This Festive Season Spread Happiness with 11 Special Diwali Gift Packs (2019)

This Festive Season Spread Happiness with 11 Special Diwali Gift Packs (2019)

Diwali gifting is now easier than ever with these assorted gift sets and baskets. These gift baskets contain everything from chocolates and instant noodles to Indian sweets and dry fruits, making them the perfect gift options for everyone. Read our article to find out how to get your hands on these.

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Diwali Celebrations and Gifts: An Important Tradition

Gifting and Diwali are inextricably linked. The festival of lights gives us a fabulous opportunity to reconnect with our closest relationships by exchanging wishes and gifts with them on this auspicious occasion.

Friends, relatives, business partners, clients, colleagues...we have a lot of people in our lives who we need to greet on Diwali. No wonder, along with new clothes, sweets and fireworks, Diwali gifts tops our shopping list when the festival comes around.

Gift packs have remained an ever-popular gifting option for Diwali visits, or for sending long-distance greetings. They are handy and convenient -particularly if you are looking for something that is not too personal.

4 Tips to Pick Out the Right Diwali Gift Pack for Greeting People You Know

Giving hampers as a gift is often considered to be a shortcut and not a thoughtful or unique gift. Not so - your Diwali gift pack will be equally appreciated and remembered if you put some thought into it. We offer four tips that’ll help you spot the right gift pack to share the joy of Diwali.

  • Consider their Lifestyle & Interests:
    Everyone knows the safe Diwali gift for our extended circle is a box of sweets or dry fruits. While there is no harm in sticking to such choices, it can seem a little unimaginative if you keep giving the same thing year after year. To get something different from the usual, start by considering what you know of the person or family. Do they like trying exotic treats? Then look for gift sets from specialist gourmet shops. Is anyone in the family diabetic? Then perhaps a gift pack filled with healthy snacks can be a good choice instead of sweets. Perhaps, the person loves chocolate. In this case, it is an easy choice to go with artisanal chocolate. Maybe they prefer savoury snacks, in that case, look for interesting gift packs from well-known brands like Bikano.

  • Consider the Relationship:
    The kind of gift pack you pick depends a lot on the nature of the relationship you share. What you choose for a business partner will differ from what you may like to give your aunt and uncle. Close friends, family, important business relationships will naturally require you to look for gift packs are a little bit more exclusive and tailored to their personalities. After all, you will be able to pick something far more personalised for your friend's family as you may know more about them, than in the case of clients.

  • Look for Variety:
    There is no dearth of choice today in gift packs because come Diwali, everyone - be it bakeries, gourmet shops or retail stores - start stocking a wide variety of gift hampers. Try to keep an eye out for unique combinations, brands that give a mix of their top products, custom hamper offers etc. You also explore fresh ideas like opting for cupcakes instead of plain sweets. One important aspect to keep in mind is ensuring you have enough time to do your gift shopping. If you leave it to the last moment you may be forced to pick whatever is available in your nearest store. So start well in time and hunt around for something that will make this Diwali memorable for people in your network.

  • Consider How it Will be Delivered:
    A key factor to keep in mind while picking o ut gift packs is how you intend for it to be delivered. Will you be handing it over personally, or will you get it delivered by someone or will you be couriering it as they live in another city/country? These questions will tell you the right kind of gift to buy, the kind of packaging you need to consider as well as the arrangements needed while ordering.

  • Add a Personal Note:
    So you have picked out the perfect gift pack to be given on Diwali, great! A quick way to make your gift a little more special is adding a personalised note. Just pen a few words sharing your good wishes on the joyous occasion of Diwali. You can also add a bouquet of flowers if you want to make the gift stand out more. Such a gesture is sure to make it that much more appreciated!

11 Diwali Gift Packs Ideas that are Sure to Delight

Traditional Diwali Gift Packs

In many cases, people actually prefer giving and receiving traditional gifts for Diwali. For such giftees, we have gathered classic Diwali favourites that you can consider. From sweets to chocolates, you have a wide choice.

Haldiram Festive Delight

A sweet or dry fruit hamper from Haldirams is often considered the gold standard of Diwali gift packs.

Very popular in particularly northern parts of India, the Haldirams brand offers an enormous variety in Diwali Gift packs, prices for which start at Rs. 100 and go up to Rs. 1,500. Sweets, chocolates, dry fruits, as well as popular savoury items, are available for purchase separately and as a part of combos. This particular gift set offers a collection of Haldirams' most popular items, 1 packet of Bhujia (a savoury delight), and 3 classic sweets. Available at local retail stores and online for Rs. 210.

If sweets are not your first choice, then consider gifting biscuit packs. Top brands like Britannia or Unibic typically offer a variety of biscuit packs including sugar-free ones that you can buy as an interesting alternative.

Chocolate Bucket with Candle


Chocolates are yet another well-liked gifting option. You can either opt for regular brands like Cadbury’s which usually come out with awesome gift packs for the season, or you can go with specially-crafted chocolate.

An example is the Chocolate Bucket from which is small but an elegant gift option for people in your business network. Zoroy is a luxury chocolatier which offers a whole range of exotic chocolates to choose from. You can also order custom packs in bulk from the site. The Chocolate Bucket has 6 assorted chocolates packed inside a chic transparent box as well as a candle. Available at the site for Rs. 675.

