What to Look for in a Gifting Vendor if You're Not Sure Where to Start: A Guide to Corporate Gifting and 10 Gift Ideas to Make the Selection Process Easier (2019)

What to Look for in a Gifting Vendor if You're Not Sure Where to Start: A Guide to Corporate Gifting and 10 Gift Ideas to Make the Selection Process Easier (2019)

To keep your employees satisfied and maintain a good corporate relationship, you have to have ample gifting solutions at disposal. You cannot go for kitsch ideas when there’s a formal relationship. You don’t necessarily have to spend a bomb to buy a gift for them, our easy gifting guide will sail you through this situation. You are bound to get some good corporate gifting ideas from this list for every possible occasion.

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Are You Sure You Are Getting the "Right" Corporate Gift for Your Business Client?

Did you know that gifting your business client and employees is an evitable procedure in the corporate world today? If you haven’t started doing it already, then we say you take a major revamp of your marketing activities and dive straight into getting your business goals right! In fact, it is so important these days, that the yearly or seasonal gifts for clients and employees are included in the budget. This rule applies to any company irrespective of its size.

In this article, you will read about the things to watch out for while getting corporate gifts and some of our ideas for corporate gifts.

Why Are Corporate Gifts Important?

Corporate gifts are those that are given to clients and employees to affirm their relationship with the company.

  • This is a crucial step towards building a healthy business and projecting the company’s worth to the other party.
  • It creates a big impact in the minds of clients however, small the gift may be. It acts as a goodwill gesture and shows appreciation.
  • This, in turn, results in increased productivity in employees and enhanced business relationship with clients.
  • It is a way of showing gratitude to the longstanding and loyal staff and clients.
  • It projects the care and concern of the corporate towards its benefits.
  • Corporate gifts enhance the personal connection with the receiver.

Our Choice of Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate gifting is the usual marketing and promotional activity adopted by many companies. There are in fact, custom gifting companies that work solely towards providing unique gifting ideas according to the customers’ requirements and interests. If you are on our own and would like to explore the wide varieties of options available for corporate gifting, then we suggest you keep reading! Here, we bring to you the top 10 most preferred and popular corporate gift ideas.

Wireless Charger

In today’s fast-paced world, gadgets rule over lives. Charging these devices especially our mobile phones are quite a concern all the while and especially when you are on the go. A wireless charger is a boon for many and is a need of the hour. This wireless charger from businessgifts.in is ideal for hassle-free charging. It supports any device that is compatible with a wireless device and is easy to use. The dock is made from high-quality plastic and is hence, very durable. The gadget is equipped with a rubber bottom and prevents any sliding and slipping while charging. It is portable owing to its lightweight nature. Check out this website for placing your order for Rs. 306 for a piece.

Executive 4 in 1 Gift Set

Planners form an important part of any corporate professional. Gift them with a high-quality planner set to show your appreciation and thankfulness. This executive gift set from brandedcorporategift.com has a planner, a pen, a keychain and a cardholder in a beautiful gift box. This one of the best executive gifting ideas and is worth the price. All the pieces in the gift complement each other in colour and quality and are made of high-quality material. This gift can be customized with the company’s name and logo upon order. It takes almost 5 to 7 working days to get the gifts done upon placing the order. Check out this product for Rs.392 a piece.

Office Planner Diary

Another viable option that is less expensive, is to gift only a planner diary. This office planner diary comes in two attractive and classy shades- brown and black. The corporate logo and name can be embossed or printed on the planner and is assured to display your brand’s worth. The diary features a calendar and cardholders. There are also scope for personalization on this product by getting a personal message or note to be included in the design for important clients. You can find this planner on brandedcorporategift.com Rs. 288 for a piece.

Card Holder Power Bank

Business professionals are always on the run and lead a hectic schedule. Owing to their mobility and busy days, it is a thoughtful idea to gift a power bank. These are really handy for charging your mobile phone while traveling and in office. This power bank from brandstik.com also functions as a cardholder. This two in one product is made of high-quality material and is very durable. You can place an order for a large quantity of this product and avail special discounts on the price. This power bank can be customised with the company’s logo or name. Check out this unique gifting idea on brandstik.com.

3 in 1 Desktop Organiser

You can always wish to make a safe buy by sticking to the all-time favourite! Desktop organizers are the most popular since long. This 3 in 1 organizer includes a pen stand, a mobile phone holder and a cardholder. It is a very handy piece of accessory that provides easy access to the most needed. It also acts as a very attractive décor piece for the desktop. You can place an order for the required number of pieces of the product on gift365.in. The gift can be customised and is a premium choice in executive gifts. It is available for Rs.700 for a piece.

Desk Slip Organizer

This desk slip organizer is very useful yet affordable as a corporate gift. It is compact and occupies minimum space on the table top. The organizer offers ample branding space where the company name and logo can be printed upon. Various note slips and sticks ons in multiple colours and sizes are available on this one item. In fact, it is a must-have for all work desks. Krishna novelties is a wholesale dealer for customized corporate gifts and have established themselves in the market. The vendor commits to provide the best quality products at the right delivery times for competitive rates. This organizer is available on indiamart.com for Rs. 75 per piece.

