10 Unusual and Unique Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas for Wife: Spoil Her with Our Special Karwa Chauth Gifts. She’s Going to Love Them, Guaranteed (2019)

10 Unusual and Unique Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas for Wife: Spoil Her with Our Special Karwa Chauth Gifts. She’s Going to Love Them, Guaranteed (2019)

The age-old tradition of Karwa Chauth is celebrated in almost every Indian household. Loyal and devoted, your wife fasts for you throughout the day on this eve, from dawn till moonrise, praying for your safety and well-being. What finer way to express your happiness and love for your wife than by some gifts? Here are 10 splendid Karwa Chauth Gifts to present to your loving wife on this auspicious eve–

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How to Pick Special Gifts for Wife on Karwa Chauth?

Pick Something Related to All the Amazing Past Memories

If you want to plan the ultimate Karwa Chauth special gift for a wife then you should try to make it as personal as possible. For this, take cues from the amazing memories you two have lived together till now. They can be related to the time of your courtship or to the time when you two were just dating.

It will be a nice and cozy surprise for your wife to remind her about all the amazing things you two have done together. You cannot find a better day than Karwa Chauth to rekindle the past romantic moments.

Get Your Hands on Hampers Rather than Single Gifts

We always recommend that when it comes to the gifts, quantity always turn out to be more important than the quality. This is why you can never underestimate the power of gift hampers as compared to single gift items.

No matter what occasion is this, gift hampers will always make it a bit extra special for the recipient. You can find a lot of amazing Karwa Chauth themed gift hampers online or you can curate on your own by buying and packing various gift items into it.

Precious Gift Items Can Be Considered According to the Budget

If you want to plan a bigger and better Karwa Chauth surprise for your wife then you can also go for some precious gift items too. These are generally the gold and diamond jewellery items which almost every single woman loves in India.

Apart from these ones, you can also go for unique and vintage items which are precious but definitely signifies the effort you have put into making it super special for your wife on Karwa Chauth.

10 Special Karwa Chauth Gifts for Wife

Titan Raga Rose Gold Watch

A classic watch is always the most timeless gift which can be given to anyone. We picked a really stunning rose gold dial watch for your wife on the occasion of Karwa Chauth. This belongs to the popular Titan Raga collection and has a stunning metal strap on it.

The dial has this oval shape but the real deal is the rose gold colour which is super trendy these days. The classic watch is going to look beautiful no matter what. It can be paired with all sorts of attires (western as well as traditional) and comes with the metallic locking mechanism. The metal strap is perfect for a minimal yet elegant look. Your wife will absolutely adore this watch. You can buy this gorgeous rose gold watch on titan.co.in for Rs. 3,795.

Traditional Temple Jewellery Set

Source www.amazon.in

Being a man you would be totally unaware about the recent jewellery trends but we are here to help you out. Temple jewellery is the recent rage in India right now which goes perfectly well with all sorts of traditional attires especially the Kanjivaram sarees. So, giving one such set to your wife for Karwa Chauth can be a great decision. We found a really stunning temple jewellery set for your wife.

It is comprised of one choker necklace, one long necklace, a pair of earrings and a tika. All these items are made out of alloy metal and have gold plating on them along with red and green stonework. These jewellery items can be worn separately too and this is why it is perfect for all sorts of occasions. You can buy this Temple Jewellery set on Amazon for Rs.1,749.


Source www.amazon.in

Looking for a Karwa Chauth special gift for wife who is a complete bookaholic? Well, in that case, you might want to take a look at the all new kindle. This one is the 10th Generation Kindle which comes with 6 inches of display and it will turn out to be the most appropriate gift for your wife to celebrate her love for books. This Kindle has the adjustable front light which supports both indoor as well as outdoor reading along with glare-free display for reading even in direct sunlight.

This gadget also supports other multiple functions too like passage highlighting, words translations, text size adjustment and many more. We would recommend you to get the Amazon Prime membership along with Kindle so that your wife can access hundreds of books and comics on it. You can buy this Kindle on Amazon for Rs. 7,999.

Natio Naturally You Makeup Kit

Source www.nykaa.com

All women love and need makeup items and being a man it is almost impossible for you to choose quality products for her. This is why we have a perfect recommendation for you in the form of this Natio Naturally You Makeup Kit. It is comprised of some of the most important makeup essentials of premium quality and all of them are packed together in a cute little makeup pouch.

The items included in this kit are Nation Blusher, Eyeshadow palette, primer, mascara, Lip Shine Grace, foundation sponge and blusher brush. You should also know that Nation is a popular brand known for creating plant-based skincare products only and this is why these makeup essentials are perfect even for sensitive skin type. You can buy this Natio Makeup Kit on Nykaa for Rs. 6,500.

Wooden Printed Photo Collage

If you are someone who likes to keep things minimal but very personal then this wooden collage is for you to pick as a Karwa Chauth gift for your wife. This wooden printed photo collage can have 13 pictures and would look absolutely perfect if hung in the bedroom. Of course, there are other designs and shapes available for creating a collage and you can choose it on your own.

But we really liked this creative design and the superior finish of the wood and images on it. Make sure to pick only high-quality images for creating this collage. All you have to do is to upload images before ordering this piece. Simply, hang this in the bedroom before your wife enters and she will be super surprised to see this gift from you. You can get this collage from Regalocasila for Rs. 2,549.

