Why Give Something Worth It's Weight in Gold When You Can Gift Gold? 10 Elegant Gold Wedding Gifts for Those You Value Most (2020)

Why Give Something Worth It's Weight in Gold When You Can Gift Gold? 10 Elegant Gold Wedding Gifts for Those You Value Most (2020)

Indians have a love affair with gold and no matter how many pieces of diamond, platinum or art jewellery they have, gold always has a strong draw. The lustrous yellow metal is always there in everyday jewellery but really comes to the fore at weddings where everyone from the bride to the women attending is resplendent in their finest, bedecked in gold from head to toe. Little wonder then that gifts of gold are held in high esteem. For close family or those you hold in high regard, or want to impress, these select pieces will be some of the most talked about wedding gifts.

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Classic Reasons for Gifting Gold on Weddings

An Indian wedding is incomplete with the glitter and sparkle of gold. Gold is not only an essential part of any bridal trousseau, but also makes a great wedding gift. In India gold is considered to be auspicious and it is also the best investment. By gifting gold to bride or groom you are contributing to their future. Hence, gold is one of the best gifts for a wedding that could be either in the form of gold bars, coins or jewellery.

However, buying gold to gift for a wedding is not an easy task as you need to consider a lot of parameters like budget, whether you are gifting to bride or groom, design, size etc. In case, you are not able to decide on the jewellery then it is best to go for gift cards. Reputed jewellers in India sell gift cards that could be redeemed for jewellery. Weddings are joyful occasions and blessing the couple with glittering gold will further add joy and excitement to the event.

5 Important Things to Know While Buying Gold

Five Things to Check Before Buying

Always check for these 5 signs when you are buying gold jewellery:
1. BIS Logo
2. Hallmark sign
3. Purity, whether it is 18ct, 22ct, 24ct etc
4. Manufacturing year
5. Jeweller’s logo

  • Negotiate Making Charges
    Making charges constitute a considerable part of the Bill. These charges are either fixed per gram or as certain percentage of the weight of the gold ornament. Jewellers usually charge about 15% to 20% making charges (roughly Rs.400 – 500 per gram). However, for them these charges will be around Rs 200 per gram. So, some bargaining is required from your side if the seller is charging a high percentage of making charges.

  • Difference Between White and Yellow Gold
    Both yellow and white gold are valued equally. Yellow gold is used for traditional and classic designs which are favoured for weddings while white gold is used for contemporary styles. Yellow gold usually has more nickel and white gold has zinc in it. Irrespective of the kind of alloy used, the purity of gold is measured the same. In fact, white gold is more durable than yellow gold and looks elegant with diamonds.

  • Machine Made or Hand Crafted
    Handcrafted gold jewellery costs more than machine made ones, as they are mass produced. So, check how it is made before buying to save your hard-earned money.

  • Weight of Gold Jewellery
    Gold jewellery is sold by weight. When precious gemstones like rubies, emeralds and diamonds are embedded in the jewellery it makes them heavy. If the piece of jewellery is weighted entirely then you may end up paying for the yellow metal that isn’t there. So, check the gold weight used in the ornament separately if you are buying any stone-studded gold jewellery.

10 Gold Wedding Gift Ideas That Any Bride Will Love

Choker Necklace

Choker necklaces were quite popular in the 90’s. This style has made a great come back and according to fashionistas the classy style will continue to be in trend even this year. An elegant choker is a perfect piece to add in anybody’s collection. In fact, the choker necklace was the iconic jewellery of the Victorian era and this is evident in the portraits and paintings of that period.

If you are looking for a one of a kind gold wedding gifts for your sister then this vintage yet contemporary neck piece that perfectly blends opulence and beauty is a perfect option. The Mahalika Mudhra Gold Choker from Kalyan Jewellers is an elegant choker in gold that is apt for special occasions. The price of this glitzy and pretty jewellery piece is Rs.405,460 EMI option is also available to buy this eye-catching ornament. The chunky gold choker is best paired with subtle earrings and compliments any traditional Indian wear.

