Add Some Splendour to the Valentine's Day By Taking Charge And Gifting Your Boyfriend These 10 Awesome Gifts to Make His Day (2019)

Add Some Splendour to the Valentine's Day By Taking Charge And Gifting Your Boyfriend These 10 Awesome Gifts to Make His Day (2019)

This Valentine's, spend the day like never before. Plan to enjoy the day with your beau by surprising him with delightful gifts and keeping the romantic mood afloat. Do not just gift for the sake of gifting, but put some effort. For instance, instead of just gifting a present or item, you could gift him an experience. All in all, making the day memorable and giving bona fide and meaningful gifts-gifting from the heart-will make it a splendid Valentine's.

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Gifts for ‘Boyfriend’ This Valentine's Day

The greatest happiness in life is to love and be loved. Love; a word so simple. But it holds profound meaning and power. Love holds the entire world together. It is a feeling both magical and known. A feeling that gives you bliss the more you give out. This love is to be celebrated like no other. Love that is not expressed is only worth a rusty nickel. This Valentine’s day, turn the tables and let the man of your life know your deepest and the truest feelings of love, affection and gratitude. So, let go and leave no stone unturned to let your Mr Valentine feel special, pampered and loved.

Muse Over Before Taking the Plunge.

Before jumping into the conclusion of buying some random thing from a store, wrapping it up and giving him, take a step back. This time do not make valentine’s, just about a wrapped gift and a mere wish.
Take it a notch up and create a memory that would always bring a smile to his face. A memory that would remind him of the love you have for him. Make it a day worth cherishing. Plan around the following tips for your big day and watch the magic happen.


When you plan your valentine’s day, make sure to have a strategy to what lies ahead. Knowing his schedule in advance; of any important work meetings or examinations shall be priority one. You can always bend around slightly to make your celebrations work around these commitments. It will also let you prepone or postpone your celebrations if needed. No man would enjoy a good time if they are still crunching numbers for their big meeting in the back of their mind or feeling anxious about the important exam coming up. A relaxed valentine is a happy valentine. He will always appreciate your level of understanding and appreciation for his commitments. A golden feather we must say!


Who doesn’t love a good surprise? A mystery is at the heart of everything creative. This valentine’s sneak your way into blowing his mind. A little surprise would bring a huge smile to his face. Unexpected gifts always spark a different joy. A surprise would mean an extra effort where you stood out of your way to create something unique and special for him. Who doesn’t want his lady to be a little mischievous? Men dig that. So, fire away.


Every man is different in his approach, behaviour and favourites. Some may be party animals and some the lover of peace and quiet. If you look in closely you may see drastic differences in each person you know. So, before you plan something unique, make sure it is something that he would enjoy. It's not the size of the gift, but the size of your efforts.


Valentine’s day comes every year and with the right man, every day would seem like Valentine’s day. The key is to do something unique that would stand out from the rest of your days. Something that would make him look forward to this day the next year. Something personal and warm that would make him feel loved, cared for and cherished. Something that he will never forget.


Sure! Its Valentine's day. But that doesn’t mean that you blow a big gaping hole in your pocket. Your partner would never want to see you broke. Fixing a budget would help you work around the things you need to buy, your bookings or payments and also to have a plan way ahead. A fixed budget makes everything easier and it also helps foolproof your surprise.

10 Gift Suggestions for Your Perfect Valentine

Valentine's day is not just about buying him something. It is about efforts; the moments spend together and the memories made. So, choose your perfect valentine gift from these suggestions. You will not be disappointed. Do keep in mind to write a personalised note with your gift, no matter what it may be. It is always a sweet gesture of expression.

The Bouquet of Love.

As cliched and girly as it sounds, it is something that a man seldom gets. Flowers do not come with the tag of ‘women only’. A beautiful assortment of flowers would bring a big smile to your man’s face. It is symbolic of freshness in your love and also that he deserves to be spoiled and cherished.
The True-soulmate combo from is the one true bouquet for your Mr Perfect at just Rs.1,049 It has a beautiful assortment of ten roses paired with a half-kg chocolate truffle cake. They also add an extra ten roses at just Rs.349 and makes the cake eggless for an additional Rs.50

Team it up with his favorite drink; be it whisky or a bottle of bubbly. And you would be seated in the throne of the most romantic partner. This small effort would make a big difference. And if you are in a long-distance relationship this would be the best gift that you could send him as Floweraura delivers all over the country. Be it to his workplace, college or home, he would instantly feel like the luckiest man alive.

The Love for Food!

The way to a man’s heart Is through his stomach. This valentine’s day, feast his tummy to all the yummy goods he craves for. The catch is to make it stand out of all the meals you have together. Find a good restaurant of his favourite cuisine and a view. Book a table for two, fix the time and pre-order their specials and desired meals. Make sure to have a bunch of flowers and his favourite drink waiting to be served. And candlelight makes everything perfect. Dress up and get him all brushed up for the most perfect date of your lives. Take lots of pictures and make it count.

All this can also be done in the comfort of your own home with a lovely home cooked meal that you cooked yourself. Keep in mind that it is just the venue and chef that has changed. From dressing up to candles and liquor, everything stands the same. Find your favourite recipes and new dishes to try with your favourite ingredients at

Weekend Getaway

Surprise your man with a fully sponsored weekend trip. You need to find his schedules to pre-book the tickets or just set out a drive to your nearest destination. Pack your bags to a small trip to break the monotony of everyday life and fire up your romance. Remember to book your hotels through Oyo Rooms. They have the greatest deals, couple friendly stays, safe and clean rooms. Set out to claim your moments and make some memories. Do not forget to take lots of pictures.

