Baby's First Birthday! The 10 Sweetest 1 Year Birthday Gifts for Girls (2018)

Baby's First Birthday! The 10 Sweetest 1 Year Birthday Gifts for Girls (2018)

Babies are always small, cute and delightful but the products for them are constantly changing. Stay updated with all the latest and best baby products available online right now so you turn up at a one year old's birthday party armed with the right gift. Not sure if a year old babies are learning to walk or playing with toys already? We have you covered there as well.

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How to Choose an Adorable Gift for a One Year Old Baby Girl

The First Milestone is All About Memories

It can be challenging to decipher a one-year-old baby girl’s tastes and give her gifts she will love, because honestly, in her little world she is still learning to grasp and understand her immediate surroundings. Choosing a gift for her would be easier on the basis of the relationship you share with her family, hence zero in on getting a personalised gift for her that her parents can use for her, or products which help them record a milestone. Most people like to trace the baby’s foot and hand prints or their first picture for creating a lifelong memory. Since it’s the baby’s first birthday, buying a memory keepsake would cement the new bond between the parents and the child.

Gifts That Can Help!

The moment a child is out of the comfort and security of the mother’s womb, she starts experiencing different emotions and sensations, not all of which may necessarily be pleasant. To that effect, choosing something that can help the child and the parents in forming a cocoon of comfort and security would be appropriate. Look for a gift that would be helpful for the parents in supporting her development like, a pacifier, a musical mobile or a soft toy. Child care is expensive, from clothes, to diapers and wipes, to appropriate baby food and toys. It really is quite remarkable how many things are needed to care for a tiny baby! But what you can do is anticipate, or ask, the next needs and provide things the parents can use.

Now or Later Gifts

A gift may not necessarily be something that’s useful for the infant presently, it could also help her in the future. Whether it is a baby clothing set, baby furniture or toys, you can look for things that are apt for a growing child and aren't restricted by her age of one. You’d pick a high chair for her with her name etched on it or a baby walker that can be used up to 4 years or so. She will learn to walk soon if she isn't already attempting it, so a walker, personalised cutlery and plates and slightly more advanced toys are some things you can bring to her birthday.

10 Fantastic 1st Birthday Gifts for Baby Girls

Hug n Tug Musical Accessory

Babies who are well fed or are engaged in fun toys are very playful, but when they get bored, they become cranky and uncomfortable wanting to get out of the confines of the stroller or car seat. There are some toys that are accessibly small and can hold the baby’s attention and are easy-to-carry when traveling. The 11 inch Infantino Hug And Tug Musical Giraffe clip-on accessory is a toy that can be secured yet be in her reach. It comes with a ‘pull down’ feature that goes back up slowly to its natural place, all the while playing music. It also has clacker rings and a textured teether. It is an excellent gift that will help the baby girl through her teething journey, sensory and visual skills. Priced at Rs.4,460, this toy can be purchased at

Avent Soother

A soother or pacifier helps babies relax and stay calm. When choosing a pacifier some things to consider for the baby girl would be a soother that’s appropriate for her comforting needs and is skin friendly. There are pacifiers that promote the air flow as well. The 2 pack Philips Avent Free Flow Soothers are orthodontic and BPA free, and come with a curved protector and 6 air holes for the extra flow of air. The collapsible silicon nipple is made with due consideration to a baby’s teeth, gums and palate as she grows. It is available at for Rs.295.

Elephant Sofa


A baby usually learns to sit independently between the age of 4-7 months, rolling over or having her head up. The Dear Joy Toddlers Training Cotton Baby Seat helps support her back, legs and her sides while she learns to sit freely. It’s lightweight and easy-to-carry and can be placed anywhere in the house. With two holes to secure her body and legs, the seat still allows her to be comfortable. It measures 47 cm in length, has a breadth of 39 cm, and height of 24 cm and can be purchased from for Rs.799.

Wall Decal

An inexpensive and easy way to decorate the baby girl’s room and transform it into a magical and colorful world would be a sweet gift of love to the birthday girl. Wall decals are pretty to look at, can be applied easily, can be repositioned and removed just as easily too; and they are available in such a variety of designs and colours. Colorful flowers, beautiful clouds, cuddly animals and a star lit ceiling are beautiful ways to decorate her room, making it a safe haven for her. The glow in the dark sticker from comes in 2 m sheets of 31 x 31 cm with a lifespan of 5 years. They are waterproof and can be applied to any flat surface. Choose one at Rs.649 or a combination of them at an additional price.

