Corporate Gifting Made Simple: How to Choose Professional Gifts and 10 Formal Gifts to Give Clients, Associates or Employees in  2019

Corporate Gifting Made Simple: How to Choose Professional Gifts and 10 Formal Gifts to Give Clients, Associates or Employees in 2019

Corporate gifting over the years has helped to foster a better service provider-client relationship. What you give and how you give matters a lot, and so we bring you a guide on what and how to give your corporate gifts. Read on and you would find it helpful.

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The Art of Corporate Gifting


Giving a gift to business associates is indeed an art that one has to master. It might not always be easy but it is not that tough, either. When we say ‘art’, we indeed mean so as in most scenarios, the gift that is being given to the client reflects the image of the company, if not the image of the person giving it. Hence we took it upon our ourselves to help you in this regard.

Making A List - Who Should You Get A Gift?

Here is an important task at hand that you must not ignore. Making a list of the people you wish to give a gift to is very important. This will give you a clear idea of the number of gifts you will have to order along with a list of people who are truly important to you and your company. We have put down a few genres of clients here to help you make a better list, whatever the occasion, whether the gifting is for a festival or for an event

#1 Clients (Old and New)

These are the people who will almost inevitably end up on your list. Clients are always the first priority and striking a good relationship with them is very important. Based on the relationship you share with your clients, your company grows. Your clients can be the old ones who have stuck with you through thick and thin. These wonderful people deserve some recognition undoubtedly. By adding them to your list, you will be doing yourself a favour. Then there come the new ones who probably do not know so much about your struggles and your history. However, forging a life-long relationship with them is your ultimate aim. Thus, their presence on your list is equally important.

#2 Partners and Associates


The next up on your list are your partners and associates. The reason behind adding them to your list is to thank them for all the efforts they've put into your company. Partners and associates make the company work and the best way to thank them is by being grateful for their services and their efforts. There are plenty of ways to do that and one of them is by giving them a good gift. Choose one wisely and one suited to their tastes.

#3 Employees

These are the people who make it happen. Your employees are your biggest assets and it is only logical to be thankful for the services they provide to your company. Moreover, by giving them a gift you will recognize their hard work and convey your deepest regards for what they are doing for you and your company.

Top 10 Corporate Gifting Ideas You Should Know!

It is not easy to choose corporate gifts and there are sufficient reasons for that. The gift you choose has to be professional, albeit having a personal tinge to it. The main objective of the corporate gifts is to impress the person you are giving it to. Your chosen gift must be capable of conveying your gratitude to the person. It should not seem too nosy or too loose to be given. The right amount of professionalism is the key to giving a good corporate gift. We have unearthed some great things that will serve as great gifts in the corporate sector. We hope this will help you select your gift wisely.

#1 Personalised A5 Diary

A personalised diary is a good option when it comes to giving a gift. Diaries are useful and are often required by people belonging to the corporate sphere. By giving them something useful, you are not only being professional, but you are also being thoughtful. This will be appreciated by the people who you are giving it to. The good thing about this diary is that it can be customised. You can get the name and logo of your company printed on it to make it look even more professional. This will also keep you in the thoughts of the people you are giving it to. This personalised diary is from Printland and you can buy it at Rs. 269 only.

#2 Create Your Own Silver Coin

Silver coins will never go out of fashion when the corporate field is taken into account. They will always remain a gift most appreciated and loved by the people receiving them. The sophistication of a silver coin is mostly unmatched and usually highly regarded by one and all. With Printland, gifting silver coins have become easier. Here you can design your own silver coins. You can add texts and images according to your taste. Given the convenience, the price that it comes for is quite reasonable, if not cheap. You can get these made at Rs. 699 only.

#3 Portronics Unisex Elements Laptop Bag Customizable

This is an innovative idea with respect to corporate gifts. Besides being immensely useful, it is widely required and thus, appreciated. People associated with the corporate world inevitably carry laptops. While most other companies will stick to the usual gifts, you can go a notch higher and get your clients something unique and innovative. This laptop bag from Printland is again customizable. You can add the name and logo of your company on this before getting it delivered. One added advantage that you get with this bag is that it is stylish, unlike most other laptop bags which are usually boring. You can buy this from Printland at Rs.1,599.

