Great Birthday Gifts for Him are Hard to Come By! Use Our Ideas to Find the Perfect Gift Each Time & 10 Super Gifts for Boyfriend on Birthday (2019)

Great Birthday Gifts for Him are Hard to Come By! Use Our Ideas to Find the Perfect Gift Each Time & 10 Super Gifts for Boyfriend on Birthday (2019)

If you want to make your boyfriend feel special, his birthday is the day to do it. Show him you put time and effort into giving him the perfect present and birthday experience. We’ve come up with some gift ideas to make your boyfriend’s birthday something special. It will be a day he’ll never forget, thanks to you!

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Finding the Best Birthday Gift for Your Boyfriend

Being in love, and having someone to care for and to care for you is immensely beautiful. Long gone are the shy days of yesterday’s generation. The youth is full of love and ready to express it all the more. Some might mock the fast-paced relationships of the present day, but keeping all the judgements apart, it is love. However naïve, however new or old. Love is always beautiful.

Each individual has different love languages. Some use words of affirmation, while some are silent and only express through actions. Some can easily display emotion, where some fall back. The difference in love languages can be overcome only through trials and misses. But a love language, that is common to one and all are gifts. Gifts manage to cheer everybody, regardless of age, relationship, or even level of grumpiness. It is the most beautiful way to convey to your partner, your affection, love and all your little feelings.

And when the occasion is your loved one’s birthday, we encourage you to take a step further. Gift them something, that would make them feel so very special and cherished. Each birthday, gift something, that would make it the best birthday till date. And we are here to help you do that.

Top Ten Gift Picks for Your Dashing Boyfriend

For your darling partner, here we have chosen ten unique birthday gifts. Here there is something for every budget. Plus, these gifts are chosen in such a way that anybody would like them. These are completely inclusive in the manner of acceptability and these products are in a way both generic and quirky. So, go ahead and shop for your love and have a great birthday; one that is always to be remembered.

Semi-Formal Loafers

The statement that a woman can never have too many footwears is kind of sexist. This applies to a man too. One can never have too many footwears. But when it comes to gifting a pair of footwear, it could get slightly tricky. Casuals are too mainstream, and workwear is too boring. But we have found the perfect pair that strikes a balance between the two, and how? The answer is Semi-formal Loafers! These pair of shoes can be worn on a casual day out with linen pants or shorts and to a board meeting with the right work suit. It is a pair of footwear that easily transitions from day wear to night wear.

The Coffee Brown Solid Penny Loafers by Invictus from is an absolutely gorgeous pair of shoes. It is round-toed, with a simple classic design and slips on fashion. It comes with a structured detailing on the upper side, adding an edge to the otherwise plain pair. The shoe has a stacked heel, but the cushioned footbed gives all the needed comfort and ease. The outsole is also textured and patterned for completing the look. These shoes can be paired with linen shorts, a casual day out pants, ethnic wear and also can be worn to work. It is sure to earn you man a lot of compliments. Shoes definitely say a lot about the person, so why not make a classy impression. The coffee brown colour also is sure to compliment a lot more outfits than the usual black. Grab these from at just Rs. 1,749.

Fitness Band

For the health-conscious boyfriend, the best gift would be something that aids him in his health journey. Something that he can use every day during workouts, and on other occasions in the same manner. And the only thing that men take from the gym to all places possible is a fitness band. A fitness band if chosen correctly can be a unique accessory, that look, feels good and is extremely useful, both inside and outside the gym.

The GO - Camo Black Fitness Wearable Band by Blink from is the perfect gift for your fitness freak love. It has a colour display and comes with a range of designer straps to choose from. This camo design band comes with an extra black band, making it suitable for a more formal look. The main features of this band include sleep tracking, a heart sense monitor; that checks the rate, a sport mode and activity tracker for workouts, the leaderboard for competition among friends and social sharing to share achievements of social media. Also, this band helps handle notifications and alerts with ease, decreasing his phone screen time to a great extent. This fitness band has a great battery backup with hassle-free charging. So, go ahead and grab this at Rs. 1,889.

