Confused on How to Make Diwali Special for Her? Check out the Best Gift Ideas for the Festival of Lights in 2019

Confused on How to Make Diwali Special for Her? Check out the Best Gift Ideas for the Festival of Lights in 2019

Don't wait for Diwali to come to decide on what to gift your loved one. Plan ahead and go through these amazing gift ideas for her that will add spark to your Diwali celebrations.

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Diwali : A Festival of Lights, Sweets and New Beginnings

Even before we will realise, Diwali would be once again, around the corner, bringing with it, the pompous celebrations.

Even though Diwali has a religious story behind it which is followed and praised even today, but over time, the festival has become so much more. It is about family time, putting up the string lights, lighting up the diyas and decorating the house together, going out and shopping for diwali gifts together and bonding with your family and friends, reconnecting with them once again .

Diwali is an extravagant affair where we spread love and happiness by exchanging gifts with our relatives. Sometimes, while doing so much for our relatives, we end up forgetting gifting our very closed ones, people at our home. Diwali is an occasion, for celebration and also to tell those in our lives what they mean to us. This Diwali, you could create an opportunity where you gift your loved ones, especially the women in your life who do so much, selflessly. It could be your partner, mother, sister or someone else. If you are looking at gifting them a special gift this diwali, then scroll below since we have listed some gift ideas for the women in your life - gifts filled with love and created with a thought.

Tips to Make Your Diwali Gift Extra Special

The market for Diwali gifts is big these days. There are so many options available offline as well as online and the catalogue of these products keeps on increasing. Below are some tips on how you can make Diwali gifts extra special.

Being Creative


Just because we are used to picking the usual gifts for Diwali, that does not mean that there aren't any new options. There are many such options out there, we only need to know how to look for them. So, this Diwali look for gifts that are not what we all expect - look beyond the usual. Look out and around and find new gifts - handmade, personalised, organic and what not. There are so many options to choose from. You should also go beyond the household items and look for something that the person could really use, enjoy and cherish. This Diwali, find a gift which is a blend of creativity, utility and emotions.

Looking for Something Meaningful


There is nothing better than a meaningful gift, which expresses the relationship with that person. It could be a gift which could be what the other person likes, and which showcases how well you know the person and strengthens your relationship with her. It could also be something that expresses what you and the other person share together. So make sure to consider this beautiful element while you look for diwali gifts this year.

Adding a Handmade Element

Gifts are great, but a handcrafted element is cherry on top of the cake. It adds an element of thoughtfulness and surprise . So this Diwali, go an extra mile and add a handmade element to your gifts. It could be in the packaging of the gift, invites to your diwali party, exclusive handwritten notes with your gifts or the sweets. What matters more, is that there is an element which is created by you, to exchange more than a gift you bought from the market.

Best Diwali Gifts for the Wonderful Women in Your Life

Diwali is a great time and occasion to tell the women in your life that how important and valuable they are for you, and you can do that by gifting them something they like, even surprise them with it or even opt for gestures for the same. We understand that with the wide variety of options out there, that too at very competitive prices, it can be difficult to look for a gift which serves your needs, is within your budget and of great quality. Which is why here is a curated list of our Top 15 picks on some great gift ideas for women this Diwali.

Titan Raga Watch

Titan's Raga series offers a beautiful blend of modern design without compromising on the intricacies. It is a great gift and is made up of brass, offering a round, analog watch, designed in a unique gold color with a contrasting black dial. Titan offers a two years warranty on this pearl watch and water resistance upto 3 metres . A perfect gift which would suit all attires and occasions, you can grab this from for Rs. 5,495

Healthy Chocolates


If you're looking for a diwali gift for a woman who is health conscious and counts everything she eats, then this one's for you. We picked this Healthy and Organic Dark chocolate bar set by Zevic. The entire combo pack comes with four Belgian Chocolate Bars, all of which have zero calories because of its contributor - Stevia Plant. It perfectly compliments the occasion of Diwali. You can buy this combo pack from for Rs. 899

Bonsai Plant


Diwali is all about new beginnings and positivity , and to embark on the same belief, an indoor plant is a great gift idea. We picked this Desert Rose Bonsai Plant from Ferns and Petals. Moreover, it does not require a lot of care as it is a Desert Plant and hence you do not have to worry about any hassles later on. This beautiful plant comes in a minimal plant pot, making this gift all about the gesture and the thought behind it. This is a beautiful gift and you can get it for Rs. 2,099 from

