10 Wonderful Gifts For Husband This Valentine's Day To Create Lasting Memories(2019)

10 Wonderful Gifts For Husband This Valentine's Day To Create Lasting Memories(2019)

A perfect Valentine's Day gift for your hubby tell him that the love between is you is burning bright. But wondering just what would work as a gift? Well, we have some great ideas for you. A thoughtful hamper, cool sneakers, trending gadgets a quirky caricature, these are just some of gift ideas we have gathered so you can give your husband something unique and interesting this V-day. So tap into your understanding of your husband to find that perfect gift for him!

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How to Choose the Right Valentine Gift for Husband.

Pay Attention to What He Says

This might come as a bit tricky for you but you would have to pay attention to what he says (even casually). Many a times, your husband would have shared with you that what he wants to buy next or what he needs for day-to-day use. You can utilize these little conversations and decide to buy the perfect gift for him on Valentines. Apart from the mushy and romantic gifts, it is great to buy something that your husband is in desperate need of.

Remember - His Choices, Not Yours.

This idea comes really handy for women who are planning Valentines Day gift for husband homemade. You really need to remember his choices and not yours. For example, if you are baking a cake for him then always give priority to his favorite flavor and not yours. The same can be applied to the rest of the gifts as well. You need to plan the day around him and his preferences.

You Can Go A Bit Naughty Too

Now, it is the time to think about the gifts which can add a bit of romance in your relationship with your husband. Going a bit dirty is something that all guys love and you need to do the same because Valentines is all about love and romance for sure. There are some specially curated board games for couples like Conesnting Techniques, Dirty Minds, Fan the Flames and many more. These games are all about a completely romantic and sensous side of your partner and would work totally perfect for Valentine's Day gift.

10 Amazing Gifts for Husband on Valentine.

Personalized Custom Brown Strap Slim Wrist Watch.

Source www.amazon.in

The first gift here is a really unique and personalized wrist watch. It is actually quite a different experience to come across a wrist watch which can be customized with the desired picture in it. Here is a classic and very formal brown strap slim wrist watch which is just a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.
Make sure to customize the picture with you and your husband together in the watch before ordering it online. It makes a great combination of personalized and practical gift.

The watch looks absolutely stylish and makes a very useful present too. They have used Quartz analog Japan movement in it and it is quite precise as well. However, the watch can survive few water splashes but it is not completely waterproof. You can buy this customized watch from Amazon.in for Rs.799.

Men's Care Hamper.

Source www.fnp.com

If you are the kind of woman who wants more practical gifts for your husband on Valentine's then this choice is absolutely perfect for you. This is a men’s care hamper which is comprised of all the amazing essentials required for men’s grooming on day-to-day basis.

This hamper is comprised of products like:

  • Park Avenue Shaving Cream.
  • Swift Triblade Razor.
  • Shaving brush.
  • Shaving lotion.
  • Double Deo talcum powder.
  • Bathing soap.
  • and more such products.

All of the products chosen in this hamper are of excellent quality and belongs to different manufacturers. It is great to buy them all together instead of wasting your time on picking each one individually. All these products are well arranged in a basket and your husband would be more than happy to receive it as a gift on Valentine’s Day. You can get this hamper from Fnp.com for Rs.2,249.

Dazzling Heart LED Cushion.

This is so rare to come across such romantic gifts which have a really unique concept and we somehow managed to grab one for your husband. An LED heart shaped cushion is such a unique gift which is quite like a showpiece but very attractive at the same time. What makes it even special is that you can get it customized too. You can personalize it with the picture of you and your husband printed on the heart, in the middle. The LED light will be surrounding the picture giving it a glow like effect.

The cushion has a switch to on and off the LED light in it. You can use the cushion for sleeping without worrying about the light at all. The fabric of soft fur used on it is quite comfortable as well. This is such an amazingly romantic gift for your man and you can order it online from Archiesonline.com for Rs.999.

Romantic Combo of Love

Valentine’s Day is all about love and you must not miss this opportunity to tell your husband that how much you love him. Keeping this theme in mind, we picked our next suggestion which is the ultimate and probably the most complete hamper called Romantic Combo of Love. All of these mini gifts are excellent from the point of view of Valentine’s Day.

This package includes:

  • A pair of 6” romantic teddies on love boat.
  • One "My Prince Mug".
  • A forever love card in it.

The entire package works as a multipurpose gift where you can find practical as well as showpiece kind of gifts as well. It is just the suitable gift you can imagine for Valentine's Day and perfectly fits under your budget too.The red colored love card is kept minimal yet very cute. This beautiful combo set is available on Floweraura.com for Rs.1,049.

My Heart Personalized Frame Print

It seems like there is no limit on cute and romantic gifts for husband on valentine. The next one to join this list is a personalized My Heart Framed Print. This one is a wood and glass framing containing the image of a heart in it. Now, what makes it different is the personalization done in it. This heart has a missing piece and it is the piece which can be used for customization.

You can get the name of your husband edited on this missing piece to turn this frame into a personalized present from your side. This is quite a gesture for your husband to tell them that your life and your heart is incomplete without him. This idea is very thoughtful and quite unique as well. Get this glass framed My Heart Print from Excitinglives.com for Rs.399.

