Shower Your Love On Him: 10 Stand Out Valentine's Day Gift for Your Boyfriend(2020)

Shower Your Love On Him: 10 Stand Out Valentine's Day Gift for Your Boyfriend(2020)

As the day of love approaches, it is time to think of ideas to make the day memorable for your boyfriend. If you are looking to surprise your boyfriend, don't just stick to the usual romantic gestures, consider offbeat gifts too ! BP Guide India has put together a comprehensive list that not only includes the traditional Valentine's Day gifts but also some quirky ones to charm your boyfriend.

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How To Pick the Right Valentine's Day Gift for Boyfriend?

Take Advantage Of the Liberty to Be Mushy And Romantic

Your Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend is the ideal and indeed an expected occasion where you can be all mushy and romantic for him. You have a thousand ideas to either create or buy a special gift for the love of your life. And no other day can be as perfect as this one to pick romantic gifts over those practical ones.

Ditch Those Practical Gifts for a Little While

As we noted earlier, you must ditch the practical gifts on the occasion of Valentine. In fact, you can find a great variety of personalized and romantic items for your guy easily. You would never be able to create amazing memories if you keep on buying boring gifts for your guy. Remember - it is not necessary to always choose sensible gifts - why not go wild once in a while!

As Always, Personalization is the Key

We always suggest personalized gift items for such occasions - after all, it is a day of love. The Valentine's Day presents for him, chosen by you, must show your love for him and display the efforts made by you for him. From engraving names to pictures, the digital liberty these days provide all sorts of possibilities for you. Just start exploring ahead of time.

10 Unusual Valentine's Day Gifts for Boyfriend

1. Shining Memory Personalized Lamp


Let’s get started with the list of amazing Valentine’s Day gift for boyfriend. The one that tops the chart is a pretty shining personalized lamp. What makes this gift really special is the use of pictures in it and of course the soothing light coming out of this lamp.
It can be used as a bedside lamp and your guy will absolutely love this one. This lamp is made out of a bottle and emits fluorescent green light, giving out a glowing image of the photo.

The bulb is fitted inside the bottle and it comes with a wooden base holder too. The best part of this lamp is that even when it is switched off, the photo will still be visible on it. So, it is much like a decorative item. The photo does not fade away with time due to the light, and so this lamp will always look this cute.
This pretty memory lamp is available for purchase from for 799Rs.

2. 365 Ways to Make You Smile Calendar

We at BP-Guide have always believed in bringing up new and unique ideas for the purpose of gifting and this suggestion matches our thoughts really well. The “365 ways to make you smile calendar” has amazing collection of quotes in it, one for every day of the year.

Each quote is written inside a smiley so every time your guy will look at it, this calendar is surely going to put a smile on his face. This is such a thoughtful gift for your guy and can be placed either by his bedside or on his office desk. You can also buy one for yourself and it will perfectly match up the mood of you two.

The calendar is such a unique and creative idea to consider for a Valentine’s Day gift, and your guy would totally appreciate this gesture. You can buy this gift from for 399Rs.

3. Mosaic Art

For all those who do not know what a mosaic art means, it is about creating a beautiful portrait out of tiny pieces and fragments put together.

These little pictures or patterns combined makes the final portrait and it looks breathtakingly beautiful. Such kind of valentine gift for him is totally unique and very refreshing too. You need to customize this Mosaic Art Portrait by sharing 1 main portrait image along with 25 other supporting images for it.

This is such an amazing idea to put all the best memories that you two have shared together. The ultimate result of this art looks quite astonishing and the size of the frame will be 12X12 inches which is accompanied by a transparent acrylic glass covering. You can order this customized portrait from for 1590Rs.

4. Personalised Greeting Card

This idea is for those people who want to keep it minimal yet unique. Sometimes a simple greeting card can outdo every other pricey gift. In fact, it is such a gentle and simple way to convey your feelings to your loved ones.

So, why not consider a personalised greeting card for your guy which is just perfect for the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Now, what makes this card so special? It is the fact that you can customize it by including an photo and message of your own. The process takes literally nothing and you just need to upload all necessary items and share it while ordering this card. The dimension of the card will be 6 X 12 inches . This love themed super adorable card is the perfect example of minimalism. You can order your customized musical greeting card from for 1556 Rs.

A more budget friendly option is this musical greeting card for Rs. 499 that plays a romantic song when opened

5. Personalized Silver Cufflinks

What about considering a personalized cufflinks for him, even better, a silver one? This idea can be a little heavy on your pocket but it's really unique. Such kind of Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend are totally exquisite and you should keep up with your budget while going for them.

The cufflink is designed in such a way that each of them possesses both the initials of your guy’s name. While one is polished with gold, another one is polished with sterling silver. The complete set of this cufflink looks really gorgeous and your guy is totally going to love it.

You may also prefer to put the initials of both of your names too. It completely depends on your choice. The gold polish used in this cufflinks is that of 18k and the letters are carved in capitals. It is advisable to store this set in an airtight bag to ensure longevity. You can buy this customized cufflink set from for 2999Rs.

