The 10 Best Gifts for Husband: Romantic Surprises and Gifts for Your Darling Hubby (2020)

The 10 Best Gifts for Husband: Romantic Surprises and Gifts for Your Darling Hubby (2020)

Buying gifts for our husband become a sort of a ritual with every passing year of marriage. Give him herbal slippers to warm or cool his feet as he relaxes, a giant stress releasing button for those days at the office, handy travel items for work and leisure trips, or a quirky smartphone projector to please his inner child. We are full of amazing gift ideas and if you want to bring the fun back to spousal gifting then we would suggest that you give this article a read.

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Choosing the Best for the Best Man in Your Life

  • Go for Simple and Useful Gifts
    For the man who does so much for you and the family, make him feel special and let him know just how much he means to you! Buying gifts for your husband compared to buying presents for others can be very different. One way of figuring out what would be interesting for him is to go over the kind of things you see him working with, or looking into. For instance – if he likes getting his hands dirty, do repairs or is gung-ho about DIY projects, getting him a toolkit would be an ideal gift; if he likes to hang out with the boys every once in a while and looks forward to the weekly card games then something like a card deck or indoor game he’d play with his buddies would perk him up!

  • Gifting Should Not Be Too Difficult
    Think of a gift that would liven his spirits up, bring him joy and relieve stress. Whether it is recreating moments from the past as an experience for an evening together, or making a collage of your vacations, choose simple ideas that you can work around in making your hubby feel special. Look for things that would have him spend more time with his family, perhaps a board game which everyone could get involved in, or schedule a family night/picnic every other weekend where the whole family spends time together and indulges in something fun and something fancy, strengthening the bonds of love!

  • Choose Quality Over Quantity
    Spending way over your budget may not be so bright! And wouldn’t make your husband happy either. Getting him a present which symbolizes the beginning of your relationship with him, or something that will bring the two of you closer to each other, like a couple’s activity, team sport, an experience would be an excellent choice. Rather than buying a bunch of gifts which may or may not be what he’d be interested in, choose a present which would express your love, your feelings to the ‘T'. Take him to a trip down the memory lane, and recreate some special moments from your journey together, perhaps your first date, or from the first gift you gave each other, you’d get something along the same lines.

10 Great Ideas the for the Best Ever Gift for Husband

Body Shop Gift Set

Present him with a dash of freshness with Body Shop’s Green Tea Essential Set. With a box of items that’ll cleanse and refresh his body and relax his mind, this gift set includes a shower gel (250 ml), body butter (50 ml), body scrub (50 ml) and exfoliating soap (100 gm) – also infused with the refreshing anti-oxidant properties of Green Tea. Enriched with Ethiopia’s community fair trade honey, the shower gel has a soap-free lather rich formula that purifies the skin while cleansing it and has been appreciated for its summery fragrance. The Fuji Green Tea exfoliating soap washes away the stress, detoxifying the body-mind & soul, and lifting the dead skin off. The green tea body scrub not only detoxifies the skin and body but also moisturizes it. You can buy it for Rs.3,495 from Flipkart.

Compact Suit Folder

For his important business trips, conferences or meetings, carrying a big suit bag that’s pretty inconvenient to carry is no longer necessary! With a four panel folding system, this compact suit folder comes with inbuilt notches, slots and holes for holding and organizing his business suit and a few accessories and with its folding feature, he doesn’t need to worry about carrying it in his luggage! A handy space saver, this suit folder is an excellent alternative to the traditional space consuming suit bag. It is made of nylon, Velcro, PE and PP and is 31.8" L x 18.8" W in dimensions. It can be purchased for Rs.1,797 from

Anti-Stress Giant Button

Stress, relief, let out! This giant button which looks like the enter key on a computer is more than a pillow. Made of sponge, it has a soft and comfortable feel to it and can be used as a stress buster. With a USB cable, the button can be plugged into the computer/laptop and save your hubby’s keyboard from getting smashed, when he is fuming and fretting at work! Or even double up as the enter key on the keyboard. He can pound it as much as he wants, it can serve him as a pillow for a quick nap too. This giant button is 6 times larger than the ‘enter’ key on the keyboard and a perfect gift for your husband when he is battling work woes. It can also accompany him on his travels. The package size is (L x W x H): 15.00 x 21.00 x 6.00 cm and is priced at Rs. 1, 999 on

Deep Sea Sand Art


With this beautiful and breath taking showpiece on his desk, your husband will feel a sense of calm throughout a busy day, as the fine drift of light, dark or shining golden sand transforms into mountains, clouds, or oceans, all receding or flowing into one another. This unique form of art transforms each time it’s flipped, making the sand particles flow beautifully, forming varied creative forms, infusing moments of serene reflection through stressful times in the day. One can shake the frame to stir up bubbles to ease the flow of sand, flip it vertical to allow more bubbles to cover the sand and slow the flow down. Made from glass, rubber, sand and wood the package dimension is 18.3 x 14 x 3 cm and the prices are Rs.3,019. on

