If You're Looking for Couple Gifts That Will Impress, Pick from These 10 Gold Gifts for Weddings and Anniversaries (2020)

If You're Looking for Couple Gifts That Will Impress, Pick from These 10 Gold Gifts for Weddings and Anniversaries (2020)

This article recommends a number of great wedding anniversary gifts that you can get for your spouse, a friend or even your parents on their wedding anniversary. It includes everything starting with jewellery to showpiece items. Go ahead and take a look!

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Are You on the Lookout for Gold Gifts for a Wedding Anniversary?

Finding the right kind of wedding anniversary gift for a couple you know, or for your parents, or may be for your own partner can be a tedious task especially if you don't know what exactly will make them happy. Look for the perfect gold gifts for your wedding anniversary, or for your parents' 50th wedding anniversary that you have been planning for since years, and also for your newly wedded friends who turned into newly wedded couples! If you are in love already, it will be easier for you to search for a gold gift for a wedding.

Top 10 Gold Gifts to Give at a Wedding

Here are a few suggestions for the ten kinds of gold gifts that you could gift to someone who just got married, or to your parents who have spent the last 50 wonderful years together or to your spouse who is expecting a dashing gold-studded gift from you:

Johny Gold Wedding Band

It's your wedding anniversary, and you forgot to buy your spouse a wedding anniversary gift? Now, what will you do? Only something as precious as gold will melt a woman's heart in no time. Gold signifies purity and so does love. If your spouse is into bands, then you can buy this Johny Gold Wedding Band at a price of Rs.8,182 only on Candere.

You get this band made of gold in different sizes right from 14.2 mm to 19.1 mm. So it will pretty much fit any size of forearm. It weighs 2 grams and has a purity value of 14 Karat, 18 Karat, or 22 Karat whichever suits you best. Its metal colour is yellow gold or white gold. All you have to do is create a romantic charm amongst the couple you would like to gift this wedding band.

The Chelsi Ring

For a wedding where you cannot decide what to buy but you still want to buy something so it doesn't come off as outright rude or obnoxious, jewellery will save you. When you go out to buy gold, you also want the right kind of customisation with the right kind of design.

If you are a fan of rings, you can buy The Chelsi Ring at a price of Rs.15,159 only on BlueStone. It weighs 3.3 grams. Its metallic design is made up of 18 Karat / 14 Karat / 22 Karat gold. With a width of 6.2 mm and height of 22.14 mm, it makes for a good wedding gift. It is available in two colours, one is yellow gold and the other is white gold.

Engraved 3D Bar Necklace in Gold Plating

Wedding calls for wedding gifts and they ought to be something glossy and classy and royal. And, the only thing you can think of when you think of glossy and classy and royal is gold or even gold plated! If you want to gift your favorite friend on her wedding anniversary, you can buy this Engraved 3D Bar Necklace in Gold Plating at a price of Rs.4,999 only on MyNameNecklace. You can add a name to the pendant portion of this necklace. It is available in three platings, gold plating, sterling silver, and rose gold plating. The maximum number of inscriptions you can have is 4. The chain length is available in 35 cm, 40 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm, and 55 cm.

Gold Plated Rose

You would want to be around flowers when you are getting married or at least when you are attending a wedding of your colleague's, or a long lost friend's wedding anniversary. You just have to buy flowers. But, if you want to look posh and also stick to flowers, you can buy this Gold Plated Rose at a price of Rs.249 only on Flipkart.

It is best suited for gifting at weddings. It weighs 300 grams and has a 24 Karat gold-plating. It classifies as a handicraft showpiece. This elegant rose is a sure shot way of expressing love or intense passion to whomsoever you admire and love. For those of you who are allergic to beautiful flowers like roses, you can give them this admirable gold-plated rose. This showpiece has the power of creating lifelong memories.

Gold Plated Radha Krishna Statue

For those of who are religious and want to gift their parents or grandparents or in-laws for their wedding anniversary can only fall for something that has a religious figure or made up of gold or has gold-plating in it. The symbolism of gifting something in gold and a religious figure is respect, love, honour, adoration, and inspiration. If you want to give your parents a religious statue of Radha Krishna, because you adore your parents as much as you adore God, then you can buy this Gold Plated Radha Krishna Statue at a price of Rs.397 only on Flipkart.

