A Helpful Guide to the Best V-Day Gifts for Boyfriend (2018)

A Helpful Guide to the Best V-Day Gifts for Boyfriend (2018)

Say goodbye to cheesy expressions of love with our comprehensive gift guide listing some of the coolest, most fun gifts available on the market. As an added bonus we have tips on how to have the most romantic Valentine's day ever. Read on.

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Why Celebrate Valentine's Day?

Just Another Reason to Celebrate Love

The day of love is just around the corner and you have plenty of reasons to let your boyfriend know how much you love him. This valentine's day put in some efforts to make it the most memorable day of your life. You might argue saying that why should you show your love only on Valentine's day but instead of figuring out the algorithm, let's keep it simple. A valentine's day is just another day to celebrate your profound love for your boyfriend. It is not every day that you get a chance to gift him something special or do something special for him. Every day has its own value and this day is meant only for love. You often invite friends and family for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries but Valentine's Day is meant only for both of you.

Do Something Special to Build Memories

It is one of those days when you get a chance to build some golden memories. These memories fill you with love and happiness when you look back at them a few years down the lane. The whole world gets ecstatic on Valentine's Day with couples thronging restaurants and gift shops spending time with each other. It is a day that has a wonderful aura around. If you are in love, this day automatically brings in a surge of love and good wishes for your special friend. Always ensure to add a special memory on this day to your journey of love. Take it as a reason to celebrate love and always plan ahead to do something special on this day.

Indulge in Simple Pleasures Together

You need not do something lavish every time to spend Valentine's Day. Even a simple long drive would suffice. If you always make an effort to celebrate your own birthday or your boyfriend's birthday, this day just adds up to the number of special days a year when you get a chance to do something special for each other. Watch a movie at home together munching popcorn or bake a cake together. These simple pleasures in life at times equate to exotic pleasures. It is the quality of time you spend with each other that counts and not the money you spend on each other.

Because Why Not?

For all the questions and logic behind celebrating Valentine's Day or not, the simple answer is 'why not'! It is a trend prevalent for many years and I believe it is a beautiful trend. People might argue saying that they celebrate Valentine's Day every day with their partners. But we all know how untrue that it. No matter how strongly we feel for our partners, our lifestyles, work and daily routines do come in the way of professing our love to our partners every day. A simple day meant only for love is beautiful. On this day, you can plan activities that both of you enjoy, exchange gifts with each other and tell each other about your love.

Now is the Time to...

Go on an Exotic Holiday Together

If you have been dreaming of going on a romantic holiday together, then now is the time to plan something special. An exotic holiday taken on Valentine's Day automatically becomes special. Living in a world where Valentine's Day is celebrated with so much pomp and show, our brains automatically get wired to do and expect something special in love on that day. Imagine being alone with your love on an exotic destination on Valentine's Day. You sure will have the time of your life!

Create a Bucket List Together

On this day, when you both sit completely lost in the company of each other, now is the time to create your bucket list together. Jot down every little thing that both of you dream to do in this lifetime. This activity itself can be a wonderful memory of your Valentine's Day. Add all the crazy activities like bungee jumping, deep-sea diving or sky-diving. Whether you get to accomplish these goals in your life is another thing but just jotting them down together with your boyfriend is quite endearing.

Make Promises for Your Future

Now is the time to make promises of infinite love for each other. And if you feel too filmy doing this, let me remind you that these are the little things that help you make fond memories. Everyone is practical in their daily routines. You need days like these to act a little silly, let the cupid strike and profess your blind love for your mate just like they do in romantic movies.

10 V-Day Gifting Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Here is a list of some very special Valentine's Day Gifting ideas for your boyfriend. These are gifts in all price ranges and you can choose according to your budget and preference.

Photo Print Commemorating Your Love

A unique gift for Valentine's Day, this Intersection of Love - Photo print commemorates the day your paths first crossed. Get it online from uncommongoods.com at Rs.5,553. This endearing gift will make you both want to walk down the same road together. It features yours and your sweety's names and the important dates that you share. This photo print is by Philadelphia artist Patricia Carlin. It is a great gift for Valentine's Day and is designed and made in the US. You can also add your extra personalization to your Intersection of Love photo print by choosing any of their special, symbolic frames. You can get a wooden frame to represent strength and a solidified relationship after 5 complete years and so on.

