A Complete Guide to Selecting the Best Gift to Give the Best Guy Friend and 10 Gifts for Him (2019)

A Complete Guide to Selecting the Best Gift to Give the Best Guy Friend and 10 Gifts for Him (2019)

Best friends are very special and when it's their big day, you want to give them the absolute best. Use our carefully crafted guide to find the best gift for a best friend boy. Personalised photo books, sketches and cufflinks to set him apart, and Iron Man shaped kettlebells, autographed cricket memorabilia, cool headphones and DC Comics gift set to literally knock his socks off, there are enough ideas here to make him one very happy boy.

Gifts Keep the Friendship Alive and Exciting

Friendship—a beautiful feeling that keeps us sane during the tough days of school, college, university and office. But, friendship is not just limited to these areas, in fact, our society friends are also a very important part of our life.

Gifts play a very important role in keeping these friendships alive and exciting. Be it a birthday, Diwali or any other important occasion, friends make it tenfold exciting. Add an exchange of gifts to the celebration and boom! the whole occasion becomes an affair to remember. Today, we are going to share some of the gift secrets to make your guy friend the happiest human being on the planet.

Things to Consider When You Want to Give Him the most Amazing Gift Ever!

Whenever any occasion draws near be it a birthday, a religious festival or any other such celebration, many of you open your net browsers and dig into various websites to find the perfect gift for your friends and family. Especially, selecting a gift for a guy friend is a relatively more demanding task as men are no doubt super choosy and pleasing them is a difficult task. But, now on you don't need to spend hours trying to conjure up that gift as we have provided a complete guide to a great gift.

Align the Gift with His Hobbies

The magic of this tip can be better understood if you close your eyes for a second and consider a scenario. Imagine, you love reading books but there is this specific book that you really want to have your hands on but unfortunately, you are unable to get it due to any reason. One day you meet your bestie and she/he presents a beautifully wrapped box to you. You open it and squeal because it contains that book which you were so eager to acquire. We are pretty sure that day would be among the best day of your life.

This brief scenario teaches a lesson that if you want to gift your bestie than closely scrutinize his hobbies and find the specific thing that he is very eager to acquire. Believe us men are difficult beings, getting a perfect gift from them is almost next to impossible but this trick always works out. So start "find the best gift according to the hobbies mission" now and soon you will know that is the best gift to present to your guy best friend.

Creative Gift Wrapping is a Must!

Art and aesthetics play a very important in transforming an ordinary item into a memorable one. Similarly, creative gift wrapping adds further sparkles to an already mesmerizing gift. A beautifully wrapped present gets etched as a memorable photo in the mind.

Be it a birthday party or any other event, if you want your gift to stand out and to remain etched in the mind of your guy best friend than mi ladies switch on your creative engines and stack up your art supplies because a beautifully wrapped present will definitely help you in making a statement. Time to show the world that you are the most amazing best friend in the world!

Present the Gift With a Treat at His Favourite Restaurant!

There is a very common phrase that is always heard at a time of celebration among a group of friends, "Chal yaar abh treat karaday!" Treat is like a tradition that is followed at every accomplishment be it major or minor. Group of friends flock to their favourite restaurants and enjoy the bliss of their favourite food.

Don't you think accompanying your gift with a treat would be the most wonderful idea to surprise your guy best friend?! Definitely! Keeping this tradition alive while presenting a gift will definitely add the spark to the surprise. As a best friend, we are sure you know exactly about his favourite restaurants, dhabas and roadside food attractions. Simply order his favourite food, call and invite him to the place and boom! he will be blown away by the surprise.

Top 10 Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Guy Best Friend With

Below, we present you the ten best ways to surprise your guy best friend with the most amazing gift ever.

Mosaic Photo Book

Photos are no doubt the most wonderful means for keeping memories alive. There are various creative manners to turn these photos into a piece of art, in our opinion the top position is grabbed by the Mosaic Photobook, an amazing service provided by Mixbook. Mixbook.com is a US-based store that provides fully customizable photo products. Don't panic! They ship to India as well YAY!

Mixbook's famous Mosaic Book is a stunning photobook that can be created directly from your phone and shipped to your home easily. All you need to do is download the "Mosaic Photobooks by Mixbook" app from the iPhone's AppStore, select 20 photos that you want to feature in the photobook, edit them if you want to customize them to your taste and order away. Simple, isn't it?

The photobook is square with dimensions of 7" x 7", the perfect size for an artistic memoir. The book is printed within 48 hours and then dispatched to mesmerize you. The price for this beauty is just Rs.1,440 whereas an extra Rs.360 is charged for shipping. The 4.4/5.0 rating of the app assures its customers about its quality. We believe an amazing photobook that comes in a hardcover package with the Mosaic's logo on top and is as affordable as Rs.1,800 will surely be the best gift for your guy best friend.

