Your Search For Unique Birthday Gifts Ends Here! Find Awesome Options in Our List of 30 Gifts for Men, Women and Kids!

Your Search For Unique Birthday Gifts Ends Here! Find Awesome Options in Our List of 30 Gifts for Men, Women and Kids!

You have looked all over but are yet to zero in on an interesting gifting option for someone special in your life? Well, we understand your struggle. That is why our gift experts have rounded up a comprehensive list of unique birthday gifts! Whether it's for your boyfriend or your best friend, you will find something unusual yet useful in our list of 30 gifts. So ditch all those boring, predictable gifts and pick one of these exciting options and make your gift a memorable one.

Keep Away from These: A List of Gifts You Should Avoid!

Before we get on with our selection of unique birthday gifts, here is a list of things to avoid giving as gifts. These are the things which are either deemed unlucky or plain rude to gift.

  • Scissors/knives : Giving sharp objects like knives or scissors is also considered as a bad omen unless you know the person very well and know that they won't feel bad about getting it as a gift.
  • Hankies: Some people don't like to get a handkerchief as a gift as it signifies sadness or crying.
  • Self-help book: Although giving a self help book sounds like a nice gift but its never a good idea. Your giftee might think that you are suggesting that they get some help. You only give such books if they specifically ask for it.
  • Anything too personal: Keep away from items that can give the wrong idea to the receiver. Lingerie, personal hygiene products, or cleaning equipment are all bad ideas.
  • Umbrella: According to the people in China, giving an umbrella is not a good idea. It is seen as you might think that the relationship between you two is falling apart if you get an umbrella as a gift. A lot of people in India follow it as well.
  • Opals: Another unlucky thing to give is any gift with opals. They are considered to be one of the most unlucky gemstones unless the receiver was born in October.

A Curated List of Unique Birthday Gifts: Choose Something Special This Time!

For Him

1. Neck and Head Massager for easy relaxation

The neverending grind of everyday routine often shows up as random aches and pains. Regular massages are a great way to get relief but why wait for weekends for a massage session. With this handy massager your husband can enjoy a relaxing massage that will release the built-up strain and give him an energy boost. This particular product offers three different modes and is easily portable. Check it out on Shopaholics for Rs. 9825.

2. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Kit - Survival for the adventure freak

Is your boyfriend an avid hiker or camper? Then this Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival kit as his next birthday gift is sure to please him. The kit comes with everything one needs to survive through sticky situations on any of his adventures. It has waterproof bag, a light, a hand saw, a fire get the point. This 16 piece survival kit is all he needs. Buy it for Rs. 6800 from StepInAdventure.

3. Beer Making Kit for the beer lover


Is your husband a beer lover who has expressed interest in beer brewing? Then this beginner kit is a perfect kit to start his journey. This kit from a renowned American beer brewing company prepares a gallon of 6.8% beer. The kit comes with their proprietary IPA making mix (grain, hops and yeast), a glass fermenter, glass spirit-filled thermometer, as well as additional equipment like vinyl tubing and racking cane and tip. Get this on Amazon for Rs. 8,018

4. Photo Album Scrapbook to relive lovely memories


Relive the magic of your love story by gifting your husband or boyfriend a scrapbook crafted by you that features a collection of your most favourite photographs and memories. This wooden scrapbook comes with 30 leaves of black pages that you can use to express your feelings creatively using photos, stickers, drawings and personal messages. You can find the blank scrapbook for Rs. 300 on Amazon.

5. Socks Subscription for the quirky

A socks subscription is an offbeat gift idea for someone with a quirky sense of humour. This subscription delivers receive two funky socks every month to the giftee depending on the length of the subscription. The socks are made using antibacterial breathable fabric that have been hand-stitched. Subscriptions are available for three months, six months or twelve months, and start at Rs. 2149. Find more details on Sockrepublic.

6. Mini Me Figurine for the novelty lover

Surprise your beloved with a mini version of themselves with this option where a 3D figurine is created based on a photo. You can choose the figurine to be 7 inches, 9.5 inches and 12 inches. The figure is made using high quality plastic and is fully handmade. Order this one-of-a-kind gift on Prices start at Rs. 7,500.

7. Stress Relieving Toy to make work days better


Some work days end up being full of stress. Desktop toys are a good way for your boyfriend to decompress and bring in some calmness. Blowing on this colourful top makes it spin creating a soothing movement. It can rotate not only on the accompanying base but also directly on table top. Made of gleaming solid material, this toy is a great addition to any desk. It can be purchased on Amazon for Rs. 999.

