11 Great Diwali Gifts for Employees for a Memorable Festive Season in 2018

11 Great Diwali Gifts for Employees for a Memorable Festive Season in 2018

Employees wait all year for their Diwali bonus and look forward to receiving festive gifts when the holiday comes around. Boost their morale and gain their good wishes by giving them customised corporate Diwali gifts. You give them Diwali gifts each year, but there is a lot more to corporate gifts than boxes of sweets and the diary and pen combo. Find here some unique gift ideas that will raise your esteem in your employees eyes.

Why Diwali Gifts for Employees are a Big Deal

Shows Appreciation Towards Employees

A common refrain heard in the corporate world is that employees are a company's most important asset. Indeed, treating employees well and nurturing the relationship is important to a company’s success. Diwali is one of the best times for you to show your employees how much you value their daily contribution to the growth of the company. A gift is a tangible way to express your appreciation, and if you put some thought into choosing the gift it will be clear to your employees that they are a priority for you.

Adds Excitement to the Festival

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Diwali usually gets everyone excited. Like everybody else, your employees look forward to celebrating the festival with family and friends. As their employer you should not be left behind! A Diwali gift is a great way for you as a company join in the festive spirit and share your good wishes for their prosperity and wellbeing. In fact, giving a gift has become a tradition that many employees eagerly anticipate. So don’t disappoint them!

Helps in Building Sense of Belonging

Employees are a vital part of every company. A culture of belonging in the company helps in employees feeling more engaged and happier at their workplace. Gifting something wonderful on a festive occasion gives a boost to this bond. It lifts their spirits and the employees feel as though they really are part of a family which makes them view the relationship more positively.

5 Tips to Make Your Diwali Gift a Hit with Your Employees

Given that companies typically face budgetary constraints, it can be a challenge to find gifts that are not only unique but also cost effective. But not to worry! Our quick cheat sheet can help you figure out how to pick the best possible gift for your employees this Diwali.

Make it Useful, Make it Unique

Whatever be your budget, there is virtually no dearth of choice in corporate gifts. While it can be tempting to go for tried-and-tested options like a sweets or dry fruits combo, take a little effort to make your gift something that'll appeal to your employees. Think of the general profile of people working in your company and come up with options they may like, such as gadgets, household items, accessories, etc. Even if it is not something grand or expensive, a thoughtful gift is likely to be welcomed by the employees.

Give Them a Choice

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Every company has a different approach to Diwali gifting. But here is a tip to make the exercise more exciting for your employees. If your budget allows for it, give your employees a chance to choose their Diwali gift from a short list of options.

Include 2 or 3 gifts in the list which are of similar value but different categories and give your employees an opportunity to pick the one that they like best. For example one gift could be a trendy gadget while another could be a household appliance, the employee can choose what fits his needs best.

Match Gift to Prestige and Position

A gift is often seen as a reflection of the value placed on the relationship. To ensure you are communicating this properly, match the gift you are giving on Diwali to the prestige of the employee. For example premium gifts are advisable for senior management or board members. High powered executives may have different needs and tastes, so make sure you consider such factors while finalising your Diwali gifts. Companies often have a few different categories of gifts to match different roles and relationships.

Brand it to Make it Memorable

Diwali gifting is a major exercise for all companies. In addition to expressing appreciation, the gift can also be an opportunity for effective branding. Pick out gifts that allow you to customize in a way that'll fit into your brand values and style. Some things to keep in mind: the branding space available, kind of branding possible and the colour options.

Create a Joyful Atmosphere Overall

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The festival of light is traditionally the time to celebrate with friends and family. There is a general air of joyous festivity which the company should also reflect. While a gift surely brings additional cheer to the employees, companies should also pair it other initiatives to make the whole atmosphere one of fun and merriment. There can be special activities, team events, parties and of course office decorations that take the mood to another level!

11 Gifting Ideas Guaranteed to Make Diwali Unforgettable for Your Employees

Exciting Accessories as Diwali Gifts

William Penn Refillable Vintage Journal

The William Penn Refillable Vintage Journal is an elegant all-in-one organiser that your employees will find useful in managing their professional day. The journal comes with 2 removable writing pads as well as a zip pouch and 12 card slots for storing daily essentials. A smart leatherette cover that closes with a snap tab adds to its looks.

William Penn offers personalisation though it comes at additional cost. The journal which is available in 2 colours - black and brown, can be ordered from williampenn.net for Rs.795. This stylish journal is a wonderful gifting option for your senior employees.

Swarovski Crystalline Ballpoint Pen

The Swarovski Crystalline Ballpoint Pen is a truly exceptional choice. A style statement, this black lacquered metal pen features chrome accents and 540 delicate crystals embedded beautifully. This striking gift is something that is sure to leave an enduring impression on the recipient.

Costing Rs.2,490, the Crystalline pen can be ordered at swarovski-professional.com. You have several colour choices – ranging from sober black to stunning pink. Customisations are possible in the form of engraving, and delivery is done in a pouch. A perfect gift for your top level employees.

Sleek Power Bank and Leather Card Holder

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In this age of smartphones, being connected is of utmost importance, and that is why a power bank is always handy. Give your employees this chic set of power bank and leather card holder available at a price of Rs.735 from 5by7.in. Both the slim power bank and the card holder come in black colour and can be customized with your company’s logo or name.

Another good option is the heavy-duty Zebronics Power Bank available for Rs.1,999 at indusgifting.com. With a 10000 mAh the power bank is a powerhouse your employees can rely on. The power bank additionally comes with a LED torch facility that is helpful during emergencies.

