10 Adorable Gift Ideas for a 1 Year Old Baby Girl: Surprise the Parents By Giving Them Something to Treasure as She Grows (2019)

10 Adorable Gift Ideas for a 1 Year Old Baby Girl: Surprise the Parents By Giving Them Something to Treasure as She Grows (2019)

A one year old baby girl may not clearly know what gift item you have given her. The only way you will realize they like the gift is if it is something that she can either get to play with or have fun with. With time she may get to know it, but the ultimate gift for a one year old baby girl will be one the parents or guardians find useful. All in all useful, cute and affordable gifts are all good ideas and below are some of them.

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The Intricacies of Getting a Gift for Babies

As easy as this may sound, in reality, getting a gift for babies is no child’s play. It requires a lot of strategic planning than one can even imagine. You don’t want to give a baby something that he or she will soon get bored of, although that fate is to befall on any object sooner or later. To give a baby something, you must be aware of his or her interests. For example, the baby might enjoy playing with dolls or cars or paper and pencils or maybe with crayons.

Top 3 Things to Look for in a Gift for a 1-Year Old

Okay. So let us talk business now. When you go on to buy something for a 1- year old, you must be aware of three things. The gift that you buy must be very pretty and adorable. It must definitely be useful for the baby and you must be able to afford this gift. With these three in mind, we will walk you through these three elements individually to give you a clear idea, and you should be ready to shop.

#1 Cute and sweet

For a baby, this is probably the most important aspect. It is very simple when you look through their eyes. If something is cute and sweet, they will definitely like it. This is like the universal baby principle that works for all babies. So make sure that whatever you buy must be absolutely adorable. If it is, the baby is bound to take a liking to it and thus, take a liking to you!

#2 Useful

This is the most important of the gift when it comes to the parents of the baby. With a gift that is JUST cute and sweet, you will impress the baby. But with a gift that is cute and sweet, and is useful too, you will not only impress the baby but you will also impress the parents! Parents of newborns never seem to get enough of the useful things for their babies. Thus, don’t worry about giving something they already have. Chances are, they will need new supplies soon!

#3 Affordable

This is for your own benefit. More often than not, gifts for babies or the gift you want to give a baby is way too expensive and outgrows your predefined budget. You must try to avoid such situations as they only give rise to disappointments. Fix your budget and look for gifts that will stay well within what you have decided.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for 1-Year Old Baby Girl!

Baby girls are a delight to behold. Some of them are naughty, some are calm and nice, while some others are absolute cry babies! However, they are a plethora of options when it comes to selecting a gift for her. From tops to frocks to toys, there is so much you can please her with. We have assembled ten such gifts that you will love to choose from. Let’s get going already!

#1 Babyhug Full Sleeves Floral Embroidered Frock - Peach

If you wish to buy something for a baby online, it is likely that your first option will be ‘FirstCry’. This particular gift, a peach coloured full sleeves frock from Babyhug is just perfect for the baby girl. It is not just adorable, it is useful (can a baby girl EVER run out of clothes?!) and priced at Rs. 449, it is affordable too. You will be an instant favourite with the baby and her parents! Grab it before its stocks run out!

#2 Mark & Mia Polka Dot Print Sleeveless Dress - Red

This is one is not only cute, useful and affordable, but it is also very stylish. This one, from ‘FirstCry’ again, is a stunner. This one is crafted for the baby diva. This dress has a black torso with a red polka-dotted skirt with a net covering the lining inside. It is perfect for the baby girl to wear at parties or anywhere she pleases! Trust me, this one from Mark and Mia, priced at Rs.599, will be her favourite. She will not want to come out of it!

#3 Printed Fit and Flare Dress

Source www.ajio.com

This baby dress in a vibrant blue is fitted on top and flaring at the bottom. This dress is full of baby colours but has a sophisticated glow about it. With dresses for babies, the material is sometimes not that good. But with this one, Mothercare promises a comfortable fabric for the baby girl. This dress is found on Ajio at Rs. 650. Hurry up and place your order!

#4 Babyhug Cotton Terry Hand & Face Towels Set of 6 - Blue Orange

Here is another great gift for the babies. For parents of infants, towels are like gifts sent straight from Heaven! These are needed everywhere! Be that cleaning the baby or while feeding the baby. The use of towels is inevitable and the more the parents have these, the merrier it is for them. These towels from Babyhug come in two colours- blue and orange. You will get these at an affordable price of Rs. 229 from ‘FirstCry’.

