Finding the Perfect Gift for Your Boyfriend on Your Anniversary, Tips and Gift Recommendations (2019)

Finding the Perfect Gift for Your Boyfriend on Your Anniversary, Tips and Gift Recommendations (2019)

Confused about how to find the perfect anniversary gift for your boyfriend? Here's an article to solve that exact problem! There are 10 amazing anniversary gift recommendations and if you don't like them, we also provide you with tips on how you can find your own gift for him easily.

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How to Get the Right Gift for Your Boyfriend

Celebrating an anniversary is an exciting, special and fun time. It is usually a time to look back and reflect on the favourite memories you shared with your boyfriend. An anniversary is also a time to ponder on all the things about your boyfriend you appreciate and the relationship as a whole. Finding the right anniversary gift to celebrate this day is important and should mean a lot to both of you. Sometimes, finding the perfect anniversary message or gift for your boyfriend may be a bit challenging. You are left wondering if your anniversary gift should be big, moderate, small, romantic or physical. We know you love your boyfriend and it is your desire to celebrate your anniversary with him in a special way and with a special kind of gift. So we see the need to guide you right to make the right gift choice so as to have a befitting and memorable anniversary together. Consider the following when you want to buy a gift for the anniversary.

Compare the Price to Different Gifts

Gifts come at different prices and no good boyfriend will love to see you spend beyond your budget in buying a gift for him. The prices of anniversary gifts are standardised and you will certainly see gift stores that sell a gift of the same quality of another store at cheaper rates. However, it is easy to compare the prices of gifts on online stores. This will help you to save money. You are not expected to worry too much about the price of a gift you want to buy for your beloved boyfriend. You can make good use of great sales in your favour. Cyber Monday, Black Friday and other certain sales give amazing discounts on gifts, which you can take ample advantage of.

Wrap or Prepare the Gift

Wrapping of a gift is seen as unnecessary sometimes, but it creates a certain suspense during the unwrapping. This makes the gift given more fun and enjoyable for you and your boyfriend. You can also put the gift in an envelope if it is very small.

Buy or Order the Gift

Whether you want to buy the gift online or in an offline store, time for handing the money in exchange for the gift will surely come. Although your boyfriend loving the gift is your major wish, it is important to ask for the gift receipt. This is essential if peradventure your boyfriend prefers another gift, he can rather get store credit. Most items bought through the internet take less than a week to get to you.

Keep the Gift in a Secret Place

It might be easy and at the same time difficult to hide a gift until you present it to your boyfriend depending on how you live. It is difficult to hide if you are living with your boyfriend in a small apartment as finding a place he will not look in, is tough. Places like backs of cupboards can be a good place to hide it until you are ready to hand it to him. You can also hide it away from home if hiding it in your boyfriend's apartment will be challenging.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Gift For the Boyfriend

The importance of gifting your boyfriend on your anniversary can’t be overstated. Since there are many gifts in the offline and online market in India, you need to know how to choose the right gift. Gifts are fun and exciting as they show physical expression of your love to your boyfriend. There are many occasions where offering a gift to your boyfriend is important or appropriate.

A gift can be given based on natural feeling, without external consciousness. Nevertheless, buying gifts if you are not certain of what to buy can be frustrating sometimes. So to choose the right gift for your boyfriend you need to have the following in mind.

Know the Occasion

Not every occasion is created the same. A six-month relationship is totally different from a relationship that has lasted for one year. Generally speaking, you need to know the importance of a gift-giving occasion for your boyfriend. The value and the size of the gift you intend give should correlate with that. It is of paramount importance to bear in mind that you don’t have to wait till you are celebrating any occasion before giving a gift. As long as you are giving the gifts spontaneously, your boyfriend will always welcome them.

Avoid Novelty Gifts

Novelty gifts are exciting gifts to give on different parties, but the effect of such gifts are very short-lasted. These gifts are better for friendship relationships. Novelty gifts such as an intentionally ugly sweater will only create a laughing scenario between you two. There is no feeling of romance and using the gift don’t last long on receiving it. However, if your boyfriend is the type that is genuinely into novelty gifts, you might consider giving him such on your anniversary.

