Silver Coins for Gifting: 10 Silver Coin Options for Giving on Auspicious and Memorable Occasions (2019)

Silver Coins for Gifting: 10 Silver Coin Options for Giving on Auspicious and Memorable Occasions (2019)

Are you looking for the perfect gifting item for any occasion whether it's the festival of Diwali or gifts for your corporate colleagues? Silver is considered an auspicious metal from ages. Its possession is said to be associated with wealth and prosperity. We bring you the best silver coins gift pack to be presented to your near and dear ones to show your care and thoughtfulness towards them.

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Reasons to Gift Silver Coins

Wonderful timeless gift: Anything you think about as a gift has an expiry date, whether it is a dress or a food package or flowers. They all have a limited time to use. However, a gift coin is something which is appreciated from generations due to its originality.

  • Suitable for any occasion: Whenever there is any sudden invitation like house warming or even some corporate gifting, gifting an ornamental coin is always a safe way to say that you appreciate the event. It is also a great idea to choose over another kind of gifts if you don't have any idea about what to gift.

  • Comes within budget: A silver coin comes in various shapes and sizes, so as in different weight and measurements. There is always an option to choose the right coin to gift according to your budget. It is not that hard to find or order the currency you prefer which can be pocket-friendly or highly expensive.

  • Can be customised: It is always a good thing to personalise your gift according to the occasion. You can customise it with the name of the person or the brand and make the gift exciting no matter of its price. Companies can engrave their business logo or brand names with brand messages too. They can also make a more personalised experience by bearing the name of each employee or person.

  • A valuable gift for anyone: More than standard gifts, when you gift a silver coin, it is seen as a priceless gesture. Your gift is of a much valued precious metal.

  • Highly liquid asset: It is hard to find something as a gift that can be counted as a liquid asset. You can never be able to cash out any gift by selling it. However, with a gift coin of gold or silver, it is easy to keep it as a liquid asset and use it for cash if needed anytime.

  • Durable and handed down generation: A silver gift coin is never going to break or damage easily, and it is healthy to be there for years as you want it. These are valuable metals and can be considered among the safest investments. There is no depreciation of the worth, and it's worth is cherished by the person forever. As a custom or tradition, they will pass it down generations to wish prosperity and wealth.

  • Provides a sense of care as well as pride: The gift coin is always regarded as a token of appreciation, love and trust among the people associated with family, friends or workplace. This will be an emotional endurance which will keep them stick in relation for more time — this precious metal as a gift which makes them feel respected and valuable by you.

10 Best Silver Coins as Gifts

1. Silver Trimurti Gift Coin


The image depicting Lakshmi, Ganesh and Saraswati in the coin embodies the idea of auspiciousness, affluence and contentment. When these three gods come together, they bring peace, happiness and blessings. In this Trimurti coin, Ganesha arrives with two Goddesses. He balances both of them, and he is the auspiciousness personified. Ganesha plays the anchor who stabilises both wealth that is Laxmi and peace and knowledge that is Saraswati.

The three divinities together welcome prosperity and contentment. Therefore, during the festival of Diwali, this is a perfect gift for the loved ones to treasure forever. The Ganesh, Saraswati and Lakshmi is a multi-colour enamel premium coin, perfect for gifting. Symbolically it has a representation of the fact that the Trimurti brings prudence, wisdom, patience and more. This is an excellent gift for the office, special occasions, selective gifting and even for personal collection. The weight of the item is 50 gm, and the size /diameter is around 6 cm. It will appeal both for unisex, and the price of this item is Rs. 2,574. Buy this from

2. Silver Coin Kalpataru Tree

In Sanskrit ’Kalpataru' tree means a tree that grants wishes, it is a female word, and it is believed that it originated at Swarg (heaven), and it came out of the Samudra Manthan, and has immense power to fulfil any wish. This is a divine tree and teaches the real form of salvation. This silver Kalpataru Tree is round and is offered by Kundan which means the purest form of gold. The coin comes in fully-guaranteed tamper proof pack, and these are produced by using advanced Swiss technology and world-class refining technology. The Kundan 5 gram 999 purity Kalpataru Tree Silver Coin is priced at Rs. 586 and comes with standard delivery within five to seven days. You can purchase this from

3. "Best Wishes" Silver Coin


Coins are the symbol of prosperity and wealth, and they have a long history in bringing good luck. Along with gold, silver also has many benefits. The ‘best wishes’ silver coins are one of the best options if you are planning to gift. It is suitable for any occasion from a house warming party to the wedding ceremony. This pure silver coin from weighs 10 grams. The purchase gives 100% refund assurance, 14 days return, certified jewellery only, and lifetime product service. The price of this silver coin is Rs. 649.

4. Being-Human Silver Coin


You are making a valuable investment if you are choosing for silver coins for yourself, also if you are thinking to gift it to someone, it's highly appreciated as it is an everlasting gift which has value like no other gift. This round shaped beautiful silver coin is etched with "Being Human" on one side and the powerful and sacred ‘Om’ on the other side. It is a lucky asset to own and a perfect gift to offer to your loved ones on any momentous occasion. The weight of this precious coin is 50 g. Moreover, the metal colour is white. The price for this coin is Rs. 2,412, and you can use credit or debit card with net banking or PayPal as options for payment. Get this silver coin from

5. Rare 1944 British Silver Coin


Old silver coins are mostly a precious thing to keep as collectable. Since the time of the Greeks, silver has been used as a coinage metal. It was a popular trade coin too. As a collectable, there are many values associated with a silver coin such as condition, demand and rarity. This British silver coin from has the One Rupee mark with the year noted as 1944, India. The weight of the coin is 99.8 grams, and the package dimension is 5 x 4 x 1 cm. This old British coin is priced at Rs. 550 with a delivery charge.

