10 Quirky and Unique Gifts for Your Husband That May Not Be on His Wishlist But He'd Love to Have. Plus How to Find New Ways to Be Romantic in 2019

10 Quirky and Unique Gifts for Your Husband That May Not Be on His Wishlist But He'd Love to Have. Plus How to Find New Ways to Be Romantic in 2019

Tired thinking about what your husband needs or is secretly wishing for? We hear you, and we agree it can be exhausting! If you're looking for cute, fun and endearing gifts for him and need a few interesting ideas, you're in the right place. There are personalised and romantic gifts that he may not reach for himself, but will make him blush with pleasure, and a few useful things he may have a lark while using. Read on to find out more!

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Here's How to Find Out What Gifts Your Husband Would Like to Receive (but Won't Tell You)

Men are known to be shy by nature and do not express much. Your husband will want something but might never tell you or probably hesitate. However, by chance, if you have the slightest idea about it, we bet there is nothing better than it is. Also, men comparatively have a shorter list of things they want which mostly comprises clothing, accessories, and the likes. So, of course, hunting for a gift is going to be a hell of a task for you!

You Both Share an Ever-Lasting Bond!

You both have accepted to be with each other through thick and thin. Every couple shares a bond that is unique in its ways. While gifting, you need to keep in mind all these aspects and look out for a perfect gift. If he is a fitness freak, you can gift his sportswear or buy him a home gym kit. If he loves playing a particular sport, you can gift him related accessories, and he will be the happiest person. Since you know your husband so well and intimately, you can think of some romantic, kinky gifts to make it unique and have fun. Surprise him with a different side of you!

Appreciate and Respect Your Man

The base of every relationship is trust and respect. Respect is something that comes from within, and you cannot fake it for a long time. Respect your significant partner, and he will be the best man for you! Do not keep nagging about trivial matters it is annoying. Instead, explain it to him sweetly. Appreciate him not only at home but also in public at parties and other get-togethers. He will feel elevated by your action of appreciation and proud of himself for being a nice man.

Don’t Shy Away From Expressing Your Love

Even though your husband does not express his love to you, you go ahead and do it. A gift on a special occasion is not enough; share your thought and feelings to your husband. Make him your confidante! If he away for his work, you can send him greeting cards and messages to reduce the communication gap.

Give Your Husband Some ‘Me-Time’

Everyone likes to have some time for themselves! It gives new energy and is like a recharge booster in everyday life! Let your husband have his me time! You can gift him a spa voucher or a solo trip. Plan a day for him with close buddies. He surely will be thankful for such a sweet thought!

10 Romantic Gifts for Husband in 2019

Being a wife is not an easy task because you want your house to be likeable and most important your husband appreciate it. If you are confused about what to gift your husband. To ease your hunt, you should go through this list of romantic gift ideas for your husband.

You Complete Me Personalised Clock

Source www.igp.com

A combination of a utility gift with customisation makes for a unique gift. A personalised heart shaped table clock will be a saviour for you. It will surprise your husband, and it will make your beautiful memory count. You can add a cute and romantic picture to enhance the look of your room. The photo you upload should have an approximate resolution of 300-dpi for best printing result. This table clock of dimensions 7.75 inches X 7.75 inches X 0.1 inches (l x b x h) is available at igp.com for Rs.600.

Things I Love About You Poster Frame

Your husband will be crazy about having posters of his favourite band or sports team or players. You can surprise him with a poster but with a twist. Instead of his favourites, you can add in a picture of you two or write a small message. Things I Love About You Poster Frame is available at Gift Cart for Rs.699.

Personalised LED Photo Rotating Cube Frame

How about a two in one gift for your husband? You can gift some home décor gift to make it special. The gift card has this amazing Personalised LED Photo Rotating Cube Frame in its list of gifts. It is a rotating frame with LED lights; this will add style to your table. You can personalise it with adding your husband’s photo or a photo with both of you in it. It looks impressive, creative, and modern and will do as an excellent gift for your husband. The acrylic frame is 10.53 cm s x 10.53 cm s. The white LED light works on 3 AA battery. It is priced at Rs.879 and you can buy it here.