Practical Gift or Romantic Gift

There are many gifts you can give to your boyfriend on his anniversary. Romantic gifts symbolise your kind and loving gesture towards your boyfriend while practical gifts are gifts of use and value. Since you are buying the gift for an anniversary, getting him a romantic gift will likely make more sense. However, the gift you want to buy for your boyfriend during your anniversary should also depend on your boyfriend’s tastes and the relationship. Some good romantic gifts to celebrate your anniversary together include roses, wine, and heartfelt letters or card. A physical gift that you can be video games or socks. Physical gifts are more suited for Christmas and birthdays.

Know Your Boyfriend's Preferences

The process of buying a gift for your boyfriend can start months before buying it. As you interact with him on a regular basis, you will most likely discover something that he needs in the future. Using this knowledge and buying him something he wants goes a long way to make him love you more deeply.

Buy Gifts According to His Interest or Passion

Most girlfriends miss it in this aspect as they end up buying gifts that they feel is good. You need to know what your boyfriend has an interest in and buy gifts that relate to his interest or passion. If you have good knowledge of the interests of your boyfriend, take advantage of that and let it be a guide for you in buying him a gift. If your boyfriend loves sports, getting him a jersey of his favourite team is great. You can also consider buying him a Deathspell Omega vinyl if he loves orthodox black metal.

An Unpredictable Gift Can Be a Great Idea

A surprise is a major element in giving a gift to your boyfriend. There will be no special feeling when your boyfriend is aware of the gift you want to buy for him. Have that in mind, balance desirability, unpredictability and desirability. Although your boyfriend loving the gift is more important, the surprise factor makes the gift given more fun and enjoyable for both of you.

Choose a Gift That Brings Back Memories

As lovers who have together for long, you will have concepts and jokes only you two are aware of. Some of the most important gifts you can give to your boyfriend during your anniversary are gifts that bring back memories and history shared together. As you browse gifts to buy for your boyfriend, keep your eyes open to those gifts that remind him of his memories with you.

Ensure the Gift is of Good Quality

There are often many choices of gifts to select from. You are on the mission of showing your boyfriend how you love and care for him while buying gifts. If you want to succeed in doing this, aim at gifts that have high quality. Through the internet, you can see many reviews on gifts so it will be easier for you to know gifts that are of more quality than other alternatives.

Seek Advice From His Close Friends

Every boyfriend usually has close friends that are aware of what he needs or what he is interested in, at a particular moment. Talking to his close friends in the absence of your boyfriend can give you insights into what is right to get for him during your anniversary. Interacting with your boyfriend's close friends will be helpful in choosing a gift to buy for him during your anniversary However, don’t discuss with friends that you think can ruin the surprise in future.

10 of the Most Popular Anniversary Gifts for and Indian Boyfriend

Among the many amazing anniversary gifts that you can gift to your boyfriend, we have listed down 10 for you, to make your work easier. Go ahead!

Red Jockey T-shirt


A smashing anniversary+gift to give to your man is a red jockey T-shirt. You can add it with two sets of polo club deodorant. This polo is made from premium cotton and is available in different sizes such as small, medium, large, and extra large. So you must surely get the one that will suit your boyfriend body size. You can get this polo in different online stores. You can get it for around Rs.1,907 at

Mini Bluetooth Speaker


Indians are good lovers of music. This mini Bluetooth speaker of dimensions 3.5 x 2 inches can serve as a worthy gift to give your boyfriend on your anniversary. It comes in diverse colours. So you can get one in your boyfriend's favourite colour. The mini Bluetooth speaker offers clear voice with a nice look that can support your smartphone fully. It is also available in different online stores, so you can just order it from the comfort of your home. At around Rs.1,010, you can buy it for your boyfriend at

Silver Strap Titan Watch


If your boyfriend loves fashion, or designer and stylish things, this is the perfect gift to buy for him. This watch is more fashionable than any other thing you can think of. The dial shows the date, day, and seconds subdial that makes it look even more classy. It is a Titan brand product, solely designed for men and is available at at around Rs.2,274.