Indian Celebration Gift Basket

A thoughtful well-packed gift leaves a fantastic impression. The Indian Celebration gift pack from Nature's Basket contains a range of classical Indian goodies packed into a gorgeous gold box. The gift pack contains Kaju katli, samosas, soan papdi as well as dates and almonds. Available for Rs.1589 from

Another option is combining flowers and a box of sweets. The Art of Gifting pack from contains a lovely bouquet of 20 pink roses, a Diwali greeting card and a packet of soan papdi. This is an ideal gift to send someone who lives away.

Diwali Decoration Gift Pack

This is yet another traditional gift that is perfect for gifting families. The Multicolour Metal & Acrylic Festive Home Decor Set by Itiha has 1 set of Door Hanging, 2 Tea Light Holders, 1 Haldi Kumkum Holder, 1 Pair Of Shubh Labh, 1 Swastik And 1 Lakshmi Feet. Available for Rs. 2,569 from

Gourmet & Luxury Gift Packs for Diwali

Some relationships demand that you pick out extremely exclusive gifts. Indeed, many regard gifts as a measure of how much you value the relationship. For such cases, we present a selection of the best luxury options you can consider this Diwali.

Bahar 24K Gold Plated Gift Set with Assam Flaming Hue Tea

This opulent gift is sure to make an unforgettable impression! Offered by the well-known tea brand Taj Mahal this set features a gorgeous teaware set of 2 bone china cups carrying an elegant floral print and 24-karat gold plating on its rims and handle. Accompanying these cups is a cute tin packed with the highest grade Assam tea. The gift can be ordered at for Rs. 3,499.

If this seems too pricey, you have other choices on the site. For instance, the Spice Delight Milk Tea Gift Box which costs Rs. 1,849 offers 3 kinds of spice teas: Parsi Mint Tea, Royal Saffron Tea, and Bold Spices Tea.

If the giftee is more of a coffee fan, then check out the 4 Coffee Gift Pack at This gift set offers a selection of 4 coffee types from top estates of India along with a ceramic pour over. Available for Rs. 2,650 at the site.

Bonbon Chocolate Gift Hamper

Yes, we have already seen how chocolate can be an awesome gift. But If you are looking to bowl over someone with your gift then Chokola's Bonbon Hamper is the way to go. This premium chocolate set contains delicious bonbons of varying flavours. You can order this sumptuous gift for Rs. 1,100 from

Gourmet Snack Hamper

A perfect gift for a large family, this gourmet snack basket contains an array of super cool goodies to munch on. There are 12 different snacks packed into it including unusual ones like organic pretzels, tortilla chips, ragi cookies and kale chips. The gift set is delivered in a beautiful box decorated with a ribbon and also comes with a gift tag which can be personalized with a message from you. Available at for Rs. 2,775.

Silver Gift Set With Ganesh-Diya Combo

Gifting silver is considered auspicious during Diwali. That’s why this classy silver gift set is an ideal choice for elders in your family or perhaps your boss.

Available at the jewellery site, the set contains 1 Ganesha statue and 1 diya/candle holder, both of 1k silver. Priced Rs. 2,360, it comes packed inside a beautiful gift box. Pair this set with a box of sweets and you will have given a gift that will be a definite hit.

Offbeat Gift Hampers

Make a statement by picking out a gift pack that stands out from the sea of sweet or dry fruit boxes. Such offbeat gifts are perfect for close friends or relatives who you know will love to try out new ideas. Take a look at our quirky picks to get started on finding that perfect gift box that’ll be welcomed.

The Mini Happiness Box - Handmade Gourmet Condiments

Handmade goodies are always a little more special than the regular stuff. This Diwali, give a gift pack from which offers delicious handmade condiments like jams, spreads from fruits, nuts etc made from 100% pure ingredients.

Their Diwali gift pack contains 1 preserve, 1 honey, 1 marmalade, 1 mustard, and 1 relish. All products from this brand are handmade using fresh organic produce, with very low amounts of sugar and no preservatives. This gift set is a really great idea if you looking for a healthy option this Diwali. Purchase it for Rs. 400.

Maggi Festive Flavors Gift Pack, 857g with Greeting Card


Who says that you need to follow rules while gifting? Maggi noodle is a brand which is universally loved so why not give your dear ones a Maggi themed gift hamper this festival season?

The Maggi Festive Flavors Gift Pack is a marvellous gift for a friend with whom you have memories of sharing a steaming bowl of Maggi, or for a family with kids who live on the stuff. This gift pack contains 7 packs of Maggi noodles, 1 masala pasta, a packet of sauce and a packet of barbeque sauce. An absolute riot of all of your favourite flavours. The pack even comes with a greeting card you can use to write your personal greetings. Buy the pack for approx. Rs. 200 on Amazon or local stores.

A similar option is the Tropicana Delight Fruit Juice Gift box that contains 3 different types of their popular juices and is priced around Rs. 320.

I Say Organic Gift Basket (Sweet)

For the health conscious giftee, pick out this basket that is absolutely bursting with healthy snacking goodies. Isayorganic which deals exclusively with organic products offers on its site sweet and savoury gift baskets. The Sweet one priced at Rs. 1501, contains 6 different products such as Apple Bar, Organic Trail Mix, and Besan Matka Ladoo. A fantastic pick for your Diwali Gift pack needs.

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Don't overspend your time or money on Diwali Gifts

Diwali is an important occasion, but that does not mean that you have to spend all of your money on gifts. Set a gift budget and plan out the gifts accordingly. Choose pocket-friendly gift options and save money by purchasing from stores which sell at a rate lower than the MRP. Visit supermarkets and keep a lookout for seasonal sales.