13 Diwali Gift Ideas for Corporates Who Want to Make the Right Impression in 2019 (Updated)

13 Diwali Gift Ideas for Corporates Who Want to Make the Right Impression in 2019 (Updated)

Corporate Diwali gifting is not something to be taken lightly. This is a time to forge new connections, strengthen old ones and make a statement about your firm or business. The Best Present Guide gives you a wide range of customised corporate Diwali gifts and corporate gifts in India online for you to choose from. Take your pick from our extensive corporate gift items list to start this year on the right note.

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Sharing the Joy of Diwali With Thoughtful Corporate Gifts

The festival of lights is one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year. Young or old, we look forward to joyful festivities that typically surround the occasion. For a corporate, Diwali is the ideal time to express gratitude to all those who work with it and contribute to its success. Gifts are usually given to everyone associated including employees, clients, partners like suppliers and other vendors.

A thoughtful well-chosen gift given on Diwali is a great way to show that the company values the relationship. The gesture also helps in strengthening the bond further.

13 Diwali Corporate Gifting Ideas that Will Make Your Company Stand Out

Everybody loves receiving gifts! When a company’s employees and business partners receive a meaningful gift, it is natural for positive vibes to come about as a result. But there is an additional benefit. By adding their logo or name to their gift, corporates can use it as a subtle form of advertising. After all, whenever the recipient uses or views the gift he is reminded of the company. The right gift also has potential to enhance the brand image of the company as it reaffirms the company’s values. So all in all, your Diwali gift needs to be something impressive Here are 12 gifting ideas that can get you started!


Getting the latest gizmo as a gift is bound to make Diwali exciting. From power banks to smart watches you have a large variety to choose from, with only your budget being the constraint!

Fitness Tracker

Give your employees a Diwali gift that they will be proud to flaunt. Fitness bands have been generating a lot of buzz in recent years. Highly useful for people who are keen on healthy living, these bands provide real time and mostly accurate tracking of important health parameters. Your employees deserve the best and a cool gadget like a fitness band will make them feel valued.

The Mi Band HRX Fitness Tracker though basic offers a number of features such as tracking daily steps, sleep statistics, as well as additional features like alarm clock and call notifications. The band which can also be used as a regular watch comes with a bright OLED screen for easy viewing. You can order the trackers for Rs 1,145 per piece (bulk orders) from brandedcorporategift.com.

Rotating Rubik Cube USB Pen Drive 4GB

Source www.igp.com

USBs have been a popular corporate gifting option for several years now. Ever useful, the USB pen drive remains a welcome gift but to standout you need to get innovative with its design.

The Rotating Rubik Cube USB Pen Drive offers a unique design wherein the middle block is rotatable. Companies can get their logo or company name etched on the three blocks which converts the USB into a puzzle! With a memory capacity of 4GB, this USB drive is definitely a sleek yet economical gifting option for business partners. Available from igp.com for Rs.725 for bulk orders.

mPower Wireless Charger

The Wireless charger is a cute and useful addition to any desk. This cute round shaped portable charger needs no cable for you to charge up. Simply place the device on top to get charged. Only essential aspect to keep in mind is that the phones must be Qi enabled. The unit comes with an LED Indicator - when the red light turn blue it indicates that the phone is charging. Order it on brandedcorporategift.com for Rs.276 per piece. The site offers branding at additional charges.

Gift Hampers

Gift hampers are a perennial favourite when it comes to corporate gifts. Instead of the regular sweets, stores today offer several innovative gift hamper ideas. Exotic gourmet products, aromatherapy, candles – the choice is limitless! Make your choice depending on your or your recipient’s preferences and of course your budget.

Laxmi Ganesh Idol with Tea light

If you are looking for gifts that have a devotional touch then this gift set comprising a beautiful Lakshmi -Ganesh idol and 2 Tea lights is a lovely option. A gift that is sure to spread positive vibes and communicate your best wishes on the occasion of Diwali to the recipient, this combo gift can be purchased at archiesonline.com for Rs.1,499.

Goodwyn Scroll Tea Box

This uniquely presented tea box contains three famed Indian traditional tea flavours from Goodwyn - Rhino Assam, Kashmiri Kahwa and Darjeeling. Packed in individual boxes these tea flavours will bring alive the authentic taste of Indian tea and also provide numerous health benefits. This tea box priced at Rs. 1,235 can purchased at goodwyntea.com

Blissful Buddha

Give your associates a Diwali gift that radiates positivity and peace. The Blissful Buddha gift hamper from giftalve.com comes with a serene Buddha figurine and 2 golden candles. A wonderfully elegant gift for the festival season, it conveys your good wishes without being religious. Available for Rs.999 from the site; buy it here.

Useful Utility Items

Practical gifts are a great option - they are always welcome and they are ideal for branding purposes as they have the potential to get used daily. But we recommend that you avoid clichéd gifting ideas like notebooks or pens as they might turn off the recipients. We have gathered a few of the most interesting options you can consider in this category.

Folding Leatherette Travel Bag

The ultra-compact Folding Leatherette Travel Bag has a clever design which allows it to be collapsed into a small zip pack. Just open the zip and it converts into a large travel bag! Made of high grade leatherette, the bag comes with two carrying handles as well as a detachable adjustable shoulder strap. Inside it has 2 compartments to organize necessary travel essentials. Priced at Rs.735, it can be ordered at businessgifts.in. You can customize the gift by adding your logo or company name on it but it costs extra.