Wallet and Belt set


The options for accessories are endless for women, but when it comes to men only a few things cut it. For men, the greatest accessories are their shoes, belt and wallets. These are the only things they can flaunt on a daily basis without looking ready for a wedding. And getting a new wallet would bring the same happiness to a man, that a woman would get on getting gifted her favourite branded handbag. So, you get the gist. Gift your man his favourite accessories. And since a belt alone or wallet alone would look too bland, gift him a branded and classy wallet and belt set.

Cross is a brand loved by all men, and the Cross Black Men's Wallet and belt set from is a true birthday gift. The set includes a classic black belt and wallet made of leather and fine silver finish detailing. The simple design makes it all the more inclusive and conforming to every outfit and occasion. Both the wallet and belt have a sleek design and comes in the signature cross gift box. This lovely combo would make the perfect birthday gift that gives out oodles of sophistication, comfort and style. Purchase this unique combo at just Rs.1,722.

White Kurta

If one thing looks good on all men, it is a white shirt or white kurta. It is still not known, how such a plain piece of clothing can ooze so much of oomph and good looks, but the magic really happens. A man wearing a white shirt or kurta with blue jeans instantly looks attractive. So, this time ladies, let your man look like the million-dollar baby that he is. Gift him a gorgeous white kurta, that would be the most basic, but at the same time; be the most attractive and not so basic outfit he owns. Purchase the best quality white kurta out there and let him rock the ethnic cum casual look with panache.

When it comes to kurtas and ethnic wear, your first destination must be Their kurtas have a charm that any other brand fails to give. The white kurta chosen from will indeed be a thoughtful and inviting gift. It is a long kurta with full sleeves and Chinese collar; and should we remind you how good the rolled-up sleeves look. Made entirely out of pure cotton in dobby weave, this kurta makes a style statement with is elegance. This is one kurta, that will help your man get creative and make n number of outfits. Get your hands on this lovely piece of clothing for just Rs.1,190. It is both pocket-friendly and striking.

Gold Band

For your love that shines brighter than gold, and a man who is no less than a gem; you need to gift something worthy of all that shine. If your pocket permits, this birthday gift your man a gold band; precious metal for a precious man. A gold band is an exquisite gift and is also an investment; no value depreciation. And to be very open, even men like a little piece of jewellery on their body; rest assured that the design is clean and sharp.

Candere by Kalyan Jewellers presents you the Danny Gold wedding band for him. Do not let the name intimidate you, it is a classy ring made in 18-carat yellow gold with platinum detailing and weighs around 4.55 grams. It is a simple, yet elegant sleek design that he wouldn’t mind wearing with all kind of outfits and occasions. Candere also provides you customization by an engraving of names. So, if the decision is to spend a little hefty, buy him this stunning ring. And if you are to take your relationship to the next level, go ahead; break the stereotypes and pop him the question. There is no better occasion than his birthday to do so and maybe as the name suggests, this would indeed become a wedding ring. This ring is available at for Rs.17,869.

Skin Care Essentials

The perfect gift for a man who is conscious about his skin and looks is gifting him everything needed to do so. The catch here is to buy him the right products. In the name of skincare, it is mostly chemicals that we lather on our faces. Thus, it is mandatory to buy skin-friendly products for the right results. When it comes to men skin care products, everything is on the tougher and a harsher side, keeping in mind the fact that men have rougher skin, however, this may strip their skin off all the necessary nutrients and oil. But not when the products are completely ayurvedic and healthy.

The made for a man gift box from is a specially curated gift box for men. It consists of a face wash, aftershave and a facial moisturizer; all three of which coming in 50 ml bottles. This facewash will be extremely gentle on his skin and is completely devoid of soap. The foaming agents present are completely natural and organic. The aftershave has sandalwood and orange peel as the main ingredients, and the moisturizer is meant to be immensely hydrating. Your man is sure to feel pampered with this box of luxurious Ayurveda. Grab this gift box at just Rs. 1,495.

Grooming Kit


When it comes to men, grooming kits are a staple. He wants to rock a beard; he needs it groomed. A moustache, it needs to be groomed. Wants to rock the clean shave look, well; he needs grooming. In all these severe cases of grooming, the only solution is a great grooming kit, and this birthday you can gift him one. This would be something that he would use the most, and for the longest.