Vinyl Wall Clock

If instead of romantic and sweet you want to gift something useful, then go for this amazing wall clock from uncommongoods.com. The design of this wall clock is inspired by an old vintage vinyl album cover. This handmade timepiece has been crafted by artist Jeff Davis. Keeping the tradition of vintage vinyl LPs alive, he was inspired by the iconic appeal of the retro album covers, record logos and their glossy texture. This wall art and timepiece is a unique gift for your boyfriend especially if he loves retro music. Priced at Rs 2805, this one is not a bad deal. To add your own personal touch to this precious gift, add a small Valentine's love note on the gift cover to make it appear more romantic and special.

Scintillating Fragrance

An awesome fragrance gifted on Valentine's Day will be treasured by your boyfriend for as long as possible. This Davidoff Cool Water Caribbean Summer edition reminds one of the endless expanses of white sands and gentle blue waves. Aptly named as cool waters, this fragrance comes in a vibrant blue bottle and has an even more dazzling fragrance. This Caribbean Summer edition is a mesmerizing fragrance evoking intense emotions and vibrant sensations. Gift your boyfriend this wonderful aroma and have him smelling exotic all day long. Priced at Rs.3,690, this one makes a lovely Valentine's day gift for your beloved. Buy it from Amazon.

Card, Chocolates and Mug

But if you do want to give something cute and that which oozes of sweetness, then this card, chocolate and mug hamper would be the perfect buy. Get it online from floweraura.com at Rs.799. The heart-shaped chocolates will satisfy your boyfriend's sweet cravings and the card will say it all. Jot down your emotions and a sweet message for your beloved on this pretty card. The mug in the hamper is a useful gift. Titled as 'Best boyfriend', this will definitely make your man proud of having you beside him. He will always remember you fondly whenever he sips his coffee or tea in this mug.

Personalised Lamp

Floweraura has some really special gifts and one such gift is the personalized lamp. This elegant lamp lets you upload your image on the lamp base. They have it printed and delivered to your home. Priced at Rs.799, this one is a unique gift for your boyfriend on Valentine's Day. He can place it on his side table or centre table as a decorative item. The lamp has a wooden base and runs on the LED. It is a great lamp and a useful item too as one can use it for night-time reading.

Grooming Kit

This men's essentials grooming kit has it all to keep your man looking well-groomed, dapper and dashing all the time. It has one Emami Fair and Handsome Cream, one Clean & Clear Face Wash, one Park Avenue Beer Shampoo, one Set Wet Styling Gel, one Swiss Temple Body Lotion and one Think Skin Body Wash. If you are unable to decide how to surprise him then this hamper will put an end to your search and give you the best combo in town. You name anything and it's in here, a beer shampoo or a body wash or a styling gel pretty much everything. Remind him how much you care about him with this combo and send surprises right this very moment. Priced at Rs.1,149, this is an ideal gift for someone you care. Get it on Floweraura.

Furry Friend with Some Chocolates

Source i7.fnp.com

Want to surprise your boyfriend with a special gift hamper? On Valentine's Day, you can present this hamper to show your love. It contains a cute teddy bear, white and red roses and Cadbury's dairy milk chocolates in a cane basket. Priced at Rs.999, this hamper is a very sweet gift for your beloved especially if he is a dry hard dairy milk fan. Buy this one from Fnp.

100 Reasons Why I Love You Book

Source i9.fnp.com

A sweet little gift which manages to say it all, this 100 reasons why I love you book is the perfect gift for a Valentine's Day gift. Priced at Rs.299, your boyfriend will love reading all the reasons why you love him. This cute gift from fnp.com which is reasonably priced and just a sweet memorabilia which one can treasure forever.

Unique Message in a Bottle Showpiece

Source i8.fnp.com

Choose a unique and a thoughtful gift to say I Love you. This gift adds a bit of spice to a romantic present. It sends the message of your love to your sweetheart. Priced at Rs.429, this one is an ideal gift for college sweethearts who want to celebrate their day of love with such cute and endearing gifts. Gifts like these can be treasured forever. Buy it from fnp.com.

A Beautiful Cake

Source i9.fnp.com

If nothing else appeals to you, then celebrate your Valentine's Day with this creamy, chocolaty, walnut truffle cake. Order it online from fnp.com and have it delivered to your boyfriend's home where you both can share it together. Priced at Rs.949 for half a kg, this one is not a bad deal!

So hurry up and choose your Valentine's Gift for your boyfriend quickly. Surprise him this time with a special treat and you will have him by your side forever!

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Skip the Valentine's Day Date

This year, instead of going out on Valentine's Day have a cosy night in. Order some food, put on your favourite movie and soak in each other's company. You could give each other pampering sessions like head massages and pedicure's or cook a meal together. Avoid the crowds and enjoy each other's company.