How to Pick the Best Gifts for Your Boyfriend Ever: Tips & Tricks and 10 Awesome Gifts for Him

How to Pick the Best Gifts for Your Boyfriend Ever: Tips & Tricks and 10 Awesome Gifts for Him

Looking for the best ever birthday gift for your boyfriend? Or perhaps something for your anniversary or Valentine's Day. Whatever may the occasion be, picking the best gifts for your boyfriend will now be a lot easier thanks to our innovative tips. Read on to know more.

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Are you wondering what to give to your boyfriend? Well, no matter what the occasion is, you will be able to get him the best gift ever once you go through this post. It is true that picking the best gift for the guy is a quite a daunting task but you need not worry. In this article, we have noted down some exceptional ideas, tips and unique gift suggestions for men.

Invest More in Your Relationship

The primary thing that you have to do is be more invested in the relationship. It does not mean that you have to spend a bunch of cash on him or never leave his side. That would be absurd and a little weird. What you need to do is be there for him whenever he needs you and spend quality time together. Give him your entire attention whenever you two meet. Let him know how much he means to you; if not always through words, then through your actions. Show him your affection through physical gestures. Holding hands, A loving kiss or a warm hug has a lot of power. Let these simple acts of love bring joy and happiness in your lives.

Importance of Gifts in a Relationship

Love is natural and so is it's expression. It's true that no gift can replace your feelings. But gifts do have some importance in a relationship. Gifts make your loved ones feel truly wanted and appreciated. Sometimes a gift also provides motivation. The best thing about a gift is that it contributes to the relationship by making your loved ones feel special. Giving a gift to your loved one may not be the only way to express love, but it does help strengthen bonds and initiate communication.

Tips to Surprise Him with the Right Gift

The purpose of a gift is to make your boyfriend feel special and for that what you have to do is pick the right gift for him. Everyone likes surprises. If you truly want to surprise your boyfriend then you need to be a bit discreet. It would surely be tempting to tell him about the amazing gift you got for him. But it would be more fun if you make him work for it a little. Make an event of the whole thing. Send your boyfriend on a scavenger hunt to find the gift. This will indeed pique his excitement. Another approach you can follow is to do some social media stalking and go through his likes and search history. That way you will be able to make up your mind about the best thing to get for him.

Ideas for Choosing Unique Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Before you set off on the journey of selecting a fantastic gift for your boyfriend, read through this article. Here we have listed some fantastic tips, tricks and gift ideas which will aid you with your boyfriend's gift selection.

Pick Something Timeless

Gifts available in the market are aplenty and here is where you have to apply your brainstorm to pick something which would be a timeless asset. To decide on the perfect gift for your boyfriend reflect on his interests. Pick classic gifts suited to his nature and related to the things that interest him. You can present him with a cosy pair of gloves to keep his hands warm and toasty in winter. If he is a sports enthusiast or a regular runner then you can present gift him with a set of comfy sweats that he can wear while pursuing his fitness goals. A cool pair of headphones for the music lover, a good camera for the photography enthusiast or a set of tennis racquets for the tennis player are all examples of classic gifts that have timeless appeal.

Jot Down His Interests

Your boyfriend's hobbies and interests are the keys to finding the perfect gift for him. You must already have a pretty good idea about things which interest him. So pick out gifts that fuel his passions. If he is a guitar player, buy him an amplifier. If writing is his hobby, then get him a nice little journal and a pen. If he is the sports enthusiast, get him his favourite team's jersey, if he is an amateur chef, get him a set of kitchen knives or a customised apron. Encourage him to follow his dreams and passions through thoughtful gifts.

Count on DIY Gifts

DIY or handmade gifts are personal, heartfelt and pocket-friendly. DIY gifts may sound complicated and time-consuming, actually are incredibly easy to make. Even something as simple as a handmade card can become a very special gift when presented in the proper way. Some classic DIY gifts are photo collage, handknit scarf, scrapbook, or box of homemade cookies, gift baskets and a candy-filled mason jar. Put your own spin on the gift to make it extra special; let your creativity soar.

10 Exciting Gifts that You can Buy for Your Loved One

Now that you have some amazing tips and awesome ideas, the next step is to select a fabulous gift from the list. We have created a list of some of the most unique gifts for men that you can choose from.

Taj Experiences Gift Card


When you hear the name Taj, it immediately brings to mind the feelings of grandeur and opulence. The Taj Experience Gift Card can be bought from Amazon starting at Rs.900. It is valid for 365 days right from the date of the issuance. This card can be redeemed at Gateway hotels in India, Vivanta and Taj. Your boyfriend can also use it for spa service.

Grooming Set

A man needs proper grooming as well. Pamper your boyfriend by gifting him ‘The Charcoal Gang’ grooming set. The best thing about this combo is that it contains all the grooming essentials such as- body wash, soap bar, face wash, shampoo, cleansing gel and face scrub. Each of them is infused with different ingredients like cinnamon, lemongrass, black pepper, argan, clove, peppermint etc. This complete set will offer your boyfriend the best cleansing experience leaving him feeling fresh and rejuvenated. You can get it from at Rs.2199.

