Wall Stickers for an Inexpensive Home Décor Makeover(2020):  10 Home Decor Stickers to Add Sophistication and a New Look to the Home, without Having to Incur Significant Expenses.

Wall Stickers for an Inexpensive Home Décor Makeover(2020): 10 Home Decor Stickers to Add Sophistication and a New Look to the Home, without Having to Incur Significant Expenses.

Doing wall art is now trending. Now everyone wants some kind of decorations, wall arts, different textures in their bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathrooms and many other places. But not everyone can paint obviously and hiring an artist for this can be a little bit costly. So for solving your problem and giving you a cost-effective solution, BP-Guide has found some of the wall stickers online which will make your wall decorated and the best part is, you can change them whenever you want without damaging your wall.

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The New Trend of Home Decor Stickers

Decorating the walls is always a way to make your home or office pleasant. You get a chance to explore your creativity. The wall stickers are inexpensive but ensure your home décor looks fantastic. Find what wall sticker is available for your walls, and how to stick them without much ado.

3 Things To Remember While Applying a Wall Sticker

When you have decided on the best and apt wall sticker for your home, you need to be careful about a few things when applying them. When you do not follow these simple yet vital steps, it is not possible to get the desired effects from the wall stickers.

Clean the Surface on Which the Sticker Will Go

This is the primary step to keep in mind when applying wall stickers. This step also helps in minimizing the time spent on applying the wall stickers. The walls should be clean and dry. If the area of application isn’t clean, start with cleaning it. Use a cloth that is mildly damp. Clean the surface with this cloth. Remove the dirt and let the area become dry. While cleaning, wipe gently. Else the area would turn rough. Do not apply to the area as soon as wiping. Wait for it to dry. The adhesive will not work properly. These factors when considered help in the proper application of the wall sticker to the wall.

Don't Apply on Oily, Wet or Dirty Surfaces

When you are getting ready to apply the wall stickers on a surface, ensure there is no moisture or oil on it. If you are choosing your kitchen walls, see that there are no oil or wet patches on the wall. If you are trying to apply in the newly painted wall, then wait for 14 days. This helps in the proper drying of the paint. There should be no hint of dirt on the surface. This is because the wall sticker has to be peeled when you spot it unevenly. Or, on dirty surfaces, the adhesive would not work properly, and it gets peeled off.

Smoothen the Wall Sticker

When applying your decal wall sticker, place a squeegee at the centre. Smoothen the walls ticker with it. This helps in keeping the sticker at the place. Also, there would be no bubbles left. When smoothening the wall sticker, you need to be very careful. When you are using any hard material, it can tear the sticker. When using on a textured wall, if you are applying extra pressure to smoothen the sticker, then it might damage the sticker. The smooth motion should be firm yet gentle.

Top 10 Home Decor Stickers to Buy Off the Internet!

Home decor stickers are an easy way to brighten up a room. Choose one that best matches the personality and style of the room so it fits in well.

Here comes the collection of the 10 best wall stickers that would not burn a hole in the pocket. They are trendy and fit for all the homes. Get them from the online sites, and start applying them following the instructions with ease.

Asian Paints Extra Large Wall Sticker Sticker

This floral and botanical theme wall sticker comes in painting design. This PVC vinyl decal wall sticker has a tree character and is 65 cm wide. This wall sticker can be used in your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, kids’ room, nursery, and car and motorcycle. Coming from Asian Paint Sticker, this sticker is of the best quality. Get it for Rs. 89 in Flipkart.

NewWayDecals Sticker

This is a matt finish wall sticker, that covers quite wide area. It is made of PVC Vinyl. The decal is perfect for the ceramic application surface. The pink and orange blossoms are perfect to be applied anywhere in your house. You can try this attractive decal in the walls of your living room or bedroom, or even in the kitchen. Get this New Way Decals wall sticker for Rs.229 in Snapdeal.

Moment of Fun with Flying Birds Wall Sticker with Beautiful Flowers(80 x 120 cm)

This self-adhesive PVC vinyl wall sticker adds a fresh look to your home. The advantages of picking this wall sticker include the fact that the wall sticker can be reused and repositioned. This is also waterproof, and you need not worry if any spilling of water would damage it. You can simply wipe it off. The wall sticker is non-toxic and eco-friendly. It is durable and can last long. The package is a sheet of small stickers, and you can install them with no hassles. It is easy to clean this wall sticker and keep it free from dust and dirt. Choose the desired area and apply the small stickers, and when done press along the borders to remove any air bubbles. Use this bright wall sticker with flowers and flying birds in the lounge, living room, bedroom, or nursery. It can be used at café or restaurants too. The contrast colours of light and dark pink bring in freshness. Place an order in Shopclues, and it is priced Rs. 279.

World Map Wall Decal Sticker

Using a decal for your walls offers an opportunity to bring in fresh ideas. They are easy to install and customized. This world map decal offers the same. This wall sticker can be reused, and you can paste it in another area whenever desired. You can apply these stickers even on mirrors and doors, any hard surface for that matter. This decal also serves another purpose, helps in teaching your kids the world map. World Map wall decal sticker is completely safe to use and easy to clean. Use it in any room of your choice, or at your office. The border of the decal is transparent, and you can use it on walls of any colour. This self-adhesive, peel and stick decal sticker comes for Rs. 1,406. It is available at toygamewiz.com.