#5 Carter's 2-Piece Polar Bear Fleece Hoodie & Legging Set - Pink & Grey

This polar bear fleece hoodie and legging set is perfect to keep the baby girl warm during the Winters. This one, by Carter, is cute with the polar bear prints all over the fabric. Underneath the top pink is a thick layer of fleece that is soft and keeps the baby cozy. The legging is grey in colour and made of a warm material, designed to protect her legs in the Winters. This entire apparel is adorable to look at, with two false bunny years jutting out of the hoodie. This makes the baby girl look cuter in this outfit. Grab it from ‘FirstCry’ at Rs. 839 only!

#6 CROCS Classic Clogs with Slingback Strap

Source www.ajio.com

There is no gift better than a pair of CROCS! It is my personal favourite given their materials, which are of high quality and the comfort that they bring to your feet is ethereal! This is what you want to give a little baby. Another plus point about this is, you can get it not only for a baby girl but also for a baby boy. These are trendy besides being totes adorable! This pair is available in a bright canary yellow colour on AJIO, for Rs. 1,295.

#7 SKIPS Comfortable Baby Booties Shoes for Baby Girl & Boy - Dinosaur Fossil Print

Source www.amazon.in

Is it just me or are these shoes absolutely adorable?! I stared at these navy blue baby booties shoes for two minutes trying to contemplate where I could get these in my size! This pair has a soft sole that hugs the feet of the baby while he or she is trying to walk. Unlike with many other baby shoes, these don’t restrict the movement of the baby. Instead, it facilitates it. SKIPS has done a great job with the cute dinosaur fossil prints. Get hold of these on Amazon.in at Rs. 475 only!

#8 Penguin Soft Toy

Source paytmmall.com

This is another thing that babies can hardly resist! Soft toys are always a hit with toddlers. And this one is a penguin! This is ideal for both the baby girl and the baby boy. Leave it with the kid and you will watch the magic happen. This one is from Deals India and is available at a price of Rs. 219 on PayTMMall. Grab it before the stock runs out!

#9 Mee Mee Musical Animal Cot Mobile

This one is a must for all infants. We have all had something like this at some point and some of us probably still have it as an evidence of our golden childhood! This one is from Mee Mee, with animals hung from the five hands of the cot. The music this animal cot plays while rotating is soothing for the baby and helps to calm him or her down. The toddler could play with it all day and never get tired! This musical animal cot mobile is available on ‘FirstCry’ for Rs. 639.

#10 Lovely Baby Kuhu Creations Baby Swimming 13 Pcs Sounding Bath Toy (Multicolor)

If the baby you are planning to get a gift for, loves bathing or hates it, you will like to get this set of toys for him or her. This is a set consisting of thirteen bathing or swimming toys that make sounds when pressed. While this is going to be an object of excitement for the baby who loves water, it will be an inspiration for the baby who hates the same, to take a bath! These toys are all animal shaped. One of them is a pig, while another is a frog. There is one that is a cat and another that is a turtle. This set is available on Flipkart at Rs. 197! These tick off all the previous three criteria that we had mentioned. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab it!

Bonus Tips - Packing Ideas for Kiddie Gifts

Now, just buying a lovely gift is not enough to gain the curiosity of the child. If the packing is not interesting, the baby will not be interested! But you have nothing to worry about! We are here to help you out of this. We have listed below three great techniques of wrapping the gift you have got for the little one. Keep reading!

#1 Basket

Baskets are probably the cutest of all the ideas. Imagine this: a little brown woven basket containing the gift you have so lovingly bought for the baby! Is it not wonderful to think of? Trust me, it looks even better. Not only will the toddler love it, but his or her parents will appreciate it, too!

#2 Kiddie Bags

Kiddie bags come in all shapes and sizes. They are adorable and usually have cartoon characters etched all over. Giving your gift in these will be pleasing for the baby. You can get these bags at any stationary shops. These are easy to get hold of and are quite affordable too. They also come in varying colours and you can get the one the baby is likely to love the most. You will be an instant favourite of the toddler!

#3 Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are a sophisticated way of giving a gift. Gift boxes come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. They are made of various materials. Some of them are made of cardboard while some others are made of wood. They can be beautifully decorated with ribbons and wrapping papers. Gift boxes look attractive and charming. The baby might not be that into it, but the parents will love the gift box!

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Cute, Cuddly and Sweet 1-Year Old Baby Girl Gifts

Although useful, cute and affordable, the presentation of the gift goes a long way. The parents or guardians are the ones who will see it and if well presented, they well most definitely appreciate the gift. Despite the fact that the baby girl is young, she might get intrigued by the gift and have a liking for it, especially as she gradually grows. It's therefore, good to choose something that the child as well as the parents will like and above all, present it properly.