Go the Extra Mile By Personalizing Gifts for Loved Ones: 10 Ideal Gift Ideas for Personalized Gifts for Friends and Family (2019)

Go the Extra Mile By Personalizing Gifts for Loved Ones: 10 Ideal Gift Ideas for Personalized Gifts for Friends and Family (2019)

Are you at a loss as to what to give as a gift to family and friends that will be loved by them? Personalised gifts are a wonderful way to show that you care. When you give a gift that has personal elements added specially, they know you have spent time on it. Our exhaustive guide will will help you make the perfect choice in personalised gifts . While there are plenty of things that can be customised, some gifts are better suited for it than others, and at BP-Guide India we have rounded up the absolute best ideas for you.

What Sets Personalized Gifts Apart from the Usual Stuff

Exchanging gifts is part and parcel of our day to day lives. There are numerous festive occasions in India and exchanging gifts on those occasions is important and essential. Gifts without a doubt have become an integral part of our societies. Gifts can express emotions of care, affection, love, gratitude and other feelings that are left unsaid. When the gifts are personalized they are extra special. When you want to gift someone something then it has to be a little different from the ordinary, a little unique and distinct. Unique gifts are exciting and are cherished more by the recipient

Why are Personalised Gifts Special?

A person can celebrate any occasion or festival enhancing its warmth with lovely gifts for loved ones. Personalising a gift is a great way to show a loved one how much he/she means to you.

What Is The Difference Between Personalised Gifts and Regular Ones?

Personalization in gifting would mean adding a touch of your own in the gifting process. Personalization means adding a photograph or a text of personal choice on a product. Personalization also includes adding a design of personal choice. Personalization option empowers the customer to gift something unique to its recipient. Personalization makes your gift item unique and distinct from the available options, hence making it a cherished gift for your loved ones.

Whom Can I Gift a Personalized Gift To?

There is a variety of gift ideas to show one’s adoration for their parents, friends, siblings, family members, co-workers, and even pets. Similarly, the kids can express their gratitude towards their favourite teachers with perfect personalised gifts such as mugs, greeting cards, chocolates, decorative plaques, caricature, etc.

Few Things That Make A Personalised Gifts Special

It feels nice to be in a loving relationship and so, it must be cherished for as long as one lives. One must make sure that each one feels satisfied and desired.

  • Show that you care
    To some, it is all about the personal touch and the amount of time and thought you have put in the gift. Personalized gifts are a gesture of thoughtfulness as they involve an extra effort of putting a personal touch in it. Seeing a fond photo of a cherished memory or message on the gift delights the recipient of the gift.

  • They are unique
    When you want to gift someone something then it must be a little different from the ordinary, a little unique and distinct. Unique gifts are exciting and are cherished more by the recipient and personalizing a gift brings exactly the emotion that needs to be conveyed.

  • Makes special memories
    Personalization brings emotions that awaken memories that have been asleep, personalization makes new bonds, strengthen existing bonds, personalization conveys unsaid emotions thereby making special memories.

  • Customize as per your wish
    Personalization helps you add your own touch to your gift by means of a sentimental text message, a private joke, a keepsake artefact, a favourite picture or anything that holds meaning to both you and the recipient using the desired shade, material or medium you want.

  • Save money
    All personalised gifts may not be fancy, but some sure are extremely special so that the recipient knows that he/she means a lot to you. It is the idea that counts, rather than how big, flashy or costly it is. So, when the gift is personalized, the person can choose how much needs to be spent on it. A simple personalized gift can mean so much even if it is inexpensive.

  • Lets you be creative
    Hearts are knit together through Personalized gifts so one can put one’s heart and mind into getting the desired results. One can come up with the craziest and most fulfilling or satisfying personalized gift and feel extremely proud of its originality.

10 Personalised Gifts That are Easy to Order and Make Great Gifts

A simple personalised keychain with a letter, a pattern, personalised photo frame with a memorable photograph, a personalized card with a flower, a small pebble, a seashell or an acorn can have so much meaning while being easy to put together that they can make excellent personalized gifts.

Mantra Boulevard Polymer Photo Frame

Source www.amazon.in

Personalized gift in the form of this Premium High-Quality Polymer/Synthetic Wood, with MDF board at the back and Plexi glass on the front for protection help reminiscent relationships every time they come into view. Photo Size: 3 piece: 8 inch x 10 inch, 8 piece : 6 inch x 8 inch (White matt board included can be easily removed if not required) Total Wall Size : 32 inch x 60 inch. Photo pieces hang both vertically and horizontally with secure hanging hardware included with each photo frame - Easy Installation guide included. Priced at Rs.1,399 at Amazon.