Household Composite Photo Wall Stickers Tree of Happiness Home Decor

Get a cool look to your home with this household composite photo wall sticker. The wall sticker lets you bring in all pictures you like in one place. If you are planning for a family tree idea, then this decal is the right choice. Or add photographs of your choice, and create a lovely atmosphere. Get this Tree of Happiness Home Décor at Rs. 1,624 in shop2India.com.

Lamp Cat Wall Stickers Home Stairs Sticker Decor Decorative Removable Wallpaper

A great option to add colour to the walls of your home or office, or dorm, or store is to choose this Lamp Cat Wall stickers. It can be used in stairs, or even be stuck to the refrigerators, cabinets, and drawers in the kitchen. This PVC vinyl sticker is of black colour, and it is easy to apply and remove this. This waterproof sticker makes it easy for you to clean and wipe it. It resists scrubbing and dirt. When you remove the sticker to be used on other surfaces, there are no stains left behind. It can be applied on any even flat surface and cleaned with mild soap and water. Get this from banggood.com for Rs. 312,96.

Alcoa Prime Eagle Head Pattern Indian Wall Stickers Decals Living Room Hallway Home Decor

This high quality and eco-friendly decal wall sticker has a unique design of the Eagle Head and is highly durable. It can be used for 3 to 5 years, and this PVC vinyl wall sticker can be used on any clean and flat surface. When pasting it ensures that there are no bubbles. Use the Alcoa Prime wall sticker decals in your hall or living room. You can buy this wall sticker from order2india.com for Rs.1,472.

Sunflower Mirror Wall Sticker Bedroom Living Room Decoration Wall Sticker

This high quality Sunflower Mirror Wall Sticker is perfect for your living room, bedroom, behind your sofa, or any of the walls where you would want to draw attention. Use it on any smooth and clean surface, even on the closets and doors. It can be removed with ease, and there are no stains or damages after peeling it off from the wall. It is made of acrylic, and waterproof. It is also mildew-proof and is 100% safe. It is priced at Rs. 782. Buy this from easssycart.com.

Radha Krishna Dancing Wall Sticker

This is a cut out decal that is made of superior quality vinyl. This is a durable decal, and easy to apply and remove. It doesn’t leave any stain when peeled. This waterproof decal can be cleaned with a damp cloth. This spiritual wall sticker can be applied to any of the clean surfaces in your home. Use in your bedroom, living room, or at your office. This black coloured wall sticker is of matt finish. Grab one for Rs. 699 at wallmantra.com.

Symbolic Ganesha - Vinyl Wall Sticker

It is a perfect wall sticker to be used on the entrance, or in the puja room. It can also be used in the living room behind the sofa space. Get the vibes of spirituality and feel the blessings of Lord Ganesha anywhere you want. The wall sticker made of vinyl comes with crisp edges and can be peeled with ease. There is no residue when removed. It lasts for at least 3 years and leaves a painted effect on the wall. It cannot be reused on any other surface after being peeled off. Place an order for the same in engrave.in. The Symbolic Ganesha wall sticker comes with a price tag of Rs. 899.

Top 3 Wall Sticker Themes That are Trending Right Now

If you are looking for the wall stickers that are of current trends, then you take a look at these ideas. These are some of the current trending themes.


Floral wall stickers are safe choices. They never go out of trend. Adding to that, they come in bright colours. You can these wall stickers across your home- in your living room, bedroom, and even in the nursery. They give a calm and soothing effect to your home. You can find them looking classy and cool. If you are looking for themes that would go with the theme or colour of your walls, then you will find enough options with the floral themes. You can play around with the colours. Bright hues are often the best choices. The advantage of choosing a floral theme is that you can reuse them anywhere around the house.


The abstract or surreal theme wall stickers are perfect choices if you want trendy stickers. They never make you bored. You can get the lively mood set to your home or office. With plenty of choices, like the dragon’s tail, or a tree with beautiful roots, you will be amazed to see the ambience it provides to your home. You can also find various online sites offering endless choices when it comes to abstract themed wall stickers.

Customised Designs

Do you like to be unique in decorating your walls? Then you can customize your wall stickers. Online sites let you create your own designs. All you need to do is to visit engrave.in. Then you need to follow the instructions. You can send them the design, and the requirements. The same gets delivered to you. You can get your photo or your kid’s photo printed on the wall sticker. The decal you love is ready to decorate the wall now. If you want some never to forget memory stay for long, then this is a good option.

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Stickers can a very nice gift if you know someone's house and you go there generally. It will be a nice gesture to them because they will think that you actually care about them and their house. The price is also so cheap that you don't need to wait for any occasion for this kind of gift anytime before visiting you can select a good sticker according to their walls and house design and paint. It will definitely sweeten the relationship between both the houses and it will keep reminding them about you whenever they see it on their wall.