Can't Find the Perfect Present Present for Your friend's Housewarming Party? 7 Home Decor Gifts You Can Buy Online + 3 DIY Gifts If You Want to Gift Something Personalised! (2021)

Can't Find the Perfect Present Present for Your friend's Housewarming Party? 7 Home Decor Gifts You Can Buy Online + 3 DIY Gifts If You Want to Gift Something Personalised! (2021)

Home décor plays a vital role when someone buys a new house or want to redecorate the existing space. In fact, decorating a place can be a life-enhancing experience. If you are looking for a home décor item to gift your friends or family, then there are a plethora of items. Here is a small list of home décor gift ideas that you can consider.

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Significance of Gift Giving: Choosing the Right Gift for the Receiver!

Giving a gift to a person is a way of telling that they are loved; they are cared for, and they are important. People give gifts on various occasions like house-warming, naming ceremonies, anniversary and birthdays, etc. Giving a gift on the occasion of someone’s birthday shows that one is happy for their birth and glad to have them in their life. A gift during a wedding is a way of congratulating the couple on their marriage and wishing them a happy life ahead.

Giving gifts during an anniversary means being glad and happy that the couple has been together for long and wishing them good luck for more years to come. A gift when a person gets promoted means that the promotion was well deserved, and he/she will have your support and best wishes. Giving a gift to a child when he/she scores a higher grade brings a sense of achievement in the child and will encourage him/her to work even harder the next time. Gift can also be given to apologize and mend the relationship between two people.

3 Gifting Etiquettes You Must Always Keep in Mind!

  • A return gift need not be of the same/higher price: This is a common occurrence that all of us face. While giving a return gift, don’t feel obligated to give the gift of the same price value or higher price value to be on the same level as the other person. The gift is about the feelings and the importance of that person. So do not judge the value of the present based on the price tag.

  • Always add a receipt while gifting clothes: While gifting someone with clothes/shoes/rings or anything that has size involved, do not forget to add the receipt. There are chances of going wrong in size assumptions, so always add a gift receipt when necessary. The main reason being, the gift is of no use if it does not fit the person.

  • Gift should always be of good quality: Gift, as said earlier, conveys a lot of feelings, and it makes someone happy and obliged. It is important to make sure that the gift is of good quality, as that is something you are remembered for. So, choose a gift that is within the budget and of good quality.

Home Décor Gifts for Your Loved Ones

1. Personalized Ceramic Planter

A personalized gift is the best way of expressing love and care. The Personalized Ceramic Planters available on is a thoughtful gift for plant lovers. They are small and in size can be used as a decorative piece in the living room as well. Unlike other pots made of mud and plastic, ceramic pots are quite impressive and perfect for enhancing the ambience of any décor.

The red ceramic pot designed with heart motifs makes it a perfect Valentine Gift. You can personalize the pot with names on it to make it more vibrant. You can also make it more special by planting unique flower plants that will definitely make the receiver light up with joy. The pots are of the size 4.7 x 4.7 x 4.7 inches in length, breadth and height, which makes it perfect for your home décor. This home décor product is available at Rs. 545.

2. Playing Musical Instruments For Garden

A garden is an oasis of beautiful plants, flowers, butterflies, snails, birds, and harvest. It is not just a place to grow veggies, or enjoy tea parties, but is also a work of art with intimate lawns, colourful garden decorations, sculptures, etc. If you are looking for a unique garden gift item, then the playing musical instruments available on is an exclusive and cutest gift. This is a set of 4 owls, each playing a musical instrument. The multi-coloured owls are crafted in Poly Resin and can be used as a home décor inside the home or a garden. It is a perfect gift for friends and relatives. The size of this product is 15 cm x 7 cm x 32 cm. The cost of this product is Rs. 930.

3. Mosaic Decorated Glass Table Lamp

If you want to gift someone who loves conventional and traditional art, then you shouldn’t miss the classic Mosaic Decorated Table lamp available on The eye-catching intricate design and bright colours are sure to add a sparkle to any room.

The intriguing and stylish Mosaic art is the representation of Roman culture and is a sign of wealth and importance. This mosaic decorated glass table lamp is exquisite, the design is spellbinding, multicoloured and is a treat to the eyes. It can be used as home décor to brighten up the place and create a magical illusion. It is priced at Rs. 1,340.

4. Royal Elephant Mache Mask

Papier mâché was quite popular during the Victorian and Georgian era to make inexpensive decorative objects. This vintage art makes a good home décor gift. The Regal elephant mâché mask available on is an appealing gift item. It is beautifully painted with an intricate pattern in pink and yellow on deep blue background. This colourful and vibrant piece is used to keep away evil spirits. It is lightweight and can be used as a wall hanging in home or at the workplace too! The size of the product is 18 x 18 x 2.5 cm in width, length, and height, respectively. The price of this Regal Elephant Mache Mask is Rs. 995.

5. Blue Pottery Multipurpose Holder

The eye-catching Blue Pottery is synonymous with the art and craft scene of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Thousands of people in the state are engaged in this art form. The vibrant colour combinations and impressive motifs in royal blue hue on a white background are visually-compelling to the onlookers.

Inspired by this art form is the Elephant Multipurpose Holder available on This traditional Jaipur design is reminiscent of magnificently decorated elephants of Amer. It is important to cherish and encourage our culture for its beauty and legacy it has left behind.