Fringe Coloured Photo Mug

Personalized White mugs with rim and handle in bright and attractive colours to add that extra edge and class. These innovative 330ml mugs can be custom printed with your multiple pictures and text. All prints remain permanent for years without any fading or scratching. Be in the office or at home and start your day with a personalized touch of your loved ones around you. The mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe. Personalize one for each member of the family and your friends. Choose from the design templates to suit your mood and taste. Priced at Rs.403 (inclusive of all taxes) at prestogifts.

Photo Collage

Make a brilliant display of all your photos in this personalized horizontal collage from Printvenue. Photo collage can be perfect personalized gifts for your loved ones to revive old memories. The paper used is of 300 gsm with a matte finish and a matte laminate. Measuring 305 mm in width and 450 mm in height, these have a self-sticking glue strip on the back. Priced at Rs.199.

Abstract Watercolour Canvas Print

Source engrave.in

Personalize to make your photographs even more memorable than they undoubtedly are with our Abstract Watercolour Canvas Print. Upload your photo and our digital artists will give it the watercolour treatment. You'll appreciate the difference. And so will your audience. Note: Once you place an order, our design team will send you a proof image over e-mail. You can specify any changes you need as a reply in the same thread. We will proceed with the print only on receipt of your approval. Free home delivery anywhere in India. Delivered in 7-8 business days after approval. 9" x 12" - Rs.300.00 12" x 16" - Rs.1200

Engraved Door Name Plate

Source ourshop.in

Adorn your house or office with intricate designer customized engraved nameplates. These nameplates are printed, engraved or etched using laser technology and digital printings. The name signs are available in wood, MDF, aluminium, stainless steel, brass, marble, sandstone and granite. Decorate the home name plates with beautiful floral patterns, ornamental designs, motifs. The use of calligraphic and other suitable fonts add to the beauty of the nameplates. Enhance the beauty of the main gate or door of your house. The nameplates can also be given as a gift for housewarming of a friend, co-worker or for any other suitable occasion. They are priced starting at Rs,400 and will vary according to the size and material you choose. Order one from ourshop.in.

Something Nice About Someone Plaque

Source engrave.in

‘Memories, etched forever!' is an internal maker division at Engrave - and comprises of a woodworking unit and an engraving unit. Our flagship products include plaques, nameplates, coasters & clocks. Since each item that we make is a memory that’s etched forever, we pay great attention to every piece that ships from our workshop—right from selection of the wood to design iterations that fulfil each customers’ wishes. It’s craft honed and perfected. Most of the products are made from imported timber — steamed beech — which is a furniture grade wood variety. You can get it for just Rs.800.00 at Engrave.

Box Shaped Crystal

This beautiful rectangular shaped laser etched crystals come in the size of 55 X 35 X 35mm. The image is laser etched inside the heart of the photo crystal cube, so it appears to be floating in space. You may choose a light base, which will make your Crystal Laser Etched Photo sparkle and glow in the night. Price is inclusive of a wooden lighted base which is shipped with the product. Personalize this gift for a special someone. It costs Rs. 1200 at Prestogifts.

Elegant Hand-Crafted Pen

Get a name laser engraved on this elegant hand-crafted pen and create a hard to forget gift! The 1001 pen contains an imported Roller Refill and displays smooth writing. The refill can easily be replaced with a new one from your local stationary store. Personalize this for a dear one. The price for this is Rs.150 at Prestogifts.

Personalized Chocolate Wrapper

Get ready to melt the heart of your loved ones by gifting them chocolates with a special customizable cover. This gift is sure to light up their faces. You can add your personal touch by adding a special message and a photograph on the cover. Capture your memories and convey the warmth of your heart with this unique personalized product. It can wrap a137g chocolate. You can get this personalized chocolate wrapper with some add-ons for Rs.370

Bonus Idea: Put Yourself in It

What better way than to wake up in the morning seeing or remembering your loved one when you sip a cup of hot steaming chai or coffee holding them in your hands with your very own personalized mug! Or to have a photo frame, a photo collage, an abstract painting or any other personalized artefact looking at you, connecting with you, touching you with its tenderness! It brings all the love in the world to you and you feel so much at peace with yourself and with the world at large. It puts a lightness in your heart and gives a spring to your step as you begin your day ready to face whatever challenge your day brings you, knowing that there are people rooting for you. “Personalization” all the way!!!

From our editorial team

Make It Really Personal

Whether it is a wallet with their initials or a personalised poster, a gift that has been made personal becomes that much more treasured. Choosing the right personalised gift is however all about knowing the person you are gifting. Spend time to understand their personality, their quirks and their unique preferences to find that perfect gift that is just right for them.