The Syska HT3052K Grooming Kit is indeed one of the best grooming kits available in the market. It is an 8 in 1 grooming kit and has a docking station, a hair trimmer, a nose trimmer, a precision trimmer, adjustable combs, a foil shaver head, and a cleaning brush. The blades are made of stainless steel and the set comes with 20 length settings; for all your trimming and grooming needs. The battery is rechargeable, and a one-hour charging gives a working time of 50 minutes. This grooming kit will save your man lots of money will make trimming a hell lot easy and will make him look sharp and on spot each time. So, why wait, get your Mr. Boyfriend, this grooming set for Rs. 1,699.


When in doubt, gift a perfume. This should become a great lesson. A perfume is aesthetically a great gift for your man, and a man who smells good, instantly seems a hundred times more attractive. While choosing the perfume, make sure that the fragrance isn’t overpowering. The notes must be subtle, and the fragrance long-lasting. Also, go for a brand that would please his senses and make a great gift.

The Calvin Klein, Eternity Aqua Eau De Toilette Perfume from will take you to the Bahamas of sweet scents. The fragrance is a significant one from Calvin Klein and is sure to stand out among others. The top notes of this gorgeous scent are of citrus, cucumber and lotus. After these, comes the middle notes of lavender, plum and Sichuan pepper making the perfume all the more desirable. To close it off and for the manly attractive scent the base notes of musk, guaiac wood, sandalwood and patchouli blend hand in hand. This captivating formula never goes out of style, and will surely please your birthday boy. Get a hold on 100 ml of this perfume for Rs. 2,800.

Leather Laptop Sleeve

The workaholics shouldn’t be left out. For the man who is in love with his work, and has a laptop for a pet, needs a gift that appreciates this quality in him. Get him the most stylish laptop sleeve that you can find. Let your boyfriend stride in style, when he walks into his office. Choose the right minimalistic and classic style, that would earn him tons of compliments.

The La Roma; Brown Leather Laptop Sleeve from is an eye-catcher. The laptop sleeve is made of leather, in beautiful yet quirky design. It is solid, comes in brown colour and is given golden accents for a hint of extravagance. The sleek and boxy design makes it a perfectly stylish holder for your laptop, and the bag comes with different compartments for added convenience. The rounded solid handles give the sleeve a character and much-needed ease of carriage. This laptop sleeve is sure to grab your loved one’s heart and is available for Rs.5,250.

Branded Eyewear

No outfit is complete without the right eyewear. It is an accessory that can take an outfit from drab to fab in a matter of seconds. A pair of cool sunnies, cannot only alleviate a look and protection from the sun but also hide sleep deprived and hungover eyes. Choose the right pair of sunnies for your boyfriend’s face shape and size. Make sure, it is neither too small nor big. A minute calculated guess will be enough to do so.

Your one-stop destination for all things eyewear is They cater to every price range, face shape, rim shape and brand. The John Jacobs full rim clubmaster sunglasses are an absolutely dashing pair of sunnies. It is one pair, that gives a laid-back as well as more put together look. This sunglass can take your boyfriend from a casual day out to a business meeting. It comes in the tortoise brown hue and design with golden detailing. The size can be selected as per your choice too. Grab these sunnies and gift them in the signature John Jacobs case for Rs. 4,500. These sunglasses also come with a one year warranty.

How to Find the Perfect Gift to Make His Birthday Special


It is not the size of the gift or its monetary value. It is the feelings, that lie behind them. The value is to immense love, and the thought of making your boyfriend feel all that love and care. Buy things that would bring a smile to his face. Buy him something that would make him feel like he is the best boyfriend in the world. Something that earns him compliments. Something that would remind him of you with a cute smirk. Follow these very simple tips, before you go in to make a purchase. This would make the process all easy and fun.

We encourage you to plan ahead of time to avoid last-minute mishaps, and planning ahead will also make it a walk in the park to surprise him. He is sure to suspect if you act weird near his birthday. This time act at ease, let him think that you forgot about it and finally catch him off guard. Trust us, everyone loves a little surprise.

  • Scavenge through trusted websites:
    There are numerous sites with a wide range of products to choose from. However, go for trusted websites with a greater customer base. These sites give the guarantee of good quality products that come from trusted vendors. They also have better warranty for the products you buy. Such websites have better customer services and return policies. So, in case you are not satisfied with the product that you have chosen, go ahead for a return.

