Break the Monotony of Your Unromantic Life By Gifting Your Husband One of These 7 Naughty and Romantic Presents. Make Your Life Spicier Than Ever Before in 2019!

Break the Monotony of Your Unromantic Life By Gifting Your Husband One of These 7 Naughty and Romantic Presents. Make Your Life Spicier Than Ever Before in 2019!

Set the tone is the bedroom and create an amorous mood everytime you are with your husband. Do this by getting him gifts and presents that spice up the mood when you meet. If all these seems a bit complex to you, here is a guide to help you through the entire process as well as some gift options to help break the monotony in the bedroom.

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Why Is It Important for You to Take the Effort?

Life after marriage is new, full of excitement, with love blooming slowly and gradually. You create new bonds with each others’ families while learning the art of understanding one another on various levels. With time, the routine starts speaking of normalcy and monotony. The spark igniting the feelings of excitement, nervousness, or just trying to impress each other seeps down and slowly vanishes. Your lifestyle soon becomes all about an office, home, work, relatives and repeat. What can you do to bring back that adrenaline rush?

Make the first move. Take the reins in your and go back to being the lovey-dovey partner that you used to be. Do the little things that you used to do; like surprising each other with cute pleasure gifts, dressing up to impress your partner or leaving naughty texts for him once in a blue moon.

To Reignite the Fire in Your Relationship And Spice It Up a Little

Taking the relationship to a new high is not his responsibility entirely. Keeping the fire ignited and the space between the two of you exciting can start with your efforts too. Believe it or not, there are men who find it extremely appealing when their wives take power in their hands. Put in an effort to make things spicier by putting on his favourite dress on purpose, preparing food that absolutely rule his heart, planning surprise dinners for him to spend time with you and buying some naughty, cheeky gifts for the two of you to enjoy together. Be the goddess of his dreams, and finally, let the romance bloom!

To Focus on Building the Personal Bond and Making It Stronger

Do you remember the days you two would spend talking with each other for hours not realizing the time gone? Or the effort you and he both would put in to impress the other?

We do not realize but, as the time passes by and the honeymoon period comes to an end, things like these get sheepishly filed under the category of ‘teenage romance’ for many couples. They start believing that maturity in all forms and ways is what will keep their relationship going. We forget how these small gestures, howsoever stupid, make us feel loved, appreciated and well taken care of. As humans, those are the basic emotional needs for all of us, even though we might be clad in the veil of adulting. Those efforts that you will put in to impress your husband will only add on to the depth of your personal understanding and openness. It will lead to the development of a strong, versatile and cherishable relationship which will move towards the dreamy forever together!

To Surprise Him and Make Him Gush Over How Much You Are Committed Towards Him

Ladies! Everybody knows how women absolutely love getting surprises from their spouses, be it a gift or a well-planned candlelight dinner. You know that feeling of flooding love and appreciation that comes naturally for the person who plans all this for you while painstakingly keeping it hidden under the covers so as to surprise you. Imagine inflicting your dear husband with the same amount of love, admiration and affection for you. That’s what you can achieve once you decide to gift him something sexy that’ll not leave his memory anytime soon. Let him gush over you this time!

Make a Pick: 7 Naughty And Romantic Gift Ideas to Refresh Your Bond And Amp Up the Hotness

An Official Naughty Contract Stating All Your Secret Demands.... Between the Sheets

A lot of times as partners, things that we want to share and talk about remain hidden deep down our hearts, totally neglecting how much we wish we could say them. One of the most prevalent of such matters is the “naughty talk”. You want to expand your horizons and take things up a notch but the powerlessness of your speaking abilities betray you always. If that is your case then, gift him this extremely secretive yet expressive, personalized contracts which have terms and conditions only applicable between the sheets!

The best part about this contract is that you can personalize it according to your needs. This unique kind of contract printed on a glossy finish paper is available for purchase on the website of Gift Card and it retails for a price of Rs.899 only.

A Hamper with a Hand Crafted Candle, Suggestively Written Dices And a Blindfold Cloth to Surprise him

We have all seen romantic movies where there is one ultra sensual scene with well lit room full of aroma candles and flowers, essential to ignite the emotions in the minds of the actors and characters. In real life, we all wish to experience that kind of atmosphere with our spouses at least once in a lifetime. Why not bring your dreams to reality?

Giveter offers a great hamper under the name of “naughty affairs” in which you receive items sufficient to make the night memorable and fun. The package contains an 8 cm long red aroma candle with naughty one-liners imprinted on it, a black blindfold cloth to add a splash of fun in the bed, along with two dices which have some printed actions and body parts mentioned on them. You can initiate the night with a fun and touchy game of the two dices and let the brilliant aroma of the candle take you to places. The hamper retails for a price of Rs.649 only and is readily available on the website.

A Raspberry Aphrodisiac Oil to Add Fun to the Bedroom

Aphrodisiacs, also known as love drugs are substances that are believed to amp up the libido of people when consumed. These are the Greek secrets that are believed to be belongings of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. There are various kinds of such aphrodisiacs available in the market. The Shunga Raspberry Feeling Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil is one of the most popularly bought edible oil. It is warming, has natural flavours and is safe to consume.