It is gold-plated and weighs 450 grams. It depicts Lord Krishna and Radha under a tree where Lord Krishna is playing the flute and Radha seems to be enjoying it. It is best suited for decorative purposes as it comes under decorative showpieces.

Gold Leather Bracelet

In today's world of very little authenticity, you must give someone something as authentic as gold. The end of Diwali marks the onset of wedding season, and if you have a friend who just got married, then you might want to buy him a great gold gift. If you are more into bracelets, and you don't have to worry about the size, then you can buy this Gold Leather Bracelet at a price of Rs.40,399 only on Candere.

It is available at an offer price of Rs.32,515, so grab it before you lose it! This kind of leather bracelet has its own charm and beauty. It is best suited for men who love to carry both leather and gold at the same time, but cannot choose between the two. It is available in sizes from 15.24 cm to 22.86 cm. It would best suit ethnic wear as well as formal wear. It is available in yellow gold colour. It weighs about 8.76 grams. And, it has 14 Karat gold.

Kyra Gold Necklace

It's your wedding anniversary, and you don't know what will make your better half really happy. And, that's exactly when you think of a gold necklace because nothing is as precious, elegant, pure, and beautiful as a gold necklace. You can buy this Kyra Gold Necklace at a price of Rs.17,402 only on Candere.

It weighs about 2.66 grams. It is available in yellow gold colour and has the quality of 22 Karat gold. It is best suited for ethnic wear you would wear at a party, family function, or even at a get-together of your family members. You cannot really customise this product according to its colour and Karat gold type. The length of this necklace is 20.32 cm.

The Aluha Earrings

Gold jewellery speaks for itself and has its own beauty and uniqueness. So, if you want to give someone a gold gift or there is a wedding you would be visiting, then you can always fall for the easiest gift to choose, like earrings, necklaces, and rings. If you are more into earrings, then you can buy The Aluha Earrings at a price of Rs.19,447 only on BlueStone.

It has a unique flower design in diamond. It weighs 1.326 grams with 0.1700 grams of diamond and is available in white gold and yellow gold. You can customise it to either of these two- 14 Karat gold or 18 Karat gold. You get to choose the variety of diamond you like, be it SI IJ, SI GH, VS GH, or VVS EF. There are a total of 10 diamonds in the earrings. Your loved one can wear these earrings on whichever occasion she likes, be it a function or a get-together.

Rajivani Votive Gift Set Gold

When it comes to gifting the one you love, or the one you are very close to, you need it to be very special, as special as gold. Your special someone may be your friend who just got married or your parents who just entered their 50th year of marriage and will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

Something as precious as candles can light up their worlds and make them feel special. You can buy this Rajivani Votive Gift Set Gold at a price of Rs.1,090 only on Fabindia. It has wax in glasses. The size of each glass is 6 cm x 6 cm x 6.5 cm. It comes in a set of 4. It is packaged well for no damage to the glasses. You can use these glasses to decorate the house, the bedroom, or your study room.

Personalised Couple Passport Cover

If you are looking for something trendy and fun, then you can easily fall for personalised gifts that can help the newly wedded couples feel great and happy. Personalised gifts contain names, signs, and numbers that can represent a couple's special names, special dates, or their special traits. These personalised gifts can be gifted to your friend at their wedding ceremony, or for someone's wedding anniversary.

If you want, you can buy this Personalised Couple Passport Cover at a price of Rs.1,190 only on TheMessyCorner. Here, you get different coloured passports in Black, Pink, Magenta, Gold, and various shades of blue. You can add names, and also add a gold plated tag like that of queen, globe, owl, music, love, star or any zodiac sign. It comes in pairs only for the beautiful couple you want to gift it to.

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Anniversary Gifting 101

When you want to gift someone for their wedding anniversary, you usually think about two gifts. Especially if you know them both. If they love travelling, you can give them a trip to some place afar. If they love spending time with animals, you can give them a tour at the zoo. If they are more into Netflix and Amazon Prime, you can give them a subscription! It's more about what you know about them. Secondly, gold gifts for weddings are on the rise. You could easily buy gold gifts online, especially, if you love elegance and royalty, then gold gifts are for you.