Make It A Day to Remember: 10 Romantic Gifts for Husband for Valentine's Day And 3 Thoughtful Ways To Rekindle The Love

Make It A Day to Remember: 10 Romantic Gifts for Husband for Valentine's Day And 3 Thoughtful Ways To Rekindle The Love

Valentine's day is just around the corner and you are probably panicking about his gift. Getting a gift for your man is not always easy. What will be great gift for him that too on the day of love? Don't worry we have compiled a list of superb gifting ideas that are sure to melt his heart. We also added a few tips to help you make the most romantic day of the year one he remembers for years.

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'I Love Being Married to You'

Valentine is a time to express your undying and unwavering love to your partner. It is a day when lovers all over the world without interruptions focus their undivided attention on their lovers. Spend the day letting your husband know how much you love him and use the opportunity to let him know without any doubts that the years you have spent being married to him has been the best years of your life. Without mincing words let him know that you love being married to him. Go further to let him know you mean this by getting him incredible gifts. Fill up this day with as many romantic ideas as you can think about. Let's clear the air about what being romantic entails: it means being original, thoughtful and giving your spouse a listening ear with rapt attention.

Treat Him To Breakfast in Bed

There is nothing as romantic as waking up to a delicious homemade breakfast delivered straight to your bed by your partner. While this cannot happen every morning but on rare occasions, you can indulge in the lavish little ritual on a special day like Valentine's morning.

Sneak out of the bed early enough and head straight for the kitchen to prepare one of your husband’s favourite meal. Since its breakfast, it has to be something light and a meal that can be made in a short time. Arrange it neatly onto the tray, if it's sandwich, cut out a love shape out of it. You can choose to add a glass of chilled drink or hot tea; his favourite fruit and drop a gift by the side. Stroll into the room, drop it by the side stool, sneak back into bed, wake him up with a kiss and then place the tray in his front. This is one of the best ways to show you care for him.

Go for A Couples’ Massage

Life is beautiful but most times we get so busy that we forget the little things that make it beautiful, for example, going for a couple's massage. A couple’s massage is when you and a friend each enjoy a massage side-by-side with two therapists that work at the same time. Depending on the spa, a couple’s massage may include soothing music, aromatherapy, candle lighting, and other relaxing amenities. Many spas include complimentary access to saunas, pools, fitness centres, and other amenities with treatment reservations. Valentine's Day is a good time to get this done.

Tell him you need a ride downtown, when you pass by the Spa, tell him you need to book an appointment quickly. Go in and have the Spa attendant go get him from the car. He's definitely going to have a confused look on his face when he sees what you have planned but he will definitely enjoy that moment. Relax together, calm these aching nerves, ease off the stress and strained muscles. When couples do things together their bond is strengthened. Couples massages make great romantic gifts for men.

A Romantic Picnic/Dinner

This will require some creativity and planning from your part. While spontaneity is great, planning is required to make things run smoothly and effectively with no last minute disappointments. Also, planning dates also show your spouse that spending time together is a top priority, which goes a long way in the romance department. The dinner can either be at home or at a place your husband treasures.

Having a romantic dinner at home can be much more special than eating out, not to mention less expensive. If you want to plan a romantic dinner at home with your date, all you have to do is thoughtfully prepare a menu and set the mood before the dinner date starts. Though your romantic dinner at home should go as smoothly as possible, you should have a backup plan just in case. This might mean having the menu to your favourite sushi restaurant or popping a frozen pizza in the fridge. But if you decide to eat out, as Valentine's day approaches, ask all the questions that you deem important without raising suspicions. Ask to know what restaurant or hotel he has been longing to visit. Make a reservation for two and wait patiently for that day to arrive without spilling the beans out of the bag.

Remind Him That He Means The World to You with These Enchanting Gifts

Frame His Name

People love to see their names on items. You can take the initiative to frame his name. There was once a time when photo frames used to be the obvious choice of gift, although that has gradually faded out, how about making the good old idea of gifting photo frames surprisingly special? What I mean by making it special is by spelling the name of your husband with his best pictures. This gift is not only special but exceptional. It is a unique gift that will always have a special place not just in your home but in his heart. To place an order make a quick stop at and get this unique gift at a price of Rs.1350.

An Elegant Navy Blue Indowestern Outfit


Add something exceptional to his clothing collection. Visit and choose from the wide selection of luxurious colours and exquisite fabrics to suit every traditional occasion and festival. Their Indo Western attires are beautiful and have a highly detailed embroidery and intricate work. Your husband will certainly be enthralled by this exceptional piece which goes for a price of Rs. 14999.

Tempo Men's Combo Synthetic Loafers Shoes


One of the most important things in a man's wardrobe is his footwear. Shoes define people's personality and class. Use This opportunity to get your husband something sturdy and stylish; some of the great quality that will last long. The Tempo Men's Combo Pack Of 3 Synthetic Loafers Shoes is a perfect choice of shoes, these shoes are crafted using fine quality synthetic material which makes them durable and comfortable providing comfort to your feet. They have a flexible and soft sole which increases traction and their exclusive design which gives a trendy look. The shoes have a design that goes with almost all kinds of attires and are suitable for almost all occasions. They are crafted in a way that they find a place in your wardrobe. They can be easily worn for long duration and will never go out of style. At, you can get Tempo Men's Combo Pack Of 3 Synthetic Loafers Shoes for Rs. 649.

