Strengthen Bonds with Clients and Employees with These 10 Corporate Gifts to Give On Diwali (2019)

Strengthen Bonds with Clients and Employees with These 10 Corporate Gifts to Give On Diwali (2019)

Brace the business associations you and your clients or employees have with magnificent gifts on Diwali. Diwali is a festivity to celebrate good tidings, of light conquering darkness. To commemorate the holiday, corporate gifts such as A Ganesha Rock Slate or Golden Bowl Set and A DIY Diwali Rangoli Stencil are the perfect gifts to signify and celebrate what Diwali is all about. Get these and many more corporate gift ideas for Diwali.

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Why Corporate Gifts are Must on Diwali?

Bonus is Definitely Not Enough These Days

Gone are the days when only bonus used to be enough on Diwali. Now, all the employees eagerly wait for their corporate gifts on Diwali, and, some good ones. Well, of course, bonus is good because everyone loves extra money in their account. But gifts are something which connect you to your employees more than ever. In fact, not only employees but you should give out Diwali gifts to your clients and some premium customers as well.

Diwali is a Major Festival and Must Be Celebrated Accordingly

Diwali is one of the most major festivals in India and it is celebrated with much joy and enthusiasm in all the states. In fact, this might be the only festival which is common amongst all the states in India. So, of course corporate gifts are must to give out on this festival. Spread some happiness in your employees’ lives too and let their Diwali be full of joy delivered to them through your gifts.

This Gesture Establishes an Emotional Connection

Employees must not be seen as an asset for your company. If you want to make them feel valued then it is important for you to establish a good relationship with your employees and for this you need to keep them happy and motivated. So, make sure that you prefer such gifts, as below, on Diwali for them which work as an emotional foundation for your relationship with your staff.

10 Corporate Gifts to Give on Diwali

Golden Mesh Nutties Box


What can be a better choice for corporate gifts on Diwali than something sweet? But to give it a twist, we picked chocolates over sweets. We chose a golden mesh nutties box which contains so many small round shaped chocolates in it available in the flavor of white and dark chocolate. The highlight of this entire package is the beautiful golden box in which the chocolates are packed. It looks quite beautiful and gives every bit of festive vibe from it.

The box also has a stunning red stone on it which makes it look more extravagant. The chocolates nutties filled in the box are completely vegetarian and perfect for the festivals like Diwali. This packaging is a great and surprising break from the boring chocolate boxes available in the market and would be loved by all the employees too. Buy this golden mesh chocolate box from for Rs.572.

Monk Buddha Statue

Usually, we do not recommend showpieces as corporate gifts but as it is a festival, this Buddha statue is going to do full justice to the occasion. The monk Buddha statue symbolizes peace and calmness in one’s life so giving it as an official gift to your employees would give a really nice message too. This showpiece also work as an incense holder too. The highlight of this showpiece is the smoke cones which give our backflow of smoke and all of it creates a really nice and enchanting picture.

You get 10 such smoke cones free with the statue. The special cone is kept on the top of the waterfall and with its special properties, it looks as if the smoke is flowing in the reverse direction creating a great illusion. Get this amazing Buddha statue from for Rs.149 only.

Gold 4 in 1 Personalized Gift Set


Are you looking for such Diwali gift packs which are wholesome and contain so many mini-gifts in them? Well, in such case you are going to love our next recommendation for sure. This one is a 4 in 1 personalized gift set in the golden essence. This gorgeous gift set contains stuffs like golden base key chain, apple shaped table clock, a golden-silver shaded ball point pen and a beautiful personalized card holder.

These are the four most important and probably most common corporate gifts you would have ever seen. And you are getting them all into one package which is just amazing. The best part is that the card holder is customizable which means you can get the name of your company personalized on it and the same applies to the keychain as well. You can get this gift set from for Rs.1,160.

Ganesha Rock Slate and Teal Light Combo

Being an Indian, you know the fact that we worship Lord Ganesha and Lord Laxmi on the festival of Diwali. So, keeping up with the traditions, we dedicated our next recommendation to the festival itself. We picked a beautiful Lord Ganesha rock slate for you. The highlight of this gift is the addition of two teal lights with this package. It will make the Diwali memorable for your employees and would project your company into a positive light too.

The package is quite beautiful from the rock slate to the teal lights or candles, everything is quite nice. This gift is definitely the best you can choose for the occasion of Diwali. The gift set of Ganesha rock slate and two teal lights is available on for Rs.849.

Golden Bowl Set

Crockery as the corporate gifts on Diwali might seem a boring idea but what if the crockery is gorgeous beyond words and quite like an antique? We handpicked a very stunning golden bowl set which is too good as the corporate gift for your employees or clients on Diwali. We would strongly recommend you to consider this gift for your premium clients as it is really beautiful. The bowl has intricate designing on it and it also includes a decorative spoon with it too.

The bowl looks extremely antique and comes in a red velvet box. This bowl and spoon set totally deserve to be a unique décor item. As there is no option to personalize this bowl, we would recommend you to put a tag of your company’s name on the box itself. You can buy this bowl and spoon set from for Rs.449 only.