Magnetic Wooden Balance Lamp


This award-winning innovative Heng Balance lamp is a unique creation suitable for a bedroom or the study table. With an innovative technique where the light element is embedded into the frame, so that the light can find its way out, the curve makes it calming for the eyes. The lamp can be turned on or off with the flick of the wrist and a poke of a magnet. It is drawn to the top orb and stays in mid-air emitting light, till its wound down, for which the sphere needs to be lowered and the light will turn off. It is powered by a USB cable. Made of birch wood, 48 LED light beads and electrical elements and coloured Red, it is all of 9.02" L x 3.8" W x 12.75" H in dimension and is priced at Rs.6,499 on

Herbal Slippers

Feet have approximately 100,000-200,000 touch sensing nerves, each of which will be stimulated to relax with the insoles filled with aromatic lavender buds and insulated flax seeds. The slippers can be heated in the microwave during winters and slipped into for some cosy and warm relaxation, and cooled in the refrigerator during the summers to invite some relief from the hot sun! Handmade in Argentina with insoles in the US, the herbal slippers are only meant for a laid back ‘down time’ and not active walking. Made from polyester, cotton, lavender buds and flax seed, the slippers come in small, medium or large sizes. For their upkeep it is imperative that they aren’t machine washed/dried, are not bleached or ironed. The slippers can be washed with mild soap in cold water, after taking the insoles out. Should not be used on sensitive/damaged skin or by people with nerve damage/circulation problems. The slippers are priced at Rs.3.434 on

Experiences are the Best Gifts

Apart from the conventional gifting style, you can explore experience gifting as well. Whether he likes to trek or enjoys water sports, if he’d like to unwind in a picturesque peaceful hill station or experience snorkelling, you can find a whole list of activities he’d love indulging in either alone or with you. You can pick and choose from where you will find varied options of learning to fly to sharing a couple Jacuzzi spa, flyboy paramotoring or go-karting, enjoying a break at a heritage property or simply a luxury dining experience. These experiences range from a price point of Rs. 2,000-9,000. Book it on

Smartphone Projector

Technology has become so accessible these days, that with the touch of a button it is easy to download and watch movies on the smartphones directly. This smartphone projector makes it easier to watch movies on the big screen for a wonderful viewing experience without plugging it in anywhere, allowing more space for the sound accessories. The black and white projector has a retro feel to it with a modern twist. Made of a cardboard box the box can be erected in a few minutes with an extendable drawer that can close, with the 8” magnifying lens on the front, all your hubby needs to do ‘press play, pop the smartphone at the back of the projector on the firm grip pad, plug the speakers in, sit back and relax! The projector is priced at Rs.2145 on

Portable Clothes Washer

If your husband is always on the move on account of work or likes to take last minute camping or trekking trips with his buddies, then this portable washer would be a life saver for his essentials! The Laundreez washer gives him an opportunity to wash clothes on the go with ease. All he needs to do is simply fill the bag with water and washing powder, add his clothes in, seal it and let it soak. After a bit remove the murky water and replace it with clean water for rinsing. With 12.00cm (L) x 8.00cm (W) x 20.00cm (D) in dimensions the portable washer comes for Rs.2145 on

Log Coaster Set


This coaster set can be a pretty gift for your husband if he loves to enjoy drink tea, coffee or any other beverage. Handmade from natural bark, the surface is smooth and lovely. It can be use as kitchen or office decoration as well. Priced at Rs. 199, the coasters also can be use in painting purpose.Buy the T one woods Round Wooden Natural Log bark Coaster -Set of 4 from

Gifting is a Subtle Art which Should be Enjoyed Both Ways

Buying a gift does not mean, going overboard and emptying your pockets or end up feeling horrible when your husband doesn’t really like what you get for him. Your love will any day win him over. There’s really no end to the rat race of excelling at buying the perfect gift for your husband and neither is there a dearth of occasions to make him feel special. Whether it is a special occasion or an ordinary day, don’t over analyze his interests or likes and dislikes so much that you get exasperated in buying the gift.

If you want him to appreciate your gift, then you should just focus on getting him one, and not really think about whether it conveys your thoughtfulness or not. Keep your ideas simple and practical as much as you can. Be happy in choosing the gift, enjoy it and chances are your happy thoughts would rub off on him as well. Combine your present with a few precious hours of your exclusive time with him, that's what will make him the happiest man on earth and help rebuild your love and relationship with each other.

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Give your marriage a boost with thoughtfully selected gifts

Doing something new and interesting to keep marital relationships fun is always a good idea. Use gifts for this purpose as a means and not the end. Thoughtful gifts which convey your feelings for your spouse is always appreciated. But also try to change your outlook and be a bit more adventurous.