Do Away with Routine Anniversary Celebrations! 10 Gifts for Husband for Anniversary to Make Him Go Weak in the Knees and Ideas to Keep the Romance Alive (2019)

Do Away with Routine Anniversary Celebrations! 10 Gifts for Husband for Anniversary to Make Him Go Weak in the Knees and Ideas to Keep the Romance Alive (2019)

The best gifts for anniversary can be surprisingly simple - a nice watch, chic sunglasses, an elegant bag. BP Guide India combed through the internet to find the nicest gift ideas for husband, and you will be very happy to find what we came up with. These are affordable, sensible, and practical things that your husband will use all the time. And with the gift done and out of the way, you will have plenty of time to try the romantic ideas we've put together for your anniversary celebrations.

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Celebrating Anniversaries and Exchanging Presents

An anniversary is a very special occasion for a married couple. It is a day to celebrate their togetherness, a day to celebrate their love and bonding. It makes them remember how far they have come in their relationship and how far they still have to go in their happy married life. An anniversary is a day that cannot be left without a celebration. Be it a small one, or be it huge. It always calls for a gift.

For a woman, her husband is one of the most important people in her life and a gift for him, the special one, and the love of her life means a lot. She would want to give the world to him. But as a token, there are a lot of things available now days in the market. It totally depends on you and the choice of your husband to select the best gift for him. Celebrating doesn’t just show the world that love and marriage still go hand in hand; it nourishes the love within you. It put your ingenuity to the test to make that day special. Hence, a celebration for your anniversary should definitely be on the cards!

Unique Ways to Celebrate Anniversaries

Celebrations are the most special ways to come close to each other and cherish those joyous events that happened a few years back. An anniversary is one such special occasion where a husband and wife celebrate their togetherness and their love. Each anniversary is a milestone of your beautiful life together. There can be many ways to make the day special and celebrate together. We present a few ways to celebrate this day in a unique and lovely way. This will add up more to your love and deepen the feeling.

#1 Go Away for a Weekend

If your anniversary is falling on a weekend, there is nothing like it! This is a treat in itself. There can be so many plans for the weekend when both of you do not have to go to work and just be with each other. It must have been a long time that you two have not gone out for a break. This can be the perfect occasion. Your anniversary is the special day when you and your husband can plan a weekend getaway to any place near your city.

Drive to that place, or book a bus, flight or train, book a luxurious room or a small comfortable hotel or resort and enjoy your day amidst nature. Be it a beach, a hill station or simply a countryside location; when the two of you are together, the place is just an excuse to get cosy and romantic! Just snuggle up and have a good warm time with your husband; away from work, away from all household chores.

#2 Spend the Day Relaxing at Home

Spend the day together. This can be the best idea of coming close to each other again. Modify your work schedule in a way that both of you don’t have to work on that day. Stay away from any gadgets. Spend time in each other’s arms. Talking sweet nothings and falling in love all over again. Cook something special or maybe cook with your partner, the dishes that he likes and the ones that drive him crazy. Play some good music. There must be some songs that you both share and have sweet memories attached to. Let that play in the background while you do the talking and cooking and relaxing at your home, in your zone of comfort.

#3 Spend the Day with Both Sets of Parents

Well, a reminder that it is the parents on both the sides that brought you two together, or with whose blessings you two are spending a good life. On your anniversary, celebrate with both sets of parents to double the joy of your togetherness. You could celebrate at home, with a small family party or go out for a day and celebrate it grand. But without a doubt, both sets of parents will love to have you two with them and celebrate this special day together. Seek their blessings. Let your parents be happy for you on this special day.

Top 10 Gifts for Husband on Anniversary

We understand that it might be a really difficult task to decide on what to get your man for the anniversary. There are so many things available and the whole lot of options can actually confuse you more than helping you out. Hence, we have done our best to compile a list of some of the best gift options that are like the best gift ideas for husbands on anniversaries. You can surely find something that would be your best gift for anniversary this year; one that none of you will forget. So, the top 10 gift for husband’s anniversary are:

#1 Park Avenue Men's Gift Set


Park Avenue has one of the finest quality gift items for men. This is a brand for the true gentlemen! Park Avenue Men’s Gift set available at Amazon for Rs.2,699 contains 1 tie, 1 pocket square and a pair of cuff links in an elegant box packaging. This gift is perfect for the business man, who is always up and tidy for meetings and travel. This will be the perfect choice for the man who loves being ready always. The best part is that the gift box is available in several colours like royal blue, maroon and other colours as well with all of the things being colour-coordinated in the same way. You can choose the box based on the colour that your husband prefers or what is missing from his collection. Buy it from here.

#2 Personalised Memories Combo


Memories are more valuable than any other gift in the world. Ferns and Petals present a combo of cushion and a coffee mug. This personalized set is available at Ferns and Petals at Rs.699. Send your loved ones token of love with this great addition of home decor. This special gift is all set to make receiver feel special. Let your loved ones get elated on receiving this unsurpassed gift. The gift combo contains a personalised cushion, with approximate L (10-11 inches) x W (10-11 inches) along with a personalised black printed ceramic coffee or tea mug.

#3 Casio Men's Watch

Give a perfect classy and trendy fashion statement to your husband with Casio’s blue ion plated watch. If he loves to collect stylish watched or if just looking to buy a nice watch, regardless of the reason, he will simply love this watch. Its unique design makes it multipurpose. Wear it to office, parties or weddings and look fabulous in this Casio’s men’s watch. Available at Rs.3,440 at Snapdeal, this watch is sure to make your husband happy with it's look and feel.