Pearl Bracelet

Pearls are unique gemstones because unlike other metals they are not excavated from the earth but found in the depths of the ocean. Also, they do not need any polishing or cutting to enhance their lustre. If you are looking for a beautiful wedding gift then the unique pearl jewellery fits the bill. The timeless elegance of this gemstone makes it an amazing gift. Gold is timeless and pearls never go out of style. So, a combination of both is truly fascinating.

This beautiful pearl bracelet from Caratlane is just perfect for women who love glamour or even those who prefer an understated look. The pearls are set in 18 carat yellow gold and weighs 2.44 gram and is priced at Rs.16,220. This sparkling and classy bracelet will look stylish on every woman.

Floral Bangle

Bangles have always symbolized grace and beauty. Whether it is the Mohenjodaro bronze statuette (Dancing Girl) or figurines in temple carvings, Bangles have always adorned a woman’s wrists since ancient times. Today, it is merely worn as a decorative piece of jewellery, but our ancestors heralded it as a symbol of opulence and prosperity. There is evidence from Taxila and Brahmapuri archaeological sites, where pretty pieces of bangles were excavated.

With so much significance attached to bangles, it is definitely a quintessential piece of accessory, especially for Indian brides. So, this auspicious jewellery is the best wedding gift you can think of for a bride. The gardenia floral golden bangle from ‘Caratlane’ has a traditional look that enhances the delicate wrist of the bride in a gracious way. The beautiful design and its intricate detailing remind us of our opulent cultural past. A woman wearing this handcrafted bangle is sure to feel like the royalty. The price of this dainty bangle is Rs. 248,386.

Birthstone Ring

Birthstones are precious gems with a unique meaning and each month has a gem associated with it. Birthstone jewellery has been popular since centuries both in the Eastern and Western traditions. Even today, this concept is in trend. There is a belief that wearing a birthstone brings good fortune and wellness. What could be a better way to wish your near and dear one luck and protection. Birthstone jewellery is a perfect gift for various occasions including weddings.

The Hello Ruby Birthstone Ring from Caratlane is a stunning jewellery piece priced at Rs. 34,364. This pretty gemstone has a distinct reddish colour which is very beautiful. This is the birthstone of July born people and is a symbol of loyalty. These stones are also believed to have therapeutic and protective powers.

Traditional Jhumkas

Who won’t be fascinated with the pretty traditional jhumkas? Every woman envisions to own a pair of these and today you will find mesmerizing collection of jhumkas in both silver or gold and plain or studded with gemstones. It is also available in different size, length and pattern. Perhaps this is the most widely experimented and versatile piece of vintage jewellery that is popular for its elegance. Many variations of jhumkas are available today and the Rajasthan’s minakari jhumkas are quite popular. These traditional jewellery piece looks great with the traditional Indian wear like sarees, lehengas or Anarkali’s. These are all time favourite of Indian women.

The Kasturi Gold Jhumka from candere.com is a perfect gift for a Diva who adores something traditional and antique. It is priced at Rs.113,814. There is also an option of customization wherein you can select the purity and whether you want the ear piece in yellow or white gold.The unique shape, good finish and delicate work make it a great jewellery piece to possess. This can be paired with any traditional neckpiece and the wearer is sure to look stunning. These handcrafted jhumkas can be worn on any special occasion. The woman wearing this stunning piece is sure to take her style quotient to an entirely new level by flaunting her feminine charm.

Butterfly Ear Cuffs

An ear cuff is the hottest fashion trend that makes any woman look stylish. If you want to choose an impressive wedding gift then this would be a fabulous option. These butterfly cuff earrings from Caratlane is a mesmerizing ear piece that shows off a woman’s chic side. They look absolutely incredible on their own. The enamel design and embedded white gemstones makes it the trendiest earrings that adds a bling to your ears. This latest trend is here to rock the scene. It is priced at Rs 33,971 and is one of the bestsellers on the site.