For Her

8. Calming Lavender Heat Pillow for better sleep

If your sister tosses and turns through out the night try getting her this calming lavender heat pillow on her birthday. She will have to heat it in the microwave for two minutes and keep it under her head after a long day of working in and out of the house. The relaxing lavender scent will put her to sleep in no time. The pillow has barley and lavender filling and is made of 100% cotton for that extra comfort. This unique and pampering gift is available for Rs. 2627 from

9. What I Love About You: A Fill-in-the-Blank Gift to show your love


Express your endless love for your partner with this fill-in-the blank gift book that has been designed to help you articulate your deepest feelings. The book comes with 64 pages that feature interesting and sweet questions you can pose to your partner, lovely quotes and dedicated spots to add photos or stickers. This is a gift that is sure to be cherished by your loved one. Buy it on Amazon for Rs. 259.

10. Birth Flower Name Necklace for the jewellery lover


Impress your girlfriend with this exquisite piece of personalised jewellery. At Regium, you can create a custom necklace that features her birth flower and name. The delicate Birth Flower Name Necklace is made with stainless steel material and offers three kinds of plating - Gold, Rose Gold and Silver. Order this unique gift on for Rs. 999.

11. DIY – Paint by Number for the art lover

Painting is not just a creative hobby but also a fantastic way to destress and restore emotional health. If your wife has been interested in taking up painting but hasn't yet had the opportunity, then this DIY kit is a great idea. This kit consists of a 30 by 40 cm canvas that comes with a numbered grid that makes it easy to paint. The set also comes with acrylic paints and brushes You can purchase this charming gift on geekmonkey for Rs. 1299.

12. Tabletop Magnifier Makeup Mirror for more convenience


Getting ready becomes easier for your beloved with this makeup mirror that comes with a 5X Magnifier feature as well as LED lights for better focus. There's even a fan and a small organiser to keep essentials. The mirror is USB powered and portable so she can carry it easily even on her travels. This cute accessory is available on Amazon for Rs. 849.

13. Luxury Handbag/Clutch for the brand conscious

While handbags are an everyday necessity, a luxury brand handbag is a treasured possession. Make her birthday all the more special by buying her this chic Coach clutch in tan. Featuring the iconic Coach look, it offers three inside compartments plus a pocket outside. The long strap is detachable which allows the bag to be carried as a clutch or a crossbody bag. Get it for Rs. 29,990 on TataCliq.

14. Jewellery Tree Stand for practical gift

This jewellery stand is both elegant and practical as a gift option. This curved stand comes with 12 hooks and a leaf shaped dish at the base so she can store all her small jewellery pieces easily in one spot. The stand is ideal for rings, earrings and necklaces. You can check this out on for Rs. 2,495

15. Facial And Body Cleanser to make grooming easier


Looking her best is a priority for every woman. Your wife or sister will love this grooming equipment that is designed for gentle cleansing and exfoliation. The kit includes two cleaning brushes - one for the face and another for the body, that is to be used on a machine that offers two speeds. Regular use of this can help in removing blackheads, minimising pores and stimulating skin growth. Buy it on Nykaa for Rs. 3819.

For Kids

16. Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set for the curious child


Help your kid develop an early interest in STEM with this screen-free coding kit. Botley's Coding Robot comes with 77 pieces that includes a remote programmer, 40 coding cards, detachable robot arms, 6 double-sided tiles and 27 obstacle building pieces. The kit includes a starter guide that provides coding challenges and instructions. The kit is available on Amazon for Rs. 8,172.

17. DIY Wooden Dollhouse for the girlie girl

Thrill the little girl in your life with this wooded doll house that she can easily put together. Made of wood, the doll house has two levels and includes a kitchen, a bedroom, a study, a living room and an attic, with several mini accessories. The set is suitable for children over and above 14 age. Get it on for Rs. 13, 500.

18. Personalised Blankets to make her bedroom special

This birthday, gift your little one a personalized blanket that will make her feel special. You can opt for a simple version with just the child's name or create a photo quilt with a collection of adorable photographs over the years. The cotton blanket with the child's name is available on namelyco for Rs. 7,000.00, while the photo quilt can be ordered on OurShop for Rs. 7500.

19. Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad Blue to encourage creativity


Give an opportunity to your child to indulge in his or her artistic impulses with Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad. This nifty digital pad comes with one graphite pencil, 12 coloured pencils ,10 blank sheets and 10 tracing sheets. Your child can draw like a pro using the tracing sheets that feature a variety of designs. Buy it on Amazon for Rs. 4845

20. Blank Comic Book For Kids to become storytellers


Your child's imagination is rich! This blank comic template is the perfect way for him or her to give full rein to his or her creativity. The book comes with 120 blank templates with a wide variety of styles and layouts. The pages are sized 8.5 inch x 11 inches with ample space for the child to draw. Available for Rs. 499 on Amazon.

