Enrich Your Professional Relations This Festival of Lights: 10 Corporate Gifts for Diwali 2019 to Build Confidence and Strong Relationships at the Workplace

Enrich Your Professional Relations This Festival of Lights: 10 Corporate Gifts for Diwali 2019 to Build Confidence and Strong Relationships at the Workplace

Diwali, popularly known as the festival of light is celebrated all around the world with full of happiness and joy. Sweets, Gifts and Wishes are exchanged around with utmost bliss. This Diwali, make your employees' day even better by gifting these amazing corporate Diwali gifts.

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Corporate Gifts & Diwali Go Hand-in-Hand

Diwali is famously known as the festival of lights and is celebrated with such a pomp in India. The festival of lights also offers one to spend time with their near and dear ones. Employers can show their appreciation for their clients and employees alike by gifting them. In a corporate scenario, employees, boss, suppliers and clients are considered to be a part of the extended family and it's necessary to surprise them by gifting. Corporate gifting is a way to show your appreciation to your clients, employees and stakeholders alike. Read more to find out the best corporate gifts you can gift your extended family this Diwali.

Easy Steps to Ensure Great Diwali Gifts While Staying within Budget

Determine a Budget for the Gift

Corporate gifting is important to build better relationships in your professional world, encourage productivity among employees, and maintain a goodwill in the market. Before you decide to choose a gift, ensure that you are well-versed with corporate gifting policy. Every organisation has well formatted rules and policies when it comes to corporate gifting. Secondly, it is easier to go overboard with gifting. To avoid tricky situations, determine a budget and stay well within the budget. Explore the market and various options to obtain a good bargain on the gifts without compromising on the quality.

Choose a Healthy Corporate Gift

The gifting market is flooded with numerous options and one is spoilt for choice when it comes to gifting. However, rather than choosing common gifts, you can choose gifts that are of use to them. You can also cash on the healthy trends by gifting them healthy gifts. Rather than gifting them the usual sweet treats, you can gift them dry fruits that are beneficial for the body. You can also gift your extended corporate family with fitness trackers or aromatherapy sets to maintain their health and be stress free.

Customise the Gift for a Special Touch

Employees are considered to be the foundation of any organisation and hence are a very valuable asset to the company. Clients and stakeholders are very essential to forge valuable business ventures in the long run. It is right to show them your appreciation and care by pampering them with thoughtful gifts during Diwali. You add a special touch to the gift by getting them customised. The gifts can be customised by engraving their names or by choosing a gift that resonates with their passion. This small gesture is sure to make them feel appreciated.

Order Online & Plan Ahead

The online gifting market offers numerous options when it comes to choosing a corporate gift. You can explore various vendors online to choose the perfect gift for Diwali. Moreover, many of these vendors offer special and customised gifting options. They also lessen your burden by shipping the gift directly to your clients. To ensure a hassle free gifting, remember to plan ahead and place your orders beforehand. Since shopping and placing orders during Diwali tends to get hectic, ordering beforehand ensures that you can experience a hassle free time.

Top Corporate Gifts for Diwali

1. Leather Embossed Notebook with Handmade Paper

Source igp.com

If you are looking to gift your office colleagues something special and unique, but functional as well, then you would definitely want to take a closer look at this leather embossed notebook with handmade paper. It comes with elegant brown leather, with the perfect finish and along with the motif of an elephant on the front. It also comes with an elegant strap which should help that person keep all their private notes safe. It comes with the following dimensions (7.8 x 5.9 x 1) inches. This would make the perfect gift for your office colleagues, your friends, family, etc., you could get this as a corporate gift, something that you may want to give your partner or employees at the office. It contains over 100 pages and all the pages are handmade, which makes this gift, all the more poignant, if not perfect. This gorgeous leather embossed notebook can be purchased for Rs.520 from IGP.

2. Ceramic Fragrance Aroma Set

Source Giftcart

This particular ceramic fragrance aroma set, which incidentally comes in teal, would make for the perfect corporate gift. Or you could get the same for your office partner, or even for your friends and family as well. This ceramic fragrance aroma set comes with 2 relaxing aromatic oils along with an incense burner as well as a tea light. The aromatic oils are a blend of natural essential oils, chosen for their medicinal properties and should enable you to relax as you use the product. There are no chemical additives so you need not be worried about any toxic side effects. This product is completely safe to use, and one that you can use as the perfect corporate gift to give to your office friends, partner, colleagues and others. This elegant ceramic fragrance aroma set can be purchased for Rs. 999 from Gift Cart.

3. Dry-Fruit Hamper

Source Giftcart

When it comes to perfect gifts, nothing can beat a dry fruit hamper for they go well with any occasion. If you aren’t sure what gift to purchase to give to your loved ones or friends or to commemorate a particular occasion, then you may want to take a closer look at this one. It is a hamper of dry fruits and what’s more, it's nutritious, something that nearly everyone would love. This particular hamper weights around 680 grams, and comes with the following dry fruits: badam, kishmish, kaju and everything else that you can think of. What’s more, it looks great as well and comes with a nice arrangement. This hamper would indeed be perfect for any occasion which is why you may want to send it in as a corporate gift to your colleagues and others, at the office. This healthy festive thali dry fruits hamper can be purchased for Rs. 899 from Gift Cart.