Couple Spa And Relaxation

Its not just the women who needs the regular salon and spa visits. This valentine’s day book yourself and your man a relaxing massage and spa treatment. From head to toe; make him feel relaxed and at ease. Gift your man all of it; manicure, pedicure and the killer foot massages. Trust us he would be thanking you for weeks and probably join you the next time you visit a salon. If you are interested in giving him an at-home experience, the Urban Clap is the best online site to assist you. It is available in major cities with a variety of options in their services to choose from. The best part is reasonable prices and they carry everything needed.

The Movie Marathon

For the quintessential movie and series lover, gift him a relaxing movie marathon day. Grab your quilts and pillows and make space to not just sit, but also to lean back and relax in the plush and soft cushions. Keep an unlimited supply of his favorite drinks and snacks. And if you can, make him his favorite finger foods from scratch. Netflix will ensure your train of movies and series are non-stop. You can always order in your favorite food to beat starvation. What’s a better option than Swiggy to bring you food from your favourite restaurants? This would indeed be the most ideal valentines plan for the introvert.

Gift Him Time

Constant shopping sprees are a normal thing in a relationship. So, what could it be that you can buy him? It is a watch. A man can never have too many watches. A watch is the finest gift to remind him of your special day. Every time he glances at it, which would be quite often, he would remember you. Write him a sweet note thanking him for his valuable time, or else give a gentle nudge that you would like to spend more time with him. It is a winner either way. For the leather strap lover, gift the Tommy Hilfiger, Men White Analogue Watch NATH1710294 from Myntra at just Rs.4,162. The round stainless-steel dial analogue watch is a sleek and elegant option that works with both casual and work outfits.

For the one who likes a bracelet style, Myntra presents this gorgeous stainless- steel watch with fold over closure and jet-black dial. It is priced at Rs.5,997. This gorgeous watch is a sophisticated piece that would surely grab your man’s heart.

Personalised Memento


The sweetest gift you can give your valentine is a personalized memento, made just for him. The ever-green idea shall be to create a photo wall which brings together all your special memories. It could even be a photo wall of his life from his childhood to you. Buy this set of beautiful Art Street Wall Photo Frame Sets from Amazon at just Rs.1,210. The elegant brown wooden finish would bring a sharp yet homely feel to your wall. It comes in a set of 11. Select your favorite photographs, make a rough arrangement and start nailing them in. It is unique and a gesture filled with love and memories.

The Beach And Bracelet

The sunsets and waves are not just for the women. Take your man for a drive to the beach. Walk hand in hand and watch the sunset together. More thaN the gifts, it is these tiny gestures that makes the valentines day count. Wear his favorite perfume and look into his eyes and tell him how much he means to you. Hand him a something small, like this Daniel Wellington, Set of 2 His & Her Silver-Toned & Rose Gold Cuff Bracelets from Myntra. It has one for him and one for you. Exchange them with each other and etch this day in gold forever in your lives. At Rs.7,799 make this valentines day memorable to both of you.

His Favorite Activity

This Valentine’s day gift him the opportunity to try the adventure sport that he had been dying to give a shot. Whether it be scuba or sky diving, plan ahead and give him a taste of adrenaline rush this Valentines day. To make it even wonderful, call in his boy gang and friends and turn it into a grand adventurous affair.

Make sure the stunts are carried on under expert supervision and to check on the reviews before you go in for the sport. Even if it is something as small as trekking, join your love for an adventure that would last a lifetime. And shall we remind you that adrenaline is also an excellent aphrodisiac.

The Mighty Writing Tools

There is something common that every man uses. It is not just meant for the man who loves to write. A workaholic, an entrepreneur, a student, a husband everyone needs this little thing. Be it a signature, jotting down important point, creating content or studies everyone needs a pen. It may seem small but is a significant part of your man’s daily life no matter who he is.

Gift your man, the Cross, Chrome Century Fountain Pen with medium Stainless-Steel Nib from Shoppers Stop. The sleek and elegant design is captivating and lighter at hand. It is priced at Rs.3,695. Let your man remember you smiling face every time he signs his name.

The Valentine’s Day Message

More than the things you buy, or the money you spend, what matters the most is how much the other person felt loved. Spend your valuable time with your Valentine. Let them know not just through your words, but also through your actions, trust and respect; how much they mean to you. Open your heart and let the love flow. In the end, all that matters is how much you love and how much you are loved.

The Proposal

If you are ready, and are waiting for the next big step, all you need to do is stop waiting! The times have changed. The man doesn’t have to take the first step always. If you feel ready, go on and pop him the question, if he is ready to spend the rest of his life with you. If he is ready to be loved and spoiled by you till the end of your time. Say it with this elegant 18 carats rose gold band from Caratlane weighing 6.04 gms at Rs.20,984/-. It is a simple sophisticated choice that your man would love to wear.

Sweet Nothings

More than your gifts, or special days or celebrations, it is the sweet nothings that bind your love. The true words of appreciation, compliments and love form the base of every lasting relationship. Communicate with your partner. Let them know you and you, in turn, take efforts to know them. Build yourself and your partner together. Grow in love. Lastly, Wishing you and your love a very Happy Valentine’s day.

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Make His Valentine's Day Quixotic with Splendid Gifts And Planned Surprises

It's a fateful day to either fall in love all over again, or make your love flourish to bounds unknown. Love can be expressed in so many ways. Since he is the guy you are in love with, you then should show it to him with all sincerity to mark this day. Valentine's is a day for lovers and the only way to make it one of the best days of your lives, is to budget and plan on this day. From the gifts to give to any other surprises, you wish to stun him with.