Create Unforgettable Moments on Your Boyfriends Birthday by Showering Him with Love Through These 10 Spectacular Gifts (2019)

Create Unforgettable Moments on Your Boyfriends Birthday by Showering Him with Love Through These 10 Spectacular Gifts (2019)

What to make it the most remarkable birthday ever? Stick around to learn some invigorating ways to spice up his birthday. In addition, you will learn of some ways to make his birthday unforgettable, through a presentation of surprise gifts. Classic Watches, A Wooden Plaque or selecting what he loves and turning on a dark a naughty side for his birthday are some ways to make his birthday picturesque. Find these and many more gift ideas herein.

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Why Use Gifts to Make This Birthday, His Best One Ever?

His birthday is coming and you want to make sure it becomes as memorable as it can be. He has always done some beautiful and unexpected things for you on your birthday, but this time you want to do something even better. Then this article is all you need, and the solution to all your problems is a beautiful and thoughtfully chosen gift! Wondering why? Keep reading.

Simply Saying, He Deserves It!

He loves you, understands you, cares for you, and tries hard to give you every little thing you want. He is there for you when nobody else is, it's hard to imagine life without his support. Such a boyfriend is one in a million and you have one, then he definitely deserves something special.

He Always Wins You with the Best Gifts Possible And You Want to Be the Winner This Time

If your boyfriend has always amazed you by the gifts he gives you, the perfect choices, the deep love. If he always wins you over with the little surprises and always gifts something that you always wanted or you badly need, whether you know it or not, he knows, then this is your chance to surprise him and show him that your love even surpasses his. This birthday, land the perfect gift at his doorstep and give him a bright smile on his face as well as win his heart all over again.

Ever-Lasting Relationships Need a Showering of Love from Time to Time

It is a truth that real and meaningful relationships are fueled with love and love only. You both need just each other and nothing else, true. But it doesn't mean that then you should never do anything to appreciate each other's soulful presence. Beautiful relationships are those where partners understand and appreciate each other from time to time with different means, preferably, gifts. Gifts become the bridges between you when hard times drag you apart, whether the reason is the hectic work life, family load, responsibilities or anything else, gifts always help you to refresh your relationship.

If He's a Cute Noob, You Must Show Him How to Actually Gift Someone!

If he is totally opposite of a perfect gifting boyfriend, and always gifts you something which makes you feel it could have been better, but he always tries hard to make you happy and just keeps trying, then this is your chance to tell your cute boyfriend that this is how you play the gifting game! Never taunt him as he is doing his best and it's his love, after all, he just wants you to be happy, instead show him your expertise and blow him away with awe. It will definitely help him choose the right one for you, next the time. 

Remember These Tips to Blow His Mind Away by Surprise

These are some points to keep in mind if you really want to win his heart, even when it's already yours.

Plan Surprises, a Beautiful Morning After a Long Night.

If a lot has happened since the last time you did something special for him, then take this opportunity to your advantage and plan a sweet surprise for him. A great unexpected gift will definitely make him feel out of this world, and he will cherish it for a lifetime.

Select What He Loves, Not What You Want Him to Love

We can understand if you want your boyfriend to like the things you like, hate the things you hate. This is what makes us human, but on the flip side, it's like losing the person you actually loved, so instead of gifting something that you like a lot, try to study him and analyse what he likes? What does he want? See if there is something, he is saving to buy, find it and gift it to him, you will never lose your special place in his heart.

Men Love to See Your Dark N Naughty Side

Coming from men's perspective, it's rare to find something that makes a man much happier than seeing his lady getting on the naughty side to please her men. Even when he is a little bit angry with you, or the last argument left a mark then this naughty surprise for him on his birthday can wipe it all away, making your relationship as fresh as when it was new!

10 Great Gift Ideas to Spice Up His Birthday This Year

Now that you know how to choose the right gift for your men, we are still with you to make this process a lot easier, these are 10 perfect gifts that you should consider for your boyfriend.