It can be used to increase the temperature while the process of love making strikes you. It helps intensify the foreplay fun and can be used to apply in small quantities on the body. It is available in nine distinct flavours like Blazing cherry, Aphrodisiac chocolate, Raspberry feeling, Orange fantasy, Exotic fruit, Sensual mint etc. A bottle of 100 ml of this oil is available for Rs.1,746 and can be bought from the official website of Giveter.

A Pack of Personal Coupons Which Can Only Be Redeemed By him

Games are interesting to play. They add fun to our lives and take down monotony in the bedroom. When life goes dull, and you need to have some fun under the sheets as well; playing some crazy bedroom games might help you sail. The website of Oye Happy offers a game of cards and coupons called “our dirty secret”, which retails for a nominal price of Rs.590. The only rule to this game is, having no rules. This game is meant for the couple who want to take things up a notch, way past the missionary stage.

The pack comes with ten distinct coupons and each of these coupons are sealed in an envelope so that the factor of surprise and suspense prevails. Each card inside the envelope contains an action or activity written on it and whoever opens the envelope has to perform that activity for their partner. The activities can range from intense role plays or blindfolded actions to quick lap dances, making your night fun, exciting and extra memorable.

A Fun Dice Board Game With All Kinds of Fun and Spicy Challenges for the Two of You

With our schedules getting full of hectic jobs to being consumed in work all day; the only escape couples find from this coarse reality is to watch TV or movies to pass time and the night somehow. This slowly turns into a routine and all the fun and the coziness between the partners slips and slides, to evaporate completely. If you are a couple dealing with such a situation then it’s high time you try something exciting and unique instead of plopping in front of the TV once again.

The “Dice & Spice” game is meant to bring out kinky sides to both of you through the platform of a board game. The game consists of four cards, which have different colours respectively. These cards contain categories like ‘Truths’, ‘Dares’, ‘7-Second Challenge’ and ‘Redeemable Coupons’. When one of you rolls the dice, he or she has to follow the instructions mentioned on the colour of card that he gets that time. The dare cards have activates like “Give your partner a lap dance while singing a song yourself” or “Get a pen and paper and make a caricature of your partner”. While the truth cards may help you find out about “What is your weirdest fantasy?” and “If you could change genders for just one day, what’s the first thing that you’d do?”. This unique and tempting hamper retails for a price of Rs.1,990 and can be bought from the website of Oye Happy.

A Stack of Never Have I Ever Game Cards to Unravel His Dirty Secrets

When one marries someone, we vow to share everything with that person be it the smallest of things or the biggest of tasks. We try and know each other well with time and strengthen the understanding slowly and gradually. But, howsoever much we may try; we cannot know every single detail about a person. His past, his experiences in life, his dirty secrets... It is extremely hard to get the person to talk about each and everything. To help you in this journey of unravelling the dirty and kinky secrets that your spouse may have, we have the best gift option for you! The “Never have I ever” game!

Pair this game up with the regular drinking session and enjoy his hilarious and naughty answers to the various questions. The pack contains of 40 distinct cards and you need to pull out one card at a time. The one who has done the activity mentioned in the card has to take a sip from his drink every time. This game can be played with your husband alone or enjoyed by a group of friends together! This game is available for purchase on the website of Oye Happy and retails for a price of Rs.490 only.

A Quick Weekend Getaway Trip to Spend Some Quality Time Together

We all agree that there is nothing better than getting extra time to spend with your spouse. But, we all might be wrong because there’s another thing that tops this list! Spending time with your partner in an exotic location where the two of you can relax and cuddle at the same time. Surprise your husband with a pre-booked and pre-planned weekend getaway, to a place that gives you time and the aura to love and appreciate each other more than ever.

Websites like Make My Trip offer special romantic getaway packages for couples looking for an escape from their hectic lifestyles. So, you just have to pick a location and the number of days let all the planning be done by the website and their teams. Choose locations which are listed in off season so as to cash on the fact that there will be less public. The cost of the trip is completely dependent on what packages you choose, what is your pick in destinations an how much time you have to stay there.

Bonus Tip: Try And Give Subtle Hints About the Surprise Gift to Make Him Go Crazy

Suspense is something that triggers the human mind towards fantasizing and over thinking. When you watch a fantastic episode of some web show and they leave the audience hassled with an ending full of suspense, it makes the viewers want and love the show even more. You can use the same tactics to your advantage when planning to give your husband the naughty gift that you’ve picked. Try and leave subtle hints on what’s running in your mind and see his eyes rolling all over the place trying to understand what’s happening.

Leave small flirty notes by his bedside, give him impromptu kisses acting all mysterious, text him naughty details in the middle of the day or send him a sensual photo ‘by mistake’. Take the reins of making the move in your hands by tempting him as and when you please. And finally, gift him the surprise and let him blush over your planning forever. Good luck!

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