Stylish Wallet


The wallet is the most common accessory used by men. But you can bring a twist and elevate the charm by giving this top-notch ‘WildHorn Blue Men’s Wallet’ to him. Also, it will be the best gift for a boyfriend for the first meet. This item is extremely fashionable and it will keep the cash and cards organized in its different compartments. This stylish wallet is made of premium quality leather that lends it a long-lasting durability. It measures 14 x 11.5 x 2.5 cm. You might be surprised to know its price, which is Rs.518 only. Would not you like to grab it from Amazon today?

King of Hearts Wooden Plaque


To make the love of your life feel like a king, gift him this ‘King of Hearts Wooden Plaque.’ This gift is bound to please and amuse your boyfriend. This item can be personalized with this name with 12 as the maximum letter limit. It measures 5 x 7 inches and is composed of the finest quality wood, which makes it highly durable. Seeing his name engraved on this wooden plaque will surely make him feel on top of the clouds. What else you want! Order it from site at Rs.599 only.

Shimmering Cufflinks and Silk Tie Set


Guys always desire to look smart and classy in official meets or wedding events! Well, if your boyfriend often attends formal meetings then this ‘Shimmering Cufflinks and Silk Tie Set’ will be a striking gift for him. This package contains a set of crystal colour cufflinks, a tie and a matching pocket square. What can be more alluring than getting a package of gift! Your boyfriend will surely appreciate your choice. You can buy it from for Rs.999, only.

Cool Sunglasses


Sunglasses have a power to incredibly enhance one's look but the only condition is that it should be cool. You would surely want your boyfriend to stand out from the crowd and therefore, you can consider this ‘REX Polarized UV400 Protected Sunglasses’. It is extremely chic as well as cool, which makes it one of the masterpieces. This aviator is made of rich quality material and is one of the best-polarized sunglasses for men. It is not only a high fashion accessory, but this classic aviator will also protect your boyfriend’s eyes from UVA and UVB radiations. It is very cost-effective viz, Rs.320 and you can grab this fantastic item from Amazon. No doubt, this is the best gift for boyfriend under 500.

Dancing Couple Wire Key Chain

This ‘Dancing Couple Wire Key Chain’ can be the best gift for boyfriend ever as it exhibits the bond between the couple. Receiving this keychain as a gift will certainly make your boyfriend feel very special. Well, the best part is it will make him miss you every time he holds this lovely keychain. This item is composed of optimum quality metal and it will last long for years. Your boyfriend can use it as a keychain for car or bike keys. Exhibiting incredible charm, this keychain ensures to become the favourite accessory of your boyfriend. You can purchase it from Flipkart website at Rs.178,only.

Dumbbell Water Bottle


The goal is to pick the best gift for boyfriend ever and here comes ‘Dumbbell Water Bottle’. This is exceptional water bottle your boyfriend will ever have. It measures 23 x 9 x 9 cm and can hold 550 ml of water. Featuring dumbbell-shape, this funky water bottle will be a perfect thing for a light workout. Your boyfriend can even take it to the office or gym. Is not it a one of the unique gifts for boyfriend? Get it at Rs.471 from

Whiskey Glasses


Whiskey glasses! Yes, you read it right. A classic set of ‘Frisky Whiskey Glasses’ can be a distinctive gift he will get from you. Featuring playful text, it will surely make your boyfriend laugh out loud. It comes in a set of two at Rs.899 only. You can get it from right away. For your information, whiskey glasses are considered the top birthday gifts for men.

Personalised Alphabet Mug

If you want to add a touch of personalisation to your gift then this ‘Personalised Alphabet Mug to Express’ is the right choice for you. The best part about this gift it that you can personalise it with a cool text along with a picture. You just have to send a high-resolution image of size 2 to 10 MB and the text that you want to showcase on the mug, to the email ID provided at the site. This mug measures 9 x 11 x 8 cm and is made of the finest quality material. It cost Rs.325 only and you can order it from site.

Bonus Tips to Build Your Bond with Your Partner

Shower Him With Love

Gifts are must but you should not forget to shower your boyfriend with love. You have to tell him about your feelings and be on his side whenever he needs you. Remember, a lover is the best friend. You have to be his comrade so that he can disclose his problems and share moments of happiness with you.

Make Him Feel Special

Your boyfriend is your beloved, so make him feel special. Don't wait for special occasions, to give him your attention. Turn an ordinary day into a special one by giving him sweet surprises. So, do something special for him and tell him that you love him to the moon and back. You can tell him that you miss him when he is unable to meet you once a week. Another way to make him feel great is to talk to him about his qualities, which make him special.

Give Him Importance

There is no doubt that you have a wide array of a network but you have a lovely boyfriend too. So, make sure you talk and share your life with him. Asking for his advice on vital matters will make him feel more included in your life. Don't ignore his messages or calls. Let him know if you are busy and call him afterwards. The most important thing in a relationship is honesty and openness. Be true to him and share your innermost secrets with him.

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Gifts are only as important as the thought behind them. Before buying a gift for your boyfriend reflect on your relationship. What are the things that make you two click, what sets you apart from others? These little things are what matter the most. Use gifts to reach out to your boyfriend and become his true soulmate.