Amazing Gold Gifts for Baby Girl: A Guide to Choosing the Best Gold Gifts for the Princess in 2019

Amazing Gold Gifts for Baby Girl: A Guide to Choosing the Best Gold Gifts for the Princess in 2019

Daughters are the apple of our eyes. And there is nothing more joyous than seeing them don gold the gorgeous rare element. So, if you are planning to buy her an amazing gold gift for your baby girl, go through this guide and you'll surely find the one worth gifting.

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Gold Gifts: An Essential Feature of Indian Culture

An ancient aspect of Indian culture is giving gold as a gift to baby girls. That's why even when there are so many gifting options available, most of the family members and close friends always prefer Gold as a gift for the baby girl. Apart from the custom, there are a number of reasons for choosing gold as a perfect gift. Some of them being:

A Timeless Gift

Gold is considered auspicious in the Hindu culture and that is one of the main reasons for gifting this in Indian Culture. Apart from this, the value of gold always increases and there are very fewer chances that the value of the gift goes down. In case of any necessity, this gold can be sold for cash and be used for other purposes.

So, your gift can turn into something useful when people need them. The availability of gold is shrinking every single day and hence it is very important to make sure that you buy some of the existing gold.

An all Time Favorite

Another very important reason is you can be certain that the recipient will always be happy with the gift when it is gold. You will hardly find someone who is actually disappointed by receiving gold as a gift. There may be so many precious metals available, but Gold always occupies a unique place.

Things You Must Consider Before Buying Gold

Buying gold is not an easy task if you have no idea about it. There are a number of things one should consider before buying and only a person with good knowledge about it will be able to choose a perfect gift. Here are six things that you need to consider before you buy Gold:

Ensure the Purity of your Purchase

Everything that glitters is not Gold. This is a very old saying and that is true even today. When you go for Gold shopping, then one important thing to remember is, do not consider it as a Gold or pure gold, just based on the shine of the metal. It may be gold, but knowing the purity level really matters. You might have heard about 22 carats, 24 carats, and 916 gold, etc. This information will help you decide the purity of the Gold.

Research about the Making Charges


When you are buying Gold, you will have to pay for the making charges as well. This is something mandatory and you cannot avoid them. But if you check with different sellers or different stores, then you will be able to find the difference in these charges. You can choose the one that offers lower making charges.

Choosing from Man-made and Machine made

In the early days, only man-made gold ornaments were available in the market. But in the present days, you can find both man-made and machine-made ornaments in the market. It is always confusing to decide whether to buy man-made or machine made. Both have got their pros and cons.

In man-made you will be able to find a number of unique designs as they are crafted by men with great skills, but in machine made you will not be able to find so many designs. But the machine made are much stronger than the man-made ornaments, also they are less expensive than the man-made ornaments. So, consider this while making your choice.

Check the Weight Properly


Another important thing to keep in mind is the weight of the ornament you are buying. The amount that you are paying includes both making charges and the ornament weight. So, it is important for you to know the exact weight, so that it becomes easy for you to calculate the amount depending on the current price and the making charges.

Sales and Buy Backs

All the gold ornaments can be sold and you can either take cash in exchange for gold or you can even exchange it for another gold ornament. Buyback amount always depends on the purity of the gold and the current price of gold in the market.

You may sometimes get more than the purchase value if the rate of gold is high in the market on the day of sale. Depending on the purity of the gold like whether it is 22 carats or 24 carats, a certain amount will be deducted from the amount that you get for the weight of the ornament. So, make sure to check all the details as there is no deduction for the 24-carat gold.

Buy only from a Trusted Online Source

When you go to a local store and buy gold, there are a lot of chances that you'll buy fake gold if you do not choose the right shop. Online shopping for gold is definitely risky and you need to make sure that you are buying from the most reliable and popular stores. One way to know about the store is by checking the online reviews. You can also ask someone you know about which is the best store if they have made a purchase in the past.

Best Gold Gifts for Baby Girl

Gold Bangle Set

For a beautiful baby girl, a set of beautiful Gold bangles is a good choice for her first birthday or as a birth gift. This is a set of two yellow gold bangles with a beautiful design. These are 22 carats or 916 pure gold. Approximate weight of these two bangles is 6.790 grams.

There is no opening or screw attached to the bangles. The width of the bangles is 6 mm and just perfect for a newborn baby to two years of age. This is the Starlet collection and very light in weight as it is designed especially for the kids. You can buy this set of gold bangles at Rs.49,334/- from Malabar Gold and Diamonds.

Whisker Rabbit Kids Detachable Earrings

If you think bangles can be high budget for you, then why don’t you consider some cute little earrings for the beautiful baby? Here is a pair of earrings in small ring shape and with rabbits attached to the rings. This is 22 carat gold with an approximate weight of 2.9 grams. The width of the earrings is 6 mm and the height of the earrings is 19 mm.

