Light a Pataka in Your Married Life with These 10 Creative Diwali Gifts to Give Wife in 2020. Dump the Boring Household Gifts and See How Sparks Fly This Year!

Light a Pataka in Your Married Life with These 10 Creative Diwali Gifts to Give Wife in 2020. Dump the Boring Household Gifts and See How Sparks Fly This Year!

Year after year, in the days leading up to Dhanteras and Diwali, you find yourself leading, or being led by, your wife to the jewellers to pick out this years gold ornaments. She isn't complaining but how about surprising her with something in addition to that? Find here some lovely new ideas for this year's Diwali gift for the wife. Keeping the gold purchases to a minimum this year? These gifts are perfect even then.

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Tips to Remember While Buying a Diwali Gift for Wife

Keep the Budget in Mind

Celebrations and festivals are normally a reason to splurge. Thus, it is really important that you set a good budget for the gift giving as well. Diwali, normally is a time where we give gifts to everybody. So, it is necessary to pamper your wife as well.

So, set a budget of all your spending and then decide for a gift for your wife. It is understood that you want to get the best and the most expensive gift for her but do not go overboard as it is you who will have to suffer later. Also, plan in advance and keep a watch on the sales and discounts everywhere. This way you may find an expensive item in your budget.

Gift Her Something She Wants

People love if you pay attention to the little details and gift them something that they have always wanted. And when it comes to wives, they are normally always dropping hints of what they need to buy or want. The trick is to listen carefully. This way you will be able to impress her all over again.

One other way to get her what she wants is to stalk. Stalk her Pinterest profile. You will definitely get clues of what to buy. Check her phone and see if she has wishlists on Amazon or any other site she orders online from. Just order that piece for her. This way she will be surprised also and will get what she actually wants.

You could also ask her directly as well. This way there will be no suspense but at least you will get her something of her choice. One other thing to do is to ask her friends or parents. She may have mentioned something to them.

Keep Her Tastes in Mind

While buying a gift for your wife, always keep her prefrences in mind. Take a note of her favourite brands and colours. If you are still clueless about them even after marriage then strike a normal conversation about them with her. Such little details matter a lot when buying a gift. The recipient would appreciate the efforts that you have put in.

In case you are confused, you can also ask the shop assistant for help. They would really recommend some of their best sellers and that could be a great help to you. Also, do not gift her something that she would never use. Avoid items like show pieces or pen stands. Instead gift her a pair of earrings or a coffee blender.

10 Diwali Gifts That Will Make Your Wife Happy This Year

A Great Pair of Gold or Diamond Earrings

Gifting a jewelry to a woman is something beautiful. It is something timeless, especially if you are opting for diamonds or gold. Also, festive time calls for celebrations and parties where normally everyone gets dressed up. Thus, it would make a great gift as she could wear it in one of the parties and also show it off to her friends. Buying bigger pieces as a way of investing and saving is fine, but also give her small pieces of jewellery that she can wear on a daily basis.

Catia Stardom Stud Earrings from is a great option. It is made of 18 K gold and has metal weight of approximately 2.17 gm. The diamond used is IJ-SI round and has a paved setting. The height of the earring is 9.2 mm and the width is also 9.2 mm. The earrings are priced at Rs.14,790.

Pooja Thali

Diwali calls for different types of traditions and rituals. Hence, gifting something related to that is always a good idea as it preserves the essence of the occassion and is very useful as well. Handmade Decorative Gold Plated Pooja Thali from is a great option.

The set comes with seven different pieces used in the pooja. The colour is golden and the material used is brass. The set is highly durable and is made with impeccable craftsmanship. The whole product weighs 800 gm and is priced at Rs.3,000.

Gourmet Chocolate Box

When you are confused as to what to buy then think no more. Just opt for a good box of chocolates. You could never go wrong with this one. Festivities as it is calls for eating sweets and enjoying with each other. Hence, you both could enjoy a good box of chocolate together.

Also, chocolates are researched to be good for the heart. Experts say that eating chocolate in moderation elevates our mood and helps you release stress. It is also said to reduce memory decline. Thus, more reasons to gift chocolates to your sweetheart.

This box of gourmet chocolate truffles from is a great gifting option. The box contains varying flavours of truffles such as Orange Duet, Almond, , Heavenly Milk, Bittersweet Dark and Nougat Crisp. The box is of 90 gm and is priced at Rs.430. There are numerous gourmet chocolate providers today so you can find something that fits your expectations.

Festive Candle Holders


Shagun For You Tealight Candle Holder from is a great Diwali gift. As we all know that Diwali is a festival of lights and ladies love decorating their houses. So, this is the perfect gift that you can gift her. It is a decorative piece which spreads light in your home. The article is made of sheet and is hand painted in gold colour. This piece is priced at Rs.195. You could club this item with an another gift for your wife.