4. Fitness Tracker

Source mi.com

If you love your daily reps and workouts, perhaps you may want to gift yourself this awesome Mi fitness tracker. Incidentally, this would also be the perfect gift, that you can give to your friends or you could just tag it as a corporate gift, something to give to your office colleagues for Diwali. What makes this fitness tracker stand out from the rest is that it comes with a nice design along with a large OLED screen, that makes it possible for you or receive notifications, messages and one that allows you to check all the various body metrics immediately and without any hassle. It's designed to display your various messages, and even access all your apps and much more. This fitness tracker certainly comes with all the advanced functionality that you need, as it is designed to monitor your heart rate, sleep patterns, and keeps track of all your activity. This is indeed an effective fitness tracker and one that takes on all the hues and tones of a perfect gift. The elegant and versatile fitness tracker can be purchased for Rs.1,999 from mi.com.

5. Mobile Stand

Source bigsmall.in

If you are in the market for an interesting gift, then you would definitely want to take a closer look at this one. This product is a mobile stand but with a difference, it comes in the shape of an astronaut who happens to be communicating with others. It is certainly innovative, it happens to be mostly made with poly resin and comes with both shock resistance and well as a non-slip base. You can use this stand to park your mobile when you are using it, or you can park your phone on the back of the astronaut as you charge the same. What’s more, you can keep the stand in a vertical or horizontal position, and it comes with the following dimensions, 14 cm x 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm. What’s more, you can use this stand for both basic phones as well as smart phones. It certainly makes for a great corporate gift. This creative and cute astronaut mobile stand can be purchased for Rs.1,099 from Big Small.

6. Thermos Water bottle

Source Bigsmall

If you are familiar with the animated series, then you would definitely love this water bottle. For starters, it comes with a lovely design and with all the functionality that you can expect out of a water bottle. It certainly comes with a lovely design and an innovative appearance that would get the water bottle all the eyeballs, anytime you take it out of your bag. This is a steel water bottle that is strong, durable and of course break-resistant as well. It can hold 320 ml of water and would form the perfect gift for any age demographic. It is approximately 5.5 inches and mainly constructed from Steel and ABS. It should definitely last rough wear and tear and would indeed be the perfect corporate gift to give to others. This cutely animated thermos water bottle can be purchased for Rs. 899 from Big Small.

7. Plant Terrarium

Source fnp.com

When it comes to selecting the right corporate gift, nothing says it better than an aloe vera plant terrarium. It's a self-contained terrarium and requires very little care and maintenance. It certainly is a multi-purpose plant and one that anyone would appreciate. It would make for the perfect corporate gift, something that you can give to your colleagues at the office. Here's a tip: you need to make sure that your aloe vera goes completely dry before you water it again. This thoughtful multipurpose aloe vera plant terrarium can be purchased for Rs. 699 from FNP.

8. Gourmet Coffee

Everyone who loves their coffee would definitely appreciate this gift pack which contains 6 different types of gourmet coffee, such as Parama, Sunkissed, Sattva, Deep Bliss, Aromatique, and Café Chic. The coffee blends are all sourced from the hills and valleys of Coorg and contain some of the top premium blends, perfectly cured and processed, to provide you with robust flavour. If coffee is your main drink, then this is the product that you would want to purchase and it makes for a perfect gift, which is why you can gift them to your office colleagues as a corporate gift. What makes this gift pack stand out is the fact that you would get access to six different blends of coffee instead of just one gourmet blend and you can brew one different coffee each day and try it out. Do check it out today and you’ll see why you can almost taste of a “slice of heaven” in your coffee pot. The 6-pack taster’s pack can be purchased for Rs. 450 from theflyingsquirrel.in.

9. Digital Organizer

Source Amazon

If you often use a lot of electronics, from digital organiser to battery charger and need a safe and secure way to carry them around, then this is the gift that you can give yourself and others, who use multiple electronic devices. This is a nice travelling case, which comes with all the required compartments, which allow you to store your various electronics, chargers carefully. It comes with a moulded EVA exterior as well as a mesh interior and comes with the following dimensions - (9.5 x 5.25 x 1.88) inches. It is elegantly designed and more importantly, comes with a 1-year limited warranty as well. This travel case is perfect for your digital organisers, for your fitness trackers, for your phone chargers and much more, you can use it any way that you prefer and bottom line, you can be sure that all your essential electronics are stored safely and securely at all times. You may want to use this idea and gift the travelling pack to your friends and other colleagues for it would definitely stand out as the perfect corporate gift. The amazon basics universal travel case for small electronics and accessories can be purchased for Rs.539 from Amazon.

10. Customized Power Bank

Source Printland

This is a fantastic gift, for everyone needs to have a power bank these days. With frequent power outages, it makes sense to have a handy power bank at hand, one that you can use to power up your essential gadgets. This power bank is a little different from others in the sense that you can customise it with your name and details and an image as well. It would certainly make for a great corporate gift for your partner as well as office colleagues or you could just get it for your friends. Either way, it is indeed a great gift and one that you would want to check out at the earliest. This customised power bank can be purchased for Rs.1,575 from Print Land.

Gift Cards Are a Useful Option in Some Cases

Source Amazon

These make for the perfect corporate gift especially if you are not sure what gift to purchase for others, you can always get them a gift card which they can redeem at the website and choose the gift that they prefer. This way you would be able to gift your office friends as well as your loved one with the perfect gift, one that they love already. Check it out, the Amazon pay gift card can be purchased for Rs. 5,000 from Amazon.

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Make Your Diwali Gifts Distinctive

Whether you are going to gift your employees or clients or even your boss, try to make your Diwali gifts as distinctive and appealing as you can. Adding a bit of personal touch by adding their names on a customisable gift item would not only make your relations better but also would lift you up in the eyes of the receivers. Focus on things like the kind of work environment you have in your office or the likes of the person you're going to gift to, and decide on the best corporate gift accordingly.