Never Visit a Newborn Empty Handed! Check Out These 10 Super Cute Gift Ideas for Baby Girl that Her Parents Won't Stop Gushing Over (2018)

Never Visit a Newborn Empty Handed! Check Out These 10 Super Cute Gift Ideas for Baby Girl that Her Parents Won't Stop Gushing Over (2018)

You may think giving a present to a newborn baby is probably the easiest gift you’ll ever give. It doesn’t matter what you buy, that kid isn’t going to know, care, or remember it. Then again, their parents will. Which is why you should probably at least try to impress them with one of these newborn baby gifts. Find out everything you need to know about giving baby gifts that aren't just cute but highly useful as well.

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Things That Should Be Bought for a Baby Girl

Well, if recently someone in your circle has a little baby girl and you have to visit the baby for the first time. Then, you must be thinking about buying gifts for a baby girl. In that case, you might be super confused as there are plenty of different types and styles of baby gift options available in the market. So, if you can’t make your mind on what type of gifts should be bought for the baby girl of 0-3 months, then here we have shortlisted three gift categories that every baby needs. If you explore gift ideas for a baby girl in the following categories, then this will be useful for a baby and her parents as well.

Nursery Accessories

The best gift for a baby girl and her parents would be nice nursery accessories. There are plenty of different gift options available in the nursery accessories that you can order. According to your budget, you can select the nursery accessories for the new baby. If you have bit hefty budget, then you can order nice baby bassinet, rocking chair, dresser, diaper changing table, etc., However, if you don’t want to spend so much money, then you can select gifts like storage baskets, soft toys, cushions, small decorative items for the room. By buying nursery accessories, you are helping out new parents in a great way.

Extra Linen

Okay, so babies are bit clumsy and they always keep on drooling or popping everywhere. So, if you want to buy the best gift for a baby girl who has been recently born, then you should invest in some extra linen. You can buy small baby towels, bedding, comforters, washing towels, etc., for the new baby. This will help new parents in cleaning the baby and moreover, it will be feasible for new parents as they won’t have to buy extra linen. While buying linens for baby girls make sure that they are soft and are in vibrant colours.

Baby Feeding Products

If your friend is working, then she is going to love you if you gift her and her baby girl some feeding supplies. Such as if you are gifting someone close, then the breastfeeding pumps will be a great choice. However, if you are gifting to someone you just know barely, then go for feeding bottles and nipples. That’s because they are affordable and every mother needs a huge supply of feeding bottles. In this baby girl gift category, some other gift ideas also come like bibs, burping cloth, baby formula, bottle drying rack, etc.

Things That Should Not Be Bought for a Baby Girl

When you go and search for the baby girl gifts online, then you might see numerous gift options which are very expensive but not useful for the babies. Yep, there is no smartness in buying the stuff for the baby which she is never going to use. Moreover, all these items are super expensive and have the potential to bankrupt you. So, if you are looking for the best gifts for a baby girl that can be useful and helpful for the baby. Then, never ever buy any of the following gifts for a baby girl.

Baby Shoes

We know baby shoes really look adorable and cute, especially the pretty pink girl shoes are super cute. But, let’s just think rationally and tell when will be baby wearing them. It’s not like 0-3 months old baby girl is going to walk. In fact, baby shoes look miss fit and even makes the baby uncomfortable as they keep on falling. So, let’s just take an oath of never buying baby shoes as they are mere wastage of money. Moreover, if you look at the prices offered by the baby shoe designers, then that will surely give you a mini heart attack.

Baby Towels

Now, just be honest here what is the difference between the regular towel and the special baby towel. The shopkeeper here might give you a hundred reasons that why you should buy baby towels separately, but there isn’t any solid logic present. As babies can absolutely use the same regular towels like the adults. Besides, the extra soft baby towels available in the market are not particularly absorbent and are kind of too small hence not entirely appropriate for a baby. So, if you are looking forward to buying baby towels set for the newborn baby girl, then you should definitely drop your idea as they are a waste of money. That’s why don’t let yourself fooled by the extra cuteness of the baby towels.

Baby Hairbrush

This is the most hilarious baby gift item that you can find online. Well, it is true that numerous babies are born with a full head of hair, but that is not common and they don’t need a hairbrush to style it. Moreover, babies' heads are so soft and fragile that you should never use a hairbrush on it, ever. Plus, even if the baby has some hair, then they can be easily combed with the regular comb available in the home. And, doctors always recommend using the soft touch of fingers to brush the hair of babies. So, if anybody is selling you super soft and stylish baby hairbrush, then that’s a con and a clever marketing gimmick that you can easily avoid.

10 Cute and Adorable Gifts for the Baby Girl

Buying a perfect gift for the baby girl can be a daunting task. That’s why if you are totally confused after searching the web for the decent baby girl gift ideas, then we have something to help you out. After searching through different baby gifts online, we have created a jumbo list of 10 baby girl gift ideas which are loaded with the cuteness and usefulness. So, pick the gifts from our cute list.