21. Waveboard to go on thrilling rides

Want to encourage your child to spend time outdoors? Suitable for kids aged 8 and upwards, this waveboard is perfect to get them started on the joys of waveboarding. Made of sturdy PU and tested to European standards, this waveboard provides a safe way to learn the activity. The board is available on the Decathlon site for Rs. 2999.

For Your Close Friend

22. Glow in the Night Superhero Hoodie for the diehard fan

Star Wars, Marvel, Deadpool, Batman or Superman - is your friend a fan of any superhero? Make them happy by gifting them merchandise that they will love to flaunt. While merch options abound from notebooks to backpacks, we have chosen this glow-in-the-dark hoodie (Batman and The Joker) which is a striking option available on Redwolf for Rs. 999.

23. NAVILUNA Artisanal Chocolate Subscription for the chocolate lover


Naviluna chocolate bars have gained a reputation for their unique flavours and high quality, making them a fantastic choice for a chocoholic friend. You can gift your friend either a one-time gift box or a subscription box. Their subscription service starts at Rs. 2,808 wherein a selection of their bars are delivered home on a monthly basis. Check out further details on

24. A Fun Indian Board Game for history lover

Chauka Bara is one of India's many traditional board games that promise hours of fun. Here two to four players need to race their coins across a board of 7x7 squares to land on the innermost square. This particular set doubles as a decor piece - the base is wood crafted by artisans of Saharanpur in UP, while the coins are created by turning technique of Channapatna . Four cowries too are provided which act as the dice. Available along with an instruction leaflet, this set can be purchased for Rs. 800 on this site.

25. Handcrafted Leather Laptop Sleeve for the fashionista

This stylish laptop sleeve is sure to turn heads! Made of high quality handcrafted leather, the sleeve comes with a faux suede lining and a flap cover that closes with a magnetic snap. The sleeve can be personalised with initials in gold or silver (additional charges apply). The sleeve can be ordered for laptops of all sizes (13/14/15 inches). Available on here for Rs. 4990.

26. Bamboo Bowl Set for the environment conscious

If you are considering a cutlery gift option, then pick this eco-friendly set that features serveware made of bamboo fibre. Coming from the house of India Circus, this set comprises 5 bowls - one large and four small bowls - that feature an ethnic Mughal-style pattern. Additionally a fork and a spoon are provided. The set can be purchased on for Rs. 1709

27 .Custom Scented Candles Set for the fragrance lover

The gentle fragrance of scented candles are a wonderful way to uplift the atmosphere of your friend's home. To make it even more special, why not customize it with your friend's name or a personal message? Head over to SaltnLightWorld and opt for their custom candles that are available for Rs. 500 apiece. The candles come in glass jars and feature a fragrance-lock lid.

For Your Boss or Colleague

28. Personalised Diary to add style

Your boss will appreciate a personalised diary/notebook that he can carry around with ease. This A5 size diary is made of vegan leather and features lined sheets. In terms of personalisation, your boss' name/initials and a charm can be added. Check it out on where it is available for Rs. 850.

29 . Green Tea Gift box for the health freak


A great option for your health-conscious colleague, this green tea gift box offers loose tea that combines the goodness of green tea with immunity boosting herbs. The six spices are lemongrass, saunf, rose petals, liquorice, turmeric and cinnamon. The set also includes an infuser mug kit. This gift box can be purchased for Rs. 1,999 on Chaayos.

30. Wooden Desk Organiser for practical gift lover

A perfect gift for a colleague, this detachable three-piece wooden desk organiser has been made from mahogany wood and walnut wood. It offers a convenient way to store phones, pencils, business cards and any other odds and ends that inevitably add up on work desks. Available on this site for Rs. 1999.

Tips for Choosing a Unique Gift

Buying gifts that make the receiver happy is an art that needs planning and practice. Here are some ways to make sure your gifting game is top notch:

1. Always try to buy gifts that are useful or else they will turn into gifts again and get passed on ! Ask yourself if you received this particular gift if you would appreciate it and then buy it.

2. Don't wait for the last minute to buy a gift. Getting unique gifts takes time as you will have to put in some thought to find something special. Start your research 3 weeks prior to the birthday to find the best one.

3. Always think of the person's personality before buying a gift for them. Think of their interest, hobbies, like and dislikes before investing in a gift. This way you will be able to find a unique gift for the person and make him/her happy.

4. There is no point in buying a flashy and expensive gift if it is not something that will appeal to the giftee.

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Put in a Little Extra for the Birthday of Your Loved One

Birthdays are special days and it is the occasion where you should go the extra mile to make your loved one feel cherished. Take a little effort and look for a gift that shows that you truly care. With a little planning and thought you can easily make this day something that will remain in their hearts for ever. So pick out one of these unique gifts and make them happy.