Golden Tickets

Redeemable tickets to pamper your loved one with dinner, drives, compliments and more. Let him know how special he is with these fun redeemable tickets inspired by Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Each ticket has a little gesture that you are legally obliged to fulfil. You both will have so much fun with the golden tickets. Get the tickets at at a price tag of Rs. 590.

Letters to My Love

These love letters will definitely rekindle the flame of love in your marriage. These letters contain 7 adorable reasons why you want him to stay with you forever. Each letter is packaged in a handcrafted envelope and numbered. The 7th letter can be customized by you if you please or the standard template will be used for the 7th letter as well. The content can be shared in the order form after the payment page. The content of the letters: Reasons to stay mine forever. To make an order, visit and get the Letters to my love for a price of Rs. 590.

Giftsmate Cotton Best Husband Ever T-shirt


Celebrate love and make the most important person in your life feel loved with the Gifts-mate Valentine Gifts Printed Men’s Cotton Husband T-shirt Best Husband Ever; a special collection of printed love t-shirts for men. Made from 100% cotton fabric, these men t-shirts are a must have for all men’s wardrobe. You get to choose from an exciting, fun & quirky designs and also pick a choice of colour to make your husband feel extremely important and special to you. Place an order at and this beautiful set will be delivered to you. It goes for a price of Rs.499.

Quirky Fridge Magnet

Turn your fridge into a carousel of memories with a really unique magnet customized with your favourite photos. Instead of just one picture, you will be given 4 pictures so that your loved one can change them whenever they want. All you have to do is select a magnet of your choice, upload 4 pictures and let handle the rest. The Quirky Fridge Magnet costs Rs. ₹490. The customization and selection can be done in the order form after the payment page. You can choose any ONE magnet from the given options,

Combo of Stylish Graphic Watch Sunglass And Leather Wallet


The Combo of Stylish Graphic Watch Sunglass And Leather Wallet is a perfect combo for a man of style and class. These 3 items are things most men consider as vital and important, and gifting your husband these amazing combo will be a plus for you. To make an order, check out and get the Combo of Stylish Graphic Watch Sunglass And Leather Wallet for just Rs. 659.

Tied Ribbbons Romantic Valentine Gift


This fabulous 'love gift set' is the perfect way to express your love and gratitude to the love of your life, and show how important your man is to you. This is an apt gift for your husband. The stunning flower sack filled with bright red roses, a designer necktie and Valentine's Day greeting card would make your man happy beyond imagination. This is a registered Tied Ribbons product, and right from the raw material to the final outcome, the entire combo has been processed in India. Each product is carefully wrapped to avoid any kind of damage during the transit. So you can be sure that the gift will arrive in one piece. This romantic gift can be gotten at for Rs. 749 only.

Locked for My Love

All the gifts are packaged in a beautiful steel box and sealed with a 3-digit lock. The gifts are: Customized Fridge Magnet, a quirky fridge magnet customized with 2 pictures of your choice (The photos can be uploaded in the order form after the payment page), Chocolates: a pouch of handcrafted Cupid’s Crunch (or milk chocolates), Vintage Pocket Watch: a classy vintage pocket watch, letters to my love: a bunch of 7 adorable letters with 7 reasons ‘to stay mine forever.' This Special Edition gift only opens for those who work for it. Lock your secret messages in QR codes and make your loved one unravel the notes and a 3-digit code needed to open the box. Visit to make an order for a price of Rs. 2,240.

Here's how it works:

  • Share 4 one-liner messages.
  • Each message will be translated into QR codes and printed on 4 cards.
  • Your loved one will have to scan the QR code using any scanning app to read the messages. They will also find a 3-digit code in the last message.
  • Your loved one can use the code to open the lock and find the gifts.

Make The Day about Him; Spoil Him Silly with Your Words, Gifts And Attention

The truth is this; it is not only women that love attention, men too. In fact, everyone loves attention, even little babies. Shower attention on people and their reaction will make you smile. Let Valentine’s Day be about your husband, no kids to interrupt, no incoming emails, no chatting and surfing the net; focus on the one person that means the world to you; your husband. Drop notes at places your husband will be sure to visit or pass by, place one on the mirror in the bathroom, place one on the door of his wardrobe, on the dining table and places you know he will certainly spot.

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Do Little Things That Shows Him Your Love

In our busy lives, we tend to forget that relationships need work and also lots of love and care. We leave things to stagnate, issues to ferment and as this goes, everything boils up suddenly. This Valentine's day makes an effort to attend to your husband, do little things to show your love as well as a thoughtful gift. Most important of all? Learn to communicate. Make sure you talk out your issues; Not just that, communicate your love. A simple "I Love You" could do wonders for your relationship. So this Valentine's Day, drop your inhibitions and make your love known.