Going International Need Not Empty The Wallet: Make An Impression With Cool Gifts For Boyfriend Under $20

Going International Need Not Empty The Wallet: Make An Impression With Cool Gifts For Boyfriend Under $20

A gift could be used to express appreciation, could be a token to express love or could be given to fulfil a particular need. Getting the most thoughtful gifts does not have to involve huge spending. Although some of the best gifts may mean spending big bucks, there are low-budget ones that are equally as thoughtful. This article brings you an array of the best low-budget gifts that you can source from international websites for your guy.

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Reasons Why Gifts Are Important for Your Boyfriend

Make Your Boyfriend feel Appreciated

The real purpose of the custom of giving a gift is to express appreciation. When the most significant person in your life is with you, a gift is a way to show that you are grateful to your boyfriend and value the role he plays in your life. Surprise him once in a while with some excellent gifts and see him smile .

Make Your Boyfriend feel Special

Giving gifts should not be a chore, instead, it should come from your heart. When you are buying a gift for your boyfriend, you are willingly giving something without expecting something in return. It tells him that you are thinking about him and it will make him feel special and you will get more than enough reason to buy more gifts. The act of gifting gives the giver more happiness than the person who receives it.

Gifts are an Expression of Gratitude

Gifting strengthens the relationship. The gift tells your boyfriend you have thought of him and spent time in picking out something just for him. Don't wait for a particular occasion to gift him something, instead, give him to show how much you love him. Think of gifts that will have a special meaning for him - it could be something practical that makes his life better or it could be something funny that makes him smile or it could be something related to his hobbies.

Gifts Send A Message That He is the One for You

There is no better way to say that you appreciate him for being in your life and you love him more than anything in the world than a gift chosen specially for him. Pamper him with a small present, and remember giving gifts does not mean you have to buy something ‘big and expensive’. You can buy something that provokes him to trust you and be with you forever.

Tips for Ordering from International Websites

Indian shoppers nowadays love online shopping, and they are not only using the e-retailers from India but also looking beyond the borders and searching for the hottest fashions of foreign labels. The number of consumers buying from foreign online websites are increasing every year and it is always a good idea to check out some reliable sites when you are buying a gift for your loved ones.

Reliability of the Website

The most reliable branded sites sell products outside their country too, but many of them do not ship to India. However, you can trust some of the websites like Newegg or ThinkGeek who sell a variety of products like cool gadgets and also the other shopping portals like Amazon.com or Aliexpress.com who ships items to your doorstep with an extra shipping charge.

Check Shipping Costs, Methods and Time

Some stores like Glossier mostly do not ship outside their country, so if you want to buy something from those particular stores, you need to send it to some of your relatives or friends or some package forwarding services like Shipito or Bongo to collect items locally and deliver it to your destination with a fee. When the buyers buy the item, they will get the final value after calculating the shipping costs and import duty at the time of check out. In some cases, you will see that the total shipping cost is more than the actual price of the product. However, if anyone wants to buy something that is not available here, this value is of course not a deal-breaker, still always check for the shipping cost, methods of shipping and delivery details before you head out to buy from international websites.

Most of the shopping portals like eBay or Global EasyBuy usually do the customs clearance for the customer and estimate the applicable import fees during checkout. However, you may need a valid identification number at the time of check out. They always ask you to pay through your valid debit or credit card, those that are internationally accepted.

Extra Costs For the International Transaction

The shipping charges are usually calculated in regards to factors like weight, dimension of the product, the country, taxes and duties, insurance (if applicable), and the type of service. You may have to invest in essential customs duties for personal products along with goods and service tax (GST) depending on the rate fixed by the Government.

International Gifts that Will Surely Not Break The Bank

Vintage Brewed Coffee

Your guy may think, after a great dinner, that he has to choose between wine and coffee. What if you can gift him both in one single thing? What an awesome combination for your man who might love both coffee and wine! The merlot infused beans make the perfect after-dinner brew for your beloved; it is delightful and aromatic. The blend is made from 100% Arabica beans that are aged in oak wine barrels to create a unique, fresh red berry flavour with a mixture of blackberry and currants. You can also add a small amount of plain or brown sugar to enhance the taste. It is a caffeinated drink, but it does not contain any alcohol. You can add one tablespoon to 5 to 6 oz. of cold water for regular coffee and two tablespoons if you want to make it stronger. The price for this is $19.75 at uncommongoods.com.

Fitness Bottle with Phone Holding Case

An absolutely needed gift for today’s generation who love to work out while staying connected. Try this as a gift for your boyfriend who can drink and text at the same time and do not need to hold the bottle and the phone separately. He can stay hydrated while keep his essential things like phone, keys and other essentials at hand with this modern fitness bottle and case. This neoprene pouch can easily hold a 23-ounce bottle cold enough to use for hours.