This holder can be used in the kitchen, desk, dining table, and bathroom. It can be used as a pen stand, cutlery stand, or even be turned in to a flower holder. It is elegant and easy to handle. This adorable home décor gift represents the Indian art form. The dimension of this Blue Pottery Holder is 6 x 3 x 4 inches and weighs about 400g. This product can be bought for Rs. 950.

6. Hand Painted Wooden Decorative Flower Vase

The raw, earthy appeal of wooden vases blends gorgeously with any kind of décor. It adds a rustic charm to a corner of the room, be it the living room, bedroom, or dining room. The hand-painted wooden decorative flower vase available on is handcrafted by the artists of Channapatna, Karnataka. Nontoxic paint is used to paint on this vase, which makes it safe for children too. This item weighs about 400 g, and the size is 7 x 18 x 7 cm in width, height, and diameter, respectively. The price of this beautiful piece is Rs. 625.

7. Kashmiri Art Paper Mache Tray

Kashmiri Paper Mache Art is a beautiful way to brighten up any home. The decorative items made of this ancient art form, including figurines, decorative boxes, trays, etc. are exceptional home décor gift items. The Kashmiri paper mâché tray is a traditional item that represents the beauty of Indian artwork. This exquisite product is created by Kashmiri artists who are inspired by their legacy. The vibrant and intricately designed tray is available on This product weighs about 300 grams, and the size is 7 x 10 inches in length and width. The price of this beautiful item is Rs. 825.

DIY Home Décor Gifts for the Craftsy!

1. Neon Footed Terrariums

This is one of the most simple and cutest gifts that can be made in less than an hour. All you need is a terrarium bowl, gold paint, wood round, glue, acrylic neon colours, aquarium pebbles (small), and some small decorative plant or real air plants.

The first step is to paint the wood round in a neon colour of choice and paint the rim of the terrarium bowl with golden colour. After it dries up, stick wood round to the bottom of the bowl with glue and leave it overnight.

The next day, fill 1/3rd of the bowl with small-sized aquarium pebbles and add some decorative succulents or real air plants. The neon footed terrarium is ready to gift!

2. DIY Milk Candles

Scented candles are one of the essentials of home décor, and one way to make it more interesting is to incorporate creamy milk. Ingredients needed are wax, milk, extra scent (if required), scissors, and wicks.

Melt the wax in a pan; once it completely melts, add the desired amount of milk as per the consistency. At this stage, you can add scent if required. Take a glass and pour in the wax-milk mixture into it, place the wick in the glass and ensure it is in the middle. Let this set for a few hours. Wrap this DIY gift in a pretty box before gifting it.

3. Painted Wooden Bowls

Painted wooden bowls are the easiest to make and look very elegant. It can be used as home décor to hold small items on desk, kitchen, and bedroom. All that is required are just a few wooden bowls (any size, small to medium is best to work with), acrylic paint, and stencils. Let’s see how to make it.

If one has good painting skills, then paint the wooden bowls in any desired design and let it dry. If you are not good at freehand painting, then consider using stencils. Place the stencils on the bowl and secure it with tape. Paint over them and take off the stencil. Let the paint dry for a few hours. Painted wooden bowls are ready to be gifted as one of the best DIY home décor gifts.

4. Sea Glass Mosaic Tray

One way to avoid gifting a dull and boring tray is to decorate it with sea glass mosaic pieces. The procedure may seem slightly complicated compared to the other three on this list, but it is so much prettier and useful. All that is required are a tray, sea glass, grout, adhesive, and spray paint (if necessary).

Take a tray and scrape off the shiny bottom layer using sandpaper and spray paint with any colour of your choice if necessary. Then coat the bottom with an adhesive layer using a trowel or pallet knife. Ensure to coat the edges well.

Then, take the sea glass (can be found on amazon) and add them one by one on the adhesive carefully. Use a toothpick to scrape off the extra adhesive. Finally, add a thin layer of grout on top of this to fill up spaces and hold them together. Use a wet sponge to scrape off the extra grout that is sitting on top of the sea glass. Ensure to clean the grout on the sea glass. Let them dry overnight, and the sea glass mosaic tray is ready to gift.

How to Choose a Perfect Gift

  • Choose an Item from the Wishlist: When it gets difficult to decide on what to gift someone, the best way to decide would be to shop from the person’s wish list. This will save the trouble of overthinking on what to present and, at that same time, also helps to gift something that the person actually wanted.

  • Choose a Gift That is Useful: Always choose a gift that is useful to a person and does not get shelved. It could be clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. This makes the person realize the thought process that has gone into finding the gift and makes them happy.

  • Create an Experience: This is the best way to tell someone how much their desires mean to us. Take the person out on treasure hunt for the gift, and the gift could as simple as a dinner date with their favorite personality or just a day spent at an amusement park. It brings so much happiness to the person and literally makes their day!
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Go with Personalised DIY Gifts if it's Someone Close to You!

Homemade gifts always win the trophy when compared to store-bought gifts. Though they might not be as polished and well finished, they convey a lot of feelings. The person who receives the gift will be overwhelmed with love and affection showed towards him/her. Homemade gifts take in a lot of time and effort, thinking, and deciding what to make. However, all that hard work will be paid off when the person is happy to receive such a well-thought gift.