10 Best Gifts for Boyfriend and a Complete Guide for Selecting Gifts That Will Not Only Surprise and Impress, but Knock His Socks Off! (2019)

10 Best Gifts for Boyfriend and a Complete Guide for Selecting Gifts That Will Not Only Surprise and Impress, but Knock His Socks Off! (2019)

Is your first anniversary as a couple around the corner? Or, has your boyfriend achieved something significant in his life recently? Maybe your boyfriend's birthday is coming up! Though you don't need an occasion to show your love and support for him, getting him the perfect gift for an important event of his life is only going to make him fall more for you. And we're here to help you with that! Without much adieu, let's dive right in!

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Express Your Love for Your Guy

Gifts are a medium to express one’s feeling. And this is the reason why gifts hold an extraordinary place in our hearts. Gifts epitomise what we feel for a person, and a gift could be something huge or something as tiny as a pen. After all, more than the price tag, it’s the thoughtfulness behind the gift that counts.

Gifting a loved one, especially your beloved, is fun, but only if you know what you want to gift him. More often than not, it's considered a daunting task by most women, searching for the perfect gift for their other halves. So, if you are one such a girl who is in a fix about what to gift to the man of your dreams, we are here to help you. In this piece, we shall discuss the steps to guide you to find the right gift for your man with the most relevant gifts for the love of your life.

Steps To Choose the Right Gift for Boyfriend

Selecting the Perfect Gift

This is the first step to getting a gift for your beloved. You need to take into account a few factors that will help you select the perfect gift for him, which we'll be discussing on later in this piece.

Purchasing the Gift

After selecting the best gift, look for places where you can buy from. Today, most things are available online, however, going offline may prove to be even more fruitful if you know about the right places.

Tips To Choose the Perfect Gift

Consider the Occasion

While you don’t need an occasion to gift something to your guy, but do remember that the size and value of your gift should correlate with the occasion.

Keep His Choices in Mind while Selecting the Gift

The selection of your gift should be based on the choices of your boyfriend, and you should give him something that he would like and enjoy. For instance, if he is into reading, gifting him the book he's telling you about would make him happier than you giving him any other item.

Take into Consideration His Needs

If you pay attention to your conversations, you might have noticed him mentioning the things he might need currently or is planning to get for himself shortly. Buying him something that he needs shows how thoughtful you are and also make him content with your gift.

4 Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Soulmate

The following are a few gift ideas that can help you pick the right gift for your knight in shining armour.

Personalised Gifts

Source vistaprint.in

Nothing makes a person happier than the feeling of being cared for and acknowledged. Personalised gifts are here to accomplish precisely that! So, to show your love for the man of your dreams, you can gift him something personalised for him. And the options are aplenty. Today, numerous online and offline stores personalise gifts for you based on your choices and ideas.

From coffee mugs, pens, t-shirts, cushion covers to mobile back covers – everything can be personalised, and the choice is entirely yours. So, how about you brighten up your man’s day with a specially customised t-shirt that he can wear and show off at the time! You can get one for Rs. 450 from Vistaprint. You also have the option to choose the same from a wide range of colours.

Electronic Gadgets

Source amazon.in

You'd hardly find a guy who would say no to an awesome gadget! So if you have a man in your life who is a hardcore tech-savvy, get him the trendiest gadget from out there. From Amazon Kindle to cameras to gaming consoles, there is a lot to choose from. However, one gadget which has stood out for us is this set of wireless earphones by Jabra. The model number is Elite 65t, which is their third generation, and the true wireless feature comes in very handy because of their small size and portability. These earbuds fit perfectly and also provide steady in-ear stability. They have 5-hour battery life, and with the charging case, they can last up to 15 hours. It also has one-touch access to Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Now. Coming with a 2-year warranty against damage from dust and water, this piece of gadget is available in three different colours on Amazon and start with a price range of Rs. 14,999.

Sports Accessories

Source decathlon.in

For your sports-fanatic boyfriend, get him some unique sports accessories to show your support towards his hobbies. There are a lot of options you can choose from – running, shoes, sports bags, etc. Our pick in this section is a fantastic exercise bike from Decathlon. This exercise bike is perfect for home workouts. It can be used for daily exercise and burn those stubborn calories that just refuse to budge. The Domyos EB Essential has four functions and seven levels of resistance, which, when used twice a week, can help you stay fit and in shape. It is perfect for beginners as well and can be used indoors. Get it for Rs. 10,999 from Decathlon’s official website which comes with a two-year warranty on wearable parts and with five years warranty on the framework of the wearable parts.


