Gifts for Husband From Wife: Make Your Hubby's Day Special with Unique Gifts on His Birthday

Gifts for Husband From Wife: Make Your Hubby's Day Special with Unique Gifts on His Birthday

Your husband's birthday, your anniversary or a special celebration coming up? There are plenty of occasions that involve giving gifts to your man, but you can also spoil him for no reason. Whether he is in his 30s or over 50, we have unique, romantic and useful gifts that you can give your husband. Also find here romantic ways to spice up your relationship.

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When Should a Wife Give Gifts to Her Husband?

On Special Days Like Birthdays and Anniversaries

Your husband must be one of the most important people in your life and also someone who you spend a lot of time with. Any occasion is incomplete without his presence. We give each other gifts to show our appreciation for the other person’s presence in our lives. There are plenty of occasions too. Birthdays, anniversaries and festivals are all perfect opportunities for you to show your husband how much you love him. Make special occasions even more exceptional by choosing the perfect surprise gifts for your husband. When you are buying a gift for your husband on his birthday, try to make it as unique as possible to let him know that you know him better than anyone else. Don’t let buying birthday and anniversary gifts become a chore. Put your heart into it and your husband will appreciate your effort. To truly experience the joy of gifting, get him a gift which exceeds monetary value.

To Make Him Feel Loved and Appreciated

Then again, why just special occasions? You don’t need an excuse to shower your husband with love and affection. Isn’t a gift just that? An expression of your love and appreciation for your hubby? So, don’t wait for that date on the calendar. Just gift him because you feel like it. The surprise will be even more profound as he won’t be expecting it. Put yourself in his shoes, you would love to get a surprise gift out of the blue wouldn’t you? It’s the same with him. Men like to be loved and pampered as much as women. Your thoughtful gesture will only strengthen your relationship as a couple.

To Spice Up the Relationship

There can be a lull in the relationship after a few years of marriage. Certain gifts can not only show him your appreciation, but can also spice up your connection. A couple who likes having fun is meant to stay together forever. Write him love notes. Slip them into his purse when he is not looking. You can also write naughty messages. Arrange a date night once a month, experiment in the sack. You can try role playing; surprise him when he returns home from work by dressing up in a naughty costume. You can gift him scented massage oil, or a fun sex toy.

The Over 40s: Gifts That Every Wife Should Give Her Husband

Personal Care Products

Sometimes one gift is not enough to show your man how much you appreciate him. To really show how much you love him get him a gift basket with all the things that he is bound to love! You can out together a hamper or buy a ready made one. The Autograph Mixed gift Set for men contains a bottle of cologne, eau de toilette, shower gel and lotion, everything he needs to be well groomed and smelling great. You can buy it from for around Rs.1,453.

A Tie for the Gentleman

Ties are a classic gift to give your man. Ties come in various shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Choose one which suits your man’s personal style. Pay attention to the stitching detail and the material. Silk ties are a great option, though cotton is more suitable for a man with a more casual taste. The Tossido Blue Woven Design Broad Tie from the is a great option and costs around Rs.359.

Personalised Keychains


Key chains may not seem like much of a gift for someone as special as your husband, but the personalised Gadget Keychain from may make you change your mind. This durable and compact gadget packs in a number of useful tools which will come in handy in an emergency in the house or outside. It's made of brushed steel and despite its small size packs in a 3 feet tape measure, an LED light, a bottle opener, foil cutter, knife and screwdriver. Plus your can personalise it with up to 3 initials. It’s priced at Rs.2,003.

Oversized Beer Mug


For your beer loving husband the Craft Brew Oversized Beer Mug from is the perfect gift. The heavy base and sturdy handle give it an imposing appearance and it holds an impressive 750 ml, giving him fewer reasons to get up for a refill. It will cost you Rs.1,336 on

Romantic Open Air Breakfast

A romantic breakfast for just the two of you will put the spark back into your relationship. Arrange an outdoor breakfast for both of you. Get help if needed but ensure that you sit down to eat together. Indian wives often have the habit of running around serving the man of the house or chasing after children and sitting down to eat only much later. While you may not be able to avoid that on most days, take time out to dine alone with your man once in a while. Sipping on your morning coffee under green trees while listening to the birds chirping is an experience you both need to share together.

Couples in Their 20s & 30s: Gifts Every Wife Must Give Her Husband

Some gifts are special not because of its monetary value but because of the thought behind it. Gift your husband something they want. There are things which men of every age enjoy. Try to give him gifts which will cause him amusement. Remember the excitemnet of getting a gift as a child? Weren’t you extremely happy to receive your first bicycle? Try to gift your man something which will bring out the same kind of excitement in him. Robot slippers which make actual robot sounds while walking or a camera drone are all gifts which are bound to make your man as excited as an eight year old.

Electronic Beard Trimmer

If your man sports a beard occasionally or at all times then an electronic beard trimmer is a must for him. Gift your hipster husband the Carbon Fiber Beard Trimmer and Shaver from The sleek metallic design is sure to intrigue him, but it's not all looks. This beard trimmer offers remarkable precision; it's equipped with long-lasting, precision-steel blades and comes with four clipper attachments to give your man the exact effect he desires. It also comes with a storage zipper bag that can be used when travelling. It’s available for Rs.4,014.

Cotton Beer Socks

The cotton beer socks has the cheeky message “If you can read this bring me a beer” written on the sole. It’s the perfect gift for your beer loving hubby and can be purchased on for $7.99 to $17 which is around Rs.535 to Rs.1,200.

Bathroom Dart Game

The Bathroom Dart Game is the perfect gift for your quirky and fun-loving husband. The imported Toilet Darts dart games for the bathroom contains a dartboard, three darts and one do not disturb sign. You can buy it on for Rs.3,404. It will give him something to do while he is on the toilet! Though do be prepared to have to wait longer to use the bathroom.

Love Coupons for Husband

Love Coupons are a great way to liven up any relationship. These coupons will let you fulfill your hidden wishes. The Love Shack Coupons Love Coupons Box set contains 20 cards with interesting favour your husband can redeem them for. There are coupons for breakfast in bed, a picnic for two, night in, and even a blank one he can fill with whatever he wants. Gift them to your husband and let him unleash all his desires and fantasies. You can buy it on for Rs.299.

A Smartwatch


A stylish and multi-featured smartwatch is the trendy new accessory that every man wants. Gifting him a smartwatch will make him ecstatic. The Apple Watch Series 2, 42 mm smartwatch is high on both looks and functionality. It has built in GPS and heart monitor. It’s completely water resistant and can be worn wearing swimming or lounging in the pool. The little watch packs in a variety of apps which will help your husband sail through his busy day. It’s available on for Rs.59,999.

Your Man Needs to Be Spoilt by You From Time to Time

Apart from material gifts there a few different things that you can do to show your love for your beloved husband. There are things that he likes and activities that he enjoys which you may find tiresome. Try to surprise your man by doing something that he likes. Go for a sports match with your husband or watch his favorite movie with him. You can give him a relaxing head massage or spend some time in learning about his favorite hobby. Little gestures on your part will only strengthen your relationship.

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Give Him Gifts for No Reason

Gifts on Birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and special occasions are expected, and though these have a charm of their own, the real pleasure comes from unexpected surprises. Don't wait for a special day to pamper him. The element of surprise will not only delight him, it will get him to start thinking along similar lines too and that can infuse new life into your marriage. It doesn't even have to be store bought gifts, make him a present at home or do something unexpected.