  • Fix a budget:
    Your boyfriend's birthday shouldn’t mean shelling out all your money on material things. No loving partner would want you broke. So, fix an amount that you will be able to keep aside for buying gifts, and fix that as your budget. There is absolutely no need to go over your budget. We assure you that. There is a gift for every price range. Also fixing a price range, well ahead of time and acting on it will give you a better frame to work on in the matter of plans and may add a few bonus knick-knacks.

  • Purchase useful things only:
    When you think of buying a gift for your boyfriend, ensure you get him something useful. If it isn't something he uses every day, at least make sure it is something that crosses his mind or a thing that manages to catch his glance one or the other way. And for once, please say goodbye to teddies and soft toys, they are cliched and kind of overdone. Put your thought into giving him something worth every penny you spend, something that will become a part of his life.

  • Maintain aesthetics:
    For a change, this birthday, find gifts with the right aesthetics. Go for gifts that exude class and elegance. No more flashy things. Buy him something that oozes sophistication, every time he uses it. Something that is fit for every occasion. Make your gift different and edgy in all the right ways. An aesthetically pleasing gift shall remain evergreen both in use, as well as memories.

  • Buy branded and quality products:
    The next tip is to buy branded quality products. Brands do not necessarily mean pricey. There are various brands that are pocket-friendly. Brands also give us an idea of the quality of the product beforehand, as they do maintain a certain quality for their products. And then, everyone loves flaunting their branded goodies, even if they don’t, they would definitely enjoy using them. So, let’s go all brand conscious this birthday.

  • Shop for his preferences:
    It's his birthday, and on this day his wish is your command. Buy products you know he will love. If he is into gadgets, get him one. If he loves to dress up, get him something related to that. The summary is to buy him something he loves, and not what you would love on him. There is a huge difference between two. This birthday gift him acceptance of his choices.

Make the Gift Even More Special with These Additions

Just gift wrapping any random thing you have got will not cut the bar when it comes to his birthday. You need to give it a touch of love and lots of affection. You need to make it as personal as possible. This will make the gift all the more special to him. All gifts need your touch, something that makes it a part of you being gifted to him. Act contrary to the myth that men hate feelings. They are always open to feelings and would love it if you shower them with love. Step away from sexist and stereotypic myths.

Give Him a Hand Written Love Letter


In this era of text messages and a multitude of apps for messaging, hand written letters have been long forgotten. The essence of love that is filled in a handwritten love letter or note is a thousand times more than that of a WhatsApp text. So, along with his gift, sneak in a beautiful card with a lovely note, or a sweet love letter, and make sure it is handwritten. Write down your emotions, wishes and love towards him. This will be one piece of paper that he would treasure and one that would make his birthday gift simply perfect. To make this even special write on unique papyrus from at just Rs.225. They also come with gorgeous envelopes.

Gifts are Made Perfect with Flowers

Along with gifts, give your love a bunch of flowers, or at least a rose. The sweet scent and beauty of flowers will bring charm and purity to your gift. The softness and beauty of flowers will bear a resemblance to your love and feelings. Even men like to be showered with soft gestures, and nothing can be as soft as flowers. And if you want to add some chocolates or his favourite cake to this combo; please do so. Desserts are always welcome. To get this done easily, log on to, they have lovely bouquets, cakes and chocolates for every occasion. Get your customized combo from for his birthday this year, or else go for the most beautiful bouquet of white lilies at just Rs.1,699. You can thank us later!

Gift Him Time

Last but the most important of them all is time. The greatest gift you can give your boyfriend is your time, attention and love. If you are in a long-distance relationship, give him a surprise visit. If you both have not been able to spend a lot of time lately, take the day off for him and pamper your man to the core. And if you really can’t make it to his birthday, make sure your gift reaches him on time, and make it up to him soon. Time is the greatest gesture of love, and your man deserves it. We wish the happiest birthday to your love!

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From our editorial team

Ask Him

You can always simply ask him what he wants for his birthday. You don’t have to ask him to pick something out necessarily. You can say something like, “What kind of birthday gifts do you like most?” That way maybe you can narrow it down enough to give you a few good choices.

Most importantly, trust your gut. If you look at something in a store that happens to be kind of random and you just really feel like you’ll love it, go for it. After all, he’s your boyfriend, so you of all people should be able to guess what kind of gift he would like if you really put some thought into it. And with the above guide, you can’t go wrong.