Portronics Laptop Stand

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The Portonics My Buddy Light is a boon for any one working for long hours on the laptop. Made from metal and silica, this laptop stand has been designed to be portable, lightweight and foldable. Stylish and convenient the stand is reliably stable, carrying up to 4 kg and it fits most laptops. It is very easy to operate giving the user the ability to adjust the height, and offers natural air cooling which helps the laptop work better. It is priced at Rs.931; the stand can be ordered from 5by7.in, which also offers brand customisation.

Personalised Spacious Laptop Backpack

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Backpacks are an essential utility that helps us remain organised when we are on the go. Laptop backpacks are in particular highly useful for professionals as they are designed to safely carry the laptop as well as other daily requirements. Made of polyester, the laptop backpack from igp.com is sized at 13 x 8 x 17 inches and comes with several compartments. Priced Rs.1,415, the laptop backpack can be customised with your logo or company name.

Employees will Appreciate Cool Gadgets as Diwali Gifts

Portronics Saga VR Set

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As a gifting option, cool gadgets rank high. Such gifts are particularly appreciated by the younger employees of your company. Virtual reality sets are becoming a much coveted gadget and gifting one to your employee will definitely be thrilled receiving them. The Portonics Saga VR Set is built with high end specs delivering an immersive visual experience. Your employees will enjoy playing games whether on mobile or desktop with this set as it features both an adjustable pupil distance knob and an adjustable object distance knob. Priced at Rs.1,055 per unit, it can be ordered at 5by7.in.

Pebble Bluetooth Speaker 5W

The Pebble Bluetooth Speaker 5W is a cute gadget that makes it easy to listen to music wirelessly. Powered by a battery that lasts 5-6 hours, this compact and highly portable speaker produces exceptional bass, clarity and volume. Other features include a built-in microphone which can be used for hands free calling and also FM Radio. The speaker supports multiple input sources including MicroSD, auxiliary cables and USB. Priced at Rs.1,499 per piece, the gift can be ordered at brandedcorporategift.com.

Diwali Gifts for the Home

FabIndia Cotton Printed Afizah Buta Quilt

Home linen is a popular Diwali gifting choice for companies looking for traditional options. Items like quilts, bed sheet sets are useful in every household and naturally welcomed. A colourful quilt from Fabindia is just the thing for Diwali gift. Made of superior quality materials, the printed cotton quilt features classic Indian motifs and is guaranteed to provide warmth and comfort. The price varies by size - single sheets cost Rs.2,790 while a double bedsheet costs Rs.3,990. FabIndia has a separate corporate sales division which can be contacted for orders and customisation. Order this products here.

In case your preference is for something simpler then the Romee Floral Reversible Double Bed Comforter is a great choice. Available for Rs.1,199 at myntra.com, the cotton comforter is suitable for use in all seasons.

Gold Print Ebony Set of 6 Bone China Mugs

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Another evergreen gifting option is coffee or tea mugs. Highly useful, good quality mugs are essential to every kitchen. The Gold Print Mug Set is simple yet elegant gift for your employees this Diwali. These bone china mugs have a delicate gold print that looks classy. The set contains 6 mugs and is priced at Rs.1,200 at igp.com.

Travel Mug Steel

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A basic yet practical gifting option is the Steel Travel Mug. Your employees will love a mug that keeps their drink piping hot (or chilled) for hours during busy mornings. The Travel Mug keeps beverages hot or cold for a period of 4 hours. While the outer layer is made of stainless steel, the mug’s inner lining is made of food grade plastic. Having a capacity of 400 ml, this mug features a spill-proof cap which makes it safe for use while traveling or at desks. The Travel Mug is priced at Rs.107 per unit and can be customised by adding an engraving which costs extra. Order it at 5by7.in.

Electric Kettle

A household appliance is a gift that remains useful to the employees for a long time. Depending on your budget you can pick from a range of small appliances such as toasters, juicers, coffee machines etc. This Bajaj electric kettle is a fantastic addition to any kitchen. The cordless kettle boils water in a jiffy, making it convenient for preparing things like instant noodles or soup, coffee and green tea. The kettle has a capacity of 1.7 L and comes with a 2 years warranty. It can be ordered from indusgifting.com for Rs.1,699.

Handpicked Gift or Gift Vouchers?

A popular trend that many employers are adopting nowadays is handing out gift cards to employees during festivals. The benefits of giving a gift card are clear: the employee gets to buy something they want, the employer is saved the time and cost of looking for gifts, ordering and distributing them.

However a major disadvantage of gift cards is the loss of personal touch. It feels like a soulless gesture since there is no effort on part of the employer. A carefully chosen gift helps employees feel valued. They recognize the pains taken by company in picking out the perfect gift for Diwali and appreciate the thought. Gift cards also takes away some of the fun and excitement associated with receiving gifts. Since gift cards cannot be branded, Companies lose out on a branding opportunity as well!

However although gifts are a better idea in general, the final decision depends on company's priorities and the resources available to them.

From our editorial team

Invest in your employees

Gifts given on festivals, as rewards and bonuses all add up to greater levels of satisfaction for your employees. The strength and efficiency of your firm depends on the people who work there and the happier they are, the better it will be reflected in their performance. Take some time to understand their needs and aspirations and try to cater to it in your own way. Effort and money spent on your subordinates can only be an investment for which you will reap the benefits in the long run.