Sketch of His Favourite Photograph

Do you love to play with paints, canvases, pencils and sketches? If yes, then we have the perfect gift idea to surprise your guy best friend. Yes, you got it absolutely correct, a SKETCH! Art and the feelings etched in it are eternal, it is a gift which portrays how much you care about your best friend. It is a personal gift that will stay forever in his heart and mind. Multiple tutorials available on youtube and various other platforms are an excellent source to improve your artistic habits. Besides, it is not necessary for the sketch to be an exact replica as this type of gift portrays friendship and not just your artistic abilities.

Someone who is not very fond of art can also present such a personal gift as there are multiple artists available on numerous social media platforms that have expertise in this area. Their charges will be different based on their location but, it will best be suited if you choose someone who is based in not only India but in your own city. If an artist is not available in your town then don't worry, courier services are always there to rescue us in such situations.

These artistic services will cost you around Rs.1,000. There are two ways in which you can present such a gift, either place it in an envelope or frame it. In our opinion, a framed sketch is more sophisticated. We assure you this gift will forever stay in his heart. You can explore sketchthephotos.com for charcoal and pencil sketches as well as digital portraits and caricatures. Prices start at Rs.500.

Customised T-Shirt

Men love to wear and stack comfy clothing. No offence boys but mostly such clothing is pretty plain but gals, you can definitely add a trendy piece to their collection by gifting your guy bestie a customised t-shirt.

Now you all must be wondering that what is the best place to get it? Ladies, no need to panic, tshirtloot.com is here to rescue you! This Tirupur based online store started its services in 2012 and since then it has been winning over its customers' hearts. All you need to do is visit their website, go to the "create your own" section, choose the colour for the t-shirt and utilize multiple other options available there including picture and name provision tools to get your own designed t-shirt and add it to the cart.

The prices vary from Rs. 399 to Rs. 599 depending upon the extent of customisation. It usually takes 8 days to ship and guess what? SHIPPING IS FREE FOR CUSTOM T-SHIRTS! So what are you waiting for? It is the best place to grab a trendy piece for your guy best friend. Order one for your buddy here.

Silver Personalised Cufflinks

Source engrave.in

Classy men love sophisticated accessories and such a man would love to be gifted a pair of chic cufflinks. Although there are various online stores available that provide this elegant piece of men jewellery, we are sure most of you are devoid of any idea as from where to get a customised pair of cufflinks. Set your worries aside, BP guide India is here to solve your confusion!

LeCalla, an Agra based brand whose services are available on engrave.in is the perfect place to get your hands on a chic set of customised cufflinks. All you need to do is visit their website, enter the text that you require on the cufflink, select the plating (yellow gold, rose gold or platinum) and add to the cart. Simple, right?

These brass made cufflinks are usually delivered in a span of 8-10 working days. These cufflinks will only cost you Rs.2,150 including the shipping price. The 5.0/5.0 reviews are an evidence of its immaculate quality. We assure you ladies, this elegant gift will be loved by your guy best friend because men absolutely love the classy stuff.

A Designer Kurta

Traditional festivities require desi dressing and such occasions are best celebrated with a traditional gift. If you are stuck and have no idea what to gift your guy bestie this desi season then, look no further, open google, dig into your favourite designer's website and get him the chicest kurta that you can find. Even if you don't have a favourite designer than just google "India's top fashion designers for men" and you will come across a long list of designers to choose from. This choice might prove to be a bit expensive but a classy traditional kurta always does the trick and adds spice to the desi festivities.

There are designer kurtas available on most fashion websites in India. If your friend likes to try new styles give him something like this Blue Cotton Asymmetric Kurta by ABH Lifestyle. It is priced at Rs.719 on limeroad.com.

His Favourite Concert Tickets

Are you and your guy bestie usually found at music festivals or concerts? Is your bestie a die heart fan of a certain musician or band? Then, tickets to the favourite's concert will surely make his day. It is a gift that both of you will be able to enjoy.

Usually, such events are advertised a lot on social media so, it is quite easy to keep them in check but, if you are still having difficulties then, we know the perfect website that you need to visit. Meraevents.com is an online ticket buying store, established by Naidu Darapaneni that will provide you with access to all types of entertainment events taking place in India.

The website provides a wide range of events to select from and contains their complete description. All you need to do is open the website, find your required entertainment and book the tickets. So ladies get them "party dresses" on because you are going to your guy bestie's favourite artist's concert.

DC Universe 10th Anniversary Blu-Ray Box Set

It is a well-known fact that men absolutely love DC Universe and anything related to it. Is your bestie among such men? Then, we have the best possible gift suggestion for you. DC Universe: 10th Anniversary Collection Blu-ray Limited Edition! It is a treasure that contains 30 DC Universe's hits released between 2007-2017. Although this collection is available on multiple sites but we are in favour of Sanjoshop as they are selling it on Amazon with a discount of 24 per cent and FREE SHIPPING!