Baby Play Gym

A play gym for babies is a wooden or plastic arch with small toys hanging from it with different colors and sounds or textures to engage them. In the developing stage of a baby’s growth comes a time when she needs to rock and be swaddled, and that’s when the play gym comes in handy. The play gym helps boost the child’s development, encourage her as well as help her feel free! Priced at Rs.1, 699, Blubird’s Baby Fairyland comes in yellow and can be purchased at

Baby Keepsake

Babies grow so quickly! Help her parents record their child’s first year with this beautiful baby gift. With her hands and feet growing at a fast pace, having her little hand and footprints in a beautiful memento would mean the world to her parents.

The baby imprint photo frame from Baby Bloom 6 comes attached with photo frames in different sizes and shapes with a casting kit and blue clay. Once the pack is opened, the clay should be kneaded for a few minutes to make it soft, then it has to be flattened – all set to take the baby’s foot or hand prints. The casting plaster mold is non-toxic and once imprinted the mold should be left to dry for a few hours. With the dried prints placed in the frames, the middle frame can be used for the baby’s picture with her parents. It can be purchased at for Rs.3,300.

Security Blanket-cum-Snuggler


This cozy, super soft monkey blanket doubles up as a snuggling plush toy that promotes a sense of comfort to the baby as well as promote her visual and touch senses. At a size of 30.6 x 20 x 7.8 cm, the cute blanket is made of high-quality material which is soft to touch, is easy to wash and works on the child’s sense of recognition as well. Made by Yeahi Baby and priced at Rs.590. This adorable snuggler is available at

Baby Feeding Gift Set


When babies start eating solid foods, things can get messy, very messy. Short of stopping them from tipping their food on themselves, a feeding set will be very handy in making ‘play with food’ a fun activity for the growing baby. This gift set from comes with a silicon bowl, a feeding spoon with a soft tip and a silicon bib. The entire set is phthalate free and molded from BPA. Take your pick from an assortment of a lion cub, the giraffe, a piglet, the hippo, an elephant or the whale pieces. Priced at Rs.1,499 the set comes in a variety of colors and is tested for safety in the categories of microwaves, freezer, steam sterilizers, and top-rack dishwashers.

Play Tent with Ball Pit and Tunnel

Play tents are normally a great way to engage babies for long. When choosing a play tent, it is important to test it in terms of the space it will take up, whether it can only be used indoors or outdoors as well, how is the tent set up, does it have child friendly connectors, floor mats, fencing or curtains, how easy it is to store, etc.

This 3-in-one Ocean Ball Pit Playhouse with a Tunnel is made with high-quality material, with beautiful cartoon patterns and commendable finishing. It allows for enhancing the child’s visual, physical and spatial skills and can be set up easily without any tools. To top it all, she will always be visible to her parents while having fun! The tent is lightweight and comes in a portable zip bag, priced at Rs.4,932 from

Baby Books

What better to prepare the baby during her developing stage, but to help her read. From alphabets to pictures to numbers and even music, there’s a variety of books you can gift the child, thus opening doors to her learning experiences. Buy from genre to more, you can mix and come up with a gift set of books with different textures, bright and colorful illustrations that are fascinating for a baby. Choose from the read and learn category at with a price range starting at Rs.18. You can also gift her books with nursery rhymes, soothing to hear with different themes, tones, and rhyme that makes it easier for the babies to catch on.

Bonus Tip: Choose Gifts that Make Parenting Easier!

Celebrating a child’s first birthday is an amazing experience for both the parents and the child. When choosing a gift remember to include the parents in your thoughts. The gift should be enjoyable for them all and serve a combination of function, style and adoration for the baby girl making her first birthday, an occasion to remember!

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Avoid buying very expensive items

Unless the gift can last and serve the baby for a few years, skip the over priced items. Babies grow rapidly and outgrow not just clothes, footwear but also toys and books very quickly so you don't want to be spending a bomb on something that will be discarded in a few months. If your relationship with the parents is the kind where you are expected to give expensive gifts, give her items made of gold, cash, or invest in some long term baby furniture or products.