6. 3D Crystal with Light Base

We are pretty much sure that you never would have thought about such a unique gift for your boyfriend on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. The crystal is a total one of a kind masterpiece and you could not agree more on it.

On top of everything, the customization and 3D projection are going to steal away your heart. The dimensions of the crystal are 8 X 8 X 10cm and it comes with a light base too. The crystal is made up of transparent glass and your picture will be customized on it. So, make sure you choose the right image as it will be projected in 3D through the crystal. The light base adds another bonus, a lamp, for night use. The LED light used for the crystal does not fade off your picture, so no worries about that. This is the kind of gift which is going to hold your memories for a lifetime. It is available on for 3650Rs.

7. Muscle Coffee Mug

Of course, coffee mugs have become such a clichéd option, not only as a valentine's day romantic gift but for other occasions too. And this is why we decided to pick something unique this time, other than those customized picture coffee mugs.

This one is a muscle coffee mug which is literally the perfect representation of your guy. The handle is shaped like a muscled man’s arm and this black coffee mug’s design is far from boring. The perfect representation of what guys would say, “beast mode”. This 3D mug is made of ceramic so you won’t have to worry about breaking the glass mugs anymore. A very long lasting and uber-cool gift for the guy who is a total gym freak. However, you must know that it is neither microwave safe nor dishwasher safe. You can buy this superb glossy finished muscle coffee mug from for Rs.799

8. Chocolate Box with Love Cards


Well, of course we cannot bring everything super unique and super different all the time, so why not to prefer some chocolates this time? This box of chocolates for your guy can be clichéd but just perfect for the romantic occasion of Valentine’s Day.

It can be a repetitive idea but what brings the USP is that each chocolate comes with a love card of its own. The box has 12 pieces of assorted cubed shaped chocolates with small greeting cards. Another amazing thing is that all the chocolates are homemade and contains unique flavours too. So, basically it is going to be one big treat for your guy. The entire packaging is done in a beautiful black box which looks all sorts of royal and gorgeous. This is one luxurious looking gift for your guy which is a great combination of exotic flavours and romance. You can buy this chocolate box from for Rs.690

9. Love Story Postcard Set


Moving on with the unique Valentine’s Day gift for boyfriend, the next one here also keeps up the mark. This one is a love story message postcard set. It contains 8 postcards each of size 4 X 6 inches.
Specially designed for the romantic occasions of Valentine’s Day and anniversaries, you are going to love this one for its creativity. Each of the card has comic couple characters on it along with love quotes. You still have the option to write your personal feelings at the back of each of these sheets.

The best part is that you have got separate ones for each day like chocolate day, rose day, propose day etc. So, this is going to be quite like a match made in heaven for the occasion of Valentine’s Day. The characters drawn are so relatable, doing activities that couples do all the time. The gift is surely very thoughtful and very touching too. It is available on for 149Rs. only.

10. Personalized iPhone Cover 3D

This one is a condition bound gift and of course applicable only when your guy is using an iPhone. This phone cover is suitable for iPhone 6/6 plus, iPhone 5/5C and other generations. But of course, it is not something ordinary that we are suggesting here.

The iPhone cover contains a picture at the back which is displayed in 3D. The complete personalization is done by the manufacturers in a pretty nice way. The cover is available in white colour with the picture customized on it. This one is just an example as you can find the same option for other smartphones too. You just need to share the picture you want to be customized at the back and that’s it.
This wonderful 3D iPhone cover is available at many sites one such is for 249 Rs.

Bonus: Out of The Box Ideas To Surprise Your Boyfriend on V-Day!

There is a large possibility that hundreds of other girls like you will be buying a similar Valentine’s Day gift for their boyfriends. And this is why we have got some bonus ideas only a few will recommend to you and these are actually quite different too. To be sincere, they are a lot more fun as well.

Monogamy Adult Couples Game

An adult game on the occasion of Valentine’s Day sounds just perfect. The Monogamy Adult Couples Game is one passionate affair put together in form of a board game. You can find all the instructions inside the box itself. Buy this amazing adult game for your guy on Valentine’s Day from for 1,873Rs.

Name A Star

It is time to try out something different on this Valentine’s Day for the love of your life. Naming a star after your guy’s name is going to be something really incredible for him. And it can be done pretty easily along with a certificate too. No matter how much you try, you cannot find something as interesting and incredible as this gift. Get this Name a Star gift pack from for 2150Rs.

When In Doubt, Always Bake A Cake


One of the easiest and clichéd way to plan the best Valentine's Day gift for your boyfriend is to bake a cake for him. We always come up with the minutest ideas and this time it is to bake the favourite cake of your guy. It will hardly take more than a few hours and no other gift can beat this beautiful surprise for him.

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Tweak It For Your Relationship Stage

Valentine's Day is all about love, and you want to make sure your celebrations are joyous and memorable. However do keep in mind your relationship stage. Your plans for your day will differ if you have just started dating or if you are dating seriously or are in a committed long term relationship. After all, whatever you do or say this day will give a clear message to your loved one, so make your choice carefully!