Personalised Clock

This is a good anniversary gift you can give your boyfriend to show your love and appreciate his presence. This romantic gift can be used for utility purposes. Personalising this table clock with his picture can go a long way to create your picture forever in his heart. Your beautiful moment will surely count through this gift. Just like the other mentioned gifts, you can order this gift from an Indian online store. At Rs.599 you can get this trendy personalised clock at

Black Forest Cake

You can make your boyfriend drool with this lovely and heavy anniversary gift. To show your feelings towards him more, add 10 different colours of roses to it. This will make it more lovely and create a perfect boyfriend anniversary memory. It is sold at Rs.800 at

Louis Philippe Leather Sneakers


Getting him the luxe leather sneakers, especially when he is searching for an everyday shoe, makes a whole lot of sense. Guys love wearing good shoes and this makes it one of the most common gift girlfriends buy for their boyfriends. A casual and dressy shoe of this kind is perfect for him on his anniversary. This pair of sneakers is suitable for both casual and occasional wear. It is available at Rs.2,616 at Amazon.

Carry On Suitcase

If you both or your boyfriend love travelling, the carry-on suitcase is the perfect gift for a quick weekend vacation him or both of you. With a secure combination lock, this carry-on suitcase has extra protection. At Rs.2,799 you can get this suitcase that is designed to have a spacious interior at Myntra.

Set of Silver and Black Cufflinks

This is one of the most common gift girls in India buy for their boyfriends on their anniversary. Your boyfriend's shirt will look fresh with a set of black and silver cufflinks. Making him look polished is the goal. It is sold online at Nordstrom for around Rs.7000.

Corduroy Shirt


The corduroy shirt is designed with textured fabric to make the beauty something not to turn down. This shirt will be his new favourite, all thanks to both the fabric and the subdued hue. You can buy it from at around Rs.5,346.

Glass Photo Frame

This is a very common and modern frame to put in old pictures. You can buy him this and it will look exceptionally beautiful and well arranged on a table in his room. It is available in both online and offline stores in India. You can purchase it at Snapdeal for Rs.959.

How to Present a Gift to Your Boyfriend

Let it Be a Surprise

Gifts are best when your boyfriend doesn’t know what it is. There is an inevitable pleasure when you keep it as a surprise for your boyfriend. It is usually tempting to reveal the gift to him but it is worth keeping a secret till the day of giving. If the urge of revealing the secret is high, tell a non-mutual friend who will not tell him.

Add a Romantic Card or Letter

You don’t need to be a writer, just describe your feelings towards him - how much you care about him, and something about the gift on paper. It doesn’t matter if you have been saying the same things to him on a regular basis. Just take a piece of paper and let your emotions flow.

Present it at a Special Moment

It is good to give him the gift when both of you are relaxed and when things are going well. You don’t need to rush gift-giving at all. Giving him a thoughtful anniversary gift after a meal together is highly recommended.

Make Him Wait for It

To amplify the suspense, tell him to wait while you get the gift from where you kept it. This suspense can make it more exciting as he tries to guess what the gift you got for him would be.

Give the Gift

Hand over the gift to your boyfriend in a fairly simple way. Watch him as he unwraps the gift with suspense and from that, gauge his suspense. You don’t have to worry if he does not seems thrilled. This is important as everyone expresses excitement and warmth in different ways.

Include Romance

Your boyfriend will likely be taken aback as he unwraps the gift. This is an opportunity to sweep him off his feet. Giving him physical affection like kisses and hugs can increase the positive emotions both of you are feeling already. There are many ways to show your romantic side. Let the magic happen naturally, but if it does not, don't force it to happen.

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Make it a Special Day For Your Boyfriend

Anniversary is a special occasion on which you can make each other feel special, by gifting each other thoughtful gifts and/or spending quality time together. So make sure you prepare well in advance and get a gift that only strengthens your relationship and makes your man realise how important he is to you.