Babyhug Hoddy

If you are looking for the best gifts for a baby girl, then you have the best option in the form of baby clothes. You can check out this cute and adorable jacket hoddie today which will keep the baby warm. This attractive jacket hoodie has two pockets in the front and zip on the front of the jacket. It is easy to wear a jacket which will give a baby protective hug of warmth and comfort. Moreover, it’s never too much of baby clothes, so according to the age of the baby girl, you can order this cute huggable hoodie from the First Cry. To buy this baby clothing article you just have to pay Rs. 498.

Play Area


Babies of 0-3 months are keen ones as they first time start to spot new colours and things. So, for them, this colourful play area would be very helpful as it will give the baby and her parents some playtime. It is 100% cotton material bedding which will never harm the baby in any way. The play area allows fresh air to breeze through and block the insects from disturbing baby. Moreover, the whole play area is made up from the washable material which can be easily washed at home. This play area can be ordered from the Amazon store for just Rs. 599.

Personalised Blanket

You can order the special customized blanket for the baby also. On the, different types of personalised blankets are available in unique shapes and styles. You can pick any of the blanket patterns and customise them with the babies name. To make such kind of blanket you have to spend between Rs. 2,000 - Rs. 2,300.

Baby Girl Monthly Stickers


You can gift baby girl accessories to decorate her nursery with different colourful stickers. These are the special baby milestone stickers for 12 months. They can be used every month to describe the growth of the baby girl. Using the stickers, beautiful patterns on the nursery can be created. Moreover, this gift won’t cost you much from the Amazon store. The pack of pink baby milestones stickers can be ordered for only Rs. 307. This is both useful and cute gift for a baby girl which can fit in the budget.

Baby Jewellery

If you want to gift a keepsake to the baby girl which can be cherished by her. Then, buying the jewelry for the baby girl is a good idea. Moreover, there are plenty of different options in the jewelry are available such as you can buy trinket bracelets, chain with the baby’s initials locket, etc., Well, there are different material options available like you can order silver, gold, platinum or any other material jewelry for baby. This basically depends on your budgets, like gold and platinum jewelry is going to be expensive related silver jewelry. So, pick the jewelry according to your budget from the designer jewelry websites like

Babycare Kit

You can gift a baby, full Himalaya baby gift pack basket. This gift contains all the essential items for baby care, so this baby girl gift would be highly appreciated by the parents. This complete care kit includes Cream 50 ml, Massage oil 100 ml, Powder 100 gm, Diaper Rash Cream 20 g, Wipes 72, Gentle Soap125 g, Shampoo 200 ml. In short, this seven item gift basket got everything that new baby would require. This baby care kit is available on the for only Rs. 584.

Grooming Set

Well, there is a yet another gift set hamper that you can order for the baby girl. It is a beautiful grooming kit for the babies which got all the essential baby supplies. It comes in a thick protective packaging which can be carried while traveling. All the materials included are carefully designed keeping in mind your little one. This grooming kit includes all the little brushes, comb and manicure accessories for the baby girl. Because girls at every age need her grooming kit to get ready properly. This little girl gift can be ordered from the for Rs. 479 only.

Bathtub with Bath Toys


Let’s gift some bathing buddies to the baby girl to make her bath more interesting and playful. You can gift the colourful and floating bathing toys to the baby which will keep her distracted while bathing. So, that parents can engage baby in these colourful rubber bathing toys. In this bathing toys set which is available on the Amazon store 14 different toys are given. All the toys are in the right size which can easily fit the small hands of a baby. This toy set is available for Rs. 249 only.

Stuffed Toys

This beautiful white and blue snow leopard soft toy looks very adorable gift for a baby girl. This could be the best cuddly for the baby and become her sleeping partner. It also comes with fur detailing throughout the body that lends it an adorable look. With cutely made eyes, it is certain to appeal to the imagination of the little one. To order this snow leopard soft toy you have to visit the and have to pay Rs. 549 for it.

Crib Bedding


If you have a little extra budget, then you can gift something big to the baby girl such as cribs. There are plenty of different cribs that are available online. Like, this small wonder cotton moon star crib bedding for the baby. This super soft crib bedding is made up from the very fine material which keeps the baby protected. The whole package includes quilt/comforter (100 x 75 cm)- 01, bedsheet (170 x 105 cm)- 01, crib bumper (300 x 25 cm)- 01, pillow (18 cm round)- 01, bolsters (32 x 11 cm)- 02. This crib bedding set can be ordered for Rs. 4,190 from Amazon.

Try Having a Balance Between Cute and Useful

Well, baby girl gift has to be perfectly balanced between the cute and useful. Like, if you buy cute princess theme baby shoes for the baby, then they are high on cuteness radar but low on a useful scale. And, if you buy breastfeeding supplies for a baby girl, then they are useful for the parents, but they lack the usefulness factor. So, here you have to find a balance between the cute and useful. Like, buy cute socks and bottles for the baby which will be useful for the baby’s parents and even looks cute. So, try to balance between the cuteness and usefulness before ordering gifts for a sweet baby girl.

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Ease the Burden of New Parents with Your Gift

Babies are a blessing and when he/she is born amid doting members of a family. The elders of the family want to display their affection and fondness for the newborn lavishly with blessings, sweets, money, and clothes.
Surely it is never easy to decide what you should gift a baby on his/her birth as there are so many options that are very tempting and pocket-friendly. But first of all, you should seek out what will be the most comfortable gift for the baby. If you won’t choose the correct option then your gift will not be used.