No More Clichéd Gifts: 10 Truly Cool Gifts To Give Your Husband This Wedding Anniversary

No More Clichéd Gifts: 10 Truly Cool Gifts To Give Your Husband This Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversary fast approaching and you are feeling lost for ideas? Buying a standard gift(ties, shirts!) are easy on you, but may leave your husband unimpressed. With BP-Guide India's guide, gifting right becomes easy. We have curated cool gifting ideas along with tips so you can find the best gift for your hubby and make your anniversary extra special.

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Buying A Gift For Your Husband? Few Things To Keep in Mind

What are His Interests/Hobbies?

What kind of things are your husband into? Does he like camping? Sports? Maybe he's into books or movies. It always helps to keep in mind your husband's favourite hobbies or interests. Choosing something in the categories he appreciates will make sure that he loves your gift. Ask his friends about things he might have expressed interest in or think back to recent conversations you've had with him where he mentioned something he'd love to have in an offhand manner. If you get him something like this, he'll be doubly pleased, especially because you remembered and took the effort to find him something that you knew he would love.

How Long Have You Been Together?

When choosing a gift for your wedding anniversary, it is always important to keep in mind how long the two of you have been together. Something that would have been acceptable for your 5th anniversary might not be a good idea for your 25th anniversary and vice-versa. Certain big gifts like cars and the type are better reserved for the truly major milestones, while small gifts are better suited for the anniversaries in between, like the 13th or the 14th year you and your husband has been together.

Would He Appreciate a Laugh or Something He Can Use?

Is your husband the kind of person who'd appreciate something that'll make his life better or would he rather appreciate something that'll give him a good laugh? For example, if you were buying him socks, would he want ones that are comfortable or ones that'll make him giggle every time he looks at them? Depending on the answer to this question, you should pick out something for your husband that you know he'll love, whether it's those soft black socks you believe he'll love to go to work in, or the funny orange ones he likes to sleep in.

Do Something Together!

When it comes to anniversaries, it's not always necessary that you have to buy him something. You could always just decide to take the weekend off together and go for a holiday or just choose to stay in. Anniversaries are about the both of you, not just him. So rather than buy him something he doesn't need you can always decide to do something together. Suggestions as to what you could do are give below as well.

10 Interesting Gifts For Your Husband On Your Wedding Anniversary

Amazon Echo Spot


The Amazon Echo Spot offers much of the same functionality as the Echo, except that it also has video functionalities. The echo spot can be placed anywhere inside your house, and has a far-field recognition system that will pick up your voice from anywhere. It's also connected to Amazon's cloud based Alexa service and can integrate seamlessly with a variety of smart devices.

The Echo Spot can also give you updates on things such as news, weather as well as sports. With the added functionality of video, you can also use it to make video calls as well as play videos. All of these things are done with the help of Amazon's Virtual Assistant Alexa, hands-free. From watching the news to keeping tabs on the baby monitor, the Amazon Echo Spot would be the perfect gift for a husband, especially if he's getting into the smart home craze. Priced at 12999, The Echo Spot can be ordered from Amazon

Herschel Supply Co. Roy Wallet


The Herschel Supply Co. makes some of the most sturdiest wallets in the market. This particular wallet holds up to their rigorous quality standards as well. Though a little bulky than most wallets, particularly if you're using all six card slots, it is still a really great gift for a husband. Moreover, the wallet comes with RFID shielding that'll help protect your husband's data from credit card skimmers. Priced at Rs 6642, Herschel Supply Co. Roy Wallet can be ordered from Amazon

Ion Audio Classic LP Vinyl Record Player


If you're husband has an extensive vinyl LP collection or is looking forward to starting one, this would be the perfect gift for him. The ION Audio Classic Vinyl LP player can be easily added to your Home Audio System with it's RCA output cables. Able to play Single 45s and Vintage 78s, this turntable can also be used to convert your favourite vinyl recordings into a digital format. The player has a weighted tonearm, belt-fed platter along with a ceramic cartridge and precision electronics. Share your first dance all over again with this truly spectacular gift. Priced at Rs 11499,the ION Classic LP Turntable can be ordered from Amazon

Bosch GSB 500W 10 RE Professional Tool Kit


If your husband is a bit of a handyman and has an extensive toolkit or workplace for DIY projects, this would be a great gift to give him. With a robust and powerful 500 W motor, and it's compact and lightweight design, the Bosch drill included in the Bosch GSB 10RE Professional tool kit is perfect for him to do small tasks around the house. The toolkit also comes with different sized and types drill bits that work on concrete, wood and metal surfaces. The kit also includes other accessories such as a spirit level, a measuring tape, claw hammer, screwdriver bits as well, all in all providing a 100 different bits and pieces. Priced at Rs. 5170, it can be ordered from Amazon here.

crocs Unisex Classic Hawaii House Slippers


If your husband has been complaining about cold or aching feet, then the Crocs Classic Hawaii House Slippers would be the perfect gift for him. Made out of rubber, these roomy slippers are perfect to wear around the house and are extremely comfortable. The slippers come in a variety of colours and sizes and therefore the price may vary due to these combinations. Priced anywhere between Rs 1497 and Rs 4473, depending on colour and size, the Crocs Classic Hawaii House Slippers can be ordered from Amazon

Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter


If your husband is a fan of whiskey and keeps a decanter set in his office, then this would be a great gift for him. Shaped like a globe, and with a glass ship inside, this glass and wood decanter has a capacity of 850 ml. Fitted with a glass stopper to keep your alcohol fresh, the decanter looks perfect and will catch the eye of anyone who appreciates a good drink when filled with Rum, Bourbon or Whiskey.

The Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter is made entirely by hand and polished till it's smooth to the touch and would be a welcome addition to any alcohol connoisseur's office desk top. It will definitely incite envy among his friends and respect from his peers and clients. Priced at Rs 9971, the Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter can be ordered from Amazon

Celestron PowerSeeker Telescope


For the husband who loves Astronomy or wants to get into the hobby, the Celestron Powerseeker Telescope would be a great idea for a gift. The telescope is requires no tools and therefore can be set up quickly and easily, even by a beginner.With a 50 mm aperture, 2x Barlow Lens, 5x24 finderscope, 118x magnification and fully coated glass optics for better quality images, this is a great refractor telescope for beginners as well as advanced hobbyists alike. The telescope additionally comes in with lenses that have higher apertures than just 50mm.

The Celestron Powerseeker is an imported product and should be ordered well in advance if you want to gift it to your husband. Priced at Rs 9614, including import fees, the Celestron Powerseeker can be ordered from Amazon.

Beats Solo HD On-Ear Headphone


If your husband loves music, then a good pair of headphones is always a good idea and as far as headphones go, you can never go wrong with the Beats Solo HD by Dr. Dre. Best for musical genres like hip-hop and rap, the Beats Solo HD comes with two speakers in each can with a clarity that gives clear highs and rumbling lows. Made from durable and flexible materials, the headphones are long lasting and fit perfectly around your head and are reinforced by a metal strip that'll ensure that they never come apart.

The Beats Solo HD also contains a mic that allows you to easily answer phone calls along with buttons on the cord to skip songs as well as to receive or ignore incoming calls. Priced at Rs 19,990, the Beats Solo HD can be ordered from

"What Do You Meme?" Card Game


If your husband has a very offbeat sense of humour, then the "What do you Meme?" card game would be the perfect gift for him. Created by an instagram meme page, this card game will give him, you and your friends endless hours of fun. Be warned that this game is adult-oriented and shouldn't be played with kids. With 435 cards in the original pack, the game also has many expansion packs available for purchase as well. Priced at Rs 1,299, the 'What do you Meme?' card game can be bought on Amazon

Personalised Laser Engraved 3D Crystal


In this, get any 2d image laser engraved in 3D inside a crystal in a completely personalized manner. The engraving will be styled like a bust and all of the picture will not be covered, especially parts of the body such as arms, fingers etc. It is ideally suited for a single picture that is to be printed vertically or a couple picture to be printed horizontally. Either ways the company will get in touch with you if they cant engrave the picture you sent them for any reason, such as it being of a poor quality.

The crystal used is European quality transparent crystal and a free white LED light base will be supplied as a standard with it.

Priced at Rs 1195, the Samruddhi Creations personalized crystal can be ordered from Amazon.

Celebrate Your Day By Doing Exciting Things Together

When it comes to anniversaries, it is not always necessary that you have to buy each other gift, you can always just do something or spend time together celebrating and appreciating each other's company. Anniversaries are legitimate excuses to take a break from the routine and do something that helps strengthen the bond you share - whether that is a relaxing time out or an exciting activity that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Take a Romantic Vacation

A vacation is always a good idea on an anniversary. Choose a destination you can afford and put aside work for that duration. It doesn't even have to be long, a weekend will suffice as well. What is important that you spend all of this holiday together and don't get things like work or kids get in the way. Remember however to consult your partner so that it suits your schedules and priorities.


Do an interesting activity together that neither of you have done before, such as skydiving. Take a leap and do the things you've always been terrified of doing. If it's too scary it's all the more reason as to why you should drag your husband along for this idea, so that you have someone to be scared with together. The point is that you've chosen to undergo this experience together.

Your Relationship, Your Celebration!

There are literally innumerable ways in which you can celebrate your anniversary. Whether it is a quiet evening at home together or a romantic dinner in a restaurant, or an exciting vacation, the final choice depends on what you as a couple enjoy together. Whichever you choose, make sure to let him know how much you love and appreciate him and you won't go wrong with any gift you choose.

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Don't Let The Day Go Unmarked!

Wedding anniversaries come every year and may lose its significance as time goes by. But don't let the day become yet another day and your gift just another thing to do in an already hectic life. Look at your anniversary as a day to celebrate your journey so far and to look forward to what lies ahead. You can even make it the official day on which you both reflect on your relationship and figure how you can make it even stronger and better.