Puma Cabana Racer Shoes

Source www.ajio.com

What else can be a better gift for a man than sneakers? Almost all men are crazy about them but to give it a bit of twist, we've chosen running shoes over casual sneakers. These are extremely trendy and amazing running shoes which are going to motivate your husband to get in shape (if he's not). Most wives usually prefer romantic gifts for Valentine's but you can surprise your husband by picking such practical and quite useful gifts for him. We picked Puma Cabana Racer Shoes for him with supreme comfort and great durability.

These are basically white in color with dark green and blue linings on it giving it a nice and attractive look. They are ideal for prolonged running and quite comfortable as well. The leather synthetic upper makes them durable while the rubber sole is great for flexibility. Get the awesome running shoes from Ajio.com for Rs.2,159 only.

12X Zoom Smartphone Telescope Lens

Buying a brand new smartphone would be quite expensive for your budget but you can at least upgrade his current phone. If your husband is tired with the dull camera of his smartphone (Android and iOS) then you can make it work like a brand new and that too 100 times better. Get this 12X Zoom Smart Mobile Telescope Lens for your husband which comes with an adjustable clip holder too. One can easily mount this lens on their smartphone through the clip and modify their existing camera into a pro.

This whole setup works like a magic and you won’t even have to spend more on it. This is great for all traveling expeditions, gaming, concerts, tourism etc. This camera is literally great for long distance shooting and your husband is going to love it for sure. You can purchase this Zoom Telescope Lens from Snapdeal.com for Rs.899 only.

Echo Dot 3rd Generation

Source www.amazon.in

It is the time to take help from technology itself to surprise your husband on Valentine’s Day. You can buy Amazon Echo Dot for your hubby which is a great voice controlled device for entertainment and music. This is a 3rd generation Echo Dot which is basically a smart speaker integrated with Alexa. This is a popular voice controlled speaker which can be connected with Alexa. This device can be used by voice command to listen to music, news, weather and many more.

It is such a great gift for anyone and great for a technology-freak husband too. You can call it a smaller version of original Amazon Alexa and it is great if you are having a medium budget for Valentine. Powered with 15000+ skills, this is going to be the favorite toy of your husband for sure. Get the Amazon Echo Dot from Amazon.in for Rs.4,499.

Personalized Gentleman Caricature.

Source www.igp.com

Let’s get back on cute and adorable Valentine’s Day gifts with a very amazing personalized gift for your husband. This one is a gentleman caricature for your man which looks quite funny yet adorable and the best part is you can get your husband's face customized on it. It is great for a young and happy-go-lucky husband and he will admire it for sure. So, basically the caricature had so many options but we picked the gentleman one especially for your dear husband on Valentine's Day.

You will be needing a front facing close up image for this gift. The material used for making it is acrylic which is quite long-lasting and the caricature is fixed on a stand. You can buy this caricature from Igp.com for Rs.550.

Plan A Once in A Lifetime Experience

It is always amazing to plan surprise gifts for husband on valentine and hence we really believe that you should plan “Once in a lifetime experience” for him. You only have one life and it depends upon you on how you want to spend it. You cannot find a better occasion than Valentine’s Day to shower your love on your husband for being there for you always.

Things you can plan are Private Dinner at an utterly expensive dining place, plan a trip to a place he always wanted to go, try out bungee jumping, go skydiving, try out balloon expedition, get the autograph of his favorite celebrity (if possible) and many more. We are quite sure that you can zero down on at least one of the experience for sure.

Unique Ideas to Celebrate Valentine's Day.

To all the ladies who are looking for first valentine gift for husband after wedding, the section given below is perfect for them. Once in a while, trying out unique ideas rekindle the love between couples and the best part about them is that they are easy to plan as well. You can check out these bonus/unique ideas below.

A Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt and that too inside your home is an excellent idea to keep your husband busy and excited for all day long. Make some cards with clues and riddles written on them to reach to the next clue until your husband finally finds the gift. It is one of the most fun and exciting ideas to plan the Valentine’s Day gift for your husband and it will be worth doing on your first valentine.

Themed Dinner and Movie Night at Home

Now that you two are married, you must be known to your husband’s favorite movies and themes. You just need to plan something around them for the Valentine celebration. For example, if your husband is in love with Star Wars series then decorate your home around it and plan the similar dinner as well. This will be a great idea to enjoy valentine’s day in a totally unique way.

Karaoke Night

It is the time to think about fun and entertaining gifts for husband on valentine. For this, we thought about mentioning the popular trend of Karaoke night for him. Many restaurants organize them all the time but if you want more privacy then you can organize one at your home. Karaoke, pizza and singing all night long is the coziest thing you can do on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Recreate the First Date

Remember the first time you two met? Well, of course you must have remembered this. What if you recreate your first date with him on the occasion of Valentine’s Day? The plan is to not let him know about it. Just plan things accordingly and visit the places you two did on your first date. It will be quite like going down to the memory lane and eventually you two will be left with some really amazing memories to cherish.

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