10 Useful Gifts for 6 Month Old Girls: The Best Toys and Products for 6 to 12 Month Old Baby Girls and How to Shop Smart for a Baby (2020)

10 Useful Gifts for 6 Month Old Girls: The Best Toys and Products for 6 to 12 Month Old Baby Girls and How to Shop Smart for a Baby (2020)

Babies can be so difficult to shop for. There are dozens of the cutest toys available but you also want to give her gifts that will aid her development in some way. Which is why BP Guide India has put together a list of the top 10 toys and games for six month olds baby girls. There is also an overview on what she can do at this age to guide your choice. So read on and buy her the best gift ever!

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How to Shop for a Baby Girl? 3 Tips on Choosing the Right Gifts

Give Gifts That Will Be Useful

Growing babies love to play and explore. At six months, the baby is inquisitive. She is ready to play with toys, taste them and protest if the playthings are taken away from her. Therefore, this is the best time to introduce her to constructive skills. All the needs of the baby are at this point taken care of completely by the parents. You can assist them in this daunting task by gifting them with useful presents. It can be anything that occupies the baby and keeps her entertained while the parents finish their daily chores or maybe something that aids the baby in development of basic skills. If you can't think of anything in particular, diapers, napkins, baby care products and onesies some basic but essential daily requirements.

Ask Her Parents What They Need

With a 6 month old baby, each day brings new excitement and new challenges to the task of being a parent. What parents do is important to their babies’ development, but you’re probably not at all sure what things really make a difference. Researchers have studied children and their parents to find out what parents do that make a difference. The parents of children who are curious, independent, and self-confident baby proof their homes so their children can explore their surroundings and develop their natural curiosity. They accept their children’s feelings and help their children understand and deal with these feelings, foster a positive self-concept through appropriate encouragement and give their children a sense of being special and loved, and set a few firm, reasonable limits and are consistent in their guidance.

Some babies, just like some adults, are simply light sleepers or 'cat-nappers'. These babies are not necessarily hungry when they wake and they may be content to amuse themselves with a crib gym, cuddly toy, or even a rattle. They may need a soft light in the room to help them find a way to amuse themselves. Some babies wake, cry briefly, and then go back to sleep. Others, no matter what you do, keep crying. It can be a great idea to ask the parents about their needs and make presents accordingly. This way, you can make an informed decision and lighten the burden of the parents while making your gift stand out.

Gifts Must be Safe and Appropriate for Her Age

Accidents may happen at any time, even in a baby proofed home. Parents have to be especially alert when they or their baby are sick, tired, hungry, busy, or when you’re in a new place. Most accidents happen in the kitchen therefore parents are advised to keep all poisons, cleaning solutions, and knives well out of your child’s reach. Parents also put safety latches on cupboards and drawers and keep hot foods and drinks out of reach. To baby proof their home, parents find it helpful to get down on the floor, crawl around and remove anything that they don’t want their baby to touch, grab, taste, or swallow. Prevention is the key to safety. Thinking ahead to what your child might do next helps a lot. And so, you must ensure that whatever you gift should be safe for the child as well as suitable for her age. If your gift is safe for children, it will protect the child from accidents and will give the baby a large environment that is free to explore. You should avoid things that strain the sense like bright lights and loud noises. You should also notice shape edges, chemicals in the material, paint, small ingestible parts and stay away from such items.

What Can a Baby do at 6 Months of Age?

Not everyone who is buying a gift for a baby is a parent. You may be a doting aunt or a friend of the parents. If all babies look like cute but helpless little creatures to you, getting a decent understanding of what she can actually do at this age will help you make better, more informed decisions. She cannot hold crayons and colour with them just yet, you know that, but even if that is news to you, here's what you need to know.

    How they grow:

  • They can creep backward and forward with stomach on the floor
  • They can hold onto an object with one hand and then move it to the other hand
  • They can turn and twist in all directions
  • They may be able to sit without any help

    How they talk:

  • They can make sounds like f, v, th, s, sh, sz, m, and n
  • They still babble a lot, but I have more control of sounds
  • They begin to understand some words by the tone of voice you use

    How they respond:

  • They pick up things, shake them, and listen to the sounds they make when dropped
  • They get upset when around adult strangers, but friendly to children that they don’t know
  • They may coo, hum, or stop crying when music is played
  • They explore the world by touching, tasting, hearing and smelling things
  • They save their smiles for those they love, others may feel ignored

    How they understand

  • They may look at and study things for a long time
  • They turn objects upside down just to get another view of them
  • They learn how objects taste and feel by putting them in mouth
  • They turn their head when called by name

    How they feel:

  • They complain when they don’t get something that they want but it’s easy to distract them with something they like
  • They may have very strong likes and dislikes about food

    How you can help them learn:

  • Give hem soft stuffed animals and dolls that they can hold easily. When they can make a toy do something, it holds their interest longer. They like squeaky toys and toys that make lots of noise when they shake or bang them.
  • Let them play with plastic lids, measuring spoons, plastic bowls, or pots and pans. They like blocks that they can hold in hands.
  • Put a ball or toy where they can stretch their legs and kick it with their feet.
  • If they are not moving on stomach yet, encourage them by putting their favourite toy just out of reach. Help them to wiggle to it.
  • Spend time playing with them every day. Singing, dancing, talking, hugging, and having fun together helps their brain in development.
  • Pick toys that stimulate and nurture baby’s imagination, as well as promote his development.

10 Utility Gift Ideas for 6 Month Old Girl

Baby Teething Rings and Rattle Toys

A new born experience many developments as she ages. One of the biggest challenge is teething. Teething is the process when your kid grows milk teeth. Babyhug Berries Water Filled Teether is helpful as your baby chews on them. The act of chewing helps her in getting rid of the discomfort or pain experienced. A teether would be a favourite toy for your teething baby. Soft textures are easy to chew, and soothe the swollen gums, relieving him from the teething pain. You can buy it on firstcry.com for Rs.166.

