Top 10 Coolest Gift Ideas for Girls that will Make them Feel Special and Appreciated (2018)

Top 10 Coolest Gift Ideas for Girls that will Make them Feel Special and Appreciated (2018)

For the ladies in your life, presenting them with something awesome is a great way to show your appreciation and affection. Let the gifting not be just a mechanical process, but something that will strengthen your relationship with them. BP-Guide has put together 10 of the most sassy gifts to give to the women in your life and some pointers on how to select the right one.

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Gifts, More than Just a Thing

Planning to gift your girl the most precious thing she could keep? Gifts are one such thing that comes with joy and happiness. Nothing expresses your special feelings for her than a perfect gift. Gifting something to someone adds a special memory to the occasion.

Getting a Gift for the Girls in Your Life

Women, by all means deserve the love and care and we should leave no stone unturned to make her feel happy and loved. Women make a valuable difference in the life, be it your mother, wife, sister, daughter, girlfriend, grandmother, or a female best friend. Their immense love, care, support and constant encouragement that they give you needs to be appreciated. They are the valuable gems without whom the life of every man and a happy family is incomplete. It’s a sincere responsibility of a man to keep woman happy because they put in so much efforts to help men in living a blissful life. Thus, only your small gesture in the form of a gift can bring a sparkling smile on her face that’s worth all the jewels in this world.

What a Girl would Really Appreciate?

Girls love the feeling of being valued, be it any way. She appreciates you being nice to her and making memories with her. Gifting things comes second. Just be around her and take care of small things. A girl always appreciates a guy who expresses love and care for her. The gestures of taking care of her, understanding her well and spending time with her will always be loved by your girl, all you need to do is to listen her and stay close to her.

#1 Thoughtful Gift

Giving a gift is always exciting but what is more exciting is its importance in her life. Take time in knowing her choices and favourite stuff and gift accordingly. A thoughtful gift is worth giving when it defines her truley well and so think and choose a gift wisely. A bound book of love letters, a simple coffee mug with a her picture engraved on it can be added to the list.

#2 Something Quirky and Cool

Quirky and cool things are the current trend. Gift your loved one some cool and quirky stuff to let her know that she is loved in this way too. She too has a funny side of her which might not be so popular. Thank her for everytime making you laugh on her silly things.

#3 Something that is 'HER'

If you want to impress her truly with your selection of gift then choose something that is essentially 'HER'. She should feel that the gift stands for her personality and should be something that she adores. You can find several such things, like, her favourite fragrance, stationery or even a particular dress that speaks to her. Personalising the gift is also a great idea for that matter.

Great Ideas for the Woman in your Life

If you are buying a gift for your girlfriend, then chocolates, fashion accessories and soft toys work best. While, if the gift is for your wife’s birthday or your anniversary, then present her with something precious for which women are crazy for i.e. jewellery items and fashion accessories. For those who have an artistic inclination, home décor items work best. Cosmetics, chic accessories like bags, watches, wallets and jewellery are the gifts that you can never go wrong with. Also, to make this online shopping experience blissful, we have segregated our gift choices as per relations. So, whether you need a gift for your mother, wife, female friends, girlfriend, sister, daughter or a just like that gift to impress your lady love, get it all right here from us.

Top 10 Coolest Gift Ideas for Girls

We have gathered an amazing collection of gift choices for her that will sweep her right off her feet. We will also help you get sorted. Every woman is different and has their choices and tastes, thus we have mentioned products that will fit in for your girl, the way she is. Whether she is adventurous, easy going, creative, outgoing, stylish, sporty or fun loving, we have mentioned unique gift for all ages and personality. Finding a perfect gift can be the most challenging task for you. Be it any occasion, Birthday, anniversary or other traditional festive gifts; choosing the right one is a challenge! So, if you are confused and need help in choosing and buying the best gift for her, then scroll through our list to find the perfect gift for your loved one. Gifts are not just the products you buy, they should express your emotions and love to the women you are gifting, which makes it valuable.

#1 Boss Journal with Elastic Band

Nothing can be more useful to gift your wife or loved one than a journal to note down important events, to do things or list of grocery items. The Journal is super handy and easy on travelling too. Also, it has leather cover that protects it from getting it damaged. The Boss Journal with elastic band is available at at just Rs. 400/- with 120 plain pages.

#2 The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Season 1

Is she a Big Bang Theory fan? Gift her a complete set of this series available at Flipkart at Rs. 1,499/- and make her watch what she enjoys the most. The series is available with two Disc Box Set covering Season 1 of the show. So what are you waiting for? Make her remember your gift!