Coffee Machine


You wife is going to love you more if you gift her something that is useful and practical yet simplifies her work. This gift is for the brew coffee lover who may not always have time to make her beloved cup of coffee in the morning before dashing off to work. Cafe Zest CM210 Drip Coffee Maker from is a great gift. It has lots of useful features such as a water level indicator, anti drip system, heat sensitive thermal fuse, switch with power indicator, and it is designed with an ergonomic chrome handle. The exteriors are made of heat resistant high grade plastic and it is fitted with a microfine filter for a fine brew. Buy this for a very reasonable Rs.1,665 on Amazon.

Book an All Expense Paid Parlour Appointment for Her

All the ladies love pampering themselves. We do not know of anyone who doesn't. So, it is a good idea to book her a parlour appointment. She will be surprised and overjoyed with this gesture of yours. Since it is a very unique and different gift we guarantee no husband is ever going to think of this. Call her mother or friend and inquire about the parlour and services she normally uses, and if you're feeling particularly generous, bump her up to the premium services. You could simply book a spa for her as well. And yes you can thank us later!

A classic pedicure from is a great option. This company provides professional beauticians at your doorstep. It is as simple as booking a cab. You can book an appointment of the classic pedicure service which lasts for 40 mins. The benefits of this service are that she will have smooth and supple feet with no dead skin. Also, great filed nails with pretty nail polish. The service is priced at a normal rate of Rs.549.

Brass Diamond Nag Deep Akhand Crystal Diya Oil Lamp


Brass Diamond Nag Deep Akhand Crystal Diya Oil Lamp from is a great option. This is a traditional and authentic Diwali gift which can be used during the pooja and rituals of the festival.The package contains one brass diamond nag deep akhand crystal diya. The dimensions of the diya are 4 inch by 2 inch. Also, it is heat resistant and does not get hot in spite of burning for long hours. This product priced at Rs.299.

Diwali Painting


SAF Diwali Gift Print Painting from is a great gift. It is a home decor item and your wife will be more than happy to decorate the house with it. The package comes with three paintings. The material used is synthetic and a lot of varied colours are used. The size of the painting is 35 cm x 50 cm x 2 cm. The best part about this painting is that it is light weight and is priced at Rs.399.

Orange and Yellow Banglori Silk Anarkali Dress


Shopaholic Enterprise Orange And Yellow Banglori Silk Anarkali Dress from is a great option. Diwali obviously means a lot of celebrations and functions. Hence, gifting her an ethnic wear dress is a good idea. The dress is designed by a creative team of professionals. It is a perfect mix of modern patterns with contemporary designs. The fabric used is good and high quality. It is priced at Rs.1,449.

Khadi Herbal Bath Kit in Designer Bag


Khadi Herbal Bath Kit in Designer Bag from is a great gift. This is the perfect hamper for your wife as it contains Herbal Hair Cleanser and Freederm Hair Cleanser, included with a heart shaped box of soap. It also comes with a cute candy towel in pastel shades. Thus it is a great gift to remind her that you love her. The size of the gift bag is 9 x 3.9 x 7 inches. Both the shampoo comprises of 210 ml. The soap box is made of metal and the whole set is priced at Rs.975.

Plan a Weekend Getaway for Diwali

Diwali also means holidays. So, you could surprise your wife and give her a break from all the routine and responsibilities. Plan a weekend getaway for her. Decide on a budget and book the tickets in advance. Planning early is necessary as you might not get tickets, the last minute because of the holiday rush.

Choose a place that you both like. Are you both a mountain person or a beach person? Decide. This is the best way to bond with each other especially with the type of hectic routines everyone has these days. Even you will get a break and that would help you stay in a good mood.

Also, keep your phones and laptops away. We get indulged in this devices so much that we forget to talk to the person next to us. During this trip make sure that all your attention is for your wife. She would definitely go head over heels for you all over again.

Bonus Tip: Household Items Aren't Gifts for Her

Diwali is not only a festival of lights but also a festival of love, happiness and prosperity. Hence, there is a ritual where people clean their houses and discard old items which are broken or not working. So, help her when she is cleaning and decorating the house. Do not forget it is your house too.

Also, in the process she may mention of some new things to be bought like the cushion covers or a mixer or grinder. Do not gift her these items. They are household products and just because she uses them in the kitchen does not mean they are gifts for her. So, keep that as a different shopping list and get her something for personal use.

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Help Her With Diwali Preparations

With rapidly changing roles of men and women in the modern world, often we take time to adjust to the requirements of the present day. The husband is no longer the sole bread winner and the wife is not confined to household chores. But even if you play the traditional roles in your own home, one of the best gifts for your wife will be a helping hand. And that doesn't mean only paying for the Diwali purchases and supplies; help her organise, clean and decorate the house. The quicker her chores get done, the more time she can spend enjoying Diwali with you and the family.