Set of 2 Personalised Ocean Rotating Whiskey Glasses

Source www.igp.com

Make an impression by gifting a sophisticated set of rotating whiskey glasses. Such gifts are ideal for your major clients or key business partners with whom you work closely. However you need to keep in mind that the gift is drinkware, so you must consider it only if you are sure the recipient enjoys drinking. A classy option, you can personalize the glasses with your logo. Priced at Rs.795 for bulk orders and Rs.970 otherwise, this glass set is sure to make your company stand out this festival season. It is available at igp.com.

Card Holder and Pen Set

Source www.5by7.in

If you are looking to keep your gifts simple and subdued, then this is a great option. Tasteful and chic, the set contains a leather card holder and a pen, both in black. The items can be customised with your logo which is done free of cost. Priced at Rs.799 for 10 units, the set can be purchased at 5by7.in. You can get a better price for bulk order if you contact them and negotiate.

Tasty Edibles

A box of sweets is the classic gifts that everyone expects during Diwali. A tried and tested gifting option, you cannot go wrong with this if your company prefers the traditional approach. Fortunately, you do not have to stick to the usual box of ladoos. There are several interesting choices available today, so you can tweak the gift contents to the preferences of the recipient and also your budget.

Gourmet Chocolate Boxes

Your business associates will love getting a box of gourmet chocolates this Diwali. Get a box of Custom made chocolates from chococraft.in, which offers various attractive configurations to choose from. We like the Printed Candies set in which you will get 4 chocolates printed with your logo packed inside an appealing wooden box which will be embossed with your logo. It will also include a Butter Paper which will carry a customised Message from you. You can check it out by ordering a sample for Rs.595. Bulk orders start at Rs.3,450 for 10 boxes. Order them here.

Cadbury and Candles Combo

Another simple gifting option is the combo pack of Cadbury’s chocolate box with candles. Although very low-key gift, this is perfect when you want to share the festive spirit with your business associates. The combo contains one Cadbury celebrations chocolate box and 2 glass candle of 2.5 x 3.5 inches. There is also complimentary card included, that you can use to send personalised good wishes. These are available for Rs.649 from giftcart.com.

Flavoured Cashew Nuts served in a Wooden Tray

Source www.igp.com

Here is an exciting option that moves away from the regular Diwali gifts of sweets or plain dry fruits. Give your employees or partners a hamper that contains two types of flavoured cashew nuts – one sweet, one savoury. Packed in a wooden tray, the gift is an interesting twist to the traditional Diwali gift and will be appreciated by your business associates. You can order this gift at igp.com for Rs.1,105 which is the bulk order rate for it.

Roasted Seeds & Fruit Mix (Gift Box)

A gift hamper that come filled with good health and wishes! The Roasted Seeds & Fruit Mix (Gift Box)
gift set contains a whole collection roased seeds and dried fruits inlcuding pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, papaya and mango. Priced at Rs.449, this hamper can be purchased at .qtrove.com.

Tips for Get the Right Corporate Gift on Diwali

Finalise Your Budget:
As a company, you do not have endless monies to spend on gifts. With the quantity of gifts likely to number in hundreds or even thousands, there is a definite need to budget carefully in order to make best use of available money. Your budget needs to cover not only the cost of the gifts but also other related expenses like gift wrapping, distribution etc. It is advisable to shortlist a few options and then carry out a full analysis so you have a proper understanding of the pricing involved. This will also help you in your negotiations with the vendor for getting a good deal.

Don't Compromise on Quality:
Gifts are an important but understated way to build your brand and to demonstrate to your associates that you appreciate the relationship. While budgets are understandably a major concern for a company looking to buying corporate gifts for Diwali, quality is not where you should compromise. Gifting poor quality or shoddy products will in fact harm to your brand value and impact your reputation as associates may view you unfavourably. Rather than expensive luxury items, giving well thought-out gifts even if they are small or simple will net you much more goodwill and appreciation.

Customise it to Fit Your Brand:
Since your corporate gift is also acting as an advertisement, you must ensure that your gift projects your brand effectively yet tastefully. To make sure that your gift makes the right impact, check if your chosen item can be customized to reflect your brand. With the right customisation your gift will intuitively remind the recipient of your brand. There are many ways to do this like adding your logo or brand name, changing the colours used such that it matches your brand colours. Such personalisation not only helps reinforcing your brand but also spreads awareness and curiosity among others who view it.

Useful but Unique Gifts:
Multiple factors need to be balanced while choosing corporate gifts –brand values, budget limitations, profile of the recipients and even delivery. It can be a tough challenge for companies to find out gifting options that meet these criteria. However there is one critical principle that you should keep in mind while making the final decision - the gifts should be both unique and useful. Instead of gifting an meaningless item of little use which may get discarded without much thought, a gift that actually adds value will be appreciated more. Make your gift more meaningful by giving something that either makes the festival more special or something that can be incorporated into daily life.

Pick Gifts Based on Relationship:
Through the year, a company interacts dozens of business partners – employees, associates, vendors. Diwali is a time to acknowledge their support and work. Since the characters of relationships differ, your Diwali gift must look to reflect the depth of your relationship. For close and important relationships like employees, or a major supplier, gifts could possibly be more exclusive and high end, while for others it can be more casual.

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Use corporate gifts as an effective business tool

The right corporate Diwali gifts can serve multiple purposes, right from motivating employees and making them feel rewarded for their work in the past year, helping in staying connected to clients and business partners, reaching out to new and potential clients, as well as a marketing tool to reach out to people and business and educating them about your firm. These gifts can do all this and help spread the festive cheer, so choose Diwali gifts, and the recipients with care.