Started Winding Down for the Diwali Holiday but Have You Sent Gifts to All Your Customers and Associates? If Not, Here are 10 Awesome Corporate Gifts for Diwali 2019

Started Winding Down for the Diwali Holiday but Have You Sent Gifts to All Your Customers and Associates? If Not, Here are 10 Awesome Corporate Gifts for Diwali 2019

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Why Should You Consider Giving Corporate Gifts on Diwali?


Corporate Gifts Symbolize Professionalism

Diwali is an occasion of festivity and joy. Everyone exchanges adorable gifts and goodies with each other while celebrating the festival of lights. Similarly, even businesses need to gift their partners, employees, and clients. Gifts play a very important role in the corporate scenario. Most people respect those who give thoughtful gifts and the same is applicable in businesses. It is one step beyond the formal association and certainly adds a personal touch. Moreover, corporate gifting is symbolic of professionalism and your clients are most likely to form a good impression of you when you present them with a good gift.

It is a Great Way of Appreciating Your Association with Festive Spirit

Festivals are perfect occasions for you to show your partners/employees some appreciation. Needless to say, your fellow workers are going to feel more motivated to work with you if you value their work. you can buy amazing gifts for them that show them directly that you appreciate their presence and contribution. Corporate gifts work wonderfully for making your relationship stronger. It sets a positive tone between co-workers and makes them feel great at the same time. If you wish to make Diwali special for your clients and employees then give them a good gift that they can cherish.

Diwali Gifts Always Bring Joy to the Recipient

Who doesn’t like some cool gifts? Be it your customers or the people that put in hours of work for you, everyone loves gifts! All you business associates deserve gifts that actually make them feel appreciated. You need not to vouch for the conventional way of gifting and can completely give them something awesome which they can actually use. Look for gifts that add value to their life. If you wish to give gifts to your partners then go for things that you can easily personalize. Such as keychains, coffee mugs, and notepads. These type of gifts are not only useful but also promote your brand.

Top 10 Corporate Gifts for Diwali in 2019

Marble Clock with Ganesha Statue


This Marble Clock with Ganesha Statue is indeed a great corporate gift. The marble top has a vibrant Ganesha idol which is red and white in color. It comes along with a round clock that is tiny and is conveniently placed right next to it. The entire tabletop is adorned with meenakari work. This set can be very well placed on an office desk or at home. It is perfect for the festive season of Diwali. This piece will surely add a touch of elegance to any desk. Give it to your clients and employees and make their day brighter. You can shop for this from for Rs.1,050.

Personalised Wooden Square Clock


Looking for a chic gift for your clients? This minimalistic yet attractive square clock can be ideally placed at any table and it has a placeholder for the logo of your company. All that you have to do is to click on the personalise option from where you can upload your logo. You can also add your company slogan below the space for the logo. This table clock has a modern theme which makes it a perfect corporate gift for Diwali. you can shop for this from for Rs.600.

Personalised Black Ceramic Mug


At times, you can make a huge impact with even the smallest of things. Personalising your Diwali gifts with your logo is one of the best ideas for branding. You can present a thoughtful gift to your customers and business partners and have your logo embossed on it. This Black Ceramic Mug is a perfect example of the same. You can add both your logo as well as sample text in it. Promote your business and keep your brand on your client’s mind. You can shop for this for only Rs.395 from

Mobile Holder with USB


How convenient it would be if there was a way we could not only charge our phones but also keep it safe. Well, this mobile holder with USB does just that! The mobile holder comes is designed keeping in mind the modern day lifestyle. All that one has to do is to simply plug in the cord and start charging the phone. This comes in handy especially while traveling or driving. It is ideal for those who love to keep things organised. You can shop for this from for Rs.470.

Sweet Chocolate Vase


Make Diwali all the more delightful for your lovely clients as well as employees with this adorable chocolate vase. The box is filled with square assorted chocolates as well as Cadbury éclairs chocolate. Both variants of chocolates are kept together in a glass vase. Moreover, it is also decorated with a lovely red-colored ribbon. You can place this at your employee’s desk on the occasion of Diwali and surprise them. Get it delivered to your client’s place and win their hearts. Shop for this from for Rs.999.

A Gift Box Filled with Dry Fruit

Diwali is all about celebrating the festival of lights and spreading joy. According to traditions, dry fruits and sweets have been an important part of gift giving. Modernize this gift by giving this classy dry fruit box to your lovely clients as well as hardworking employees. This classy wooden box contains almonds, raisins, and cashew that are 180 grams each. It makes for a very attractive gift that you can give to your people who work with all their heart to help your business grow. Show them some love with this amazing dry fruit box. you can shop for this from for Rs.1,539.

Hersheys Chocolates With Nescafe Sachets and Steel Mug


Looking for a gift hamper to pamper your clients and employees? This amazing one has got your back! The delectable combo has Hersheys cookie and cream bar. It also has 4 units of Nescafe 3 in 1 Rich aroma. The steel mug which comes with a lid can be used enjoying hot coffee at work. it keeps the coffee hot and enables one to simply enjoy their beverage. The Hersheys cookies n chocolate bar is tasty chocolate that would be perfect for the occasion of Diwali. There is also a jute potli in the hamper. You can shop for this from for Rs.710.

