Looking For Gifts For Your Boyfriend? This List Has 10 Cool Gift Ideas  
For Every Occasion

Looking For Gifts For Your Boyfriend? This List Has 10 Cool Gift Ideas For Every Occasion

We know how it goes: You know him so well—his favourite band, his go-to drink order, even his iPhone passcode—but you’re still having trouble finding just the right gift your boyfriend will actually use and enjoy. Maybe he's a stellar gift-giver and you want to make him feel special too. Maybe his last gift to you was a dud and you want to show him how it's done. No matter if it's his birthday, a holiday, a valentine or just because, here are 10 great gift ideas for your man.

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Value of Giving Gifts in Relationship

Gifts play an important role in building a healthy and loving relationship. It shows your gesture of appreciation towards your loving partner, and giving them a perfect gift will show how much you understand and care for them. It is obvious that all relationships are unique in their own way but still, you can't deny the fact that gift-giving creates a stronger and deeper connection with each other.

Gifts are like those thoughts and gesture which came directly from the heart and can transform your relationship into a truly great partnership. Giving gifts to each other can invoke the feeling of happiness, gracefulness, and anticipation. Make sure that the gift you are giving to your partner should come from your heart, this will make your relationship even sweeter. A perfect gift can smoothen the rough edges in your relationship and helps to build a good reputation as a perfect life partner.

Tips for Buying Unique Gifts for Him

Know the Importance of the Occasion

Before picking any gift for your loving ones, keep in mind the importance of the occasion. You cannot give them a particular gift in every occasion. Each occasion has its own importance, and you must value it. Valentine's day is all about showing your love and affection for your partner and the gift you will give them must contain the appropriate emotions to convey your inner feelings. The same concept goes with anniversaries too you must present him something which could scintillate the moments you lived together in those past years.

Selecting gifts based on the particular occasion could help you to pick a perfect and most suitable gift for him. Whether it's for academic accomplishment, exciting achievements like a job promotion or a milestone birthday, anniversary, or Valentine's day, you must stick to the purpose of celebrating that particular occasion. It will bring happiness and perfection in your relationship.

Choose Something According to His Hobbies And Interests

One major mistake most girls do in getting a perfect gift for their boyfriend is that they deviate themselves from the interests and hobbies of their boyfriends. Giving him some sorts of sports accessories will never work if he is not that much into sports. You must stick to his point of interests to get a suitable gift for him. Being a girlfriend, you are the closest person to him, and you already have an in-depth knowledge of his interests and hobbies.

If he loves to play sports, then sports accessories of his favourite game is an absolutely good idea. If he is inclined towards music, then a nice noise cancelling headphones or his favourite musical instrument could make his day. You can go for web series novels like Game Of Thrones if you think he likes to read thrillers. The whole idea of being stick to his interest is to keep your boyfriend happy, and you must keep going well in order to do that.

Something Which Could Help Him in His Profession

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If your boyfriend is in the corporate sector, then you might get to see some special achievements in his profession like promotion in his designation. You would definitely like to greet him for this amazing accomplishment in his job, and we will help you to make his professional journey ahead into a great one. Gifting is the basic thing one can think whenever he or she wants to greet someone for his achievements, and we will do the same but in a little bit different way.

Being a responsible girlfriend, you must think of supporting him in his profession. However, it is not actually possible to help him in his work directly if you don't have any experience of his work, but you could keep him free from any stress and anxiety which will ultimately help him in his work. You could get him a docking station where he could place his valuables stuff or a mini arcade desk game to kill boredom in office. It will show your love and care for him.

Top 10 Best Gifts for Him

We have put together a comprehensive list of gifts you can consider for all the special occasions that come up: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine Days. You are sure to find something that will be the best ever gift for him!

On the Occasion of Birthday

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It's his birthday! The special day surely calls for something wonderful so here are a few options to help you find the perfect gift.

Park Avenue Hamper

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Every man loves to keep himself clean and well groomed, and when it comes to grooming, a good quality grooming kit matters most to him. You can present him with this Park Avenue Grooming Kit on any occasion you want. Whether it's his birthday or Christmas, a man loves things which he can use regularly. He can use this kit to keep his beard and moustache well groomed. It will definitely provide him with a refreshing aroma and soothing effects on the skin.

This hamper contains one Park Avenue Deo talc, one Park Avenue Apache Razor, one Park Avenue Luxury Soap, one ParkAvenue Shaving Cream, one shaving brush, one aftershave lotion, and one Park Avenue Body deodorant. He can also take this kit with him in his travelling, so he doesn't need to worry about his style. It will definitely impress him, and he would appreciate you for such an amazing gift. You can get this for Rs.1,949 on fnp.com.

Colour Changing Touch Speaker

Is your boyfriend in music, then this colour changing touch speaker will definitely amaze him. He can play his favourite song on this speaker and can choose the colour to match the mood of his favourite music. Just turn off the lights of the room, and with a light tap, the room will be filled with bright pigment and a crescendo of sound which will eventually boost the sensory experience in the room.

He can change the colour of the lights of the speaker just by tapping over it. He can also change the colour effects by increasing the speed to get a disco ball effect, or he can just keep the chroma consistent. A small collapsible handle is attached to the speaker for easy transportation. Get this amazing piece just for Rs.2,134 on uncommongoods.com.

Desktop Arcade Machine

Boredom is the most common thing amongst working men. When they have completed their work, then they have a lot of free time which they can't use doing something productive. As boredom could make him lazy or affect his concentration and productivity, you could prevent him from getting bored at the office by giving him this simple but amazing desktop arcade machine which will not only help him to kill his boredom but it will also help him to sharpen his mind.

