Make His Birthday a Day to Remember! 10 Excititng Gifts for Your Husband on His Birthday and 3 Ways to Make This Day Memorable (2019)

Make His Birthday a Day to Remember! 10 Excititng Gifts for Your Husband on His Birthday and 3 Ways to Make This Day Memorable (2019)

Your husband's birthday is around the corner and you haven't got a gift yet? Don't panic yet. We've got you. We have put together a list of gift ideas that is sure to inspire you. We also added a section on how to make the occasion special for him and how to make him feel loved.

How to Ascertain the Best Gift for Husband's Birthday

Your husband means the world for you. If it is this special person’s birthday, you will be super excited to gift him the best of the world’s gift to make his day special and memorable. Your husband does so much for you and your family that occasionally he deserves a little reward. But buying gifts for men isn’t always easy, especially when he seems to already have everything you’ve considered.

If you have found the man of your life and love him endlessly then, make him feel special in an expressive way. If his birthday is approaching and you haven’t found a perfect gift for him yet then, check our range of birthday gifts for your husband that he will adore forever. We have a few suggestions for you as to how to ascertain the best gift for your husband’s birthday.

Make it Useful

Men are attracted to meaningful things, unlike girls, who are happy with soft toys or chocolates or simply greeting cards! Well, your husband will definitely like a birthday gift that can be put to some use, be it for a shorter duration, or life long, but if it is worth the price and efforts, he is definitely going to love it. There are plenty of useful things. Shaving kits, cameras, mobile phones, shoes, garments etc. that can be a thoughtful gift for your husband’s birthday.

It Should Be Trendy, Just Like Him

Oh yes, men are trendy as well. They are cosmopolitan, they keep themselves up to date with fashion and trends, and they groom themselves really well and keep up their looks for every occasion. With this in mind, you might want to select a gift that is trendy for him and makes him stay on trend. Buy him clothes or shoes or any accessory that is trendy or fashionable.

Remember, It Should Be Something of His Choice

And what could be more important than considering his choice for his birthday gift? Your husband’s choice is what matters the most when it comes to gifting the best thing for his birthday. Get him the clothes, shoes, gadgets, books or food of his choice to make his birthday special and memorable. Getting him a personal gift that reminds him of a time when you two first started dating is a great way to please him with your gift choice. Nostalgia can really take your gift to the next level. Tap into an emotion with your gift and you’ve just won the gold medal of gift giving.

Top 10 Gifts for Husband's Birthday

Buying gifts for husbands or men for that matter is a completely different story than if you were to pick a gift for your close friend, your girlfriends or your kids, you would know the answer right away. It is because women share, you know your kids well, and your interests are common with most other women or friends. But with husbands, it’s a different case altogether. You probably are life partners because “opposites attract!” and for that matter, you have no common interests, be it in his choices or activities or anything that defines him the way he is.

You are sure to get confused when it comes to buying the right gift for him. His choices are strikingly opposite and it becomes an art to select the best gift for him. Hence, to make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the top 10 gifts for his birthday, he will love these useful, trendy and preference-oriented gifts.

Ajio Striped Polo T-Shirt with Ribbed Hems


Ajio has set new fashion trends for men and women both. This striped polo t-shirt with ribbed hems from Ajio is just a perfect, trendy and comfortable gift for your husband. This product is bio-washed for extra softness and is a 100% cotton, machine wash product. Available at Rs.629 at; this t-shirt is a good gift for your husband.

Power Nap Pillow

For the lazy heads, this is the most lovable gift. Let your husband take a power nap while at work or while he is on long travels. He will love you more for giving this lovely, cosy, comfortable and soft power nap pillow as a gift to him. It is made with soft jersey-like fabric and is stuffed with silicone-coated micro-beads, creating a breathable compact cushion perfect for resting your head. Because finding the right sleep position makes all the difference, the versatile design allows you to wear it as an elbow pad, a forearm guard, or a boxing glove that will knock you out. The Power Nap pillow is a comfortable travel pillow that helps you get quality rest wherever you are. This is available at Rs. 999 on

Exotica Fashions Printed Tie

Exotica fashions present a set of printed ties for your husband who is always decked up for meetings, parties and events. This is a thoughtful and useful gift. It is available at Flipkart at Rs. 699. It is made up of pure micro silk that gives it a soft, glossy look which suits parties or official meetings both. Gift this set of ties to your husband for his birthday and let him remember you whenever he dresses up for an occasion and flaunts that tie.

Brown Rectangle Cufflinks

Cufflinks add details to your formal attire. It looks classy and trendy both. This is a great gift for that ever ready husband who loves to look different and is ready to party anytime. Add a sparkle to his semi-formal and party wear wardrobe with this pair of cufflinks from Tossido. Impeccable craftsmanship and Rectangle detail takes this set to the top of your wish list. Wear it over a monochrome shirt and pinstripe trousers for maximum impact. Available at Myntra at Rs.674.