100 Reasons of Love Book

Source www.fnp.com

In the everyday hustle bustle of life sometimes, we fail or forget to express our emotions to each other. Special days like birthdays, anniversaries are a good time to express love and make them feel special. Therefore, you can gift your husband 100 Reasons of Love book. The book is available at fnp.com; the book has 100 reasons mentioned as to why you love your partner and want to be with them forever. This gesture could likely overwhelm him, as it will surely take him on a ride filled with lots of emotions and love. This cute and romantic book is priced at Rs.299.

The King Mug

Source www.fnp.com

You are the Queen, and your husband is your King! There is surely no doubt to it. Make him feel like a King by gifting him this mug from Fnp. The white ceramic mug has KING printed on it. Every time your husband will sip from this mug, he will feel special. The height of the mug is 4 inches and it has a diameter of 3 inches; it is priced at Rs.299 on fnp.com.

Thoughtful Gifts for Husband

It is very paramount to gift your husband he something better than never before. You must be going head over heels thinking of a gift for him. Here we are with a list of some thoughtful gifts you can give your dear husband.

Tasteful Hamper of Men's Accessories

Source www.igp.com

Do you all agree that men look the best in formal attire? Gift him all the formal attire essentials to enhance his personality and make him look elegant and classic. The Tasteful Hamper of Men's Accessories from igp.com will ease your hunt for apt gifts for the hamper. This hamper consists of an assortment of crimson coloured narrow style ties, a formal black colour belt, and a maroon wallet. Surprise your husband with these formal essentials priced at Rs.1,420.

Royal Husband LED Showpiece

You know you love your husband; your husband knows it too! However, have you expressed it openly? Check the Royal Husband Led Showpiece at Archies online or any Archies store nearby. This LED showpiece has a wooden finish and has a small message carved on it. The emitting LED light from the carved message makes it more beautiful than ordinary lamps. Add this as a style décor on your table; you can also show it off to all your guests in style! This showpiece is priced at Rs.499 at archiesonline.com.

Power Nap Pillow

Gift your husband the delight of a comfort sleep anywhere and all the time. The power nap pillow from Big Small will do the needful for you. This power nap pillow has soft-jersey like fabric. It is stuffed with silicone-coated micro-beads, which will help your husband have a perfect breathable, compact cushion for resting his head against. This pillow can be worn as an elbow pad, a forearm guard, and a boxing glove. The portable pillow is easy to carry, as it can be stuffed easily into small bags. This perfect travel pillow is available in various colours like grey, yellow, and red, blue. It is also washable and is priced at Rs.999.

Executive Knight Pen Holder

Your husband might have his own office or at least his own cubicle at the office. Why not gift him something, which will add value to his office desk. How about a pen holder? Big Small has an amazing penholder that will make your husband feel powerful every time he will pick his pen from the penholder. The Executive Knight Pen Holder is a bowing knight, hands raised to hold the pen. The knight bowing down to offer the pen gives it a royal and elegant feel. This penholder is Available in medieval bronze and crusade silver. The penholder dimensions are 14 x 10 x 15 cm, and it weighs 820 gms. This royal penholder is priced at Rs.1,499.

Socks Bouquet

Chuck the old conventional way of greeting someone or bestowing flowers upon someone. Try something different and unique! Tiny Surprise has added a twist to the bouquet; instead of flowers, it has three pairs of Jockey socks with the mouth-watering Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Surprise your beloved husband with this socks bouquet and see his shocking expressions. This socks bouquet is priced at Rs.1,099.

Tips to Make Your Celebration Better

You can make handmade gifts for your husband. Decorate each corner of your room with flowers like lilies, orchids, jasmine and roses. Let the room blossom with romantic smelling fragrance. This setup will surprise him and will have a never-ending smile on his face. Make the night more romantic with no interference by anyone. If you have, kids do not let them interfere with your plans and make arrangements so they don't disturb you. Plan some time only for you both, go for a mini vacation to rekindle your love and create new memories.

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Everything need not ride on that one gift

Relax, it's a present, not a life or death situation! We often exhaust ourselves trying to find that perfect gift, and who knows how much it means to your husband, but if his face doesn't light up with pleasure, we wind up being crushed by the weight of our own disappointment. If it helps ease the pressure, give him presents more often, but don't impose exacting standards from your own gift giving skills.