Axton Black Strap Analog Watches for Couples


Watches are the most preferred gifts by men and boys alike. Watches define the personality of a man, not only does a good watch look stunning but it speaks on his behalf, it tells that the man values his time and he is always on time, whether for office meetings or for a romantic date with you. This gift takes it even further and introduces both male and female watches to tell the story of your lovely bond, they will always remind you both about each other. They are complete when they are together just like you two are! These designer watches from Axton are analogue, water resistant and are perfect for casual as well as formal occasions. Made of steel and leather, these watches come with a 6-month warranty and you can grab them for Rs.549 excluding the delivery charge, from Amazon.

A Dumbbell Water Bottle for the Gym Freak

Do his days remain incomplete without a rigorous session at the gym? Does he loves to burn out as many calories as possible throughout the day and works hard to stay fit and healthy? Then gear up to give him the gift of his life. This gift will definitely be loved by all gym lovers including your boyfriend. This dumbbell shaped water-bottle comes in 3 different and attractive colours and is a perfect gift for him to be used in a gym or anywhere else.

It can be used as a normal water bottle at the gym and when he is busy in the office, he can use it for a light workout as well. This bottle can carry 550 ml of water and it weighs 650 gms after filling it completely. The colours available are green, red and blue and you can buy it for him at just Rs.399 from Big Small.

Park Avenue Hamper for All His Manly Needs


To have an awesome day, it's mandatory to have a great and fresh start in the morning. Good hygiene is the key to have a great morning and an equally great day. This feat can be achieved by a good grooming gift hamper. This amazing gift hamper contains all the items needed to get clean, refreshed and rejuvenated. This park avenue grooming kit contains a Deo Talc, Apache Razor, Luxury Soap, Shaving Cream, After Shave Lotion, Shaving Brush and a Body Deodorant.

What more can a man ask for than perfect hygiene and energy to kickstart an awesome day? This gift hamper is sure to make him extremely happy and he will surely admire and thank you for this great hamper. This gift hamper is available on Ferns N Petals at Rs.2,149.

Personalized 'King of Hearts' Wooden Plaque for the King of Your Heart

A long time has passed since the last time you poured out your heart and soul out and confessed your love in front of him and you want to let him know that he still is the actual king of your heart?
Then this great gift can achieve this feat in a beautiful manner. This 'king of heart' wooden plaque can be personalized with the lovely name of your boyfriend. An image of a king from the deck of cards is already engraved on it and that too with hearts.

A perfect combination to confess your evergreen love. This plaque made of wood has dimensions of 5*7 inches and weighs 170gm. You can customise this wooden plaque with any 12 Letters you choose, you can choose to write his name or any other personal message you have hidden deep in your heart. This wooden plaque costs Rs.599 and you can get this from Ferns N Petals.

Customised Couple Portrait by Nibiru Design


Coming from the house of 'NibiruDesign', this awesome couple portrait illustration is a great way to melt and win his heart. This beautiful and funny illustration will definitely make him smile bright whenever he throws his eyes upon this and it will remind him of you again and again. This is a souvenir of all the memorable and beautiful moments you spent together, and a great way to refresh all those heart-melting memories. The portrait has a cartoonish touch which is perfect to add a funny flavour to your relationship.

It is designed using bright colours which represents your bright and strong love for each other. You just have to upload your favourite photograph together and the rest will be handled by them. You can also choose to make this a family photograph. This is a handmade item and has height and width measurements as 50 cm x 35 cm which comes unframed, so you can choose what type of frame you wanna use afterwards. Etsy offers this item at Rs.4,270.

Printable Naughty Coupon Book for Some Private Sessions


Remember when we advised using naughtiness to spice up your relationship even more? This is one way to do it. Your boyfriend will love to see your dark and naughty side, usually, men prefer to be on the dominating side but love it, even more, when the ladies take the charge. It's no problem if you are a bit shy and you aren't able to carry out this with great confidence in front of him because this gift chosen by us will do that work for you. Sold by 'JuneBugPrintables', these 18 coupons contain perfect naughty messages that will spice up things between you and your boyfriend.