#4 Crossword Gift Voucher


Gift vouchers are a thoughtful gift as well. They signify that you want to give the gift of their choice. Starting at Rs.100/, Crossword vouchers are available at Crossword offers a high quality range of stationary and books and can be exciting if your husband is the book worm type! Gift these to your husband and let him buy the gift of his choice. These are valid for 12 months and available up to a range of Rs.1000. He can avail these gift vouchers at any of the several stores across the country or even on the website and mobile applications.

#5 Beardo Gift Set for the Perfect Beard Look


Beardo gift set is all set to make your husband feel special. The contents are designed to pamper a man in a healthy way and make him feel rejuvenated each time he uses it. It comprises one bottle each of Godfather Beard Wash, Godfather Beard Oil, Beard & Mustache Wax-Extra Strong, all packed inside a neat pouch. Available at Rs.1,600 at, this is the best gift for your party ready guy!

#6 Leathercraft 12 inch Retro Goat Leather Vintage Laptop Office Bag


Beautifully designed leather products never go out of style. Leathercraft, has been committed to serving high grade men and women with causal and business styled bags. This retro Goat Leather vintage laptop bag is one of the finest products from Leathercraft that is sure to make your husband feel special and high ended in office, this gift is the best way to make him feel how much you care for his work. It can be used for formal occasions or for even small work trips. Available for Rs.1,590 at, get this gift to woo your husband on your anniversary.

#7 Engraved Pen - Parker Vector Steel Set

Parker pens speak of royalty. Parker is the first choice whenever you think of gifting a pen to a special someone. For a writer husband, and the one who wants to see his papers crisp and correct, there can be nothing better than a Parker Vector Steel Set. Customisation will add a special personal touch to this wonderful gift. Buy an engraved Parker Vector Steel Set at Rs.849 at and steal his heart with such a classy piece of art. You can get his name engraved on it or you can get his initials engraved as well. This little something can be a nice gift.

#8 Idee Polarised Full-Rim Aviators

Source presents this classy and trendy Polarized Full Rim Aviators to give your husband that cool look! Available at Rs.3,420, these aviators can go with casuals, formals, for all types of outings or just a drive. Bound to make your husband look completely stylish, and make him think of you each time he flaunts them to his friends. Buy these special aviators on your anniversary to make him feel special. You can also find different styles and colours for the aviators, if this one is not of his taste. Buy them here.

#9 The Charcoal Gang Combo Pack

There is so much talk in town about charcoal being the new chap to cleanse your face and body! Give your husband the experience of charcoal products with the charcoal gang. Available at Rs.2499 at, this product comprises of: Charcoal Body Wash, scented with lemongrass and cinnamon (250 ml), Charcoal Shampoo with peppermint and clove (250 ml), Charcoal Face Scrub with extracts of lemongrass and eucalyptus (100 gm), Charcoal Face Wash with ylang ylang and argan (100 ml), Charcoal Cleansing Gel with black pepper and bergamot (100 ml), and a Charcoal Soap Bar (125 gm). If there ever were a royal cleanse, it’d be this. They have packed together the entire stack of their activated charcoal products in a beautiful hamper. This could be a beautiful gift for your man!

#10 Davidoff Cool Water Eau De Toilette + Shower Gel + After Shave

Davidoff doesn’t fail to impress! And this particular hamper of theirs is just perfect. A combination of perfume, shower gel and after shave is sure to impress your husband and make him feel special. Available at Rs.4,660 at; this can be the best gift ever. Also you can find other kinds of things if he doesn’t prefer a set of these. They have different kinds of hampers and gifting boxes.

Add an Extra Something to Your Anniversary Gift

Adding up an extra something brings more happiness. More than the actual gift sometimes! There are a lot of things that you can add up to your main gift and make it more valuable and memorable. Some of these things could be:

#1 His Favourite Flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? Your husband must also be fond of some flowers; maybe, the vintage roses or the fancy orchids. Whatever his favourites are, bunch them all together in a beautiful grand bouquet to add a little more love and make him feel even more special. Flowers have a language of love. Make sure to gather the best ones to express your love to the maximum.

#2 His Favourite Chocolates

Sweet things cannot be missed when talking of a celebration or any special days. An anniversary celebration without a box of chocolates is sort of incomplete! Grab some of your husband’s favourite chocolates and wrap them along with the main gift. Or put all of them in a box and carry it as a secret box full of surprise! Choose the chocolates of his taste and preference, there are so many flavours these days, like, milk chocolate, white chocolate and even dark flavoured chocolate. He is sure to love you more when he sees this box of chocolates with the other big gift!

#3 His Favourite Food (Maybe, Cook a Dinner)

And as we all know, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”! On this day, become the master chef again and cook all of his favourites. There can be nothing more precious than having the dishes of your choice cooked by your loved one, your wife. So be the sweet wife and cook his favourite delicacies. If cooking is not what you fancy, you could also order his favourite food for dinner and surprise him with that. Good food, good gifts, your love-going to be a perfect anniversary celebration for the two of you!

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Out of the box. Unique. Creative. Extraordinary. These are some of the latest catchwords associated with gifts, and while most of the world is scrambling to find the next 'hot' item, the classics are sometimes forgotten, and at the end of the day, most of us go back to using simple, regular, everyday things. Get your husband a simple, unpretentious gift, something he will use. Because sometimes, staying inside the box is a good thing.