Diwali Green Aroma Set

Give a modern twist to the festival of light. Instead of celebrating it with crackers go for this amazing candle set. It is a combination of mesmerizing fragrances such as aroma hamper, green glass candle as well as potpourri. The vibrant fragrances would take your giftees by surprise. The aroma set has been curated by handpicking each fragrance to ensure that the recipient loves it. It is ideal to be given to your clients as well as employees. The gift can be nicely packed and presented to your customers. It is indeed a classy gift that you can give to your customers. Shop for this from for Rs.899.

Edible Gift Hamper

This Gift Box by Ferns n Petals will absolutely take your recipient by surprise. It is an amazing way of letting them know how much you appreciate them. The gift box contains Gaia multigrain cookies, Haldiram's soan papdi, royal dates, Dark Fantasy cookies, Waffy, Lotte Chocopie, and two aroma candles.

It makes for a captivating gift for the occasion of Diwali. All these items will be beautifully wrapped in a Ferns n Petals box. Gift it to your clients and let them know how much you value your association. Simply keep this awesome gift on your employee’s desk and make them feel pampered. It has all the wonderful things that one craves for during the festive season. Moreover, the candles can be used while celebrating Diwali. Shop for this awesome gift from for Rs.1,118.

Multicolored Wall Clock


This vibrant multicolored clock makes an amazing gift option for Diwali. It has a classic vintage look with a variety of prints on it. Each color has a unique print which adds to the aesthetic appeal of the gift. It is an ideal gift that can make any wall look amazing. the vintage clock adds a classic vibe to any room where it is kept. Your customers/ employees will surely be impressed after receiving this adorable gift. Gift wrap it with an attractive paper to make it look even better. You can give this as a Diwali gift. Shop for this from for Rs.1,300.

What to Look for in a Diwali Corporate Gift?

Choosing the right corporate gift for Diwali can indeed be tricky. There are so many things that you need to consider. First of all, the gift you choose should not be a gag or funny gift that goes against professionalism. Your relationship with your customers as well as employees is rather formal and it does not look nice if you show up with gifts that are inappropriate.

Opt for gifts that are indeed impressive and high in utility. It could be something that they can use at work or a gift which can be used at home. Most importantly, the gift you choose should not be offensive in any way. It should be noted that the type of gift you choose says a lot about your entire brand. So choose it accordingly and put some thought into it.

It Should Serve a Purpose

Are you looking for a Diwali gift worth giving? The foremost thing which you should look for in a gift would be whether or not it serves a purpose. If you are hunting a corporate gift then chances are that you would be buying them in bulk for your recipients. While looking for a gift you should give it enough thought so that it is beneficial for your clients or teammates. Opt for something that is purposeful. While going for fancy and quirky gifts is a good idea, they should at least be useful in some way or the other. you can come up with something your people can use at home or at the office. The daily use gifts are much likely to be appreciated than anything random that only looks good.

Go for Something That Helps in Celebrating Diwali

With the joy of festivity being in the air, go for something that will help in celebrating this amazing festival. For instance, you can gift decorative lamps and sweets or chocolates to your clients and employees. There are several vendors who specialize in creating handmade Diwali gifts such as assorted chocolates, creative diyas, and decorative pieces. Moreover, you can also give them idols and figurines which can be kept at home or at the work desk. Corporate gifts help you stay in the giftee’s memory and is a great way of self-promotion.

Personalise the Gift with Your Logo or Brand Name

The best part about Diwali gifts for corporate is that you can personalize them. Choose a gift that can be used on a day to day basis like a diary or pen and put your brand logo on it. When your customers use these products, they will remember your company with each use. This gives you a great opportunity of making your brand popular. You can find a vendor from whom you can order in bulk and mark each piece with your brand. There are several websites online that enable you to personalize the product and all that you have to do is to upload the photo.

Gift Home Decor Items


If you wish to give something useful then opt for home décor items. Home décor items are classic gifts that appeal to all type of recipients. You could choose from a variety of options such as paintings, decorative pieces, night lamps, funky kitchenware and the like. Make sure that you opt for quality products that are sensibly priced. Some websites would also give you corporate discounts if you are ordering in bulk. Moreover, the prices also drop during festive season thus making it easier for you to choose a perfect gift for your employees and clients.

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Find a way to make it personal

A corporate gift should have a certain formal air about it but you can find ways to make them appeal to people at a personal level. Think back to all the gifts you received in such formal exchanges, and the ones that appealed to you the most. That should give you a good place to start. What kind of a work environment exists at your own office and what are some things that a majority of your employees are fond of? Likewise, the people you deal with for your work will also be fond of a certain kind of things. Try to tap into all the information you have about the people around you and select gifts that check off most of the boxes.