Travel Gift Pack by Forest Essentials

If travelling is something that keeps your woman busy, then you should pick this Travel Gift Pack by Forest Essentials. Since travelling can be pretty hectic, especially for work, and has a tendency of taking a toll on your health, which is why this gift is a great way to tell her how much you care for her within her constant travel stress. The gift pack combines six different products, each catering a different purpose - facial, body or hair care. You can get this for Rs. 2,175 from

Quirky Jewellery

If you're looking for a Bold and an offbeat option , then we are hooting for these earrings by It comes in a silver hoop, with pink and green flowers, making it a quirky pair to go with any outfit. You can also get this piece customised as per your wish. It is priced at Rs. 1,800. Nakhrewaali's entire range speaks of fierce and unique products , so you could also go through their entire range of collection to find your pick between belts, earrings, maangtika and much more!

Customised Hoops


Looking for a personalised gift option but something different? Then go for this customised hoop by Created by their in-house artists, it showcases detailed and beautifully handcrafted designs. You can choose what you want to get designed - it could be a visual, a message or something else. It's a great gift filled with utility and gesture and can be an everyday reminder to the woman on your life of how special she is, complimenting the home decor at the same time. The base price for this one is Rs. 1,699 and the rest would depend on your customisation requirements if any.



If you think gifting a plant is too common, then go for this intricately designed Plant hanger by Since each product is handmade by the artisans, the final product might be a little different depending upon the twisting design. It is a great gift for plant lovers and also acts as a minimal decor item in your house, adding to the overall interiors and vibe. You can get this for Rs. 1,599.

Storage Boxes


A handcrafted piece with vibrant designing, this set of three storage boxes is a great gift option for Diwali. It is a great addition to home decor and also fulfills storage purposes for anything - books, toys, laundry clothes and so much more depending upon the box which is being used. This set of 3 storage boxes can be bought from for Rs. 3,999.

Scented Candles

A perfect gift for Diwali, pick this 'We're all Wildflowers Jar Candle' by The Wishing Chair . A beautifully packed scented candle, pick this one from for Rs. 790 It's a great gift for Diwali which is simple but brings a lot of positivity to your house.

Personalised LED Cushions


There are a lot of personalised options out there these days, but this one did catch our special attention as it is a fresh take on personalised gifts. Find that picture which captures a perfect memory and get it printed in the form of the personalised LED cushion. This one would literally light the nights! It is available on and you can get it for Rs. 600.

Tea Lights Gift Set

Tea lights are a beautiful gift for Diwali since it serves a beautiful purpose and fills your home with diwali lights, creating that vibe of the festival and can later on be used as a decor option, or a dinner table option for a candlelight dinner for an evening thereafter.

We have picked this pack of 4 from Home Centre's Raga collection, round tea light holders, which are made up of glass. You can buy this from home centre's official website for Rs. 399 for a pack of 4.

Jewellery Stand

Items for easy storage can usually be typically looking, but not this one. This Paper Planes Jewelry stand from The Wishing Chair is elegant, quirky and abstract and yet, serves its purpose in a very simple way. It is made up of Powder Coated Iron and White Marble and you can get it from for Rs. 1,050.

Tea Infusion

Another one for the health lovers, this perfectly brewed Green Tea comes with the blend of Chamomile and Rose, making it a great option for Tea freaks. Add this Chamomile and rose infusion to your green tea and enjoy a refreshed cup of tea. You can buy it from for Rs. 400

Hand Painted Wall Art

Go for a Handpainted Wall Art, showcasing an abstract in the form of an emotion. We picked this one from Fizdi Art Store available on, which is abstract and showcases the fluidity of womanhood. It is not only a gift which has a thought behind it, but also a great addition to your home, adding that tinge of art in the solid walls of your home.

Pepperfry has a huge range of these paintings and you can have look at their entire collection and buy the one which suits your taste and budget. This one is an acrylic painting which comes unframed in portrait orientation. You can get it for Rs. 11,979.

Photo Frame

Preserve a memory of togetherness and gift it to your loved one this Diwali with this beautiful Photo Frame 'Noor' by Aion Homes. It is made up of mango wood and has a beautiful carved design filled with classiness yet offering something intriguing with its overall design. You can buy it from for Rs.1,000.

You can either put a photo and then gift it, or just gift the frame which can later be filled with a memory, or rather a capture from Diwali itself!

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