There are also blank coupons for you to add your personal touches and private messages, make sure to shake him inside and out with the side he has never seen before. The coupons are 2.5 x 5 inches in size and the PDF sheet they come in measures 8.5 x 11 inches after printing. You can get this naughty surprise at Rs.442 from Etsy.

Turn on the Beats with F&D W12 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Is he extremely passionate for music and his day is never over without a great session of sweet melodies, rocking chord progressions and bass-lines? He is ready to conquer the world with his musical abilities? Then you should gift him this Bluetooth speaker to make his listening experience even more musical, accurate, glitch free and hassle-free. This F&D W12 portable Bluetooth speaker will let him hear every little detail of the music with great clarity and volume and will enable him to wander around in musical realm without worrying about any cable breakage or boundaries.

This little wonder also contains micro SD card slot for him to listen to his favourite music and runs with a rechargeable battery, the battery life is fairly long with 5 hours of music playback and range extends up to 10 meters. This Bluetooth speaker costs Rs.1,680 and you can buy it from Flipkart.

Drive Safe Engraved I Love You Keychain Stainless Steel for Boyfriend

We know that you love him deeply and care for him with all your heart-n-soul. Worrying for him after a long time without any form of communication is the living proof of your love and care. You should consider gifting him this little safety souvenir which will be with him when you are not and will keep reminding him that you are somewhere thinking of him and he needs to be safe and sound, for that you love him. This 'drive safe keychain' has 'I love you' engraved on it and it will protect him as it is your love. He will be reminded again and again to drive safe and will love to carry it around with him always. This will be the perfect gift for your boyfriend and anyone you dearly love. This great gift is available for just Rs.71 at Ali Express.

Keep Calm Love Cushion

If you want to gift him something personal which will be with him whenever he is alone and tired, and you are somehow not with him, then this is the perfect one. A beautiful red colour cushion that is printed with a great message saying, 'Keep Calm Because I Love you'. This will provide him with all the power and courage to cut through the challenges life and work throw at him because indirectly it assures him that you are always around to comfort and love him. The colour and design of this pillow alone can give him some happy cuddling moments, and that message just enhances it more. This pillow is available on Flower Aura and you can get it for only Rs.349

Blue Men's Wallet by Wildhorn


As they say, last but not least. This gift box from WildHorn is such an item, this is the perfect gift pack for a classic gentleman containing the essential things he definitely needs in his day to day life. This stylish gift box includes a classy looking Wallet, a keychain with WildHorn logo and a beautiful pen with a metallic smooth finish. The colour of wallet and keychain is dominated by blue and the combined weight of items with a box is just 200 gm, so it is a lightweight and classy combo for your boyfriend. The price at which it comes is Rs.699 and you can get it from Amazon.

Spice Up the Gifts with These Efforts

Your Creativity Can Add Music to His Monotone World

After choosing the perfect gift, if you want to make it even more memorable, then you can add your own personal touch to it, it can be anything ranging from a handwritten message on the gift to a DIY craft added with it. Just a little touch and it'll be perfect.

Cook Him a Tasty Meal And Make His Night Special

Just adding to the naughty surprise and coupons, that's something that will fit in with it. Find out his favourite dishes, cook yourself, as they say, your love will translate into the taste, and then give him the night of his dreams. These gifts are just the things you need to make his birthday, the best one ever!

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Thrilling Boyfriend Gifts to Ravish His Birthday

When it comes down to his B-Day, make sure to have a plan, full of surprises and awesome activities to make the day interesting. Moreover, gifts entirely put a cap on it, marking the day and making it memorable. Well chosen gifts will definitely impress him and with some extra planned activities, it can make the day even more enthralling.