The movies have a resolution of 1080p and an aspect ratio of 1.78:1. They also contain subtitles in multiple languages. Buying this set instead of individual movies will save you Rs.10,692. Isn't that amazing? Who doesn't love a discount! This amazing film set will cost you Rs.16,431 but its rating of 4.2/5.0 suggests that its worth the penny. So get your hands on this limited edition box set before its gone!

Onit Ironman Kettle Bell

Is your guy bestie a fitness lover and gym is his best friend? In such a case, a gym related gift will surely make his day amazing. There are a lot of different pieces of machinery and bodybuilding equipment available online but, we believe that a gift should be unique and special. Marvel Hero Elite Iron Man Kettlebell will prove to be a gift that will remain etched in his memory forever.

This nnitxMarvel partnership product is definitely an amazing piece to get your hands on. It is a gift that will satisfy both his superhero and a perfect fitness accessory fantasy. This 40 lb kettlebell has been sculpted as the Iron Man's helmet. This amazing gym accessory that is bound to turn heads has been created with a chip resisting and high-quality iron coating.

It is a highly successful piece and has won over its customer's hearts who have provided it with a rating of 4.09/5.0. It is available at a price of Rs.8,626 and the shipping cost varies according to the location. We assure you this Iron Man inspired Onnit's fitness piece will surely win your bestie's heart. Buy it here.

Sony WH-1000 XMS Headphones

Source www.amazon.in

It is said, "Without music, life would be a mistake." We strongly agree with this quote and if your bestie is also a firm believer of such quotes than we are sure a music-related gift will definitely amaze him. Sony WH1000XM2 Premium Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones will be a great addition to his electronic accessories collection.

These headphones cancel noise very effectively and thus remove distractions in the bliss of music. It utilizes Smart Listening technology with the help of the Sony Headphones Connect App to customize the settings. A simple swipe on the noise cancelling optimiser of the headphones adjusts the settings according to the surroundings and touch sensors easily play and skip tracks. It has an amazing battery life of 30 hours with the noise cancelling facility.

It's weight is 277g and it has dimensions of 18.5 x 7.4 x 24.9 cm. It also has a built-in microphone and comes with USB cable, connection cable and a plug adaptor. It is available in black and rose gold colours. It is sold by an Indian brand Playmax on Amazon which is offering a discount of 9 per cent. The cost of the black headphones is Rs.28,259, whereas that of rose gold ones is Rs.28,700 and the most amazing thing about is that the shipping is FREE! These headphones have a rating of 4.3/4.0 which depicts the level of customer satisfaction. So, what are you waiting for? Grab these headphones as they make a perfect gift for a music loving person here.

Smartphone Projector

Movies and TV shows spice up our lives. The hangouts at friends places usually feature a movie or a binge watch of a series. But, watching them on a small screen is NO fun at all and if your guy bestie is a movie geek than we are sure that he definitely hates it. Well, we have the perfect gift idea to fill his appetite for movies on a big screen. A Mini Portable LED Projector! This product is sold on Amazon by a brand called Loongson and has an exceptional rating of 5.0/5.0.

It weighs only 7.17 lbs and has dimensions of 12.23 x 9.42 x 4.63 in. It supports a variety of inputs including VGA, HDMI, USB, AV and Micro SD. It has a dual HDMI and USB port design and comes with a Lighting/Micro USB to HDMI Cable. Your bestie will be able to connect his smartphone at any time and watch his favourite movie in a cinema equivalent environment. The projection size varies between 44" to 200" and the distance is between 4.9ft to 18.4ft but, the most suitable distance is 9.8ft. It has a 262K display colour and supports a 1920 x 1080 movie format and has a physical resolution of 1280 x 768.

This amazing smartphone projector will cost you Rs.24,717 on Amazon, including shipping cost. Grab one for your bestie and turn his house to a mini movie theatre.

Bonus Gift Idea: His Favourite Cricketer's Autograph

Sports especially cricket is almost a part of Indian men's lives. They literally live and breathe cricket. If your bestie is also among these men then we have an amazing gift idea to startle him. His favourite cricketer's autograph! Getting an autograph specifically a favourite cricketer's autograph is a daunting task. Fortunately, we have uniquelysporting.com that has simplified this difficulty.

This Kent based website has a collection of autographs from different cricketers belonging to all eras and nationalities. The prices vary depending on the item on which the autograph is present. We suggest you go through the website and we are confident that you will find your bestie's favourite cricketer's autograph.

We are confident that this complete guide to present the best gift to your guy bestie has been beneficial for you. Share it with others and do them a favour as well. Happy gifting!