Customised Name Pendant

When it comes to personalized wedding gifts, the classic Gold Name Pendant is simply perfect. This fashion accessory is sure to enhance a woman’s everyday look. There are plenty of options available when it comes to Name Pendant on Augrav. The price ranges from Rs. 10,000 to 70,000 depending on the style, no of letters and whether you want a gold chain to compliment the pendant. Usually, it is set in 18 Karat gold and this kind of dainty pendant makes any name appear absolutely stunning.

The flowing script with perfect curlicue accentuates the alphabets. This is a perfect fashion jewellery for a woman who loves sophisticated and sleek gold jewellery. Besides the name, there is also the option of intermingling the initials of the person embellished with gemstones to lend a stylish appeal to the pendant. This style is apt for those who want to keep it modest yet elegant and classy.

You can go for rose gold or yellow gold and plain or embellished with diamonds to give it a ‘wow’ factor. The diamonds or gemstones accentuates the gorgeousness of the pendant giving it an enticing touch of sparkle. The pendant can be worn with a short or long chain. A wedding gift will certainly be appreciated, but if it is something as gorgeous as this name pendant then there is no comparison.

Nizam Choti- Hair Accessory

Nizam Choti is a vintage hair accessory. This pendant like jewellery piece was a pride of royal women during the Nizam and Mughal era. It is very similar to today’s hairpin and was usually studded with semiprecious and precious stones, polki and pearls. It was elegant, stylish and showcased royalty. The traditional motifs of peacock and lotus designs were quite popular. The hook at the back helps you hang the piece securely on hair.

The Gold Peacock Nizam Choti (also known as Jada Billa) from Totaram Papalal is a stunning piece of hair jewellery. The peacock motif at the centre is encircled by white and ruby gemstones giving it a stylish look. If you are looking for an exceptional and vintage wedding gift for your sister then this is it. The uniqueness of this piece is that it can also be used as a saree pin too. At present they only ship and deliver to USA. They are located in Hyderabad, India. You can visit their store if you are looking for an impressive collection of unique gold ornaments.

Two Finger Ring

More the merrier’ perhaps applies to fashion too, particularly the finger rings. The two-finger ring is an evolved version of stackable rings. The trend was made popular by singer Beyoncé, who adorned this accessory to the Met Gala. The ring can be worn on any adjacent fingers or middle and ring finger. It adds an awesome bling to the whole ensemble and gives the wearer an aura of a bronzed goddess.

These trendy rings are available in different metals, some embellished with pretty gemstones that have become quite popular these days. If you are looking for a unique statement piece to gift for a wedding then this fashion jewellery is just right. The Irrina Two Finger Ring available on ‘Bluestone’ delicately holds 26 luminous diamonds on its tendrils that curl around the fingers. It is priced at Rs. 40,220. This trendsetting fashion jewellery is a must in every woman’s collection.

Gold Watch

Gifting a watch is a beautiful gesture of kindness, love and generosity. It is also one of the best choices when it comes to wedding gift ideas, especially the 22kt or 18kt gold watches. These watches are fashionable, stylish and the innovative designs makes it a statement piece of jewellery. The Akshara Analog Watch of Titan’s Nebula collection is a chick timepiece with an impressive design. The outstanding craftmanship makes it an ultimate timepiece to adorn a woman’s wrist. This stylish and functional watch is embellished with white stones and Mother of Pearl Dial and is priced at Rs. 2,20,000.

Bonus Tip: How to Clean Gold Jewellery

We all love our gold ornaments to be glittering as new all the time. However, overtime it may lose its original shine, but you don’t have to go to a jeweller every time to polish them. There is a simple way to clean gold jewellery and that is by using soap. It is hard to believe, but try it once. It is the simplest way to remove oil and dirt from the gold jewellery and restore its sheen. Take mild detergent in a container and fill it with water. Soak the jewellery in the mixture for about 20 minutes. Rinse with water and air dry it. A soft-bristled brush can be used to reach the nooks and corners to remove dirt.

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It goes without saying, when buying something as expensive as gold, make sure it's purchased from a reliable source and is properly certified. This becomes all the more important when buying it as a gift. Hold on to the receipt if you do not want to disclose the price, but include the certificates of authenticity and gold quality with the gift so the recipient gets the full value of the gold if they choose to sell or exchange it.