Source myntra.com

One common thing amongst most men in the world is that they cannot shop for themselves! Wouldn't you agree, ladies? While they fancy new and fashionable clothes, they almost are never able to find the best looking clothes for themselves. So, if your man faces the same problem, come to his rescue and give his wardrobe the upliftment it needs. Get him some clothes that fit every occasion! You can also gift him casual shirts or t-shirts if you think he needs them the most. Jeans and trousers work fine too.

Our choice when it comes to clothing is this wonderful formal shirt by Van Heusen. The blue and the off-white self-design formal shirt is made from 70 percent cotton and 30 percent tencel. It has long sleeves, a spread collar, micro ditsy design, one patch pocket in the front, button placket, and a straight hem. It's a formal shirt that looks good on men of all ages and skin tones. Buy it for Rs. 2,299 from myntra.com.

Gifts to Make it Extra-Special for Him

If you feel that these gifts aren't going to be enough and you want to take it a step forward, we present to you some romantic gifting options to go him completely head over heels for you.

A Romantic Holiday

Is there a place where he always wanted to go to but could not make it yet? How about you make some reservations and bookings and take him to that place as a special gift? If you have no idea about the places he would love to visit or have been meaning to go for a while, you can always talk to his friends or family to get an idea. The idea here is to surprise him by taking him to a place that is close to his heart. You can make your reservations from platforms such as makemytrip.com and search for hotels on Trivago.

Candlelight Dinner

Win his heart over once again by taking him out for dinner. And not just any dinner date! A romantic candlelight dinner is what we are talking about here. Make a reservation with a restaurant that arranges for candlelight dinners, or you can even set it up at home. The whole idea is to spend uninterrupted time with each other – talking, relaxing, getting to know each other better, and connecting in the best way possible. If arranging for it at home is not feasible for you, there’s nothing to worry because there are many restaurants all across the country that arrange for a candlelight dinner for two. You can log on to experiencesaga.com to book a candlelight dinner for your beloved in your city.

Ticket to a Concert of His Choice

Another cool gift for your boyfriend could be a ticket to one of his favourite concerts, shows, or his favourite superhero's movie. It could be a great way to surprise him! Gifting him an experience instead of a materialistic gift is a much better option. To check out shows, concerts and movie playing in your city and booking tickets, you can log on to bookmyshow.com.

Cook His Favourite Dish

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And it is true. So, give him a pleasant surprise and win his heart all over again by cooking him his dinner. Try to cook his favorite dishes, and yes, you must not forget the dessert because it is essential to end the dinner on a sweet note. If you have never cooked before, you can check out numerous tutorial videos that are regularly uploaded on YouTube by experienced and home chefs. Remember that this is an experience he shall remember and cherish forever.

Make a Unique & Memorable Gift for Him

Well, it's not always necessary to purchase gifts. You can make one yourself and trust us on this that it will make him way happier. If you have a good hand at sketching, you can draw him a portrait or if you want something more unique, make fun items like a memory box, a photo frame with a collage of your pictures, or even a movie with pictures and videos that capture your memories. And if you can write well, you may even pen down a beautiful song or a poem for him.

How to Surprise Your Guy With The Gift?

Now that you have all the options of the gifs at your disposal, you must also know when and how to give it to him and see his face lit up with joy.

Wait for a Special Day

You should never rush with a gift. Since it is for someone special you should wait for a special day or moment to give him the gift. Wait for a day or moment when you both are together or plan to meet. Hand it over to him physically so that you don’t miss the look on his face.

Place the Gift at a Secret Place

Hiding his gift in a secret place until the D-day is a great idea. If you do not live together, hiding the present is a breeze, but if you do, it might get difficult to hide it away from sight. However, some of the best places to store the gift are the backs of kitchen cupboards, your closet, or you can even leave the gift with a friend and family member till the right time. Just make sure to bring in a surprise element.

Build an Air of Suspense

Extra charm is added to presents when the receiver of the present doesn't know what the gift is yet. We agree that it is difficult to not tell your boyfriend about the gift, but trust us, it's going to be worthwhile! So, try to build an air of suspense but do not reveal it just yet. You can also ask him to keep guessing to increase the suspense and while giving it to him, do not forget to gift wrap it. It adds another layer of suspense too!

Bonus Advice: Choose Thoughtfulness over Practical Gifts

Do remember that the principal value of the gift that you will be gifting to your guy lies in the thought you've invested in making/buying it and not in the price tag. While spending a good amount of money to purchase a thoughtful gift is always appreciated, something handmade by you is equally good, if not better. Always remember that your gift must be a reflection of the connection that the two of you share.

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Are You in a Long Distance Relationship?

If yes is your answer, then the best gift for you to present to your boyfriend would be to go out there to his place and surprise him like nothing else! Savour his precious look when he sees you after a long time. Nothing else would make him happier than this. However, if you're unable to go out to surprise him, you can always send a lovely and thoughtful present to his address to show that you love and care for him. Happy gifting!