The bottle sleeve also offers zippered storage for mobile phone and other personal belongings. It has a hand strap which makes it comfortable to hold the whole thing in one hand. This is an advantage for people who love to work out or go for outdoor adventures. The bottle is removable and easy to clean. You can substitute your bottle with this bottle too. The pouch can hold medium to large phones. The measurement of this accessory is 3 inch diameter x 9-inch height. The price for this item is $ 13.80. You can purchase it at uncommongoods

Necktie Hanging Organizer

Usually, men do not care about organising their essentials. But, you can help your man to organize them by gifting him this trendy tie and accessory organiser from Amazon. This is a great space saving item which can hold securely up to 20 ties. It makes the closet tidy and neat, as well as keeps all the ties in one secure place. All the items are safely stored and he can see them all and select any whenever needed. This item has clips which prevent slipping and holds the ties firmly in place. The unique feature of this organiser is that it has a 360-degree rotating hanger hook for convenient access. This item is made of sturdy ABS plastic which can be used for years without any damage. The colour is black and glossy which makes it stylish and classy. It is very much travel-friendly and can be taken in the suitcase during any corporate or professional stay. The dimension of this hanger is 12.7 x 12.4 x 1.4 inches, and the weight is 8 ounces. The price for this item is approximately $ 8.99 plus extra shipping cost.

10 Inch Wall Clock with Hidden Compartment

A man’s cave is most of the time messy and small. Anything that can organise the place is a great gift. You can imagine how important a clock in the room of your man would be. This sleek looking wall clock will serve a dual purpose of a hidden safe and a timepiece. It will discreetly conceal jewellery, passport, credit card, glasses and more in a convenient, easy to access and safe location. It is easily bendable with home or office décor and hides stuff or cash. It has a stylish and functional attribute which can be helpful for anyone. The clock is ready to hang and pre-drilled. The face opens to reveal the shelved interior. The dimension of the shelve is 10-inch diameter x 3-inch depth. This is a practical home security solution and an affordable gift for your boyfriend. This is a modern, decorative and trendy gift idea with silent sweep timepiece and multiple storage shelves which is fast and easy to mount. The price for this item is $13.26 at amazon.com.

Motorcycle Phone Mount

While riding on a motorcycle or bicycle, you might have observed your boyfriend having a problem talking into the phone. He has to hold it in one hand and hold the bike on the other. No more worries as you can solve this problem quickly by gifting him a smartphone mount holder for a motorcycle or bicycle. This is a premium bike mount holder and it is adjustable to fit nearly all smartphones or media devices. It is a universal phone mount that automatically fits any smartphone up to 3.7 inches wide. It has a secure and adjustable clamp with a silicone band which grips the device firmly for extra security. Holding a phone up to 4.5 inches with the case is flexible. It has a flexible design which rotates and adjusts the device to any angle, and you can position it to your preferred place with the particular ball and socket. The package comes with three silicone bands (red, black and grey) for your choice. It also has a secure clip on and off design. Following GPS or having a video call is so much easy now! The price for this year is $14.98 at Amazon.

Infinity Cube Toy

A fidget toy is a gift that will bring many nostalgic childhood memories for your boyfriend. It is a unique gift which will make him understand how much you care for him and his memories. These toys are created with fun and learning in mind and it aims to build and share memories. This toy is playable with one hand and is an excellent gift for anyone and any age. It is pocket size so anyone can carry it to school or the office. It has a discrete and ergonomic design, and the rivets are covered with a classy and professional look. It is a top quality fidget with a safety certificate.

The Cube is composed of eight tough ABS plastic blocks linked together with sturdy stainless steel metal rivets which makes it good looking and well built. It is light on the wrist and arms due to its smooth surface and curved edges. It also works as an anti-anxiety and stress relieving cube, and it also improves focus. It is a great desk accessory and time killer which is fun to practice and it also enhance finger flexibility. It can even be a conversation starter. The price for this mind-puzzling toy is $ 11.95 at Amazon.com.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Maker

Boys need simple and easy to use cooking devices which they can use for themselves and friends whenever they need. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and mornings are more hectic for men. Every man loves to make breakfast and want to make it easier. This toaster can make a hot and healthy breakfast sandwich at home and ready to eat within 5 minutes or less. Your guy can use his fresh ingredients including eggs, precooked meats and veggies and cheese. It can cook every layer of the breakfast with perfection. The cooking plate cooks fresh eggs perfectly and slides out to assemble the sandwich. The parts are all removable and dishwasher safe. The nonstick coating on the surface is reliable and durable. The price for this excellent breakfast maker is $17.78 at Amazon and it will give you the opportunity to make a homemade breakfast sandwich in your way.

Bonus Tips for Buying Low Budget Gifts

A surprise gift always touches the heart and if you can buy something even before your boyfriend realise he needs that, it is a very romantic way to let him know how much you care about him. Here are some tips on what to buy on a low budget:

  • Looking at global sites can help. Check out mega sales like ‘Black Friday, ‘Christmas Offers’, ‘Halloween’ or ‘Thanksgiving’ to save money on your international product shopping. You can use the shopping and shipping portals who will take less charge while shipping it to your country. For that, you might need to talk to multiple carriers to get the best shipping rate.
  • Try to choose a gift which is nice, sober and small in size so that it would not take much space in the room. Guys love simple to use and space-saving things.
  • A gift that stays out of sight goes out of mind too. Something that your boyfriend will use every single day is a great thing for you to be happy along with him.
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Handmade Gifts Are A Wonderful Just Because Gifts

Gifting is basically an act of thoughtful appreciation, so a wonderful way for you to show your love is to craft something yourself and give it to your boyfriend. DIY ideas are easily accessible today thanks to online resources like YouTube videos. You could choose romantic gifts, practical items or something sweet like photo collages. The main point to keep in mind is your boyfriend's likes/dislikes. So just look up ideas that will interest your boyfriend, visit your nearby craft store and you should be able to make a truly one-of-a-kind gift that is also budget friendly.