You can even customize the earrings if you want them in 14 carats or 18-carat yellow gold. The small rabbit attached to the earrings is detachable and can be used in two ways. The rabbits have an enamel coating in pink and black colors. You can buy these earrings at Rs.9,661/- from Blue Stone.

Smiley Baby Pendant

The beautiful baby doll will receive a lot of gold chains from a lot of relatives, but a very few pendants. So, why don’t you plan to gift a gold pendant to the baby girl? This is a small and cute smiley pendant for the baby girl. The baby is definitely going to love the pendant when she is a little older like one or two years old.

This is a smiley with yellow enamel paint on it and a small crown on the head of the smiley. The crown has three stones attached to it. It is 18 carat gold with 1.15-gram weight. The height of the pendant is 18.75 mm and the width is 8.72 mm. You can buy this beautiful smiley pendant at Rs.5,624/- from Blue Stone.

Butterfly Cutout Kids Bracelet

When opting for gold as a gift for the baby girl, you have a number of options to choose from. One of those options is a bracelet. Yes, many people commonly choose gold bangles as a gift. But bracelets are a rare choice and this is the latest trend as well.

This is a small bracelet with a butterfly cut out. The bracelet is like a chain design and the chain is adjustable. This is 18-carat gold with an approximate 2.05-gram weight. The height of the bracelet is 1.5 mm, length is 5 inches and the width is 12.4 mm. You can buy this bracelet for Rs.7,674/- from Carat Lane.

Gold Anklet

Next option in gold gifts for the baby girl is an Anklet. You have some amazing designs of Anklets available in the present market for cute baby girls. This is an Anklet with two balls like the design at each end. They are tied with two rings . It is just one piece and has one small flower-like design near the joint.

This is a 22-carat plain gold Anklet with no design on the bangle. There are a number of anklet designs available for the kids and this is a very simple design. It is 2.65 grams in weight and you can choose the size of the Anklet. Depending on the age of the baby girl, you can select one size from the drop-down list. You can buy this Anklet at Rs.11,417/- from Candere.

Gold Ring

For the cute little finger of your baby girl, a nice finger ring would be a good choice. A number of options are available in finger rings as well. This is a small square shape finger ring with five dots on it. This is a 22 carat 916 yellow gold ring and its weight is approximately 1.06 grams.

It is good, even for the daily wear finger ring and is also light in weight. The design is simple and you usually get simple designs for the babies as you will not be able to use them for too long as the kids keep growing very fast. You can get this finger ring for baby, at Rs.4,092/- from Malabar Gold and Diamonds.

Butterfly Infant Nazaria Bracelet

Black beads or black threads are considered as good for the infants as they keep away the evil eye from them. This chain bracelet is one of the options where you have a combination of black beads and gold. Small butterflies like designs are attached in between the black beads to make it look even more beautiful on the little cutie’s hands.

It comes with a link and you can easily open it and close it and hence use it till the age of two to three years. This is 18-carat gold and its approximate weight is 1.34 grams. The height is 1.5 mm approximately, length is 5 inches and the width is 5.4 mm. You can even customize it to 22-carat gold as well. Buy this bracelet at Rs.6,774/- from Carat Lane.

Gold Waist Chain

Let us check out something unique and different from the common gold gifts that you select. Most of the people think that waist chains are just for grown-ups, but that is not true. When the baby girl puts on a traditional attire, a beautiful waist chain across her little waist is going to look just perfect.

This is a very simple and plain waist chain that is perfect for your baby doll. It comes with adjustable chain designs, wherein you can add or detach the chain from it. It is 22 carats yellow gold with an approximate weight of 8.05 grams. This can be bought at Rs.28,987/- from Malabar Gold and Diamonds.

Lakshmi Gold Coin

If you are unable to make a choice about which gold ornament to gift to the baby girl, then you can go for gold coins. This is a 22-carat gold coin with Goddess Lakshmi engraved on it. It is approximately 4 grams in weight and comes in a stylish velvet case. It can be used for a religious Pooja or you can turn it into another gold item of your choice. You can buy this 4 gram Lakshmi gold coin for Rs.12,860/- from Joyalukkas.

Gold Paladai

For the cute baby who just started drinking milk, Paladai is a good gift. Usually, people gift a silver paladai, but you can gift a gold Paladai to stand out of the crowd. This is a simple and plain Paladai design for the baby. It is made of 22-carat gold and the approximate weight is 9 grams. You can buy this Gold Paladai for Rs.33,850/- from Vummidi.

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Make any Occasion Special for your Little Princess by Choosing these Amazing Gold Gifts

Gold is a rare metal. Hence, gifting a a gold item also makes your gift a rare one and especially for little girls, who have a penchant of wearing beautiful jewelary since childhood. So, whether it your own little princess, or your friends', make 2019 special for her by choosing a rare gift.