#4 Assorted Dry Fruits in Wooden Box with Gold Plated Puja Thali


Assorted dry fruits are a great gifting option, given the vast majority of people who appreciate it. This particular wooden box contains pistachio, almonds, raisins, cashews, khumani dry fruit, and walnuts; each of these is present in a quantity of 100 gms. Along with this is a gold plated thali for puja purposes. This gift is indeed tasty, healthy and eye-catching. You can buy this from IGP at Rs. 1990 only.

#5 Assorted Colour Laptop Skin Custom

This is yet another innovative idea for a gift. It is unique and is not commonly given as a gift. However, it is just as useful, especially in an office environment. This customisable laptop skin is trendy and keeps the laptop safe from scratches and external harm. As is the charm of Printland, this too can be designed by you according to your requirements and taste. You can add the name of your company and the logo here. This one is available at a competitive price of Rs. 249 only. Grab it till it lasts.

#6 Customised Leatherite Cheque Book Cover

Now, here is the mother of all useful gifts that are trendy and innovative. This is another one from Printland and staying true to their style, this one is also customizable. This Cheque Book Cover is one in leatherette. You can put the name of your company and the logo of the same on this. Every time your client uses this one, he or she will be reminded of your company. This one is available at a reasonable rate of Rs. 354 only.

#7 Silver 2 in 1 Personalized Gift Set


This is yet another set that is highly appealing and will instantly be a favourite with the person you will be giving it to. It is a set of a silver card holder and a pen. The set is customizable and that is what makes it even better. You can buy this from IGP at Rs. 470 only.

#8 Corporate Exclusive Tea Boxes

This is perfect for the lovers of tea. There is a huge variety of tea you can choose from, such as white, black, green, oolong and even blended teas. Every box can have as many numbers of tea packets as you want. Get the hamper customised for your clients, partners, and employees. You can get this from a site called Teabox. The cost is according to the box you get. If you are ordering in bulk then you can also get beautiful, custom hamper/box made.

#9 Set of 5 Indian Traditional Figurines


This set is amazing and is quirky enough to add a little style to the gift you are giving. This set of five traditional figurines is perfect for the living room or for the bedroom decor. It can easily jazz up the look and give the room a fresh look. The five figures here are shown to be playing different instruments. Giving this gift shows taste and sophistication that will only play at an advantage for you. You can buy this from IGP at Rs. 990 only.

#10 Blasta 24 Chocolates Corporate Gift B241128x12


Chocolates are the sweet dishes that nobody can refuse. That is only one reason as to why you should give a box of chocolates to people who matter to your company. A box of chocolates conveys your emotions more than they show professionalism. While there are places and people with whom you have to be particularly professional, there are also places that require a more heartfelt approach. For example, you can give this box to your old clients to show your emotions towards them. You can get this box from Snaktime at Rs. 520 only.

3 Things To Remember When Buying Corporate Gifts


There are things that we must remember while buying corporate gifts. It is easier said than done and that is only normal. Buying gifts can be a tough job and we are here to make it easier for you. We have listed three things below that will help you keep a track of all the things that you must not forget to do.

#1 Make Sure It Aligns With Your Company's Image

This is an important step and must be kept in mind while selecting a gift. Whatever you choose to give out to your clients, partners, and employees, it must inevitably reflect the image of your company. When we say that, what we basically mean is that the gift should align with the motto, the value and the principles that your company stands for. It should also match the brand image you seek to establish.

#2 Customise It With Your Logo or Tagline

Always do this... The gift, in a way, holds no meaning without these. Customize your gifts with the name and logo of your company. There are various online stores that do a great job in this regard. Adding these will add more significance to the gift and make it look more professional. If your company has a tagline, make sure to add that too. Alternatively, you can add a motivational or inspiring message. People usually prefer inspirational quotes that they know will motivate them.

#3 Don't Forget To Add A Small Note of Thanks

A small note of thanks is not essentially professional. However, this is emotional and conveys a heartfelt message of love and respect to whoever you are giving the gift to. A note of thanks is a small gesture to convey gratitude but goes a long way in forging bonds with clients and employees. They feel special and appreciated. The employees feel like their work is appreciated. A note of thanks instils a sense of encouragement in everyone.

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Corporate gifts are given to impress your clients or employees, so your chosen gift must be capable of conveying your gratitude to that person. As earlier mentioned, professionalism is an essential when giving a corporate gift. This article has certainly unravelled great corporate gift ideas and should make it pretty easy for you to select the perfect or most ideal gift.