume and body lotions. Try to avoid any contact with perfumes or other incents once you have worn the lehenga jewels.

  • Make sure to handle the lehenga jewels with care and precision. Mishandling of the jewellery set could lead to pearls and jewels missing from the set.

  • Follow one simple rule. jewellery must be the last thing to be worn while getting ready and the first thing to be taken off!
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You wouldn't pull out the first dress before getting ready for a big party would you? In the same way, jewellery to go with your dress has to be carefully selected. Either match the colour or design so they look synchronised in some way. And if you choose to go the contrasting route, again, it should complement the outfit in some way by bringing out the colour or matching the neckline.