Twister Pen Drive

Pen drives are a big hit among corporate gifts and the first choice for marketing campaigns. This twister style pen drive has a sturdy metal swivel and a rubberized plastic body. It is very durable and comfortable to use. The metal swivel is designed to display the company logo or name. These pen drives are ideal for gifting as they are affordable, yet dependable and very useful. It is available in various colours and is very popular for promotional purpose. Find this product on pen-drive.in and place an order for a minimum of 100 pieces.

Custom Metal Pen

Your company’s brand will reflect and will definitely create a lasting impression when it is engraved on a pen. Being the most and frequently used item, pens are always welcomed by any client or employee and a great idea for a gift on any occasion. Pens are by far the most generic of choices. However, you can make it unique with engraving the company name, logo or any other artwork on this metal pen. This custom pen from Hilogo Gifts is available in two shades. You can place an order for 20 pieces a set for a price ranging from Rs.343 to Rs. 1,528.

Wallet and Keychain Gift Set

What could be a more professional and formal gift than keychains and wallets?! They find application in our everyday lives and are strategically the best idea for a corporate gift. This wallet, pen and keychain combo is superior in quality and very durable. The seller Jainex corporate gifts have been in the business for long and claim to offer customized gift options. The gift set comes in an attractive gift box and can be personalized with the company’s logo or brand name. This gift combo is specifically designed to cater to the gifting needs in the corporate sector. Available on indiamart.com for Rs. 250 per piece.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are the latest and the most innovative in corporate gifting ideas. These cards, customized with the company’s logo or name, can be gifted to employees and clients. They can then use these gift cards, to avail the services and products offered on the card. zingoy.com is an amazing site where you can place orders in bulk for gift cards like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Book My Show and many more. This is now very popular in India as it reduces the time and effort that goes into selecting, procuring, packaging and handling of corporate gifts. The recipients enjoy more flexibility and freedom of choice with these gift cards. If you are thinking of a unique yet affordable idea to please your clients or employees, then we would definitely recommend this idea for a corporate gift!

Bonus Tip: Try Out Experience Gifts

Source www.bgca.org

Experience gifts are unusual and unique as gifting ideas. Corporates can provide clients or employees with e-gift cards that provide access to certain services. These can either be dining options at a particular restaurant, a day at the spa or a holiday package from a tour company. There are hundreds of innovative and creative ideas to choose from. You can also create an opportunity for a party or get-together of staff and employees at a convenient restaurant or food outlet. This will be helpful to build a personal relationship and enhances the bonding between each other. Alternatively, you could also reserve a day at a spa or recreational site exclusively for employees or clients.

Tips You Need to Consider While Selecting a Corporate Gift

Certain Things That You Need to Pay Close Attention to While Selecting Corporate Gifts.

  • Know your client: Make sure to understand the likes and preferences of the client or employees. Do not impulsively make a decision solely based on factors other than the recipient’s interests.
  • Consider company guidelines and tax deductions: While thinking of a corporate gift, it is crucial that you check all the rule books. Always ensure that it meets the guidelines and ethics of the company. Also, consider the margin of the deduction in the gift’s value for tax.
  • Choose a gift that best represents your company: It is highly recommended that you give enough thought to getting a gift that best represents the image and brand value of the company.
  • Get a practical and good quality gift: being economical in choosing gifts, doesn’t necessarily mean that you should compromise on the quality. Always ensure to select gifts of superior quality and great functionality. It will create a negative impression otherwise.
  • Make corporate gifts a part of your company budget: Considering the importance of corporate gifting, we highly recommend that you make it a part of the company’s yearly budget plan. This way you can decide on the worth of the gifts to be purchased depending on the right allocation of resources for each year.
  • Lookout for discounts in volume: Corporate gifts are usually ordered on bulk. Hence, watch out for discounts offered by custom gifting companies for orders placed in huge volumes. We say, that you identify these opportunities and leverage these options to your benefit.
  • Personalize it, but not too much: To build a fruitful relationship with the recipient, it is always suggested to leave a personal touch to the gifts. Make sure to personalize the gift with a personal note or statement. However, try to keep it formal and not take it over the edge.
  • Consider cultural differences: corporates usually have employees and clients from different cultural and social backgrounds. Hence, it is important that you give clear thought to the possible problems and cultural issues that could arise in selecting a particular gift for all in common.

Final Word:

Now that you understand the importance of corporate gifting, we recommend that you select the gift with due diligence. After all, it is going to put forth your brand and brand image forward. Make sure to select the “right” one!

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When your client or associate opens a gift from you, pamphlets advertising the gifting company’s products should not be one of the items they see. The gift you are giving is not about the gifting company, it is about thanking the people with whom you have a business relationship. A simple sticker with their company name on it is enough promotion for a corporate gift.