Musical Toy Set

Teeny-tiny ones can shake, rattle and roll their way to sensory and skill-building fun with the Fisher Price Infant Musical Solutions. These musical activity toys are just the right size for little hands to grasp so baby won't miss a beat. So the baby can go ahead and make some noise whether you're at home or on the go-go-go! Rock 'n Roll Guitar has a roly-poly base to bat at for fun tunes and strings to press for rocking music and guitar riffs!

Shake 'n Beats Tambourine engages and entertains baby with its bright colours, click-clack sounds, shiny mirror, and roly-poly base. Harmonica Teether is super soft with a chewy mouthpiece and fun sounds when baby gives it a shake. Rattle 'n Rock Maracas feature soft pom-poms and colourful rattle beads in the handles for baby to shake, shake, shake! Xylo Rattle is easy for baby to grasp and shake, with fun rattle and squeak sounds and a link to take the music on the road! You can buy it on Amazon for Rs.1,799.

Baby Walker

This Musical Baby Walker is designed to make your little one's first steps safe and memorable. This walker comes with a play tray. Its comfortable seat provides back support. The walker folds compactly for easy storage. As baby reaches and grasps toys, hand eye coordination is enhanced. This walker will also help to develop your little one's motor skills. You can buy it on firstcry.com for Rs.2370.

Electric Baby Rocker

An electric rocker gently rocks back and forth and parents can play music to their little treasure. This helps parents entertain their child in everyday life. And the child enjoys the entertainment or may even go to sleep thanks to the soothing rocking movements. But the Babyhug Delight 3 In 1 Infant To Toddler Rocker not just useful, it also looks great. It can be bought on firstcry.com for Rs.5,825.

Stuffed Dolls

Cute soft toys are favourite collectibles for all little ones. This an imaginative toy which encourages creativity and emotional bonding throughout childhood. This stuffed toy is great way to give the child a feeling of companionship. You can buy it on firstcry.com for Rs.484.

Cozy Blanket Set

Hudson Baby Animal Friend Plushy Security Blanket is made of soft snuggly fabric. Its friendly elephant face is simply delighting. Easy-to-hold, this blankie is 14 x 14 inch in size. Its helps baby self-soothe and is machine washable. You can buy it on amazon.com for Rs.539.

Cute Clothes

Babies go through several dress changes in a single day, often too many to count. There are dribbles and tantrums, sometimes food is spat out, or she manages to crawl into things or smears herself with things. This orange animal applique romper is simple yet perfect! A must have romper for the baby. It is made of pure cotton and has applique work to resemble a fox. You can buy it on hopscotch.in for Rs.699.

Touch and Swipe Baby Dummy Phone

The Babyhug Baby Touch Phone features a touchscreen with access to several pretend apps. The 2-in-1 design features a switch to slide from app play to music mode. The home button on this baby phone saves your number so children can have fun while pretending to call home. Vocabulary building and role playing is encouraged through the use of the pre-loaded pretend apps. This learning phone also has a music library consisting of 15 playful melodies and sing-along songs. You can buy it on FirstCry for Rs. 840. Please note that this toy is suitable for babies above age of 12 months so this is good buy for its future play.

Flower Adjustable Hairbands

3 pieces Baby Girl Headbands with Flower are great for infants, toddlers and even older child because have so plenty of room to stretch and you can wear them yourself if you like. The hairband feels lightweight and loose, but stays in place. Stretchy gentle lace fabric guarantees the headbands are comfortable so they won't hurt your child's head, once they're put on. That automatically makes it a safe and practical buy, no brainer. You can buy it on amazon.com for Rs.673.

Baby Bathing Set

Johnson's baby care collection is an exclusive gifting collection carefully selected to help a new mother celebrate her journey of nurturing a happy, healthy baby! This thoughtful assortment comprises Best for Baby Johnson's products - Johnson's baby soap, baby powder, baby oil, baby shampoo, baby cream, and baby wipes, a specially designed comb for babies and a special cotton romper made of organic fibre for your little one's comfort. The collection also comes with an exclusive baby care knowledge booklet for empowering you in your motherhood journey. You can buy it on firstcry.com for Rs.522.

You Are Actually Gifting to the Parent

Your favourite person has just had a baby! Well done them. Now you are planning to buy a gift for the baby, but wait! Before you reach for that fluffy toy, some cute preppy clothes or a beautiful blanket, trust us, there is a high probability that they do not want or need that. As the baby is too small to understand your gift, it’s the parents whom are the actual recipients of the gift. Buying generic things may suffice for a gift, but won’t fulfil your purpose. Get items that parents of new-borns will thank you for, even if they don't know yet how much they need them.

Bonus Gift Idea: Socks and Napkins

Socks are something that every baby needs and that too in great numbers, and the same goes for soft baby napkins. If the parents have already received or bought a year's supply of diapers, onesies, teethers and baby wipes, buy socks or napkins. Carter's Baby Girls' Socks comes in a pack of 6 multi-coloured socks. You can choose the colours and designs from 12 different sets. It is made of soft cotton with non-skid soles. You can buy them on amazon.com for Rs.1,077.

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Asking the Parents Can Be the Safest Option

Parents do know best, specially if they have had experience with raising a kid or two of their own, but each child and family has unique needs. Unless there is a super parenting appliance or tool that you're is your own little secret that you'd like to pass on to the new parents, it may be wise to check with them before buying a gift, specially if it is a pricey item. They may already have something similar and in fact be in dire need of something you haven't thought of.