6. Silver Coin in Designer Pack


Gifting silver coin is one of the most popular options as it is believed that these coins bring good luck, prosperity and success. Along with a great gift, the packing in which you are planning to present it is equally important. Gifting silver coins in an everyday cotton pouch or plastic box is considered old fashioned now as it is an auspicious gift.

A beautiful silver coin deserves special packaging which will no doubt make your gift more valuable and appealing. The silver coins from Osasbazar are pure BIS Hallmarked and 10 gram for the pack of one. This excellent quality coin and the unique designer packaging will earn you lots of praises. The coin is made out of pure silver and is equally valuable and appealing.

The look of the coin is a round shaped one with an image of King George/Queen Elizabeth embossed in it. The back of the coin has a beautiful floral design which may vary from coin to coin while you buy online. The coin has dimensions - 3.2 cm diameter with a height of 0.15 cm. The most attractive part of this gift item is its packaging. The coin comes in a silver leatherette box with blue velvet base and beautiful golden corners. There is a divinely decorated Ganesh Ji on a golden frame on the top of the box. It also has a ring of synthetic diamond and pearl which gives it a designer and elegant look. It is available in packs of 1, 2 and 4 and the price for one pack silver coin is Rs. 939 after discount. Get this from

7. Customised Name Engraved Silver Coin


Customisation enhances the loyalty and engagement between both the parties, i.e. giver and the receiver. Offering personalised products is a big step towards cementing the reputation and providing further growth of a relationship, whether it is personal or corporate.

If you are thinking to gift a silver coin to your close family member, a little personal note or thought on it will make the idea valuable. If it is a personalised corporate gift, then it will aim towards increasing the bonding with the employees or clients. Clients can get a particular gift coin with the names or monograms of their brands as a sign of your admiration and respect towards the company.

It also makes a good promotion if customised correctly. This silver coin from has an option to engrave any name. All you have to do is customise the text when filling in your address details during the check-out process. The price of this item ranges from Rs. 999 to Rs. 6,499 according to the weight of the coin which is generally from 1 to 100g. All the products are delivered within 7 to 10 days.

8. Rectangular GSL Silver Coin


Traditionally a silver coin comes in the shape of a disc as round coins are considered to be the norm in the modern coinage. However, coins need not be only round - several coins come in odd-shapes which attract the eye, and many collectors cherish.

Rectangular coins are much less common than round coins, and they are usually a bit higher on the price side to their circular counterparts. The rectangular coin from is a GSL (Ganesh, Saraswati, Lakshmi) silver coin with 10-gram weight. The purity of the silver is 99%, and it is available in different weights (grams). The coin has Ganesh, Laxmi and Saraswati symbol on it with a beautiful design on the curves. The price for this unique coin is Rs. 800 after discount.

9. Ganesh Oval Silver Coin


Though featuring an odd shape, this oval coin has a uniqueness which can give a different flavour when you consider it as a gift item. The strangely shaped coin features a beautiful Ganesh with some detailed design. The coin is distinctive in look. The weight of this coin is 10 grams, and it has 99.9% purity. The dimension is 27 x 20 mm, and the price of this coin is Rs. 258. You will get the certified jewellery warranty with 100% refund and 30 days return policy. The shipping and return procedure is free of cost. You can get this from

10. Silver Rupee of Maratha Confederacy


Ancient coins offer a magnificent view of our past. If a silver coin tells something about history its uniqueness increases automatically. This silver rupee of Maratha Confederacy seems to be an antique collection with the name of Shah Alam II. It also has the Persian legends in top three lines with the ruler’s name, and in reverse, it flaunts Manus Maimanat Dar-ul-Khilafat Bagalkot. The weight if the coin is 11.06 g, the dimension is 20.16 mm, and it is round in shape. The price of this coin is Rs. 2,300 at A great idea if the recipient is a history buff

Creative Ideas to Pack Silver Coins

When you think about gifting a coin, you also consider how it should be represented in the most beautiful way ever. The best way is if you use a DIY handmade gift pack. Let’s see how easily and effortlessly you can make a gift pack for your silver coin.

1. Attractive Gift Packing Design

What you need
  • Bangle
  • Colour
  • Golden Net
  • Satin & golden ribbon
  • Artificial leaves and flowers
  • Pearl stickers
  • Glue gun

How to make
  • Stick artificial flowers and leaves on a golden ribbon.
  • Stick satin ribbon over the bangle.
  • Stick golden gotapatti on the bangle.
  • Place the bangle at the centre of the pink and golden net.
  • Put the silver coin on it.
  • Fold the net and tie with satin ribbon and other flower ribbons as you like.
  • Decorate with pearls and beads stickers.

2. Easy Coin Packaging Craft

What you need
  • A simple diya holder
  • Small decorative round shaped tea light holder
  • Some decorative items

How to make
  • Take the tea light holders one over another and stick together with glue gun.
  • Over that put a simple diya holder with a glue gun.
  • Put another small diya holder over it and attach with glue gun again.
  • Decorate the sides with latkans or whatever you have.
  • Over that, you can place the coin and gift it to your loved ones.
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Silver Coins Are Evergreen Gifts

Silver metal has been used in different ways throughout the world. This festive season, make sure to elate your closed ones by gifting this auspicious metal in the form a coin. These coins can be presented on all of your occasions and you're sure to make an impression!