Diamond Mangalsutra

Looking for some exceptionally stunning Karwa Chauth gifts for your wife for the first Karwa Chauth after the wedding? You should probably take a look at this highly gorgeous Navya Mangalsutra. Crafted in 18Kt gold, this mangalsutra has a stunning diamond in the middle of it in 0.19ct. The round cut diamond is small but makes the Mangalsutra look extremely elegant. This one is a really classic piece with minimal detailing and stunning design.

You can further customize the length of the mangalsutra along with the quality of diamond too. In fact, you can also purchase this mangalsutra on EMI too. You can get your hands on this Mangalsutra on Caratlane for Rs. 23,701.

Bvlgari Omnia Mini Fragrance Set

You can’t underestimate the charm of perfumes even now. Women totally swoon over a nice perfume and this is why we recommend you a set of 3 purse perfumes and they come in these really cute little miniature bottles. This Omnia mini purse fragrance set has the versatility where each perfume is different from another one.

These ones are Omnia Amethyste, Omnia Coral and Omnia Parabia having the top notes of pink grapefruit, wolfberry and Maracuja Passion fruit respectively. This premium set of fragrances is going to cheer up the mood of your wife in no time for sure. Interestingly, they are perfect for everyday use too with a really nice and fruity fragrance. You can buy this fragrance set on Myntra! ) for Rs. 2,535.

Red Kanjivaram Silk Jacquard Saree

No Karwa Chauth is complete without that classic red saree and this is why you cannot find a better Karwa Chauth special gift for a wife than the red saree itself. We got our eyes on a really beautiful Red Kanjivaram saree which is gorgeous beyond words. The stunning silk and jacquard saree looks absolutely ravishing and designer and comes with a matching but unstitched blouse material too.

The saree has a self-designed pattern in golden colour which makes the saree look even more flamboyant and royal in appeal. Make sure to gift this saree to your wife at least a week prior to Karwa Chauth so that she can get the blouse stitched for herself. You can buy this elegant red kanjivaram saree on Craftsvilla for Rs. 2,205.

Adopt a Pet

When we are suggesting you to adopt a pet, we are saying it for real. If your wife always wanted to have a pet then you should better adopt one rather than buying a high-end breed from some fancy store. There cannot be any other gift better than this one to make the Karwa Chauth special for your wife.

There are a lot of local organizations and NGOs which work for the betterment and well-being of abandoned and stray animals. Whether it is the cute kitties or lovely dogs, you always have the option to adopt one and give them a warm and cozy homely environment. Of course, taking care of a pet is a serious business but when you start treating them like a family member, nothing seems difficult anymore. Contact your local organizations for adopting a pet.

Spa Booking

Source kamdora.com

And finally, we have one last amazing addition to this list of Karwa Chauth gift options. You can book a spa appointment for your wife on the day of Karwa Chauth. She totally deserves to relax as she is going to fast for the entire day without food and water.

The idea is pretty simple and all you need to do is to talk to the popular spa parlour in your city. Get booking for your wife or buy a voucher for the same and you are good to go. Thanks to the recent trend, now it is possible to get a spa session at home too but with additional charges. So, you can go for one of these options and your wife is going to enjoy one relaxing session on this tiring day to ultimately look gorgeous and glowing in the Karwa Chauth Pooja.

Some Unique Tips to Make It Extra Special on Karwa Chauth for Wife

There are always some ideas which are beyond money and precious gift items. If you want to put some efforts on your own then you need to go for these unique and extremely special ideas to give a beautiful surprise to your wife on Karwa Chauth. Here are some of them which are easy to carry out and will definitely work for you.

Decorate the Bedroom for Her

The bedroom decoration surprise has become a rage in recent time for the couples. This is going to be even more special if it is the first Karwa Chauth of your wife. You can fill the room with helium-filled balloons and can put rose petals on the floor for her to walk upon. The scented candle lit room can also be a great idea to woo your wife on Karwa Chauth.

Roses and Scented Candles Always Work

If you do not have enough time to decorate the entire bedroom with candles and roses then you can simply gift some to her. You can easily find such Karwa Chauth gifts for wife India either online or on flower shops. All you have to do is to buy some rose bouquets for her along with the scented candles gift packed. You can also buy the monthly subscription of scented candles for her as it will not only keep her mood light but will fill your space with an amazing fragrance.

Plan a Quick Getaway

A quick vacation or even a small getaway can also turn out to be great gift for your wife on the occasion of Karwa Chauth. Simply take a day off and pamper your wife by taking her to a resort outside the hustle and bustle of the city. Not only that it will keep her busy and distracted throughout the day but also she will be able to enjoy some quality time with you.

Woo Her with Flowers All Day Long

For the Karwa Chauth special gift for wife, you can opt for the flower delivery for your wife in every hour throughout the day. You can do that through a nearby flower service or simply buy some on your own and keep on gifting her a bouquet in every hour to keep things happy and fresh for the all day long.

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Give Her Your Love and Time.

Karva Chauth is all about revelling in a good mood, and nothing makes women feel better than dressing well, especially while doing something special for their husbands. Be it clothes, jewellery or makeup, everything adds to the feel-good factor on this day. So, give her time to dress and let her feel gorgeous like never before this Karva Chauth. The love and devotion shown by your wife to you cannot be substituted for anything. After all “Living happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It is the life you chose to share with her “. Wish the married young ladies or those who are keeping the fast for the first time happy fasting (and feasting thereafter)!