Diwali Green Surprise Set


Unique and purposeful gifts are always seen as very welcoming by the recipients and this is why we decided to opt for something really different. It is called Diwali Green Surprise consisted of various interesting small gifts in it. This gift idea has a unique concept and it would be loved by your employees too. The entire package gives out a really nice message of going green and looks really great too. You also get customization option with this package where you can remove any product from the package if you want. The minimum order quantity for this set is 30 and you can order it from for Rs.1,399.

This is an entire package consisting of green gifts like:

  • 2 Green Mugs
  • Green Tea
  • One Pack of Potpourri
  • 2 Layer of Lucky Bamboo Plant
  • 2 Glass Candle in Green Color

Chocolate and Coffee Hamper


The charm of a nice gift hamper can never be replaced and here's one if them. After the green hamper, it is the time for the coffee and chocolate hamper. Anyone would love to receive such nice gifts on the occasion of Diwali especially your employees. So, this hamper is comprised of so many amazing products and stuff. These are Hersheys cookies and cream bar, jute potli, steel mug with lid and Nescafe 3 in 1 rich aroma (4 units).

Isn’t it like the nicest and probably the tastiest gift set you can give to someone? Of course, it is not too formal for the corporate gifts but as the trend is changing, there is no harm in choosing such kind of gifts for your office family. This amazing coffee and chocolate hamper is available on for Rs.710.

DIY Diwali Rangoli Stencil

Looking for simple corporate gift ideas for employees on the occasion of Diwali? You should check out this special DIY Diwali Rangoli stencil as the gift item. Almost everyone make Rangoli on Diwali for decorative purpose but sometimes it can be a really tiring process. So, this stencil is going to save great amount of time and hard work too. It is made out of wood and all you need to do is to keep the stencil on the floor and spread the colors on it.

It will make the beautiful floral patterned Rangoli design on the floor and you won’t have to do any hard work also. The Rangoli design is quite pretty and the stencil makes it fuss-free to create it. You can buy this Diwali Rangoli stencil on for Rs.590.

Multicolor Ganesha Door Hangings

Keeping the theme of Diwali in mind, we chose our next gift very carefully. This is a multicolor Ganesha door hanging which can be used as a beautiful decorative item for the occasion of Diwali. The theme of Lord Ganesha connects well with the occasion hence making it a simple yet effective corporate gift for Diwali. These door hangings have keyrings in them which makes it easier to hang them wherever you want.

However, we will recommend you to hang them on the main door of your home. The Ganesha cutouts are made of wood which are put together with beads to form a hanging. These hangings are completed with little bells on the end. You get 2 of these door hangings in one set and it is such a positive and warm gift for the festival of Diwali. You can get this amazing and thoughtful gift from for Rs.449.

Infinity Mirror Lamps

As Diwali is known as the festival of light, it would be great to give out a gift to match this theme. So, we zeroed down on special infinity mirror lamps as the corporate gift item. It would be great to give out these gifts to your special clients to make a huge impact on behalf of your company. This infinity lamp is available in 5 unique designs which are star, cloud, heart, Christmas tree and pineapple. We will recommend you to go with the pineapple design as it looks like a “kalash” which connects with Indian mythology and traditions.

They have used mirrors in this designs and used small LED lights in them in such a manner that they make an optical illusion of infinity in them. The entire impact is quite enchanting and looks quite beautiful too. This wonderful gift is available for purchase on for Rs.1,099.

Bonus Ideas to Boost Morale Around the Workplace

Above mentioned are some of the corporate gift ideas that we chose for the festival of lights i.e. Diwali. However, over a period of time, these gifts ideas have become quite common. If you want to try out something different and unique for your employees and clients then you need better ideas. So, we have picked some bonus corporate gifts ideas for Diwali which are given right below.

Additional Leaves for the Festival as Bonus

Every company has specific policy about the leaves provided to the employees in one year. Usually, companies are very strict regarding their leave policy and making a change into it would be a huge deal for the employees too. So, why don’t you make a provision for one or two additional leaves for every employee as a gesture on the occasion of Diwali? We are pretty sure that this gift will be more amazing than anything else for them.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are your way to go if you could not decide anything till the last moment for corporate gifts on Diwali. You can give out gift cards of specific amount and specific site to your employees and it will be much easier to plan this thing than any gift. All the major online shopping portals in India provide this facility to their customers. You can also prefer the gift cards of major brands too.

Additional Health Allowances for Employees' Families

Most of the companies in India have policy to give out medical and health allowance to their employees. However, there are only a few companies which give out this allowance to the family members of the staff. If your company does not have the policy for the family members then you can give it out as a gift on the occasion of Diwali. This can make a huge impact on your employees and as a result it will strengthen the bond between company and its employees.

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Celebrate Diwali With Exceptional Gifts To Clients and Employees

Diwali-The Festival of lights is more interesting when celebrated with gifts and surprises. You can surprise employees with additional leaves during the Diwali Festivities and make it a more captivating occasion for them. It is also a festival best celebrated with friends and family. In addition you can also present them with gifts, which will foster a relationship with both employees and clients.