#3 Umbrella Rain Doodle

Rains bring romance among the loved ones. Gift your girl a cute gesture to shelter in the rains and make her feel pampered. The Umbrella Rain Doodle covers all your cheesy and cute thoughts you have during rain. It is a beautiful piece in pristine white colour and the black doodles on it gives it an attractive look. The quality is also durable and sturdy. It is available at at Rs. 599/-

#4 Spa Gel Socks

Spa gel socks is one of the ways to pamper her legs and skin. The socks might be helpful for her to get rid of the pain she gets after wearing heavy heels. Also, the socks will cover her feet completely and the gel contained in it will give essential oils and vitamin E to the skin. Pamper her by gifting these socks available at just at Rs. 499/-

#5 Frame the Name

Frame the name of your girl and it will be remembered by her forever. Customise your own photo frame with her picture and name on it at Oyehappy gifting accessories, at Rs. 1,350/-. Make her feel special by engraving her name and photograph in the most amazing and creative way. You can also choose several different photographs if you would like to make it more special. It can also be gift-wrapped.

#6 The Classic Collection

If the girl for whom you are searching a gift would rather bury her head in a book, literally, all day; then, getting her a collection of some of the all-time classics is probably a nice idea. Three all-time favourites of best selling author, Paulo Coelho is available at Flipkart just at Rs. 623/- which makes one of the best choices for you to gift her.

#7 Funky Coffee Mug

This quirky FRIENDS coffee mug can be special to her if she is a FRIENDS fan. The mug is made of high-quality ceramic, in a bold black colour and has an attractive design which would instantly steal her heart away. The mug is available at thesouledstore at Rs 299/- The coffee mug can also be customised with other funky and cool quotes of your choice.

#8 Letter from Hogwarts

Hearing from Hogwarts is a fantasy for all girls. Let her not complain that she has not heard from Hogwarts yet. This can be a perfect surprise for her. A personally addressed letter to them and a list of all that they will require for their first school year and a ticket for the Hogwarts Express from OyeHappy is available at Rs. 690/-. Surprise them with this and see them happily flaunt this for the rest of their lives.

#9 Nykaa Bling It On! Mini Travel-Size Makeup Bag - Silver Flicker

Makeup accessories is the most attractive gifts for girls. How about a cool mini size travel makeup bag with silver flicker that can be used by her to put all her makeup accessories at one place. Nykaa Bling it on makeup travel kit is available just at Rs 199/- that is handy while travelling too.

#10 Ferrero Rocher Chocolate 16 pcs


A dash of sweetness is the most important in a celebration. And nothing better than a box of chocolate for your loved one. The box of 16 pieces of delicious Ferrero Rochers chocolate available on at Rs 735/-, can be the perfect gift. Combine this chocolate box with any product to make a perfect gift hamper.

How to Make the Gift Extra Special?

There are many ways in which the gift can be made extra special that she will never forget. Let her feel that she is the most loved person. Be it any woman you love, as we say; she is meant to feel special. We mention a few things that can add up to the special feeling:

#1 Personalise the Gift

Add a touch of yourself! Yes, personalization is the sweetest thing that you can do to make her happy. Write a note in your own handwriting, write a letter with your most precious emotions or spray her favourite perfume in the gift. Make her remembrance more fond by adding this sweet gesture and let her feel proud of you. There things that you always know she likes; may be her favourite food or the favourite accessory that she always wanted to buy. Buy that for her or cook that dish for her. Cooking is a gesture which instils a feeling of warmth and affection that is just unmatched. So, you can have your way to her heart by cooking too!

#2 Add an Extra Something

Adding an extra sweet thing to make her feel extra special. This can make her fall in love with you all over again! A small soft toy, a personalized key chain, a bag full of her favourite candies or just her favourite book can add that special emotion and show your extra love to her, and make her feel on cloud 9! Hide things everywhere that she might visit in her house of places where you know she can peep in looking for gifts. This will add a little fun to your gifting! A treasure hunt kind of a thing with your personal touch and a romantic clue in each of them can just be perfect for her. These extra emotions will always be valued and have a special place in her heart.

#3 Don't Go Overboard

Well! Having in hand so many ideas, so many emotions will flow when you plan to gift her something on the special day, don’t go overboard! Making things too bold or adding a lot of stuff instead of the sweet small things, can make your gift look over burdened. Avoid making it clumsy and full. Doing too much might also make her feel that there are less of thoughts and more of just gifts. So thoughtful gifting and a sweet, memorable reason behind each gift is necessary rather than just boxes of gifts packed without emotions. Let it remain short and sweet for your sweetheart.

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Make the Women in Your Life Feel Special

The women in your life deserve something good, and this time round let it come from you. It is not just about gifting, but showing you care and making it a memorable experience . Remember to keep their interests at heart while picking out your gift, and to personalise it to make something that will be cherished for years.