Ajio Textured Slip-On Sneakers


Yet another comfortable pair of sneakers from Ajio could be on your list of gift ideas for your husband on his birthday. Available at Rs.1,959 on, this is a very classy and comfortable slip-on sneaker. It has a fabric insole and can be wiped and cleaned with a cloth when dirty. Perfect to complete a sporty or casual look, this is a great gift for your husband on his birthday.

Pollstar Belt and Wallet Set

Pollstar presents this exclusive Gift Set Combo. This combo is an ideal option for gifting to your husband on his birthday. It is beautifully packaged in Pollstar Luxury Gift Box; this Gift Box is the perfect gift for any occasion. It gives a royal look to the gift. Available at Snapdeal() at Rs.1,503. This Combo Gift set is made of exclusive high-quality genuine leather, well designed by skilled handcraft man. The belt is made of genuine leather, which feels smooth, comfortable and can last a long time. It has a high-quality metal buckle. The buckle has a high resistance to rust, corrosion and tarnishing and will be shiny as a new one even years later.

Dsigner Two Tone/Black Stainless Steel Analog Watch

This two-tone black stainless steel analogue watch by Dsigner is a great gift for a casual or sporty look for your husband. This can be the perfect gift for your husband who loves wearing watches. Gift him this exquisite, two-toned, analogue watch from D Signer and see how much he appreciates your effort. This classy and durable watch has an impressive dial that adds to its worth. Available at Rs.8,545 at Jabong, this is a good gift for your husband’s birthday.

Crossword Gift Voucher

If your husband is a book lover or a stationery hoarder for that matter, then for him this gift would be like leaving a child at a candy store. Starting from Rs.100 only, Crossword vouchers are available at Crossword offers a high-quality range of stationary and books and can be exciting if your husband is the bookworm type. Gift these to your husband and let him buy the gift of his choice. It is also a nice way of showing that you care for what he wants and likes. These are valid for 12 months and available up to a range of Rs.1,000.

Leathercraft Laptop Messenger Bag or Office Bag


If he likes to experiment with his laptop bags and other related things or if he is a fan of leather products then he would surely love this one a lot. Leathercraft has been committed to serving high-grade men and women with causal and business styled bags. This retro Goat Leather vintage laptop bag is one of the finest products from Leathercraft. Sure to make your husband feel special in office, this gift is the best way to make him feel how much you care for his work. Available at Rs.1,590 at Amazon, get this gift to woo your husband on his birthday.

Engraved Pen - Parker Vector Steel Set

Parker pens speak of royalty. Parker is the first choice whenever you think of gifting a pen to a special someone. For a writer husband, and the one who wants to see his papers crisp and correct, there can be nothing better than a Parker Vector Steel Set. Customization will add a special personal touch to this wonderful gift. Buy engraved parker vector steel set at Rs. 849 at and steal his heart with such a classy piece of art. Add his name, initials or even the names of you both on the pen. Make a birthday note on it to make this gift special.

Make His Day Special

Apart from all these expensive or non-expensive gifts that you plan to gift to your husband, there can be more special moments that can make him feel so much more special. These gifts mentioned above are just a token; real gifts are those moments that you two spend together. A few such things to make his day special are mentioned as follows:

Take Him Out to Dinner

A dinner date makes the birthday perfect! Take your husband out for dinner to his favourite place or to a place where he finds his favourite meal. Take him out and let him eat to his heart’s content. A romantic place, a candlelight dinner and a light music are what can set the mood perfect for a birthday party.

Go on A Movie Date

For a movie freak husband, a movie date is a perfect idea to celebrate his birthday even better. Book a special seat for you two at the most comfortable cinema for his favourite cinema and book a meal along with. This can set the day perfect. A movie date is just the mood setter. Enjoy a movie followed by a dinner to make him feel on top of the world with this day.

Go Out for the Weekend

And if the birthday falls on a weekend, there can be nothing special than going on a weekend gateway. Research for some places near your cities and make a plan for an adventurous or romantic stay at some beautiful, luxurious resort. This will make him feel good and special on his birthday. You will come back relaxed and rejuvenated and live with these weekend memories forever. Click a lot of pictures, eat local food, enjoy a spa and come back with a new feeling altogether.

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A Touch of Love

Whatever gift you give your husband, add a touch of love to it. You can add love notes or write a love letter pouring out your heart. The love letter would make him feel special and bring back all good memories of your time together.

If you still baffled about your husband's gift, always go for experiences like a vacation or a spa day or even adventure sports if you could still plan it. Experiences wind up staying with him forever in ways that other gifts can't. Maybe it's the fact that you both are having fun together, loving each other and doing everything as a couple, that creates long-lasting memories. Make sure you click a lot of pictures for you to look over when the going gets tough. After the marriage is all about the falls as well as the rises.