This arcade machine has 240 games to keep him entertained for hours. It has 8 fully functional joystick and 2 buttons to control different games and puzzles the machine has in it. This machine features a 2.5 inches colour screen with built-in speakers to give him a great experience at his fingertips. You can get one for him just for Rs.1,908 on prezzybox.com.

On the Occasion of Anniversary

Unisex Fitness Smartwatch

Your boyfriend always encourages you to achieve greater heights in your life, and you will always find him with you in tough times. Whether you are celebrating your anniversary or his birthday, you must get him something to commemorate that special moment. Health is the biggest asset of anyone's life, and if your boyfriend has some fitness goals set for this year, then this fitness tracker Smartwatch is the best option to make his day even more special.

This fitness tracker on Techlution will help him to track the various health data such as calories Burned, steps he walked and the distance he covered. It will also help him to keep an eye over heart rate, and can also set alarms. This Smartwatch is also fitted with an altitude meter. Connect it with your smartphone, and then you can manage your calls, messages, and many more. He will get a 1.3 inches touchscreen on this watch. He doesn't need to worry about wearing it in the rainy season as this watch is completely waterproof. Get it for Rs.3,087 on techlution.in.

Couple Keychain

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Men do love practical gifts, but you should also give something personal to your boyfriend to show how much he means to you and how much you love and care for him. Gifts with sentiments are the best way to convey your inner feelings towards your partner. These couple keychains are the perfect choice for an occasion like anniversary or Valentine's day.

These keychains on Etsy are made of copper, and you can customise them according to your choice. You have to provide them with the dates which hold special memories for both of you. Keychains are engraved with "I still do" phrase, and your specified dates will be engraved just below it. Get these amazing chains for both of you for Rs.2,763 on etsy.com including all charges.

Grow Old with Me barrel Clock

Being in true love with each other both of you always wished to spend the rest of your life together. On this anniversary give your boyfriend a touching promise to stay with him forever. Such a cute gesture will definitely make him fall in love with you again and again. This nice and elegant Barrel clock on personal creations is the perfect choice to serve the purpose. This clock is made of pine wood along with galvanised banded edge. The diameter of the clock is about 18 cms which are perfect. You can customise it with yours and your boyfriend name along with a 25 character long personal message for him. Get this best present for him on personalcreations.com just for Rs.7,723.

On the Occasion of Valentine's Day

What I Love About You book

Just imagine how much he would love it when you will tell him those things you love in him. I guarantee this is going to be very romantic and exciting for both of you. This book is something which will help you to ignite the moment. Think about things you really appreciate and love in him, and then wrote them down on this book. When completed, wrap it in beautiful wrapping paper and handover to him on a specific occasion. You will get the fill-in-the-blanks section on every page, and you have to fill them with heartfelt sentiments. Watch his face when he will be reading those prompt, it will make your day a special and memorable one. Buy this for Rs.709 on uncommongoods.com.

Mood-Setting Moonlight

On this Valentine's day, give your partner this mood-setting moon lamp which might be just the ticket to a romantic interlude. This lamp is basically a 3D carved model that looks likes Moon. It can be the calming centrepiece to his bedroom, and he can sleep well after a long and hectic shift at his office. There are many light settings available to choose from. Stand, and USB charging wire will be included in the box to charge and rest the moon properly. It takes around 6-8 hours to completely charge the lamp that probably lasts around 8-30 hours according to the light setting you chose. These lamps are available in many sizes, so pick your perfect one according to your choice. He can place it in his bedroom, dining hall, or living room. Next time you plan an evening date at home, don't forget to include this lamp on your table. Get this amazing gift for your loving boyfriend for Rs.2,082 on techlution.in.

Docking Station

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This Valentine's day get him something which could help him in his work. Doing something like this will indicate that you think of him and care about his profession. Being a working man, he needs to carry many important valuables with him every day. Why don't you give him a nice and elegant docking station which will help him to organise his valuables at the exact one place without missing a single item? It will help him to build a good professional personality and he would appreciate you for this amazing gift.

This docking station on Etsy is made of wood that's why it is more durable. He can keep his wallet, keys, mobile phone, watch, Pens, bracelet, sunglasses, business cards etc. There is a specific slot to keep his mobile phone whose base is fitted with leather to protect his device from damage and scratches. You can also personalize the artwork on the station according to your choice. Help him to manage things properly and save time and energy scrounging for things here and there. Get this piece for Rs.3,968 on etsy.com.

Travel Mask And Pillow

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If your boyfriend is a travel enthusiast or a working man whose profession requires travelling, then you should think about giving him something which could help them to take proper sleep in their journey time. Proper sleep is the biggest issue we face while travelling. Don't let a lack of sleep stop him from following his passion and job duties. This travel Mask and pillow on Techlution is the thing he needs.

This mask and pillow provide enough comfort in travelling. Being small in size, this travelling kit not only saves space but provide plenty of comforts while sleeping. He can take it with him anywhere and could take a short nap whenever he wishes. Get him these for Rs.1,449 on cabeau.in.

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Showing Your Love Is All that Matters

We know that the struggle is real when it comes to gifts for boyfriends - whether every option you think would amaze him, is too expensive or it really just seems like he already has everything he could ever want, Boyfriends are surprisingly hard to shop for! The trick is to get something that shows that you "get him". Find gifts that reflect him and his personality. Regardless of the price of the gift, it shows you understand him and have put in thought to get the right gift. In the end of it any gift given with love will steal his heart!